Chapter 6: Pirates and forgiviness

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When Ash manages to get down from the ship, she looks ahead and saw the pirates were celebrating around the big fire and drinking their bottles of rum. Reading and watching a few shows, Ash knows better not to be near men when they drink and what makes it worse these men are pirates. Meaning they get aggressive drunk and they won't hesitate to fuck any women or men, depending on if some are gay.

So she was a few feet away in between the party and Flint's ship as she leans her body on a giant helium mushroom tree. Ash took a glance up at the mushroom tree and was amazed to see how big it was. She even looks past and saw a bright green streak passing across the night sky, giving its unusual radiant. The woman can't help to stare up at the sky more, wishing this galaxy can be seen in her home dimension, where she can just go outside and gaze at them.

Ash sighs heavily and looks down, still couldn't figure out why she's here, it's like her fate was teasing her. Sure have her meet her favorite characters... why not go meet the fearsome captain who's supposed to stay in his corpse!

"Good lord what did I got myself into?" She groaned to herself and rubs her face with her hand. Her eyes went through her finger and saw B.E.N not too far away. The woman at first didn't want to go to him, still upset about him lying to her on Flint, and almost got her into trouble by spilling her secret. When the robot turns to see her, Ash looks away in the other direction towards the other side of the helium forest.

B.E.N was expecting her to ignore him. He knew he deserved it. He doesn't know how he can make this up to her. He could try to help her escaped but knowing Flint, his captain will track her down easily as if he has a dog sense of smell. No matter how many victims try to lose him, the fearful captain will find them in less than a week. That what makes him the most feared pirate in the universe.

He rubs his robotic arm sadly and hung low. Feeling he will never have any new friends, whatever he tends to make one it always ended up bad. All because he's serving under Flint's command. And what he did of telling them she's important was stupid. Suddenly, he hears someone whistling and gasps, perking up and see one of the pirates spotted her.

"Hey there," Ash looked after hearing someone call her in a slurred voice. She sees one pirate who has a big hat with an eye patch giving her a flirty smile, and the other two who are his company had the same expression. "Why are ye over there by yourself? Come join the party,"

The woman stayed put, hiding behind a helium tree and glared at them." No thanks, I'm fine here."

"Aww, come on sweetcheeks! We won't bite you," Another pirate giggled, who was short with many sharp teeth showing. "We only want to get to know you. We never had a woman before, we just want to see ya closer." Ash was silent and tries to blend in with the helium tree. She was too focused on them that another pirate who was a purple -bulky bald with a long black beard crept up behind her smirking.

When he got close, he snatches her in his two large arms, catching her by shock. She screamed and struggled when he carried her to the other men.

"Put me down!" She cried and B.E.N watches the pirate takes her to the party in terror. When they reach where the other pirates were Ash kicks her legs in the air. "I said put me down!" Many other pirates joined as they

"There ya go welcome to the party lass!" The eyepatch pirate cackled while others laugh harshly.

"Is this how you treat a woman?!" Ash growled as she squirms.

"Hmm, not sure can you teach us?" The eyepatch smirked and uses his finger to caress her cheek. Ash felt her stomach sicken. "We would love for you to show us, make this an entertainment if ya know what I mean?"

Instead of answering the woman use one of her free legs to kick his lower, making the eyepatch pirate's eye widen. Letting out a shrill in pain he grip where she kicks at and falls on his knees. B.E.N's eyes widen at her action.

He gritted his teeth. "That... little...wrench!"

"That's my demonstration you sick bastard," Ash said, glaring at him.

Small sharp teeth alien snarled. "I believe we should teach this doll some few manners of our own." Many pirates agreed and some got close to her ready to snatch her but then they hear a shout.

"Hey! Let her go!" The pirates and Ash turn and saw B.E.N she breathed.

"Stay out of this metal bucket!" The bulky blue alien snapped who was still holding Ash. The robot shook his head and made his robot hands into a fist.

"You better let her go or I...I'll come after all of you!" Ash was surprised to see B.E.N acting all bravely, but the pirates, however, only laughed.

"I mean it!" B.E.N shouted, showing his fearless expression.

"And what ya gonna do? Murder us with your disk?" The chubby amphibian alien sneered and made the crew laugh more.

Then a British voice spoke out. "Aye, listen to that navigator. " The pirates stopped their laugh and glance over and see another crew member sitting on a barrel, who has a human facial but has a sea-like look as well due to having long dirty yellow tentacles for a hair and wore spectacles glasses. Unlike other pirates, his clothing looks clean and fancy as if he came from royalty.

"I believe this woman had enough,"

"Aw come on Nic where's your fun?" The many arm pirate huffed, crossing one of his two arms. "It's been forever since we had a woman with us."

