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Chapter 34

Galadriel stared at the windowscreen with nothing but amusement on her face. The knowledge she gained from the current mission was terrific for her future endeavors—all for One and All Might. The symbol of Peace and Evil were quite the duo, and truthfully, there's much to summarize. But, from outwards appearance, they weren't frankly as powerful as she initially thought. In Galadriel's opinion, it was apparent that they weren't any threat to them. No pro-hero or villain out there in the world could compete with Nazarick. And they have been trying to find someone who could but at the end of the day. The gap between them and the rest of the world was too large to measure.

And that's not saying someone like All Might was weak. Not at all. The Number One hero, even in his current frail state, was mighty powerful in his own right. Galadriel would even bet he could put the Pleiades maids in a tight spot. Lupusregina might have to take him seriously, like using Cash items, high-level armors, etc. Or perhaps not really, that much. But, the Pleiades would face a hard time, that was for sure. All Might was an experienced fighter, and his raw strength would get the best of the Pleiades.

And currently, All Wight was wounded. So, with that in mind, and from what Galadriel has seen. Perhaps, a healthy and young All Might could have been a challenge to the Pleiades and even capable of defeating them. And Galadriel would even wage that All Might's power in his prime could have been around 80 or 85. Maybe, not necessarily around those levels, but close enough. Galadriel used all the evidence they have recollected on All Might, old videos of his wonders, and reports across his many years of service. The villains he defeated from strongest to weakest. So, using that, they escalated his core power, his raw strength, to be around 80. Of course, that's if they used his stamina and physical strength as a measurement tool.

All Might may not be as strong as a guardian of Nazarick, but truthfully. Galadriel was impressed by him. So, while All Might may not be in his best shape now. The hero could still be at the level of the Pleiades. Or slightly stronger.

All Might is undoubtedly a welcome surprise. And while it's hard to estimate this world power to Yggdrasil. Since Yggdrasil was a game and followed a game logic where you could become ridiculously overpowered if you knew what to build or how to play with the game's settings. I still think All Might would have been good practice for my underlings. If I had come to this world when he was younger. I would have liked to take him to my side. Maybe, even see how his body would have reacted to some of Yggdrasil's items or armors. Then, he would have surely become incredibly powerful.

Galadriel thought with a smile as Albedo soon noticed her beloved smile.

"Something amusing, my love?" Albedo asked, smiling.

"Nothing, just thinking about All Might power."

"Mmhm, he is quite... the surprise, I guess," Albedo replied, unsure of herself, making Galadriel giggle.

"You guess?"

"He has proven to be... more capable than the rest of the individuals we have found yet," Albedo admitted begrudgingly. "Yet, I still doubt he would win against Lupusregina."

Galadriel hummed. "True. This world doesn't have the same system as in Yggdrasil. We have Race traits, Job Classes, skills, items, scrolls, potions, and more just to deal with an opponent. Perhaps, it's not fair to compare. Yet, if it were only based on pure strength. I think All Might had the advantage."

Albedo nodded, even though she hated to admit the idea of someone being more powerful than an individual of Nazarick. However, the evidence pointed to that.

"This All for One fellow seems quite strong as well," Albedo added.

"Indeed. And not only because of the many Quirks this man has stolen, but he is an intelligent person. Very cautious. Demiurge was right about him," Galadriel said, looking at the strange villain.

"He is also strong," Albedo replied, humming quietly at the scene before her. "I would like to know how his Quirk works."

"My dear, you're starting to sound like Demiurge," Galadriel said teasingly, as Albedo was now looking at her beloved with a scandalized face.

"Dear goodness," Albedo replied, afraid of being compared to her fellow guardian. Galadriel just laughed out loud at the reaction of her dear succubus.

"Now, my dear, don't worry about it. Let's focus on what is ahead of us. It's Mare's big moment to shine!" Galadriel said happily.

"Mm, are you sure he is ready for this?" Albedo said corncerend. "He was very anxious about it."

"He'll be fine!" Galadriel exclaimed, refusing to doubt one of her guardians. Especially Mare, who has put so much effort into not letting his shyness get the best of him. Galadriel has been with him, helping him train his act and telling him that she would always be there for him.

"Mare has put so much effort into his character. I am proud of him and know he would not let us down."

