Chapter 2: Stowaway

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Ash and Ben rush through the crowd to get to the ship that is taking off. The woman, however, was memorizing on what is all going on she can't help to wander around in excitement and she gasps to see boats flying above them. The robot watches her looking around and was a bit puzzled about her act. It's like this whole place was a brand new world to her. Still, it made him smile to see his new friend having a good time.

"So I see you have never been here before huh?" He asked.

The woman shook her head. "No it's my very first time and this place looks incredible." She gasps and runs to where the fruit stands are and look at some strange fruits in awe. The robot laughed a little on her outgoing but then stops slowly when she'd said about Flint made his breath stop.

This woman has no idea the Captain was still alive and still plundering and did not understand why would she thinks him dead. Did her fall cause her to lose some memories? Or she has some short term memory loss? Despite his shocking, he couldn't bear to tell her he was alive. She looks confident about it and..if B.E.N tells her he's afraid he'll lose a new friend.

"B.E.N what fruit is this? it looks out of place?" He snaps out his thoughts and saw her holding out a fruit that has a mix of orange and apple.

"Oh, that's loquats it taste sweet once you eat it." He replied.

Really?" Ash looks at it curiously and put it back a second later. She then keeps looking at some different exotic fruits." Then B.E.N came over behind and gently nudge her.

"Look I know you look like you want to shop but we gotta keep moving or you're going to miss your ride," He pushed her gently out of the food stand.

"Heh sorry I want to look around, say do they have on in Motressor?" She asked while they continue to head over to the ship.

"Maybe I never been there before," He replied.

"Wait you haven't?" Ash blinked and turn to him not understanding why he remembers nothing on his past adventures. B.E.N look to see her face confusing he quickly made a smile.

"But I would like to see it myself if my captain lets me go grab some items."

"No it's not that...," Ash said but she stops herself after sudden realize if she keeps telling him about him not remembering she'll spill out she's from another dimension and he'll think her as a crazy person. Instead of that, the woman nod.

"I mean yeah you should try going there I haven't been there myself." They walk past some more markets that are selling some more odd fruits, beans, and jewelry. Then B.E.N made a loud gasp to see a wall that has a wanted poster of his Captain with 500,000 rewards of him dead or alive. He rushes over fast and snatch the poster and crunch it up into a ball.

"B.E.N?" Ash turns around after she heard him gasped loudly. "Is everything alright?"

"Yep! Everything is all good." He lied and shove the crumbled paper into a nearby barrel.

"What was that you shoved in?" She asked and the robot bites his robot lips and fib more.

"I-It was my um..uh an old list I don't need that's all." He came to her and escort her before she can ask another question. "I think the ship is around the corner lets hurry before it launches,"

"Oh uh sure B.E.N." She gasped and they made a turn down the alleyway to reach their destination.

"Aha, we made it!" B.E.N beamed and Ash looks up at the floating merchant ship in amazement."

"Holy shit this is awesome." The ship was massive and was gorgeous with golden trimmed on the ridge side. She saw the lineup of getting the tickets and B.E.N grabs her arm.

"Here's the register lets go." He and she raced to get inline and they waited for their turn to get a ticket. Ash was given some coins from him she smiled.

"Really B.E.N I don't know how I can thank you for this."

"I told you that what friends are for." He winked but he felt a little guilty of his fibbing earlier. When it was their turn Ash decides to repay him as she put some coins on the desk.

"Two tickets please,"

"Two tickets?" B.E.N asked.

Ash nodded. "I want to do something nice and have you come with me,"

His eyes lit up and gulped." Oh no Ash that's alright you don't have to I need to head back to my job,"

"But can you take a break? I do need a guide on where I'm going." Ash said and she gives him a pleading look. "You said you never been to Motressor so why not come along?" The robot hums in thinking but he knows very well if he doesn't go on another ship his captain planned him to go he'll lose his temper on him. But, he also didn't want to leave her yet because she was the only person who was kind to him.

He finally made a decision he nodded and spread his arms out. "Alright, let's go to Motressor! I'll report my captain to ask his permission to go."

"Awesome!" The woman beamed happily and glance back at the seller.

"Two tickets please," The woman watches the alien having tentacle arms stare down at her and then eyeing her up and down.

