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Chapter 4

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My body shivers beneath the blanket. It's abnormally cold for a September morning. All I want to do is stay in my warm cocoon and sleep the day away, but the memory of Sharpener's hopeful eyes when he asked if I'd be at school today pushes me out of bed. I also have to pee.

The warm blanket falls onto my lap as I sit up and the room becomes extremely cold. My arms cross over my chest and my hands quickly begin to rub the upper part of my arms to preserve some body heat. Maybe I don't have to return to school today. I'll just sleep three extra hours…I should be able to hold my pee that long…Sharpener and Erasa can last another day without me…

The curtain hooks clink against each other as Gohan fully pushes the balcony curtains back, filling my room with sunlight. He looks more like an angel then a ghost sometimes, especially when the sun hits him just right. For the hundredth time since waking up from the accident, I mutter a quick thank you to Kami. Out of all the scary ghosts I could've woken up to after the accident, I got stuck with the tall, doe eyed, broad-shouldered, pretty boy.

Gohan, with his dog-like hearing, turns his head in my direction, eyes full of surprise. Whatever dumb, dreamy expression that was on my face quickly falls into a scowl. He must never know how happy I am to have someone so adorably cute in my life.

"You're awake." he smiles, closing the distance between us, the room temperature drops even more as he gets closer. The blush from my cheeks spreads to the rest of my body, and I no longer feel cold. I'm only aware of two things: I'm alone in my bedroom with a cute guy, and I'm not wearing a bra beneath my thin night shirt.

"Listen, Videl, I know you think going to school is a good idea, but maybe you should sleep on it for a few weeks." Gohan starts to sit down on the bed, but I know I'll never be able to hold myself back if he does, so I quickly jump to my feet, nearly falling into my dresser in the process.

"School! That's right! I have to get ready for school or else I'll be late!" I laugh nervously, sounding so much like the female version of my dad it's embarrassing.

"Yeah, about that…"Gohan points at the alarm clock on the night stand next to my bed." It's ten in the morning. You're already late. Two hours late, actually. I guess that means you shouldn't go to school today."

No, I shouldn't be late. I distinctly remember setting my alarm for seven o'clock. It should've gone off. Unless…

"Oh my god, you turned off my alarm after I went to bed! Dammit!"

Out of all the hot ghosts out there, why did I have to get the annoying one?