Galadriel said confidently, and Albedo sighed but held a big delighted smile on her face.

"Of course, he would never let you down, my lady."

Galadriel smirked as she soon saw the windowscreen and smiled. "Oh, it is starting."

"It's Aura watching?" Galadriel asked.

"Yes, Aura is watching a few miles away from the spot, just in case she's needed."

"Good. However, let's try to keep it at a minimum. This is just a taste of what a primordial is and can do."

"And to provide more mystery to the Nazarick family," Albedo added. Galadriel kissed her succubus lover's cheeks with a proud face.

"Exactly, so we can only watch for now, until I change position with Pandora's Actor," Galadriel said. She Wondered how the reaction of those two, the face of peace and evil, would be in the presence of someone who was incredibly more powerful than them. Only time would tell.

"Can I have my cake now, please?" Galadriel asked, and the homunculus maids obeyed dutifully.

"You just ate two cakes an hour ago," Albedo told Galadriel, who noticed an apprehensive tone of voice. Not liking how her beloved lady eats sometimes. Galadriel only gave her best puppy eyes, and Albedo only sighed deeply.

"Don't worry, I don't get fat," Galadriel said, smiling. Albedo only rolled her eyes as Galadriel took bites of her favorite dessert.

"Let us enjoy this wonderful movie."

All Might hissed. Having All for One and the league of villains against him was problematic. However, what truly brought concern to him was what could happen now. Yet, All Might was thankful that those two girls could keep up with those villains. He knew that the white-haired girl, Galadriel Nazarick was an incredible fighter, and her older sister was also an exceptional fighter. So, maybe, things weren't as bad as he thought.

I must create an opportunity. All Might thought.

"How are the two of you holding on?" All Might asked as he positioned next to the girls.

"This is nothing to worry about," Narberal replied with a huffing tone.

"This is not as bad as I thought. Don't worry, teacher. We can fight them off," Galadriel said, smiling gently at the number one hero. Yet, All Might could notice something strange on the girl. Galadriel appeared to be anxious and mentally exhausted. In All Might's opinion, while the girl drank that strange potion that healed her up. It was clear that the girl was still struggling with whatever torture. The villain, All for One, put her through.

All Might took a deep breath, feeling tense and somewhat angry at his lack of strength. But wouldn't allow his shortcomings to get the best of him.

"Well, it seems as if today is going to get wild!" All Might said, smirking widely as Galadriel and Narberal wondered why the sudden change of tone.

"All Might?" Galadriel muttered, not knowing what the number one hero was trying to accomplish. Yet, the moment she saw his smile. Galadriel understood what All Might was trying to do.

"Well, I do hope you're ready to put into practice what you have learned, miss Nazarick!" All Might exclaimed. "I'll take on All for One and try to give you an opening. But don't hold back if you're in danger!"

All Might puff his chest and flexed his big muscles. He smirked at the villains, showing them why he was the number one hero in Japan. In this case, Pandora's Actor, posing as his lady, had to give credit to the hero. The man knew how to sell confidence to the people surrounding him. No wonder why Sebas likes him. Pandora's Actor thought with a smile.

Yet, the treasury guardian knew he would need to focus on the next big part. Since, after all, unbeknown to All Might. The league of villains, All for One, and those students hiding behind them, a particular guardian of Nazarick. One who was rather shy but determined to do his part was floating above them.

Well, this is it! Pandora's Actor thought happily. As he slowly nudged Narberal, who nodded at him. This is going to be quite a fantastic acting scene! I'll show you all my abilities!

Pandora's Actor secretly had a few items on him that would allow him to act appropriately. He was well prepared for his part. Pandora's Actor stood up and smiled at the league of villains.

"Don't worry, All Might. I'll make sure to...! Urghhh!"

Everyone then saw how the white-haired girl started to scream in pain as her body glowed brightly. Galadriel was on the ground, twisting in what they thought was an immeasurable amount of pain. Narberal did her best, of course.

"Oh no!" Narberal exclaimed while taking small glances at her notes hidden in her wrist. "My sister! What is happening?!" Narberal screamed, finally letting her inner actress skill come up.

"Argh! It BURNS!"

