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Chapter 38

Lupusregina hummed deeply while staring at the bright sky above her. Her undercover mission was going great, perhaps too well if she could say so herself. However, currently, they were hiding in an old warehouse, planning, moaning, and hoping for the next step. Yet, it took quite a long time for everything to come into play, or at least in Lupusregina's opinion. Still, she had a duty, a job, and while her boss was quite the amusing person to be around. He could have been better at planning moves so far. She doesn't see him doing much.

Still, Lupusregina's opinion of him has changed. She still considered him a lesser being, and while he was hilarious and childish. There was something in him. Lupusregina would refer to that sensation as a sort of secretive danger or twisted mind. As if his entire purpose in life was to simply cause as much damage, pain, desperation, and suffering as possible. That was quite hilarious, in Lupusregina's opinion, and fun. Like a sort of entertaining pet or trained monkey.

Ah, this job is truly joyful! Lupusregina thought with glee. My lady has truly given me the most fun job of all!

Lupusregina's sadistic tendencies fit right in with this undercover mission. So, because of that, the she-wolf would make sure to be the best villain she could be.

Lupusregina jumped out of the roof and landed elegantly, slowly but confidently. She entered the warehouse and quickly saw the rest of what was left of the League of Villains.

"Oh, where is Toga?" Lupusregina asked.

"She said there was something she wanted to do!"

"No, she told me that!"

"Shut up," Twice started to fight among himself. "In anycase, Toga is not here. But she'll be back!"

Lupusregina tilted her head but shrugged it off. Then, she stared at Tomura, who was always scratching his neck; however, those eyes were already thinking about something.

"Oi! Boss, are you thinking about something?" Lupusregina asked as she sat next to him. "You've been quiet for a while."

Tomura then glanced at her and then hummed slowly. "I have, yes. However, there is no time for me to think about it clearly. Especially right now."

Lupusregina nodded. "It's hard to be a boss," she added wisely.

"Stop talking as if I were a child, Regina," Tomura hissed.

"Sorry, sorry!" Lupusregina chuckled slightly, loving the teasing. "However, boss, you have noticed the news lately, don't you? How many people are trying to eliminate heroes and all of that."

Tomura growled slightly but had to admit he was quite amused by the drama about the Pro-Hero scene. Nevertheless, he felt quite irritated that the focus was also on the Primordials rather than him and his objectives. But Tomura, while hating being the secondary character, knows it was for a reason. The Primordials were, for lack of a better word, more powerful than them. Tomura and the rest of the world still needed to discover their objectives.

Like a child sensing danger and excitement, Tomura smiled at the idea of superior power. The game board became bigger, giving him a sense of purpose again. Still, Tomura needed to do things smarter and be patient no matter how angry he was at being dismissed so easily. No, it was just as his master taught him.

Be patient, and evolve. Be more!

Tomura smirked widely, hoping the world understood his pain and made it disappear.

"We need to be careful with those Primordials," Tomura said. "But more, we should contact some people first. We need allies. Twice, can you do it?"

"Oh! We can!" Twice smiled. "I already have a few names!"

"Do so; I'll have to contact a few people myself," Tomura added. "It will take some time... but like master said, patience is a virtue."

"Mmhm, well, I'll let you decide, boss," Lupusregina said, acting like the perfect subordinate. "I trust your crazy judgment." Lupusregina chuckled loudly.

Tomura looked at her curiously and tilted his head. In his eyes, Regina was the only villain who truly sensed and shared his ideology to a degree. Still, the lack of bother or danger emanating from the red-haired woman sometimes amused him and made him wonder if she knew where his goals were heading. Perhaps, Regina wasn't even bothering to even think of that. She was just someone who wanted to cause pain and suffering, just like him. Or so he thought. He didn't know if he was truly honest.

"Mm, so be it," Tomura hummed deeply. "We only need to wait for Himiko."

"Should I go and fetch her, boss?" Lupusregina asked as she started to stretch her arms.

"Hey! She is not a dog!" Twice yelled.

"No, let's wait for her," Tomura replied. "She may be doing something worthwhile."

Lupusregina only shrugged but smiled internally. Well, I do hope things get entertaining. It's becoming boring around here. Lupusregina saw how Tomura's behavior was changing and slowly becoming softer toward them. The man that was Tomura was slowly accepting them, which in turn, became a path for her to gradually become a dagger in the dark. A perfect secret agent. Lupusregina only needed to keep on playing his role perfectly.

