Aliea Week: Prompt #1; Fashion


After a long day of training, the children fromthe Ohisama En's orphanage laid on the common room's couch, panting heavily.

This had been a long routine, judging by their respective looks.

"Honestly, Tatsuya..." inquired Midorikawa, drying himself with a towel.

"When are we going to get a break?"

From across the room, a fizzy sound enveloped the room


The sound was nothing less than a can of coke, which Kira Hiroto was holding.

"If you are going to complain about that, you are in no position to be playing

amongst the God Strik-"

Suddenly, two claps of hands interrupted the male, who sat murmuring something about fairness.

It was their father!

Well, adoptive one, but all felt like brothers and sisters.

"Children! I have a big announcement to make!"

All eyes were glued on him, what was he going to say?!

"Our sponsor, Alien Airways has gifted us with a trip to France!"

And the cheers and claps filled the room!

Everyone was so excited!

Nagumo punched the table and screamed.



A sudden hand on his shoulder made her cool his abrasive nature.


"C'mon, Nagumo, be cool about this..."



And both laughed at the same time.


All of the kids rushed to their dorms to prepare, except Tatsuya, Kira, and Midorikawa that upon seeing the red-haired was not moving, he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Father..." stated Tatsuya.

"This is very generous, are we expected to do something in return?"

The two remaining placed all their senses into the answer...

"Actually, Tatsuya."

He replied.

"They just need you to be yourself.

It's good for the airline to let other people see soccer players without a ball in their feet." Smiling, he'd place a hand on his shoulder.

"Just enjoy"

12 hours of plane later...

It seemed the long trip from Tokyo had drained their stamina.

Usually energetic, they were all dragging their luggage, praying for a place to rest once and for all.

"I...hate...planes..." A green-faced Kira Hiroto said, wobbling like a drunk penguin.

After they settled in the provided hotel, the children almost immediately went to sleep, eager for their next day.

Sure enough, when the sun rises, the orphans zoomed out of their rooms to have breakfast.

Well, to devour it...

After eating like wild hyenas, they scattered throughout the french scenery, walking through antique paths, taking pictures of everything...until, someone found something that, somehow, felt familiar.

Saginuma and Midorikawa, to be exact.

In jewelry, they found a peculiar stone.

A purple like rhomboid that shined a violet light.

"What's this?"

Saginuma asked, in Japanese.

The cashier shrugged and took the stone off the shelf and placed it on the table.

Saginuma scratched his chin.

"Why do I get the feeling I've seen this before?"

Then, he raised a finger.


It wasn't necessary to call anyone, the undeniably loud voice of Saginuma made the children come to that place.

Pointing to the stone, the goalkeeper proceeded.

"This stone is somehow connected to us all!"

A gasp filled the shop...

"How do you know that? " Midorikawa said.

"As they say, a genius in the wrong position could look like a fool."

Saginuma laughed.

"You and your sayings will not scare me!

ThIS!" And his hand grabbed the stone.

"Shall be called...THE ALIEA STONE!"

Flaunting it up like a flag, Saginuma could not read the vibe, but the children were uneasy.

It was something about that name...that felt wrong.

"You're pathetic, Saginuma"

Kira said, with a smirk.

"That stone won't stay with us.


But the others disagreed.

Each and everyone purchased a pendant with the newly renamed aliea stone.

It was a big specimen, so there was no problem.

Giving them an eerie aura, the purple-like aura of the stone providing them a new fashion statement!

Or is it something else?