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Chapter 1

The voices of many junior students approaching the entrance of the U.A. High School Examination site show the anticipation of the exam that would take place here. New heroes will be born today. The initial step for many of their dreams will start now. And for a youthful man with dark-green hair. Freckles and an innocent appearance. The first step in becoming the glorious hero he always dreamed of.

Izuku Midoriya walked nervously, still not believing that this was happening. That he made it this far and that his dreams are about to become real. That all his hard work, and hope, weren't for nothing.

"I won't disappoint you, All Might!" Midoriya whispered with excitement.

"Move aside, Deku!" Midoriya only squeals, afraid of the voice that he knows to whom it belongs.

"Kachan?!" Midoriya exclaimed.

"Get out of my way, or you're dead," Bakugo said, pushing him aside without caring too much about anything else. Midoriya just cringes a bit, thinking he should really stop being afraid of his childhood friend. Ever since the day he saved him from that mud villain. He never tormented him in school again. But he has become more hostile to him.

Midoriya only sighs. He knew that eventually, he would have to face Bakugo again someday. But for now, he must take his first step to fulfill his dream.

"I need to move forward!" Midoriya said with determination. Or, at the very least, trying to sound like it.

His trembling legs didn't seem to listen to him properly. He notices, too late, that he tripped with own his legs. Going faced down quickly. But he didn't touch the ground, confusing him and scaring him for a moment.

"Are you okay?" A girl with bobbed and curved inwards hair asked with a warm smile. Midoriya said nothing. He is too nervous to talk to a girl, even to say thank you. He only stared with a dumb look on his face.

"It's my Quirk. Sorry for stopping you, but it is a terrible omen to trip and fall," she said with a smile. Midoriya only nodded, still stunned to be in front of a girl.

"This sure is nerve-wracking, don't you think?" she said smiling.

"Um, ya um," Midoriya said.

"Good luck to both of us!" She said, leaving him.

He is over the moon, thinking about how much he has changed. He finally talked to a cute girl, although he said nothing at all. He had a slight blush on his cheeks and felt that today was an excellent day. He didn't notice someone talking to him until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Excuse me, you dropped this," Midoriya turned around, and his jaw almost hit the ground.

Before him, a beautiful girl with shoulder-length white hair side-swept to her ear. Deep, soft golden eyes and stunning facial features. Making her the most gorgeous girl he has ever seen in his life. And now, such a girl was standing in front of him, holding a pencil. And he couldn't say anything at all.

"Is this your pencil?" The girl asked one more time.

"Yiiii," Midoriya said, making the girl look very confused at him.

"Ah, here take it," she said.

Midoriya extended his hand and, while taking the pencil, his hand touched the girl's hand for a second. Making him squeal in his mind.

"Th-Thank you," he said.

"Mm, you're welcome," the girl said, leaving him behind. Like the other girl did a few minutes ago.

"I talked to two girls today!" He whispered.

Everyone around him was looking at him with perplexed a look on their faces. Perhaps his nervousness and anxiety are making him act this way. But they stayed away from him. None of them wanted to deal with a crazy person, especially today.

He remembered about the exam and bounced his way there. He didn't want to be late for this important event in his life, but he couldn't deny feeling happy about meeting two cute girls today. Midoriya only hopes that this day goes well and that nothing ruins it.

"Welcome to today's live performance!" The entire room was as silent as a crypt.

"Well, that's cool, my examinee listeners! I'm here to present the guidelines for your practical exam! Are you ready?!" Again, no one said anything. They are just sitting there, looking at him with very stoic faces.

"It's the voice hero, Present Mic!" Midoriya mumbled, excited.

"I listen to his radio show every week. All the U.A. Teachers are pro heroes!" Bakugo, who had the misfortune to be next to him, only whispered to him to shut up.

They didn't notice the girl behind them, looking with a keen interest in the exam rules and ignoring the surrounding people. They are just watching her with blushes on their faces and goofy smiles.

"As you can see, we would fill each location with faux villains. The points awarded are according to the difficulty level of each villain," Present Mic said.

"Attacking other examinees is prohibited!" The girl nodded, understanding the simplicity of the test. It was not something out of the ordinary. They wanted to see their raw power and how they could work with it. Each Quirk is different and has unique applications. So it was expected that they wanted to see and measure the value of each of them.

The document on her hand makes it very clear about the details of the entire exam. Although there is a minor detail on it, there is a faux villain that seems to not give a single point. And from what she reads, it appears to be a unique obstacle of sorts.

"Perhaps it is something like a boss. Something that will rampage around, making everything more difficult. I understand now. Mm, the information we have from this school is correct. They take things seriously. Albedo and Demiurge were right," she thought.