"Alright... so, should I order something to eat?"

"Do whatever you want," Tomura replied unbothered. "Make sure to ask the rest if they want something."

"Okay!" Lupusregina exclaimed happily. "Alright, all of you! Order whatever you want...! I'll pay!"

"You're the best, Regina!" Everyone exclaimed happily.

Tomura scoffed silently but sat down and stared at the small group of misfits ahead of him. The League of Villains wasn't at its peak, but nevertheless, they were on his side. They were something he missed deeply, and that made him feel complete.

The stadium looked the same, and it was. Still, the clear difference was that it was currently being destroyed by different events, creating chaos in everything around. But it was all planned for the students, as for the next assignment. One that required no fighting among each other but something more important, which was quite an amusing task.

"Your next assignment is to rescue civilians! To save lives!"

That sounded easy for many they only needed to go on and rescue those in danger, but it wasn't just that. No, there was a certain way to do it, to bring comfort and understand their surroundings during a catastrophe. The students needed to realize that not all disasters were the same. Either an earthquake, tsunami, an explosion from a bomb. Those scenarios happened, and they needed to act accordingly. Fighting villains were only sometimes their job, but not the main one.

"Alright, everyone, try to move carefully and read your surroundings!" Galadriel exclaimed.

The class did try to do their best, but it was the first time they had ever tried. However, while they were experienced in fighting an unknown threat, treating civilians that were scared or terrified was not something they had much background in.

"Hey! Don't move too close. Don't you see that we are currently surrounded by rubbles?! What do you think will happen if you move without care here!"

"S-Sorry! I'll try my best now!"

"Hey, you... can't you see that I am afraid and in pain? Your words can't be, "hey, this looks bad" you must say something that will make me believe!"

"You there...! Instead of forcing your Quirk here, learn to work with the other Pro-heroes!"

"I know!"

Galadriel rolled her eyes at how sloppy her classmates were being. It wasn't like she was a sudden master savior of innocents, either. She was more level-headed than the rest, and her lack of empathy and inhumanity allowed her to behave better in stressful scenarios with many civilians in pain and trouble. In simpler words, she could act logically and use the best method that would allow her to use the pain of others to her advantage, like now. Galadriel wanted to show everyone she was the Angel of Hope because everything was a mess. It was the perfect way for her to act like she was sent to help them all.

If I want to be a superhero... all I need is a presentation! Galadriel smirked deeply while everyone worked desperately to help those poor and ugly civilians. She used her abilities to cheat, like always. Galadriel's wings were of her arcane powers, and everyone saw her flying above the arena. She looked radiant and divine. A golden aura fell to the ground like rain, and her voice was filled with smoothness and peace.

"[Aura of Divinity]," Galadriel whispered a bit pretentiously. Don't worry, all of you ugly people! I have come to save you all! That was what she thought internally; no one could hear it. If they could, they would know how much of a hypocrite Galadriel truly was.

Galadriel smiled as she looked above her. "Poor people, hurt people, do not worry...! Because hope has arrived!"

All students and even teachers looked at her with eyes wide open.

"An angel...?"

"I feel... I feel as if... as if nothing is wrong!"

"Yes... she'll save us!"

"A true hero!"

"Mm, reinsurance is key to saving civilians! She is doing a great job!"

Galadriel let their mind go wild as she flew down and started to save people and do what she did best. Pretending she was a cool hero, keeping innocent out of danger, no matter how much of two faces she was being. Although, Galadriel couldn't care any less about it. She was just having fun.

"Gali!" Ashido approached her, gasping for eyes. "That... that was so cool!"

Galadriel smiled softly as she brought an ugly-looking kid, or was it an adult? Galadriel didn't know. But that kid was truly awful looking. However, she got that thing into her embrace. "We have no time to speak, my dear Pinky. Civilians are waiting for us."

"Oh...! You're right!" Ashido replied, determined.

Galadriel, however, noticed something strange in the distance. "Uh, villains are part of the test too?"

Galadriel whispered, a bit amused, as a large explosion took everyone by surprise.

"Ah, that's true. Villains can be running around during disasters... or they could be causing them. Still... this is quite extreme, isn't it?"