" please."

"Hang on what?" Ash blinked. "We have enough money."

"And you're not in proper clothing mamm," He points at her outfit and Ash looks at herself, seeing she wore her black sweat pants along her blue sweater showing her black tank top straps.

"But what's the difference if I look like it? We got the money," On cue B.E.N tries to show some coins to him but the register didn't buy it.

"Come back when you were rich and have your passport, now move on your holding up the line, Next!"

Ash bites her lips in irritated on him not letting her getting the tickets but there's nothing she can do and don't want to make a scene she walks away letting another alien pass her. B.E.N follows Ash and hears her muttering to herself angrily.

"Okay seriously who has the right to do proper clothing? We're not in the time where titanic was set off to sail for crying out loud."

"Well it happens Ash," B.E.N reasoned and watch her ruff her hair back. "This happens to almost all the ships here we just need to find you er, a dress.

"But how on short notices?" She asked, "We won't make it in time if we search for one. The ship is going to leave soon and I'm sure that register guy won't pass us again." B.E.N hums and starts to try to figure out an idea. He looks around for a solution until his robot eyes caught sight of the boxes.

"Hmm," He rubs his chin and his eyes lit up." That's it!"

"What?" Ash turns her head and saw him grab her arm.

"Come on I got an idea!" He begins pulling her making the woman stumble a little.

"Hey wait what?" They both run until B.E.N stops at the barrels and hide behind it and wait for the spacers to leave. After they left seconds later he turns to her and beamed.

"Okay, the plan is we will stowaway on this ship."

"Stowaway?" Ash gasped. "is that illegal?"

He nodded,. "Yep but I've done this couple times," Ash look at him oddly after he spoke and has a proud look on his face.

"B.E.N does your captain let you do all this?" She asked. He looks down after he saw her looking confused and disappointed and said.

"Well yes it depends I need to, let's say this is my..plan B?" He shrugs. The woman hums still doesn't understand him. He works for the captain now? Not as a waiter?... And he lets him stowaway on any ships? She decides to go along and said.

"Okay, what's the plan?"

"B.E.N are you sure this is safe?" Ash and B.E.N both ended up in one empty barrel and they have to cramped together to make it fit not much of the woman liking.

The robot manage to nod his head a little and spoke lowly. "Of course I've done this a lot, even though never with another person."

"So I see." Ash almost winch when his robotic elbow pokes her side and ask another question." How long until they spacers come and get this barrel?"

"Soon no worries." He tries to make a little more room but his elbow was pinching her more.

"Ow ow B.E.N stop moving! *She yelped.

'Oh sorry sorry." He apologized fast. I try to make it roomy."

"Shh! I think I hear someone coming," Ash hissed. Sure enough, they both hear footsteps approaching. They both kept quiet and then they felt being lifted up from the ground. Two of them grunted as they were begin moved around and Ash did her best not to make any sounds when she was hit and poke from B.E.N's arm and leg.

When the barrel finally got put down and hears footsteps walking away Ash has the urge to get out but B.E.N stops her.

"Let me check to see if it's all clear," he whispered.

"Okay but hurry please I don't think I can stand it any longer," She hissed and watch him transform one of his robot eyes into a telescope and peek through the lid. About a few minutes, his left eye came back and turn into normal.

"All clear!" He winked.

"Finally." Ash sighed in relief and lift the lid up. "I thought we'll be stuck in the barrel for the rest of the journey. "She squeezed herself out and B.E.N did the same. But when she got herself free the robot lost his balance he made a loud scream, falling on the ground.

"B.E.N shh!" The woman shushed him, worrying someone might be near that he didn't see.

He covers his mouth fast* Sorry I get clumsy on things, some men call me Butterfinger whenever I slipped." He grabs Ash's hand to help him up and the woman looks around to see they're in a storage room filled with boxes, barrels, and chests that have a treasure look.

"Okay now we got on board we need to blend ya with the crowds so you won't, you know stand out and I know just a thing!" Before Ash can even talk he saw her rush to one of the chests and open it up.

The woman's eyes lit up seeing what he's doing she shook her head while waving her arms in crossing.

"B.E.N no! No no that's a bad idea! We're stealing other people's stuff."