"May I ask a question?" A boy with glasses asked, raising his hand.

"There appear to be no fewer than four varieties of faux villains on this handout!" The boy with glasses said, not waiting for an answer.

"Fool, he hasn't realized the true purpose of this exam," she thought.

"And you, with the curly hair! You've been muttering this whole time… It's distracting! If this is some sort of game to you, then please leave immediately!" He said with a glare.

Galadriel heard the poor boy she met this morning mumble a pathetic sorry. She sighs, thinking that being surrounded by kids would be more complicated than she expected.

I could have sent someone else, but honestly, I didn't know who… Solution? No, she is in Europe right now with Sebas. They are expanding our company there. Narberal, well, she was a candidate, but after what happened in Russia, I don't feel that she would do a suitable job here. Lupusregina? Well, she can at least act friendly, but putting a sadistic werewolf surrounded by children is dangerous. Entoma? No. She would eat them. She thought.

Cz? Well, she could have done it. I would not have needed to use an item to change her appearance too much. But I needed her for something else. The same goes for Yuri. No, the only one who could do this is me. Besides is an excellent way to understand this world of superheroes better. Especially if I want to rule it in the future. She sighs.

It's been four years since I was teleported to this world. And still have problems believing this is real, but I am glad that Nazarick is with me. Besides is an excellent thing that this world is like my own. I can move more freely and work properly here. And there is no contamination, no toxic waste. I can go out without using a mask. There are no marks of a third world war, and more importantly. I can finally collect books, comics, and manga physically! Back in my world, buying a book was something only the rich could do. You could only find online links to read them there. I always wanted to have The Lord of The Rings trilogy on my bookshelf. Now I can! She smiled with joy.

"That's all from me! I'll leave my listeners with our school motto. The noble hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life, Plus Ultra!" She raised her eyebrow at that statement.

Napoleon Bonaparte, a noble hero? Well, if you are French, perhaps. But for the rest of Europe at that time, not so much. she thought with an amused face.

Everyone stood up quickly, not wanting to lose more time and get to the test immediately. Again, she felt the people looking at her. Whispers and such. She ignored them like always. And walked to her destination.

"Everyone from division D, come here!" The announcer said.

She walked over and located herself away from everyone. All of them only stared at her with anxious faces, trying to figure out her Quirk. Or just checking her out. Good thing she was wearing a black jacket and black leggings. She didn't want to expose more of her body if necessary. With the ridiculous hourglass figure she has, extra attention is not something she wants to deal with. She was starting to regret spending so much time on Yggdrasil's character creation. Even now, she was using an item to change her appearance to look like one of a 15-year-old girl. Her figure pretty much remains the same.

"H-Hello!" she saw a girl with fluffy and unruly pink hair. Almost the same color of her skin, talk to her.

"M-My name is Mina Ashido! A pleasure to meet you!" The pinky girl said with an enormous smile.

"Pleasure, my name is Galadriel Nazarick," she responded.

"Well, is a wonderful thing that I can use this name with minor difficulty. I can say that my parents are huge Tolkien fans," Galadriel thought.

"Nazarick? Are you related to this… Company?" Mina asked with a nervous voice.

"Yes, it belongs to my parents," Galadriel said.

"Hey, you heard that? Her family owns Nazarick Enterprise! They are a big agency in Europe and are expanding to America as well!" Someone said, making Galadriel suddenly pay attention to them. She wanted to know what they thought about her company. She put a lot of effort into making it the economic giant it is. So, it's normal that she wanted to hear some compliments.

"Wow, aren't they like super-rich?"

"I heard many superheroes in Europe want to join their agency program."

"Maybe they will expand to Japan. If that is so, I am joining them!"

Galadriel smiled. This was what she wanted to hear. This was an excellent start for her plans. She didn't need an army of immense power to control or conquer this world. Just like in her old world, the wealthiest companies were the ones truly controlling everything.

But she still needs to think and do things carefully. There was no pressure to rush things. Slowly she will gain control over this world. Without them, ever knowing what is going on.

Well, because of my Demon Empress trait, I always had this necessity to control and conquer everything I can, but honestly, I don't want to destroy this world. I don't want them to make the same mistakes the leaders of my world did. And because this world had Quirks. The damage they could bring to this world was serious. I may be a demon, but I still have my own sense of justice. A twisted one, sure, but justice nonetheless. Galadriel thought.

"You must be very rich!" The pinky girl said.

"I guess you can say that," Galadriel said, glaring at the surrounding people.

"Aren't you nervous at all?" Mina asked.