She saw how one of the Pro-Heroes was taking the role of a villain. The Orca one that reminiscences a villain more than a hero. But he does look quite badass if Galadriel could say so herself. And as part of the test, he suddenly started to attack some students trying to save civilians. She would do what she does best and keep them safe. Still, Galadriel noticed how Todoroki and the weird guy with wind powers were in quite an intense shouting match. What's with those two and their anger problems? She wondered out loud.

"Those two... what's their deal?" Galadriel muttered, annoyed, moving quickly to the area where the rest of the civilians were being kept out of danger.

And just like Galadriel said, while Todoroki and Yoarashi kept on fighting against each other, Galadriel and the rest focused on kept on saving and smiling and waving at the poor civilians. Midoriya eventually arrived and snapped some sense into them, but the test was over in minutes. Much to Galadriel's dismay, she believed it was enough for the current task since she couldn't do more of her acting.

Galadriel then looked at the screen where all the names of those who passed were and quickly saw hers.

"That's me," Galadriel smirked, spreading her feeling across her class.

"Gali!" Ashido approached her smiling bridely. "Look, my name is there!"

"Congratulation, Pinky," Galadriel replied.

"You all did a great job!" Yaoyorozu exclaimed happily. "We managed to pull it through together!"

"Mm, I don't think that's the case, Momo," Asui, the frog girl, stated as the rest stared at Bakugo and Todoroki. The only two in their class have yet to pass. Bakugo's feelings were pure anger and even embarrassment. Todoroki was quiet and deep in thought, lost in whatever he was thinking about.

"Mm, still having problems," Galadriel muttered, watching the flame and ice boy. "I wonder why?"

"Galadriel!" Midoriya appeared. "They are giving us our score test!"

Galadriel looked at her score and huffed indignantly. "A 96? Me? Who dared? I was perfect!" She muttered angrily, stomping the ground childish.

"I got a 72!"

"And I got an 80!"

"Whoah, Momo! You got a 94!"

"Galadriel, amazing! You got a 96!"

Galadriel was about to rip the paper but kept her cool. She wasn't going to act childish about some stupid test. "But I was amazing!" Galadriel whined silently as she was throwing a tantrum inside her mind. However, her inner monologue was soon cut short by the words being said by Mera of the Hero Public Safety Commission.

"Um, for those of you who passed, from now on, during emergency situations only, you may exercise authority the same as that of pro heroes," Mera stated, and while many of those young heroes who passed let a sigh of relief and some even looked anxious and excited for such an opportunity.

Class 1-A looked despondent, if not condescending, thanks to Galadriel's doings. Yet, they had to remain positive. It was a great day for all of them. However, Galadriel smiled, loving the sensation that her words and actions were slowly shaping them.

"That's great, right? We can be heroes now," Kirishima said, and some nodded slowly.

"Y-yeah, that's great... we now have permission to be... heroes," Momo added slowly.

"Then why does it feel... so empty?" Uraraka whispered.

"Hey, everyone, don't look so gloomy," Galadriel said as everyone looked at her. "It's not like we need a card to tell us that we have permission to do good or to be decent human beings. We are now starting to be part of the hero world!"

Galadriel took some dabs at the current state of the HPSC, but that flew over some heads. Yet, she still wanted to be the main instigator of change in the class, to make them be more rebel in their actions and even some views in order to assimilate them into her own views.

"Yeah! You're right!" Kaminari stated.

"We are now in the big leagues!" Kirishima added.

"Well, some of us," Asui said, noticing Bakugo and Todoroki's reaction while everyone else kept listening to Mera's mentions.

"In simpler terms, you can now act, in fighting villains, saving people from criminal acts or accidents. You may operate on your own judgment in these cases without the direction of a hero. However, this means that each and every one of your actions carries a responsibility towards society," Mera's words reached everyone, and some of them gulped at the implications of such a thing.

"I'm sure you all know that the great hero, All Might, has used up all his power. His existence played a large part in suppressing crime. With that deterrent gone, impudent people will definitely appear. The balance will be destroyed, and as the world changes greatly... I know new heroes will emerge, surpassing even the great All Might!"

Galadriel raised an eyebrow as she noticed the big speech coming from Mera. She didn't doubt it was to inspire some new youngsters to do something great and even make some try to truly achieve greatness. But for someone as cynical as her. It sounded like a desperate call for a new wave of heroes to fight the biggest villains running around. After all, the world currently truly needed new pro-heroes hastily.