Galadriel's screams were loud and terrifying, and even All for One was taken aback by the blood-curdling screams from the girl. Then, they all saw a few strange symbols on Galadriel's body. It was translucent, and even the Galadriel's clothes couldn't block it. It was as if those peculiar marks were written on her clothes.

"Those marks," Narberal whispered, wholly terrified as she then dramatically looked behind all of them. All Might and All for One didn't miss the look of terror from the girl. The same girl who showed no fear even in the face of perhaps the strongest and most evil villain in the world. Narberal held her sister tightly, trembling, afraid of what was before her. And it took not long before everyone saw the thing that terrified the girl the most.

"How... how are you here?!" Narberal whispered. Then they all saw a strange little person behind them, floating a few meters from the ground, before slowly touching the dirt with tiny little feet.

The person or the thing in question was a hodded creature. He was covered in long red and rather old clothes, with a long hod over his face. This creature's hands and feet were covered in bandages with symbols written in a reddish tone, almost as if it was blood. The hooded person looked like a forest goblin. Those creatures with branches for arms and leaves posing as hair. It was the best visual explanation any of the people looking at that person could think of. Since they couldn't honestly see much besides the old clothes covered in musk tree and the remnant of leaves on top of the hood.

However, something that brought the attention of all of them was an enormous wooden staff with a strange skull of an unknown beast. And an old wooden mask that has already roots growing out of it. An asymmetrical item, a horrendous piece of wood with large golden eyes shining with fierce fire, unblinking, and many strange marks on it. The group noticed that there were jingle bells connected to the peculiar roots of the mask. Very peculiar.

"I found you."

The voice of the creature was strange. Half-taunting, half-laughing, like a child who just found out where a secret candy was stored. Yet, that did not bring comfort to any of them.

"Who are you?!" All Might yelled, noticing how everything went quiet. Not even the sensation of air could be felt. It was as if it even ceased to exist.

The strange creature stared at All Might, unbothered by the presence of the Number One hero. "Why are you speaking?" The creature asked with a genuinely confused voice.

"I didn't know you could speak. Humans used to not speak at all. Their language was primitive. But now... they genuinely have forgotten their savage ways. I don't like it."

The Primordial whispered, slamming his staff on the ground, creating a little earthquake in the area. The power took them by surprise, and even a few buildings collapsed a few meters away from the group of villains and heroes.

"It can't be right... no, but... sister was speaking the truth. Mortals have indeed changed. No more sacrifice for us then," the creature muttered as the bells hanging from the roots of his wooden mask made a slightly dreadful sound. They didn't sound like jingle bells from a Christmas tree. Not, those bells rang ancient and more like shrieking sounds of torture than anything remotely endearing. Like a screaming best in a long and dark tunnel.

"Sacrifice...? What is he talking about? This is not cute at all," Himiko whispered, and even the twisted girl, who enjoyed blood, found the whole thing really spooky. The creature again wobbled his head. And the mask moved almost to 180° as if he didn't have a neck. The sound of cracking wood with those bells truly brought the tension a few steps higher.

"You humans used to idolize us. We were the first ones you called heroes. Gods for all intent and purposes. The primordials of this world, sacred guardians of the Supreme One. The progenitor of the Seed, you now call Quirk."

The primordial seemed to be talking to himself, a sort of conversation with his shadow. He wasn't even looking at them, but the ground, as the wooden mask made sounds of bells.

"Time after time, our lady tried to give you the gift of gods. And each time, it failed."

Everyone stood there in silence, not knowing how to take that information. If the Seed was indeed as old as the Primordial says it was. Then, Quirks should be older than a few centuries. Maybe more. But that couldn't be right. History doesn't say anything about such a thing. Midoriya, still hiding with the rest of the students, thought about it, trying to put the numbers together.

"I believe you're talking about Quirks in general, correct, Mister Primordial?"

All for One said, with his usual candy voice. Yet, there was a hidden motive behind his words. All Might could sense it. The Primordial tilted his head at him.

"You're truly speaking," the creature said, still amused. "This is not the first time Quirks have been on this world. The Seed evolves but takes time. Thousand of years even. Yet, this is not the first time Quirks have been with humanity. No, this is, in fact, the fourth time."

"Fourth time?" All Might whispered, and so did everyone paying attention to the Primordial words.