"No. Why should I?" Galadriel said, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, you know… This is a tremendous day for many. Most people here will not pass the exam. So it is normal for many to be nervous," she said with a smile.

"You don't look nervous," Galadriel said.

"I am strong! This would be a piece of cake!" Mina said with confidence. But Galadriel saw that the body of the pink girl was trembling.

"Well, we will see how easy this is, right?" Galadriel said with a smile.

"What kind of Quirk do you have?" Mina asked suddenly.

"Why you ask?" Galadriel responded.

"Oh, is nothing… It's just, you know, curious, that's all," the pink girl said, looking around, trying to avoid looking in her direction. Galadriel saw a faint blush on the pink girl's cheeks.

"Mm, well, it is a surprise. What about you?" Mina smiled, showing the strange liquid on her hands.

"Acid!" She said proudly.

Mm, I see, useful. Her body most produces natural resistance to it, like Solution. Although I believe she is not as strong, it would be interesting to see how much can she evolve her ability. Galadriel thought.

I would have loved to take her to Nazarick to experiment with her, but I don't want to hurt kids. I told Demiurge to avoid kidnapping children or innocent people. I want to preserve what's left of my humanity. After what happened in Russia, I don't want to lose myself like that. Besides, this world is full of villains, so there is no problem for me to take them back to Nazarick and see how much can we experiment with them to learn more about Quirks. And with my future plans, I can bring more heroes to my side. It is only a matter of time. Galadriel pondered.

"And begin!" The announcer yelled. Everyone is staring around, confused. Galadriel saw a figure at the top of a building far away. The poor students didn't seem to know what to do, as they kept looking for more indications.

"What's wrong? The test's started! Run! Run!" He yelled from the top of a building, amusing Galadriel.

"Well, good luck, pinky," Galadriel said.

"Pinky? Oi, wait for me!" Mina yelled, following Galadriel to the center of the fake city.

In the room where all the pro-heroes and judges were examining, a nervous-looking man with blond hair and light blue eyes was watching his protegee. The entrance exam has just begun, and the green-haired boy was far behind, but he still believes in him.

"Young Midoriya," he whispered.

"Are worry about him, Toshinori?" Nezu asked with a smile.

"Ah, well, yeah. I am, but I know he will succeed," he said while coughing a bit.

"This is quite a problem for him. Time is running out," Ectoplasm said.

"Look at that girl, Ochaco Uraraka. She has already 25 points," one teacher said.

"Tenya Lida, he is proving to be a wonderful combat hero. Like that kid, Katsuki Bakugo, he is already at the top of the B group," Nezu said with a smile.

"49 points already. Do you think he could beat the old record?" Midnight said, looking with a smile at the screen.

"What was it? 97 points in 6 minutes?" Toshinori nodded.

"No one has beaten your record, Toshinori," Nezu said.

"Well, it is tough to beat in 7 minutes," Toshinori said with a slight smile.

He didn't care about his record, but he wanted Midoriya to succeed, to prove to everyone that he deserves to be here. This test is more than you beating robots about showing the most essential quality of a hero. And he knows that the only thing the kid needed was an opportunity.

"Time is running out," Nezu said.

"Oh, look at that," Toshinori smiled when he saw young Midoriya leap to rescue a girl who was trapped under some rubble. He grinned at the scene.

"Look at him. That's the power of the youth!" Midnight said.

With a single punch, Midoriya destroyed the giant robot. Saving the girl, making his rescue points go up to 60. Securing his place in the academy.

"You found wonderful youthful men, Toshinori," Nezu said, making the hero known as All Might smile.

"Indeed, I have found a worthy successor," he said, proud of Midoriya.

"Oh, he is falling," Toshinori said.

"He is," Midnight said.

"Look at that girl!" Midnight said, beaming with a smile. They saw how the girl saves him from the fall by quickly using her Quirk.

"This year's students are very interesting," Nezu said with a smile.

After watching two students saving and helping each other, it gives the teachers and judges a wonderful sense of accomplishment, knowing that the core idea of being a hero is as important as ever in today's youth. Saving someone was one of the critical parts of the test.

"Hey, look at block D!" Ectoplasm exclaimed. Everyone saw the screen and went silent at the image before them.

In block D, Mina Ashido is using all her power to secure as many points as possible. But like many, she was getting exhausted, and her acid quickly lost effectiveness. She was following the beautiful girl she had met before the test started. But then she suddenly disappears before her. Without leaving a trace, she sighs sadly. Hoping they could be friends after this was over, but to do that. Ashido needed to pass the exam.

"Just a few more points," she said.