Galadriel only hummed as she heard the rest of the speech. There is so much to do. Galadriel thought while looking at the strange girl with big lips from the Shiketsu school, smiling, waving her hand, and even winking. She frowned deeply.

She... she is not... could it be? Galadriel tilted her head, allowing her mind to wander one more time.

"Well, it doesn't matter."

Tartarus, the special prison for villains and criminals, was no place one would like to go. Not as a prisoner or visitor, however, All Might, had business to attend there, an important one. And truly, one that in itself was painful for him.

A burning question that only one person could answer it.

"The second semester is starting soon, right?" All for One asked, in his usual charming and teasing voice, not bothered by the wheelchair, the medical tubes, or the many contractions around his body. "And here I thought you would devote yourself to teaching."

"What do you want from me?"

All Might simply hate that voice, that all-knowing voice. How, All for One seemed to be quite happy with the current events, even his capture.

"I just want to make things clear," All Might stated strongly.

"That's all?"

All for One chuckled slightly. "This place is stifling, All Might. For example, if my back starts to itch, and I scratch it with the back of the chair, all the gun muzzles instantly point at me. In addition to my vital signs, my brain waves are constantly monitored. One thought about activating my Quirk, and my life is in danger!"

"Oh, do you want me to sing a song for you?" All Might taunted. "Poor little me?"

All for One laughed widely. "Who would have thought? Mocking and joking around! I like this new version of you!"

All Might scoffed at him. "Influence of my students, I must admit."

"It doesn't matter what you think of this place, All for One. You're not getting out. Ever."

All for One now laughed tauntingly. "I'll let you think that."

"One would have thought that after getting knocked down by one of the Primordials, you would think twice about doing anything again. But it seems you need someone to hit you harder."

All for One twisted smile brought some shivers to him. The fact that such an idea was still on All for One's mind was quite worrisome. But, All Might knew that even All for One would have incredible difficulty trying to escape. Especially in his state.

"Ah, yes," All for One replied, smiling. "I must admit, not my best. But surely you'll understand, All Might! This Primordial's strenght was unreal! I'll even say that it reminded me of the punches you used to give during your prime!"

All Might agree on that. The strenght of those beings was quite out of the ordinary. "You know anything about it?"

All for One hummed deeply. "Nothing at all. You see, I am as shocked as any of you. And I had the opportunity to speak with dear miss Nazarick. I even tried to steal whatever Quirk or power she had but without luck. She is truly something else, isn't she?"

All for One leaned, and one could see the hole where the tube that fed him and allowed him to speak ended and started. "Miss Nazarick is nothing like we have ever seen. And I am incredibly excited to see what else is in store."

"What makes you believe you'll see any of it?"

"Now, now, All Might," All for One joked. "You wouldn't keep me locked in here while the world ends, don't you?"

All Might hated that notion. Is the world ending? Nonsense. "The world is not going to end."

"I'll let you believe that," he said again, much to All Might's annoyance.

"I would like to speak more about the mystery of the Primordials, but I believe you didn't come here to speak about them... don't you?"

All Might glared at the man before him. The thing that still breaths and lives. "Shigaraki Tomura, where is he?"

"I don't know..." All for One replied teasingly. "Unlike yours, he's already left the nest."

"What are you trying to achieve? What's the point of all of this? All the people you controlled, you blackmailed and killed. All the suffering... why?"

"That's a not very productive topic to speak of," All for One replied with a boring sigh. "You wouldn't be satisfied with my answer even if I told you."


"I'm the same, you know? The same as you. You wanted to become the hero of justice. I longed to be like an evil devil king. Isn't it simple?"

All for One went a charade about his simplistic and normal goals.

All Might heard it all before. The ideal world of All for One was where he could be the evil incarnated. If he was honest, such an idea was close to what he always thought. The fact that even, All for One predicted how the world would react toward his retirement just affirmed what he always assumed.

I'll never be able to understand it... no matter how much he explained. Such evil... I can't let it be built. Never. All Might thought, already deciding that he had heard enough.

"You may think that Shigaraki having my teacher's blood would have stopped me. But that isn't the case. I will not die. I can't be killed! And you, All for One, will remain here... forever."

All for One just chuckled. "My Tomura will eventually flourish into something great, All Might. It's only a matter of time and patience. Yet, you must remember... we are no longer the big players in this world."