"The civilizations who were blessed with the gift of our lady. They were destroyed by us. Nothing but myths of what they once were remains. And now... it will happen again."

The Primordial whispered, and the wooden mask made cranking sounds. Those eyes stared at them, filled with nothing but indifference.

"But now, there won't be a "next time" anymore,"the primordial whispered, and a sensation of dread, of complete horror, emerged through everyone. It was such a dense sensation of power. That group of villains and heroes felt as if gravity was against them. The power emanating from that creature was truly something that not even All for One, or All Might have felt in their life. It was raw and powerful.

"No more seeds for the rotten ground," the creature hissed, and echoes of bells rang throughout the entire city.

"Tomura," All for One whispered, and Shigaraki glanced at his master, who was standing still, unmoving.

"Leave now."

Tomura heard the voice of his teacher. It wasn't the same serene voice that Tomura knew his teacher for. All for One simply was tense. He didn't notice that person approaching at all. It was as if that thing just appeared out of nowhere. Also, All for One has lived for a long time now. He was an old person by this world's standards. So, it made it easier for him to understand when something was amiss.

All for One felt odd about that creature standing there. It was like staring at a giant black hole, slowly devouring the senses. All for One, after such a long time. Perhaps, since forever, could feel something close to concern, to fear.

"And I found the tree!"

The creature again said, pointing at Galadriel and ignoring everyone else.

"Please...! Make it stop!" Galadriel screamed again. Dispair could be heard in her voice. As the pain came to her, the moment the Primordial pointed her staff at her.

"What is happening?!" All Might asked frantically, and Narberal held her sister close. "What is going on with miss Nazarick?"

"How could he be here...?" Narberal whispered as she turned to All Might, with fear on her face. "He is a Primordial! And my sister... is sensible near them. Please... please help her!"

Everyone froze, as then. The Primordial started to look around, moving the staff. Even the way he moved was bizarre.

"He should not be here...! My family, they...!"

"Bad liar!" The Primordial excliamed. "Master knew, you'll lie! Never trust the Sealers!"

The Sealers? All Might thought, confused. And All for One was also thinking the same.

"You lie and lie. Do you honestly think we would fail in the same trick twice? Like many thousand years ago?" The Primordial said, and anger could be heard. "Not this time. We would not be sealed away!"

Narberal stood up, and everyone saw how her face turned sour and angry. Galadriel was still in pain on the ground. Yet, there was a sense of determination in both girls. Using her strength, Galadriel could stand by herself, but the strange symbols remained on her.

"Even after all this time... you still wish for such a thing to happen? For such destruction?!" Galadriel whispered as the marks on her face glowed for everyone to see. The Primordial stared at her, and everyone could hear a giggle.

"It's our duty, your duty. Have you forgotten who you are?" The Primordial said. "What you are? Maybe, if you stop pretending and accept that you'll never be one of them. Perhaps, then. The pain would go away."

The primordial then simply moved his staff and pointed it to the dark sky.

"Once you do, we'll cleanse this world."

Then everyone saw how around the primordial, a strange aura was emerging. All Might suddenly felt the need to attack, to stop whatever the enemy was trying to do, and he wasn't the only one. All for One did the same. Both of them went ahead and attacked the tiny creature. Who simply took the attack head-on without flinching.

"Nebraska Smash!" All Might yelled with all his fury.

All for One attacked like before. Using all of the power and many add-ons to increase the potency of the attack. Yet, the Primordial took the front of what could be considered a powerful attack and reduced it to nothing. The Primordial just stood there, unmoving, unflinching, as the combined assault of the face of peace and evil shelled the tiny body of the Primordial. Yet, to no avail.

The crash of powers sent a shockwave across the destroyed place even more. Midoriya could hold Yaoyorozu, who was almost pushed too far away from them, and the rest could hold on to whatever they could grab.

Ashido coughed loudly since the dust made it harder for her to breathe. She wasn't the only one. Everyone was having a hard time, yet their attention was focused on ground zero. Currently, both sides of the coin were battling with the Primordial. Or so they thought. Since a battle wasn't taking place.

Midoriya saw how the Primordial stood there, with no damage on him. All Might's fist was touching directly the Primordial's face, but there wasn't any harm, nothing, not even a scratch in that wooden mask. Midoriya was shocked, as so everyone around him. And not even that. All for One, who previously attacked and practically took down a group of pro-heroes, was now standing there. The mastermind of the villain league stared at the Primordial, baffled and surprised.

