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Chapter 7: Deadly Dare

The woman never felt relief as morning came Flint was gone. Thinking this was only a silly dream, she perks her head up tiredly, expecting to see her room again but realized a second later this was all real, being in bed with the fearsome pirate ever lived.

She tightens the blanket close to her and felt her stomach sick of Flint, making her sleep with him. Still, though, Ash thanks God he didn't do anything to her. He only held her in case if she decided to sneak away. Ash ruffed her hair and let out a sharp sigh, getting up from his bed.

Learning she was alone without B.E.N, her feet touch the hard floor. Then her head perks up to see the sky blue with some clouds through the holes in the ceiling. She wraps her arm around herself as she gets up and looks at her surrounding. The cabin itself wasn't all big as she expected. In front of her was a side view of a large dark wooden desk in the middle. The side of the cabin is a door that she guessed leads to the bathroom.

She has always wonder if pirates ever bathe during the raids, well she finally has answers. Ash still looks around and walks upon on his desk in curiosity. Like yesterday it was a mess with a big map, some small papers, gold coins everywhere, and a half-empty bottle of rum. She took the bottle and sniffed the opening. She winches but hums a little and puts it back.

Her eyes glance over at few small papers that have writings in odd language words. It even has a bit of an illustration that goes along with it. Ash gently brushes her finger on the paper, wishing she understand what these words mean. She tips her head, feeling more curious that she wanted to look at another piece of paper. Before she did, the door handle turned, made her spooked.

Fearing it could be Captain Flint, she ran back to his bed and got under his blankets, and pretended she just woken up. Ash's heart leaped when the door slam opened and he marched in, having a bit cranky look on him. The woman was silent as she watches him turn his head to her.

Saw she woken up, he snorted. "Funny ye up lass, expect ya to sleep through the morning.

The woman bites her lips.

"Good morning, sir." She replied, trying to be polite. I guess these different times change my sleep schedule."

"Hmm, indeed." That's all he responded. The woman gulped silently at how tense he looks. Did something happen while she was asleep? Did his men do something that made his temper rise?

"Now ye up, I don't want you to leave my cabin," The woman snaps out of her thought after speaking more.

"Wait what,"

"My men are dumping my treasure in my loot. I want ya to stay out of their way until their job is complete," The loot of a thousand's world. Ash couldn't help having her eyes lit up, and without thinking, she shouts.

"I wanna see it!" Captain Flint, was taken back from her sudden outburst. The woman almost curses herself for letting her inner fangirl took her over. She quickly added before he opens his mouth.

"I-I mean oh, okay then. How long it'll be, Captain?" Ash was a relief when he pulls out his pocket watch from his coat pocket instead of asking her sudden reaction.

He studies it for a second and says, "If my men are quick enough, they'll be done in at least half an hour, " He put his watch back in his pocket and added. "They did not have their breakfast under my order, surely this will get them to be fast." Ash gulped and saw him leaving. Before he steps out she calls out.

"Hey, would B.E.N keep me company while your men do the work?" Flint turn his head a little to her and made a scoff.

"I need him to count my treasures lass," Then he gives her a warning look as the woman almost shivered. "If ya step out of my cabin, I will cut your feet off." He walks out, shutting the door behind him leaving her alone.

"Hmm, how very odd woman she is," Flint thought after he walks away from his door. Right, when he spoke about his treasure something has sparked her. Unlike others when they want his treasures for their greed, this woman...has this excitement in her eyes.

Like if she only wanted just to take a view of it, not taking his gold. He rubs his chin with his mind about why she's like this. Then he stops when he remembers he overheard their small talk last night, which made him smirk a little. Maybe her outburst is the key to her little secret. He could let B.E.N accompany her but he needs him for a moment.

Right after he's done unloading treasure, he'll let her talk to him and have his memory stored all in, so he can use that advantage to see what his navigator has in store for him. He then went on to join his men in his trove.

Ash was pacing in his room, worrying for almost spilling her secret out. It was a close call when he didn't ask her few questions that will pressure her. Now that was out of the way, she couldn't help to feel slightly disappointed about not seeing his treasures. That was like the best part about treasure planet, is viewing his trove. And best of all, she will be the luckiest woman that ever saw it before anyone else.

Even though this would be amazing, she knows there are consequences. The way Flint gives her a warning made her shivered. And...Ash can't help to think more about his eyes on how golden they look. With the same color as his treasures. Ash brushes her hair back behind her ear and she felt her heart beating fast out of fear the way he looked at her. Oh, she can't wait for the merchant ship to come where she can jump to safety, Where she won't worry about her secret anymore.

Ash sighed heavily and sat on his bed, suddenly feel bored. "You know, having a quiet time can easily let the fun die. She has her palm on her chin and added. "At least B.E.N has the back doo..." She stops herself.

"Back door? That's it!" She jumps out of his bed having an idea, completely forgot about it. With the map can open to the trove easily, there's an unground tunnel that'll lead her to the centroid. And judging by her calculations, if she can find one near this ship, she can sneak to it.

"Oh god, what am I doing?" She muttered to herself, knowing this is a bad idea. Who knows what he would do to her if she disobeys him. But she can do this quickly and come back without him knowing. Just a small peek won't hurt. Before Ash can go out, she looks down and saw she was only wearing his shirt and she only has her dress.

She hums and decides to make the dress her skirt just for going out in public. Ash searches for scissors and manages to find them in one of his drawers. Grabbing the dress from the floor, she begins to cut the half dress and fling the top aside. When finished, the woman wraps the rope around her waist that was beside the scissor. Making sure it was tight enough for the skirt not to fall off, she tied it into a knot.

After she was done, Ash looked at herself in the tall mirror and hummed.

She tips her head. "It's not the best outfit I made, but this will have to do. The woman took a deep breath. "Alright, let's do this. Remember only a peek." Ash opens the door and looks to see if everything was all clear. Seeing the deck empty, the woman tiptoes out of the cabin.