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Chapter 25

The professors could see the entire class 1-A dragging their feet as they walked to greet them. It was early in the morning, perhaps too early for them. However, Galadriel seemed like the only one who had no problem waking up at such hours. She even looked rather amused by how the other students looked like. Perhaps too much. Truth be told, Galadriel did not sleep during the night. She had a lot of things to take care of, like coordinating her plans with Lupusregina and asking for Demiurge and Albedo for advice about dealing with some of the criminal organizations.

But she had rings and potions and whatnot to allow her such nocturnal activities without causing her problems. Mm, I wonder what type of plan would Demiurge and Albedo come up with. I guess I would have to wait and see. Galadriel thought.

"Gather around, you brats," Aizawa said.

Everyone obeyed him. They were all still too tired to argue.

"Today we begin a rigorous round of reinforcement training for all of you. We are in this desolated place, far away from any city or establishment, so all of you could use your quirks without problem. Allowing everyone to achieve a temporary license, so to speak."

Aizawa grabbed a strange ball. Galadriel could recognize it as the one they used back on their first day of school, so many months ago. She was interested to see what type of training would they do in order to achieve a better grasp of their quirks. Well, for the Demon Empress, the training was pointless. But it was an excellent opportunity to inspect the kid's improvement. They were the future of Japan, after all, and for her. Future employees.

"This is a preparation to stand against and up to live-action hostility and aggression from your enemies. Something, I believe many of you, already experienced since the beginning of the year." The students looked nervous since they knew well enough what Aizawa was speaking. And it seemed as if things were only starting. The future looked grim.

"In any case, that's why we are here now."

Aizawa said while looking at all the students. "Here, Bakugo, try throwing this."

"Ah? This is from the physical strength exam…" Bakugo said.

"Your recorded a toss of 705.2 meters back in your first day. So, let's see how much you've improved."

Bakugo smirked as he clutched his hand. "I got this!"

"Let's go, Bakugo!" Kirishima said.

"He is going to break his record easily," Kaminari said.

"Don't hurt yourself too much, grenade-kid. Your mom would be angry!" Galadriel added, annoying Bakugo to no end.

"Drop dead!"

Bakugo yelled as Midoriya could only wonder why Bakugo always yelled the same thing. The ball went on flying to the sky, and for a moment everyone thought Bakugo broke his record. However, Aizawa had a different view, since on his hand all the students could see a device telling the speed and distance. And for the look of it, they were all waiting for the verdict.

"Here… 709.6 meters," Aizawa said.

Everyone gasped at the numbers. Surely it was a mistake. How could it be that there was no difference at all? Bakugo looked mortified and angry. How?! He thought.

"Huh…? That's not even close to what we expected. But I thought, Bakugo would be stronger now," Kaminari said.

"There is an explanation for this… in three months you have all gained a lot of experience, and of course you have certainly grown. But that growth has been primarily emotional and technical. Now the time to concentrate on physical advancement has come."

Galadriel nodded to herself, as she understood what Aizawa was speaking of. Since from her investigations, a Quirk could evolve as long as the user changes the usages of the quirk itself. Demiurge told her that a human could very well never fully develop his quirk to its full potential, sometimes. The limitation of the human body was perhaps the reason for it. Maybe in a few more decades, the human body would evolve once again and gain a new type of quirk. Perhaps their DNA would evolve into something more. The possibilities were endless.

"So, starting today, we will focus on upgrading all of your quirks… Believe me when I say, I will push all of you to beyond the limits. So try to no kick the bucket on me."

This is going to be fun, Galadriel thought.

Torture would the best way to describe what Galadriel was watching right now. Aizawa was not joking when he said he was going to push the kids to their limits. There before her, each of the students of class 1-A were screaming, moaning, and making a spectacle for everyone to see, and it was, in Galadriel's humble opinion, hilarious. They were going to pass out before soon. Galadriel, however, was going to regret her masochism smirk, as one of the Pussy Cats came to her with a strange box.