All Might clench his fist. "Neither you, Shigaraki, nor those Primordials will find success while we are here. And we will win!"

"Such a determination onlook on life!" All for One smiled. "Let's see if you had that determination when trumpets sound."

All Might said nothing and only left him alone.

"Tomura... the Primordials... All Might... and miss Nazarick... what's in store for this age? Who will win? Who will claim it all? Or... who is playing who? And who is truly the mastermind of all of this chaos? So much excitement in the world! Ah, what a time to be alive!"

All for One laughed as he was escorted away to his cell.

Galadriel sat comfortably on one of the couches while watching how the entire class seemed filled with joy and exhaustion. It has been a long day, after all. And even she had to sigh in relief; it was all over. Galadriel looked at the credential that allowed her to behave like a hero during emergencies and scoffed.

"At least I look pretty," she murmured.

"Hey, Gali, how do you look in the photo?" Ashido asked, sitting next to Galadriel, perhaps too close to the white-haired beauty. But of course, Galadriel didn't mind at all.

"I think I look good; what about you?" Galadriel replied, showing her credential.

"You look so good, no matter what," Ashido muttered. "Look at me... I look ugly."

Galadriel had to admit, Ashido's photo was hilarious. "What's with that face?" She chuckled, watching the rare expression on the Pinky girl's face.

"I had to sneeze!" Ashido whined. "I asked them to take me another one, but they had no time!"

"Well, they had a lot of pictures to take," Momo added, sitting right next to Galadriel. "For me, at the very least, they allow me to put some makeup on. I was all sweaty and dirty." She sighed deeply.

"You still far better than the rest of us," Jiro whined slowly. "Galadriel, and you always look so good."

"Please, Jiro, you also look incredible!" Momo said, trying to make Jiro feel better, but as Galadriel looked at Earphone Jack's photo, she almost laughed.

"See! See!" Jiro exclaimed, pointing at Galadriel's laughing. "She is making fun of my photo!"

Momo then stared at Jiro's photo and had to close her mouth, watching how Jiro had her eyes closed during the picture and adding how rigid she looked. It was an incredibly funny image.

"Sorry," Galadriel apologized, still smiling. "It's just that... I don't know what to expect. Surely, those taking the picture would have at least waited for a good position? This picture is for a credential, after all."

"Well, that is true... they seemed quite in a hurry," Momo added.

"Right?" Ashido stated too. "This is so unprofessional! Everyone is going to think I am ugly!"

"Oh, what are you girls talking about?" Uraraka arrived, and so did the rest of the girls.

"About our beautiful photos," Ashido murmured, annoyed.

Galadriel rolled her eyes as the rest of the girls in the class arrived and shared their mutual dissatisfaction with the photo credential. However, Galadriel's attention was now focused on Bakugo and Midoriya. Both boys seemed to quickly exchange some words, and for the looks of it. Bakugo didn't look normal. No, he was serious about whatever he was speaking to Midoriya.

Then, Bakugo departed, and Midoriya stared at him, anxious. It looked like something was brewing between those two again.

"I wonder what it could be."

Galadriel whispered, deciding to keep an eye out and see what they ended up doing.

During the late-hour nights, everyone in the dorms was fast asleep. Or so it was thought to be. Yet, that wasn't the case since, currently, three students were out of their beds. Galadriel's abilities allowed her to be unseen, and she kept following both boys to the training grounds. She was genuinely intrigued about what they would talk about or do. But watching the stern expression of Bakugo and how quiet it was. It must be more than just talk.

Soon enough, they arrived; Galadriel stood up in one of the buildings watching them.

"This is... Ground Beta..."

"This is where we had our first combat training, where I fought and lost to you," Bakugo added without even daring to look at Midoriya. "You've always made me sick."

Galadriel hummed, hearing those words filled with resentment. So this is what it is all about. I see now. Galadriel thought, sighing deeply.

"You were Quirkless and useless, so how'd you get into U.A., and how did you get a Quirk?" Bakugo sneered silently, now glancing at Midoriya, who only gulped anxiously.

"I didn't understand this at first. It didn't make sense to me at all," Bakugo replied. "But then you kept smiling and rising higher and higher above me."