"You didn't even move," All for One whispered, noticing how there was a colossal crater.

"Impossible," All Might whispered.

The Primordial simply stared back at them. "Why humans are so annoying? Even before, those who fought against us tried hard. But achieve nothing."

Then, both of them attacked yet again. However, it was to no avail, as the Primordial simply shrugged off the attacks, ignoring them completely. All Might then furiously gave it all, feeling despair at the lack of response from the Primordial.

"Detroit Smash!"

All Might yelled, and the attack would have knocked out every single villain before; even All for One was simply stopped. The Primordial just stopped All Might's most potent attack with just his bare hand. Midoriya and all the students saw it. They were dumbfounded and simply couldn't understand what was happening. The fist of All Might, the power behind it. All of the strength of One for All stopped like it was nothing. The number one hero just stood there, still having problems with what happened. He didn't accept it.

"Human... mortal with the gift. You're never going to be a challenge to us. You're just a plague and nothing more."

The Primordial then squeezed his fist and punched All Might in the stomach. The number one hero was, for lack of a better word. Thrown away by the sheer impact. All Might's body simply flew out across the buildings.

All for One leaped away, discovering new things from this encounter. Still, his mind was on Tomura. All for one, was not pleased to push his protegee away in such a manner. But he needed him to be alive, especially after this incident. So, during the chaos of All Might and his attack. All for One activated his Quirk and warped the group of Villains away. Tomura's future is still afloat. Yet, the arrival of the Primordials and this girl has changed everything. All for One thought. The only reason he stayed was to discover more about the strange Primordial's power, to learn more of him and what those symbols meant in the girl's body.

All for One knew All Might was still alive. The Primordial seemed only to shrug All Might as if the number one hero was nothing but dust on his shoulder.

Yet, there was more going on.

All for One looked at the girl with white-hair leaning on her sister for comfort. Why is she so sensitive while near the Primordials? Those... marks.

All for One, thoughts were interrupted by a sudden sound of bells, and soon enough. The Primordial was standing before him, again without sound or even realizing he was there. As if he just appeared there. The wooden mask, the golden eyes, the cracking noise.

"Such a sense of worth. Many in you. It seems your gift has allowed you to collect a few more."

All for One was now concerned and somewhat fascinated by the Primordial knowledge. Perhaps, he could learn more about them if he played along.

"You sense it? I wonder, what is a Primordial and why you're so focused on that girl?" All for One asked, slowly. He wasn't dealing with a hero or a villain with selfish thoughts. No, All for One was dealing with a powerful being with strange wishes.

The Primordial was staring at him. And behind that mask, Mare was thinking about what to do. He was already doing a lot of exposition, so no more was needed. Also, they required the League of Villains to a certain extent. Mare's mission was to add more to the mystery of the Nazarick family and show the gap between the Primordials. It was clear that Mare still needed to do more. Yet, he was annoyed that the strange masked man with a suit was trying to play with him. Mare was no fool. Still, improvising, adapting, and overcoming was his lady's word. Or something like that. Regardless, Mare would do what he could and take any opportunity to add more to his act.

"I still can't fathom how you speak... learning your language was easy. Surprising how far humanity has come."

The Primordial said as he pointed his staff directly to All for One chest.

"But you should know. The key to our prison lies within the progenitor blood. She is not entirely herself yet. But when she does. Our lady will finally arrive. I wonder if you will be there by then."

More exposition... ah, I wonder if by saying things like that. I'll cause problems. Pandora's Actor told me it would be okay if I added something. Ah! I'll tell my lady after this! Mare thought, as he just then used his staff like a baseball bat and swung hard, but not that hard to All for One's body. Mare didn't want to kill him or that hero with the funny blond hair.

Mare's goal was to showcase that without using any particular skill. He could take them out. Still, Mare knew they were alive.

Now, Mare looked down and saw, Narberal with Pandora's Actor. They were ready for the next stage. Pandora's Actor on his lady's body gave him the thumbs up and smiled at him.

"Alright! My lady is watching! Don't forget it, Mare!" He whispered to himself as he descended from the sky to where the Pleiades and the Treasury guardian were sitting. The night was not over yet.