"Ah, miss Nazarick, I finally found you!"

Galadriel turned around and saw Ragdoll, one member of the hero group, smiling at her.

"What can I do for you?" Galadriel asked.

"Well, since your Quirk is rather… unusual for us. We concluded to add a special type of training. Your quirk seemed like an Operative Quirk, but with a Composite addition of sorts."

Galadriel only nodded, as she wasn't sure what the woman was trying to say.

"Your quirk is powerful, but from I have seen, it reaches a certain point where you cannot use it, right?" Aizawa said.

"Ah, yes…?" Galadriel muttered, before regaining some self-control.

"Mm, yes… Well, something like that. If I used more of my inner energy, my power increase. But it kept ongoing, it can't go down once I turn in on, so to speak. It becomes more and more powerful until my body overheats. Then my body shut down to avoid any harm. So, it is not like I can't use more energy, is that my body can't just handle it," Galadriel said with a concerned tone of voice.

Galadriel had to remember the settings of her fictitious quirk. There was a weakness in it, or so she made it look like. But sometimes she kind of forgets about it. Still, she hoped that a bit of information was enough for them.

"I see, so we weren't so far off," Aizawa said. "You're almost like Kaminari, to an extent."

Galadriel made a face of disgust, as she could see the face of that electric-boy from where she was. His mouth was open, and he seemed more out than in. That was not something she wanted to be compared to. Not one bit.

"So we thought about pushing your body just like him! But with a unique method. Here, take this," Ragdoll said.

"These things are going to help us with our exercise!" She said.

Galadriel took the box, and inside it, she noticed a strange pair of tubes or rods. They were made out of metal, or something like that. It was weird. But then it hit her. If they were what Galadriel was thinking they were, she could only wonder how in god's name the cat lady got them. It should be impossible to get hold of tubes such as this.

"Are this… fused rods?" Galadriel asked.

"Yep!" Ragdoll said.

"Fused rods… fused rods from a Nuclear Control panel? Where did you get this?" Galadriel asked, completely baffled.

"Fufufu! I once got a boyfriend who worked in a nuclear plant, and gift them to me as a birthday present. Ah, please don't tell the police."

Galadriel stared at her, confused and perplexed by it. Aizawa had the same reaction on his face but shrugged it off as if it was the most normal thing ever. Fused rods were special pieces of metal made out specifically to hold incredibly high temperatures. It was not something someone could find just laying out there in a store. Galadriel wanted to avoid thinking about what could happen to Ragdoll if the authorities find out about it. This woman is crazy. She thought.

"Well, I kind of see where this is going," Galadriel said.

"The energy inside you overheats your body the more you use it, right? These tubes could hold that heat for you. Just hold them while using your energy and the heat would travel to them. I think, you know what I am talking about," Aizawa said.

Galadriel nodded. "I understand, professor… you want me to get my body used to more energy and heat, right? Got it."

The exercise surprised Galadriel, if she was honest. They came up with a good and not so far-fetched theory of how her fictitious quirk worked, and how could they help her. Aizawa was truly someone perceptive to people's abilities. Galadriel could respect that. It was a valuable ability to have; it showed how the professor of class 1-A had more combat experience than she originally thought. He would have made for an amazing strategist and teammate back in Yggdrasil. Galadriel thought with a smile. As she took those tubes with her to the designated area for her to train.

"Well, it's not like I have anything better to do, so let's see how much heat these things can hold."

While the rest of the students seemed to have the worst time of their life, Galadriel was playing with metal tubes.

The afternoon arrived and while everyone looked exhausted beyond, Galadriel looked anything but relaxed and joyful. As she truly did nothing. There wasn't a reason for her to train or anything. That's why she felt guilty that the rest of the students had a worn-out face. Well, just enough for her to cough and pretend she was tired, too.

"Everyone come here! Like we said, the pampering ended yesterday! So come here and eat! Ha ha ha!" Pixie-Bob said.