The sea-like alien, whose name is Nic, snorted. "And I also believe this woman is not having quite of fun," He pinches his nose. "She's honestly not liking how you men act like uncultured swine."

"Hey, ya calling us pigs?!" The bulky alien snapped, and Ash realized that he loosened his arms. Giving this a chance, she quietly slides down while he was glaring at him and other pirates with him felt the same offended.

"Perhaps yes or no," Nic sighed.

"You better take those words back," One eyepatched alien points his cutlass at him in threat. Ash snuck away and went to where B.E.N was. They both tiptoe away from the pirates.

'Oh you men are very sensitive," Nic rolled his eyes. "He takes out his handkerchief and uses it to clean his spectacle glasses. "Oh, by the way, your guest is leaving,"

"Wha?" The bulky alien look down fast and saw the woman disappeared. They all search around until the tall pale alien with red eyes spotted them.

"There she goes!"

B.E.N and Ash froze and turn their head and look at one another, without a second thought, they both bolted away.

"HEY GET BACK HERE!" All the crew begins to chase after them and she and B.E.N run for their life.

"B.E.N I cant believe you're going to fight them!" Ash gasped as they run. They manage to find a hollow helium tree and crawl in to hide.

"I had to save you," B.E.N panted. "I can't bear to let them do anything to you," Ash hush softly when they hear the men coming, they were still for a moment until they pass their hiding. Once they're gone he continues talking.

"And Ash your my best friend. I know you still angry and I'm so sorry for lying to you about Captain Flint and almost got you killed. I wish there was a way I can repay you for my dumb decision but I don't know how.." While he was rambling on begging for forgiveness Ash was looking at him softly.

She realized she couldn't stay mad at him for so long. Reading his backstory, Ash understood why he didn't tell her the whole truth and she felt sorry for him for what he has gone through a hundred years.

"...and I was afraid if I tell you about him earlier you'll leave me. If I can take it all back I will.." He stops when Ash touches his shoulder. And to his shock, the woman brings him into a hug.

"A-Ashy?" He breathed. "You're not mad at me?"

She shook her head. "Not anymore, its okay I forgive you." B.E.N teared up and hug her back tightly.

"Oh Ashy thank you! Thank you! I promise I won't tell you another lie! I promise,"

"Shh it's okay," Ash laughs quietly, hugging him still. Then she hums when she thought about her secret. She sighs heavily and said.

"Hey since we're on this topic there something I should tell you, I wasn't being honest about myself." They let go and B.E.N looks at her confused.

"What are you talking about?" Ash looked at him and took a deep breath.

"Well, you see.."

"THERE YOU TWO ARE!" Right before she can tell him the whole truth they were spotted by the small many tooth pirate and the woman's face paled.

They were both jerked out of their hiding. Ash was gripped by a tall white man with a hood over his head while B.E.N was being held by an angler fish-like alien. The pirates bring them back to the bonfire.

"You know it's rude to leave without permission," The many arms with mane pirate snarled. "But before we do, let's punish the robot for ruining our fun."

Ash's eyes went huge in fear when they surrounded the robot.

"No stop!" She cried but the cheering from the crew drown her screaming.

"Cut his head off!" One of them shouted.

"Take his arms off!" Another one added, cackling. The woman tries to fight her captive and screaming more for them to stop. When they're about to tear B.E.N's body apart they hear a new voice.

"What is all this?!" All of them stop and look towards the voice. Billy Bones walk into where the commotion was held and sees the pirates gripping Ash and B.E.N.

He looked at each of them with a disappointing look. 'Have ye all forgotten the pirate code? No harness Captian's belongings unless he says so."

"Billy, you're not gonna tell Captain Flint are you?" The one eyepatch alien pirate gulped.

"Tell me what...Robert?" Each pirate's eyes lit up in fear when they hear their Captain's voice spoke out. Billy only rolls his eyes and step aside to have Flint walk past him. When their Captain took a good glance around at what was going on and saw Ash and B.E.N held captive his nostril flared.

"...I see you men had fun with my property,"

"It was your robot's fault!" The bulky blue alien pointed at the robot after they let him go. "H-he was ruining our fun moment!"

"Oh, all of this is B.E.N fault?" Flint asked and see his men nodded quickly. He hums and then all of sudden, he pulls out his pistol and shot the bulky alien's knee. Ash gasped in startled and watch him cried in pain and fall on the ground, gripping them. All the crew trembled as the Captain looks at them darkly. "If you men dare to touch them again your heart will be my next shooting target! AM I CLEAR?!"