Bakugo's face was a mixed bag of multiple emotions. Truly, for a young man like him, to show such a range of feelings with gestures was quite a spectacle. Galadriel has met people like that before. Those faced with the reality of life and that they weren't truly the main protagonist of history. That they weren't as strong or smart as they thought felt like a gut-wrenching punch into their core. It was true for everyone but for people like Bakugo, whose only way to project their insecurities was by bullying others, to be now behind those he considered inferior was a wound to their pride.

Galadriel still could understand some of Bakugo's feelings. Maybe it was because she was technically older and had seen what pride does to some people. But she does then feel bad for the kid.

To believe you were strong and talented. No one could face you, and you'll always be on top. But soon, things go awry, and you meet people above you, better than you in everything, and realize your shortcomings and failures and be too prideful to accept them. Galadriel thought while watching Bakugo's face.

"But there's more to it, isn't it, Bakugo?" Galadriel whispered, watching from above. "This isn't just because of Midoriya's rising power. You're ashamed and feel guilty for something else."

Galadriel only kept on looking.

"You kept on rising... you passed the credential Provisional License Exam, and I failed. What the hell? Huh? When did all that happen?"

"Kacchan, that's not a matter of ability, but-"

"Shut the hell and listen, damn scum!"

"Ah... sorry."

"You've always made me sick and pissed me off. But that thing in Kamino helped me understand," Bakugo stared Midoriya directly into his eyes, those red eyes, glaring at him. "I've been thinking about it this whole time. You got it from All Might, didn't you?"

Galadriel hummed now, watching Midoriya's reaction. So, what's going to be your answer, Midoriya?

Bakugo put A and B together and realized that All for One and All Might shared more than just some rivalry. More than just him being a criminal and hero. Bakugo knows that more was in the background and that Midoriya's sudden ability came from the Number One hero wasn't just a coincidence.

"The fact you aren't denying it means it is true," Bakugo concluded.

Bakugo can be short-sighted and have quite an explosive temperament. But he is not a fool. Putting all those dots together really shows how smart he is.

Galadriel scratched her chin as she started to eat a chocolate bar she had brought with her. She was getting quite entertained by this drama scene. It reminded her of Touch-Me and Ulbert's arguments, both game related and when they were just chatting about life.

Of course, Touch-Me wasn't Midoriya, nor Bakugo was Ulbert, but there was something it reminded her of those moments. Those arguments, Ulbert's jealousy, and feelings of how he saw himself and how he compared his life to Touch-Me's own. Ulbert, wasn't an evil person. Maybe inside the game, he liked to roleplay too hard. But outside, he was a gentle person who was beaten down by many. And he saw how great Ulbert's life was going in pretty much everything and saw himself inferior to him. A truly hard thing to hear since Galadriel considered Ulbert one of the smartest people she had ever met and truly kind and loyal. But he kept on trying to compare to Touch-Me to no avail. She never truly understood it.

Until later in life.

"Damn it!" Bakugo hissed.

"What're you going to do with the answer?" Midoriya finally replied.

"You and I both wanted to be like All Might," Bakugo said. "Right? That's how it was before, and that's what it is now... someone I'd always thought was just a pebble was acknowledged by the person I admire without realizing it. That's why... let's fight! Right here, right now."

Galadriel sighed now, realizing it had to come always to this. Yet, she felt that interrupting would not help fix things long term. No, she realized that sometimes, this kind of thing had to happen. Especially knowing Bakugo and Midoriya's past.

"Uh?! Wait, why does it have to end up like that?!" Midoriya exclaimed. Of course, he would try not to escalate things more, but Bakugo's mind was set already. Nothing would stop him now. "This is bad! We're not even supposed to be here!"

Bakugo just stood there, hearing Midoriya's nonsense. "If we fight seriously, we'll be stopped. What part of you made All Might do what he did? Let me see for myself."

And so it began; much to Midoriya's pleading, Bakugo simply jumped at the green-haired boy, and with an explosion, their fight began.

"Ah... the alarms are going off already," Galadriel muttered. "Well, I'll wait and see. I'll intervene before they kill each other off... but I don't think that would ever happen."

Galadriel watched both boys fight and frowned as she saw Bakugo's face. As if he were searching for an answer to a question only he asked.

Every punch, explosion, kick, all those things may look like chaos, but Galadriel could see that Bakugo was hurting. It was strange seeing him like that. Especially when Midoriya successfully punched him back to the ground. There, Bakugo looked quite fragile and weak.