"If you want to eat, get off your and make your own food! Here it is, curry!" Ragdoll said.

Everyone looked even more depressed. "Yes… ma'am." They all said.

"Everyone looking pretty down! That doesn't give you an excuse to do a sloppy job, though!"

They all kept on muttering some random words of desolation and hunger, even Galadriel. Curry? When was the last time I ate curry? Well, a suitable type of curry, that is. Mm, it's been a while. I kind of want to eat it now. Galadriel thought, and with that in mind, she looked around her and smiled at the rest of the kids who all had the same type of face on them.

"Now, now, everyone, please stop looking like that! We are here to get stronger and to learn how to fence for ourselves, right? Making our own food is just a part of it," Galadriel said, smiling brightly.

"You're right, miss Nazarick! It's true that part of rescuing someone is filling the stomachs and spirits of those exhausted during a disaster! Let's make the most delicious curry in the world, everyone!" Tenya said.

Everyone replied loud enough just to make sure they hear both Galadriel and Tenya. Aizawa could only think how useful they were. He was proud.

As the afternoon went by, Galadriel could see the students preparing their food. Even those from class 1-B who arrived not too long ago. But if she was honest with herself, the entire ordeal felt rather strange for her. Galadriel saw everyone enjoying the mindless activity of cooking with big smiles on their faces. It was like they were happy to be here, in the middle of nowhere. It felt like a camping trip of sorts, and Galadriel wondered if this was what a normal student would feel, the ability to just go out and enjoy an afternoon camping in the mountains. Eating and joking around. I'm enjoying this too much. Weird. But I guess is the novelty of it all. Mm, I wonder if I should do the same with the guardians? That could work, right? Perhaps I should ask Pandora's Actor about it. Galadriel thought.

"Todoroki! We need some fire over here!" Ashido said.

Todoroki, like the good kid he was, approached her and light up the bonfire. "Thank you!" She said.

"Hey, Bakugo, can you light it up with some explosion?" Sero asked the bomb kid, who sneered at him.

"Of course I fucking can!" Bakugo said as he ended up destroying the bonfire.

"Well, it seems as you fucking can't," Galadriel said smirking at Bakugo, who only stood up and left, muttering some words about stupid curry and annoying albino girl.

"Everyone! If we always rely on Todoroki, we'll never learn to make fire ourselves," Yaoyorozu said, while a lighter appeared on her hand, her skin. Jiro, who was next to her, wondered if saying something like that was correct. Todoroki seemed to not care too much.

"Galadriel could help us, here?" Uraraka asked. "We are cutting carrots."

"Alright," Galadriel said.

After a long hour, everyone seemed a relief to see the food before them. It looked good enough for Galadriel, since she recalled how it was back in her old world. The packages of curry store sold weren't great. The rice was like plastic, and it was just like how the other ingredients tasted. It also left a sour taste in your mouth and the constipation was a normal occurrence. Galadriel shuddered at those horrible memories.

"Thanks for the food!"

All the students exclaimed as they enjoyed the food with happiness. It even surprised Galadriel by how good the curry was. True, she knew Nazarick could do an even better version of Curry than the one currently on her plate. But knowing the kids made it added a certain flavor to it. Strange indeed.

"It may not be good enough to be served at a restaurant but give our situation, this is beyond delicious!" Kirishima said.

"Hey, speak for yourself! For this is delicious!" Sero said.

Ashido, who was sitting next to Galadriel, looked at Yaoyorozu who was perhaps the only one next to Galadriel who could eat enormous quantities of food. "You sure can pack it in, Momo! You're already eating your second plate!" Ashido said. Yaoyorozu blushed, but kept her polite demeanor as she huffed. Truth, eating so much without actually getting fat was something she enjoyed secretly, but she was not about to say it aloud. Some girls may feel bad about it. Well, besides Galadriel. Since in Yaoyorozu's mind, the white-haired girl was like her. The more they eat, the better.