Ashido sighs, moving to another location, trying to find more of those faux villains. But with no luck, the only thing she can find is what's left of them.

"It's like someone just cut them like butter," the pink-haired girl said.

Then before her, a giant robot appeared. She screams, terrified. As she was trying to run from it, she tripped and sprained her ankle. The pink-haired girl let a small moan of pain. Ashido saw the giant robot ready to strike, and the only thing she could do was scream for help.

"Help, please, someone!" Ashido yelled. But none came. Those who heard only turn to the other cheek, not caring for her at all. Those who seemed to want to help her simply didn't have the bravery to do so. She screams one more time, hoping for a teacher to save her, but as the attack comes down. The impact never came. The pink-haired girl heard gaps but didn't know why.

Ashido was just there, with her eyes closed, hoping for the best. Until she heard a familiar voice.

"Are you hurt?" Ashido gasped when she saw the beautiful white-haired girl standing above her. Stopped the giant fist of the robot with her hand. The pink girl was not the only one looking in shock, but everyone else there. As well as the teachers and pro-heroes who are looking beyond shock at what was happening in block D.

"Are you hurt?" Galadriel asked one more time.

"My ankle is sprained," Ashido mumbled, still stunned.

"All right, let me deal with this first, [Arcane Sword]" Ashido saw that from her hand, a sword made of light appeared. And with one swing of it, she cut the giant robot in half, like it is nothing.

"Mm, even though it is big. It is still a low-level NPC. To be destroyed with my [Arcane Sword] is must have to be very weak. I still need to understand how strong I am in this world. I have used Low Tier spells, and they seem to be very overpowered here. I wonder how powerful are the top heroes. Albedo said some of them may be around level 45 or 60. If we use the Yggdrasil level system. But then again, Quirks take a vast part of how strong those heroes are. We need more information about the strongest heroes and villains here and see how powerful they are," Galadriel thought.

"T-Thank you!" Galadriel looked down, and so did the pink-haired girl. She smiled. After all, she must create a good image for herself, so everyone would see her as a wonderful hero.

"It's nothing. It was heroes do," Galadriel said, smiling gently.

"Time up! The test is over!" They heard the announcer yell from far away. Ashido sighed, hoping the points she gathered were enough for her. Then she let a slight squeal when Galadriel carried her like a bride.

"Eiii! What are you doing?" Ashido said, blushing immensely.

"Don't move. You are hurt, remember. The medics will take care of you," Galadriel said, carrying the blushing pink-haired girl.

"Thank you," Ashido mumbled again.

"Don't worry about it. This is what heroes do," Galadriel smiled. Knowing full well that the cameras have microphones as well.

"Well, Let's see how they react to me," Galadriel thought, hiding a morbid smile.

Everyone in the room is silent. They are still processing what they saw a few minutes ago. Many pro-heroes have a hard time believing it.

"The results are here," Ectoplasm said. Everyone saw the top students and paled. Some even gasped. Others didn't know what to think.

1 -Galadriel Nazarick - Villain points - 159 - Rescue points- 60

2 -Katsuki Bakugo - Villain points - 77 - Rescue points - 00

3 -Ejiro Kirishima - Villain points - 39 - Rescue points - 35

4 -Ochako Uraraka -Villain points - 28 - Rescue points - 45

The list went on, but the first name on the list was the one everyone seemed surprised. A student has never come up with numbers like that in the history of the U.A.

"The first place is Galadriel Nazarick with a breaking record of 149 villain points and 60 rescue points. Is she related to the Nazarick family? the owners of Nazarick Enterprise?" Someone asked. Many of the heroes there knew that this girl was something else. Many started to talk about her ability, her Quirk. No one knew what it was. But seems to be a powerful one.

"I heard that their hero agency is one of the best right now. You could get sponsors and big offers if you sign up with them. Perhaps they will move to Japan too," another one said.

"What do you say, Nezu?" Toshinori asked.

"Miss Galadriel was a recommendation from many heroes in Europe and America. Miss Galadriel's family wishes to establish themselves in Japan, from what I know. And her Quirk… I don't know what her Quirk is," Nezu said. Many of them thought the same thing after watching the broadcast.

"That was a sword made of light, so perhaps something to do with light?" Midnight wondered.

"That would not explain the strength or her speed," another one said.

"What do you think, Aizawa?" Nezu asked.

"I think this will be a bothersome year," the tall, pale-skinned man said with a bored tone.

"Regardless of miss Nazarick, this year's students are all interesting," Nezu said with a smile.

In a world of heroes and Villains, a shadow is emerging. Eventually, both sides would be choked by a power beyond their compression. And only one would be victorious.