"A-aye, sir!" Some men manage to answer but the bulky blue alien was still crying in pain, rolling a little. Captain Flint rolls all his six eyes and turns to Nic.

"Nic, shut him up with you medical. And Billy, tomorrow have my men dump my treasures before we make next voyage, I want them all ready." After that, he turns over at B.E.N and Ash.

"You two..come with me," He gestures his bony finger to have them come. Ash swallows hard in fear and looks and B.E.N. He reassures her it's going to be okay as he gently took her hand in his.

The woman gives him a soft nod and they both follow Flint back to his ship.

When they reach his cabin Flint pulls something out from his drawer, he pulls out his worn shirt. "Put this on,"

"Me?" Ash gulped.

"I don't want ya to sleep in your dress," he tossed his shirt to her and she grabs it.

"But where would I sleep?" She added.

"On my bed, with me." Right when he replies the woman's heart stopped. She's honestly doesn't think he's serious! Ash never slept with anyone in her life even her parents never wanted her to do this. And what is worse he was a man.

B.E.N saw the woman's frighten gesture he tries to help. "Captain why does she sleep on the floor with me, it is more comfortable."

"Floor comfortable?" Flint let out a bark of a laugh. "Don't be absurd! I want her to sleep with me,

"But sir..!" B.E.N's voice caught in his throat when his captain gives him an icy glare.

"Now, I'll give ya a minute to switch clothes miss...Ash? Is that your name I can call you?" The woman didn't answer while Flint smirked at her.

"Be ready when I come in," He looks at B.E.N and made a harsh clear throat for him to come to follow him. The robot gives her a sad look and went out with him.

As they both went out Ash stood still, holding his shirt in her hands. She looks down and saw her hands trembled, wasn't expecting to come this far.

"Why I make that stupid wish?" She whispered to herself and decides to get this over with, quickly took her dress off and put his shirt on. It was a bit comfy and thankful it reaches only to her knees. The only negative thing is how stench the shirt was.

After the woman was done she crawled into his bed, put the cover over her, and tries to fall asleep.

"Go to sleep, go to sleep.." She wimped quietly closing her eyes. About minutes pass the woman heard the door opened and her breath shook. Flint sees the woman in his bed already, showing her back after coming in, and smiles amusingly.

"Look at that, sleeping already like a good girl." He took his jacket off as B.E.N gulped.

"It's probably she's afraid of you, sir?"

"That how it should be," Captain Flint sighs, and Ash overheard they're talking. The woman can't help to take a peek over her shoulder without them knowing. Ash lost her breath when she saw his bareback showing, how toned it was with a bit of muscle. Shit, he's hot! She rolls back fast and buries her face in his pillow. Trying not to think what his front view looks like, her face heated.

Ash felt him sitting on the bed and lies down beside her and the woman scoots away a bit. Not want her body to touch his and she was close to the wooden wall.

"Good night sir!" B.E.N called cheerfully. Flint only grunted in response and his body relaxes as Ash manage to fell asleep.

Middle of the night Ash woken up when she hears Flint snoring. She blinks tiredly and looks over to see him sleeping with his mouth opened. The woman glances over his shoulder and saw B.E.N sleeping on the floor with a pillow and blanket. Thinking this was a chance to tell, Ash hissed.

"Psst, B.E.N psst." She watches him mumble in sleep and tries again. "B.E.N psst!" Ash sigh in relief when he opens his robot eyes tiredly. He gasps quietly and hissed.

"Ash go back to sleep! Captain Flint hates if one of us is awake before him.

"I know but I want to tell you something it'll be quick," Ash reassured. "Remember I told you I wasn't honest about myself,"

"Yeah..?" B.E.N replied. The woman took a deep breath.

"B.E.N if I tell you my secret promise me not to tell anyone, especially your captain?"

"I-I can try Ashy," The robot whispered. Ash smiled.

"Okay, the truth is.."

"If ya both don't sleep I will knock your head off with my pistol," Ash and B.E.N gulped when they hear Flint spoke out with a grouch tone. They quickly settle down as B.E.N squeaked out.

"Sorry, sir, won't happen again. "

Ash bite her lips and snuggle in his cover. Then Flint rolls over to where she was and the woman's body stiff when he put his arm around her, bring her close to his chest. He gently brushes her hair out of her ear with his fingers.

"If you wake up my navigator again I will do more than bashing your head, don't make that mistake again," He whispered in her ear darkly. Ash swallows hard and shivered to feel his warm breath on her

She closes her eyes to sleep, getting her body to relax and trying hard to imagine she's in her room sleeping with her cat.

Soon she fell asleep again after soothing and letting herself welcome with darkness lullaby her.