"My quirk converts my body fat into a variety of atoms, so the more I store up, the more I can produce," Yaoyorozu said.

"Ah! I get it!" Ashido said.

"Mm, just like poop, it sounds like that," Sero said.

"Or selective diarrhea," Galadriel added.

Yaoyorozu's soul shattered. Her life left her body, and the girl with long dark hair wondered if she should change school.

"Hey, both of you apologize!" Jiro said.

Galadriel smiled, but she directed her attention to Midoriya, who was walking away from the rest with a plate of curry. Where is he going to? She wondered. Galadriel kept on eating as she suddenly felt a message coming in. She quietly stood up from the table and excuse herself. Once she was far away from the rest of the students, Galadriel put a silent ability around her. Just to be sure.

"Now, let's see what is the next move," she whispered, as she answered the message where the beautiful voice of Albedo could be heard.

"{Albedo, what is it?}" Galadriel asked.

"{My lady, Lupusregina, has told me the Villain League as move. They are in your position, should we proceed with the plan?}" Albedo said.

"{Mm, I see… it was quite fast. Go ahead, tell Pandora's Actor to get ready. This is a wonderful opportunity to get some new information. As well, what about Demiurge?}"

"{Demiurge would contact Shie Hassaikai in just a few moments. We also have a few agents ready to infiltrate the Yakuza base. We will learn everything about them soon.}"

"{Excellent! Let's get ready then. We have a lot of things we must do.}" Galadriel said.

"{We will not fail, my lady.}" Albedo replied.

Galadriel then saw the group of kids playing around, not knowing what would soon take place right in this place. She sighed. It would not do her good thinking about what could happen to them. Maybe I care too much? Or is just that I don't want them to die in my watch. They are rather valuable for the future I'm planning. Perhaps is something else. Galadriel thought.

"{Albedo, I also want to make sure none of the kids get kill. Make sure to advice the rest about this.}"

"{I see… I understand, my lady.}"

The plans she was preparing could very well be accomplished, even if the students died. But, Galadriel wanted to avoid that, maybe not because of the good of her heart, she since wanted to keep them alive so she could use them later on. Or maybe it was because they were growing on her. Like a group of pets. Cute dogs or cats. It could very well be that she loved collecting stuff, and the students were just that, collectable figures of sorts. Or it may be something else, who knows? Whatever it was. Galadriel wanted them alive. For now.

The night came, and far away, just above a mountain looking down at the valley, a group of villains stared with an anxious look on their faces at the young heroes. One of them seemed rather uncomfortable with her outfit.

"I mean, I don't like this. It's not cute," Toga said. "I would like to have an outfit like yours, Regina."

"Well, I don't doubt it, it leather. It's really cool," Regina, the red-haired villain said.

"The designer behind the scenes orchestrated this, right? I can admit, it gets the job done, but it is a bit annoying," a villain with a strange gas helmet said.

"Appearance no matter, as long it does the job, I guess," he said.

Toga looked annoyed as she threw a tantrum about how it was not cute enough for her. Then, a few other villains arrived at the stop. All of them seemed to get ready to start the operation they were sent to do. One of them, who seemed to be a big guy, was clutching his fits. The mask on his face and his deep voice made would make anyone fearful for their life. Yet among those villains. He was just another of the bunch.

"Let's do it! I don't care! I'm itching for a fight," he said.

"Not yet, you crazy bastard," a half-burned man said, as he took looked rather impatient. "We'll move when all of us are here."

The big man grunted but said nothing in return.

"We are just gathering a bunch of punks, but we can't allow them to get the better of us."

"Ah, so not today, eh? So boring~ I want to go now~!" Regina said, smiling.

"We will wait… until all of us are here. But don't worry… we are going to make sure they all suffer when the time comes."

Regina said nothing, but kept on smirking. Fufufu, I wonder who will suffer. She thought.

"Tomorrow, things will get interesting," Regina muttered.