"Well, my captain likes to call borrowing stuff from people," He shut the box and look through another one.

"Borrow? No Borrowing and stealing are two opposite, borrow it's having someone use something for a short time while stealing is taking it and keeping it for who knows how long." She put her hands on her hips and watch him finish looking and shut the lid.

"But this is emergency,' He opens the third chest and scan through some dresses. I do this if we're in a tight situation. " He turns to her sharply and finishes. "And this is where we're in this bad tight of sneaking aboard!"

"Okay, I get it shh!" She again shushes him when he almost yelled. "Just keep it low alright, who knows someone might pass by and hear us."

"Okay sorry," He apologized and went back to looking through dresses. "Aha here it is." He pulls out a light purple dress with a shoulder showing. "Put this on quick." He gives her the dress as Ash took it in her arms.

"Okay really, who is your captain that lets you do all this?" She questions, still can't understand why he's doing this. B.E.N swallow silently still can't tell her who he's working for. Luckily for him, his device was beeping which means someone is calling him.

"Oh sorry I need to take this, you can change over there where I don't need to see ya," He said, almost blush and watch his new friend nod unsurely.

"Um okay sure and if it's your captain you can tell him you like to have a day off," She walks away to change and B.E.N bites his lips.

"I wish he can let me have one," He mumbles without her hearing. He then went to another side of the storage room and pull out his disk and saw the red dot beeping. He swallows hard knowing it could be Captain Flint that he did not want to answer, where he's been seeing his terrible temper.

But B.E.N does not have any choice, if he keeps us decline his call he'll be madder as hell. Shakingly, he presses the red button to answer and the hologram shows up, and shows Flint's face, looking calm but irritated.

He stammered. "H-hey Captain, how it's going?"

"B.E.N you are not on the ship I assigned you, your supposed to go one of the terrain empires. Why are you not there?"

The robot gulped hard almost forgetting his captain put the tracking device on him. "I know but there's a...problem I have to deal with,"

"Problem? What problem?" Flint in hologram looks at him sternly.

The robot shook and answered quietly. "I'm uh...escorting someone?" He smiled sheepishly.


"Captain please!" He begged, either him to stop yelling or convincing him to let him pass this. "W-when we reach another spaceport I can go to the one I was assigned please give me more time.."

"B.E.N! I'm done." His pupil went small when he heard Ash calling him.

"Who's that?" His Captain asked.

"N-nobody! I mean a person I'm escorting.." He said quick and he saw his captain nostril flare.

"Show me this person so I can threaten her life if she doesn't give you to me."

B.E.N gasped. "No Captian, please! She's didn't do anything wrong!"

"If you don't I'm coming after ya!" The robot shook, fearing for his new friend's life and wish he didn't answer his hologram. Then his captain finishes with his death threat.

"When my ship reaches your destination I will find this person and shoot her with my own gun. This will teach the galaxy anyone tries to steal my navigator they will be blood spilling. I have spoken." When he hung up B.E.N froze. His friend is in great danger and its all his fault. He has the find a way to save her before he comes. Flint can't kill her. His new friend he made, He won't allow that.

"B.E.N hey I'm done." He put his disk back in his chest and turn to see her wearing a dress. Even notices she put her hair up and has white gloves on her.

"So how do I look?" She asked. He made a small smile.

"You look like you can blend in with the crowd. You look beautiful Ash,"

She almost blushes from the complement. "I never wore a dress before but I'm glad you like it."

He nodded and then said. "But we need to find you some jewelry before you make an appearance come on I think there some in this box,"

"B.E.N?" He stops and looks at her, seeing her looking concern. "Are you okay? You started to look jumpy,"

"Me jumpy? "He laughs. "I guess I'm nervous about launching. I have fear of taking off you know.

"Oh, I see," The woman almost chuckled. "I have the same fear too with taking off. Who knows a fire might catch one of the sails,"

"Oh yeah, let us hope that won't happen," He clear his throat. "So should we look for jewelry to match your dress?"

Ash nodded. "Okay, lets but hurry someone might come soon to check on things," With that, her and B.E.N went to look for any jewelry while the robot prays the ship will go fast for his new friend lie's sake.