Bakugo's hands were trembling for the first time in his life. He wanted to run away.

"That thing...! That thing just defeated them, like nothing!" Kirishima hissed with a trembling voice. The legs of the red-haired boy were almost giving up. And things were getting just worse. The sound of bells was hammering down the sensation of dread.

"Please, please, please!" Yaoyorozu was sobbing, covering her mouth with her hands, pleading to whatever god was out there, to not let that thing find them. Ashido, her eyes were filled with tears, just like Yaoyorozu. The pink-skinned girl was frozen by fear.

"We have to do something! Galadriel! Galadriel is in danger!" Todoroki hissed, but his body didn't answer him. He was glued to the wall and too fearful of moving. Todoroki bravely glanced from the corner of the building and looked down to the crater where he could see both girls. And whatever that thing was, slowly approaching them.

"Midoriya...!" Todoroki desperately said, hoping the green-haired boy could think of anything. Yet, the stare of complete horror coming from Midoriya was painfully heartbreaking.

"What can I do? What can I do?!" Midoriya muttered, feeling his stomach turning on itself.

"The pro-heroes...! They...!" Ida lamented, knowing full well that nothing could defeat a Primordial. He saw how the strongest hero was defeated like nothing. As if he was just a pest. What good could a group of pro-heroes do? Ida didn't know.

"Give up, sealer. You're a young one. Not fully grown to face me."

They heard the Primordial say and looked at how even with an enemy as powerful as him, Narberal was still holding her ground. The group of students saw, Narberal standing alone against him. But, while worry was still on her face. There was a fierce determination on her face.

"I'll not run away from a betrayer. I may still be unable to unlock my power like my older siblings! But... I won't let you hurt my sister!"

Narberal yelled, now attacking the Primordial.

"You idiot!" Bakugo hissed at the scene unfolding before him. However, he was deeply ashamed of his inability to help. That girl was more powerful and braver than him. And that made Bakugo clench his fist.

"[Thunderlance]" Narberal screamed, and a strange fire-like thunder attacked the Primordial, who stood still, not moving at all at the attacks from Narberal.

"[Lighthing Shock]"

Again, the attack wasn't proven to be sufficient. But Narberal wasn't giving up. Not at all. Narberal was fighting like a fierce lioness. And every second went by. It was another stab in the heart to Midoriya and the rest of the students. Bakugo started to furiously hit his legs with his fist.

Move! Move you, coward! Move and help! Move! Move!

Bakugo's actions made the rest think carefully about what they wanted in life. What was truly important, and if they would be able to pay the ultimate price.

"Stop, please!"

They heard the broken voice of Galadriel. She was gazing at her sister being crushed by the feet of the Primordial. And slowly being killed by him. Narberal was on the ground, covered with wounds and blood. Fake blood and fake bruises. But no one knew it, of course. As the Primordial slowly crushed her skull.

"Please, please! Don't...!" Galadriel yelled dramatically.

"Decide, your sister... or perhaps, those kids hidden behind the wall?"

They all froze, their souls slowly leaking out of their bodies.


"Decide who dies," the Primordial said, so the bells ringed across the place.

"Take her and run!" Narberal screamed at the kids hiding. "I'll stop him! Take her and fly away!"

Midoriya's breath was becoming faster, and he slowly turned to the rest, and all of them seemed to be thinking about what to do. They were still young kids, and their current position was too much for them. They should be there. They should be at school away from danger. Those types of thoughts came to their minds. And the moment they thought about it. A sensation of shame hit them hard. Galadriel would have jumped and saved them. Galadriel would have given her life for them. She would know what to do. They all thought.

On ground zero. Pandora's Actor sighed deeply as he gave a small gesture to Narberal and Mare, who tilted their heads at him.

"Do I need more blood?" Narberal whispered.

"Uh... should I... sound eviler?" Mare asked with the same whispering voice.

"No, no, it's okay. You two are doing great! Remember, our lady doesn't want to hurt those kids, alright? Follow my lead!" Pandora's Actor gossiped at them.

Then he coughed, trying to make his voice a bit more melodramatic.

These kids only need motivation, that's all. A gentle push. Pandora's Actor thought with a smile.

"Please... take me instead... take me with you, but don't hurt them... they are... my friends."

The voice of Galadriel sounded broken, dramatic, and highly theatrical. Yet, it was all they needed to act for the young student. Soon enough, they listened to a loud yell, followed by an explosion. Bakugo then flew at the Primordial and attacked. Mare let a slight squeal since the face of an angry Bakugo, filled with desperation and fury, was quite an amusing sight. And reminded him of his sister. So he jumped away from Narberal.

"Howitzer Impact!" Bakugo yelled with all his Might. Yet, it wasn't the only attack directed towards the Primordial. A block of powerful ice and fire attack also appeared. Todoroki's face was incredibly determined to do whatever it took to make sure to help the girl with white hair. Even using his fire to do so.

"Take this!" Todoroki hissed, and a wall of fice engulfed the Primordial.

Ida and Kirishima then were able to help Narberal stand up. The Pleiades was a bit amused by the whole sudden attack. Yaoyorozu, Ashido and Midoriya found Galadriel, who was in shock at them. Well, pretend to be.

"Why... why you're here... you should be away!" Galadriel exclaimed, mortified. "You could die! Please, I don't want you to die!"

"Shut up! You stupid albino girl!" Bakugo yelled. "We aren't going anywhere without you!"

"We are here for you, and we will leave with you," Todoroki whispered.

"We will find a way... we are in this together," Midoriya said, helping the girl stand up. "We are friends. We don't leave our comrades behind."

Ah, I see now why my lady is so attached to them. Pandora's Actor thought with a gentle smile.

"Idiots," she whispered softly.

However, the reunion suddenly came to a sudden stop. The bells rang again. The Primordial showed his power by slamming the staff on the ground and creating a mighty wind that soon cleared the fire, ice, and debris created by the explosion.

"Petty mortals, how dare you?" The Primordial hissed.

"This is bad," Todoroki muttered. "Any plan, Midoriya?"

"I'm thinking," the green-haired boy whispered. Midoriya, then looked at Galadriel, and while he was wondering what those strange symbols on her body meant. Midoriya wanted to know if Galadriel knew anything about the Primordial before them.

"Galadriel, do you know anything about him?" He asked.

Galadriel sighed deeply, making it as if she didn't want to speak about it. Yet, she followed the flow.

"Yes... he is the Primordial of Earth, Seas, and Heavens," Galadriel whispered.

"Earth, seas, and heavens?" Yaoyorozu whispered, not really understanding why he had such a name.

"Yes... there's no mountain, river, or sea that he didn't create. That's the power we are dealing with here," Galadriel said, and the students were now more tensed than before.

"Fuck..." Bakugo replied with a shaky smile. "So a God or something?"

"Kind of," Narberal hiding her disgust at the fact a human was touching her. "The Primordials are just beyond anything in this world. But... so are we. Our family is currently dealing with the rest of them. Far away."

"Maybe... we could take this one?" Narberal asked, and Galadriel hissed, faking pain in her body.

"Maybe...?" Galadriel muttered. "If we could... perhaps, force him away."

"What do you mean?" Midoriya asked.

"They still are recovering from such a long time sealed away. They have a timer of sorts... if we could hold him off, for a time... maybe we could stop him." Pandora's Actor and his lady agreed on a sort of handicap, a rather dumb handicap. But it would serve them for now. It creates a sort of imaginary pressure across the world. The idea of the Primordials slowly becomes more powerful as time goes by. A rather cliche thing perhaps. But one that serves a purpose.

"We can... We can do it!"

All of them looked at each other. Galadriel's young friends were terrified, their hands and legs were trembling, and Pandora's Actor could see it. Yet, they were still there. Against a mighty enemy. Beyond their level. But, they were not leaving without her. That, in Pandoras' Actor's opinion, was worth his admiration.

And Pandora's Actor knew that his lady was currently feeling the same. Perhaps more happiness than usual.

I'll keep an eye out for them.

Pandora's Actor thought as he received a [Message] from his lady.

"[Pandora's, are you ready to change?]."

Pandora's Actor nodded, knowing that his lady could see him.

"[Good. Find an opportunity. I'll wait for you]."

Pandora's Actor smirks deeply. The end scene was close, and it would be incredible. Especially since he could feel All Might approaching them fast. He will soon join them.