"Why did a damn small fry like you get strong... and become acknowledged by All Might? But... I wasn't?! Why you and not me?! Why did he lose his powers...? Was it me? If I didn't get trapped by that slimy villain during middle school... he would've not met you... he would not have given his powers to you; then he would still be around! Was... was I the one who ended All Might?!"

The face of pure desperation, bitterness, and guilt became clear, making Galadriel understand not only everything Bakugo was dealing with but also Midoriya.

"He saw you as better than me... he chose you because you were... better than me," Bakugo replied like a mantra, remembering where it all began and started. "All Might was my idol... and he lost all his powers because of me."

Galadriel was curious to know if that was truly the case. Maybe, Bakugo was truly projecting his fears and insecurities, blaming himself for what happened to All Might. However, the hurt Bakugo was experiencing, that guilt and confusion of his own feelings, and the acceptance that Midoriya wasn't to lay down and take anymore, among the many other things like him, slowly surpassed him, would need time to heal and to flourish. Bakugo was going to change tonight, either for good, or bad. However, Galadriel truly felt that, someone like Bakugo wouldn't truly cross the line and become evil or even a bad person. No, things were going to change.

Galadriel saw how both Midoriya and Bakugo kept on fighting. It was not a simple skirmish. As goofy as it may sound, those two were speaking through the fist. They knew each other too well. And only they could understand what they were saying.

Galadriel sighed but chuckled slightly. Whatever it was, they'll grow from this, and she was excited to see how both of them grow up to be after this. Still, they could end up hurting themselves quite badly.

However, she saw All Might slowly walking towards them, stopping the fight, as Bakugo pinned Midoriya on the ground.

Galadriel hummed; it was quite the sight. Hearing how All Might dealt with it. He could be quite sentimental and incredibly understandable. He explained it all, and Galadriel smiled, listening to how One for All worked. A bit of information she was thankful to hear and would tell Demiurge about it later.

Galadriel then stooped up and decided to meet them. Those were quite hurt, after all. And wanted to be in the middle of things, like always.

Galadriel made herself visible again and slowly flew down, surprising the trio, who seemed quite perplexed and shocked to see her there.

"Miss Nazarick!" All Might exclaimed, surprised and shocked. He was curious to know if she had heard the secret of the One for All. "What are you doing here?"

"I've been here the whole time, watching these two," Galadriel replied unbothered. "Sorry for eavesdropping, All Might. But I was worried about this two."

"Worried?" Midoriya replied, slowly standing up, hurt.

"I noticed, Bakugo's expression from early today... when he spoke to you, I knew it was for something. However, I did not expect both of you to fight."

"Miss Nazarick... about early! About One for All-"

Galadriel raised her hand at the worried teacher. "It's alright, professor. Your secret is safe with me... I have... secrets of my own as well."


"Professor," Galadriel's voice made him stop. "I have... things that I carry too... secrets and fears. I know the weight of it. Please, trust me."

All Might stared at her worried face and decided to trust her, just like young Bakugo. "I know... sorry for putting more weight on your shoulders."

"You're truly kind," Galadriel replied genuinely.

Galadriel then looked at both of them and looked at Bakugo. "Bakugo... does this make you feel better or worse?"

She asked gently, and the bomb kid only stared at her for a few seconds before turning away. "Stop annoying me, you stupid albino." Bakugo only muttered slowly, with no real hate or viciousness. "It's none of your business."

Galadriel snorted but smiled. "I worry."

Bakugo just scoffed; however, without him realizing it, he took her hand and stood up.

"I'll do things alone... surpass All Might, Deku, and you!" Bakugo stated with fierce determination. "I'll carve my own path, and no one would stop me. Do you hear me? I'll surpass you, All Might! I don't need One for All. With my Quirk, I'll become the number one hero!"

Galadriel chuckled softly. "[Lesser Restoration]" Midoriya and Bakugo slowly felt how their wounds and fatigue went away. It was a strange feeling for both of them.

"I'll take you on that," Galadriel replied, petting Bakugo's rebel hair, much to his annoyance. "Come the both you... it's time you two face professor Aizawa."

Galadriel smiled as she helped Midoriya as well, dusking some of his dirt away from his clothes, just like she did with Bakugo, much to his dismay.

"Stop touching my hair!"

"Why? Midoriya doesn't mind... besides, your hair is truly something else."

"Stop touching it!"

"Galadriel... your hand is soft."

"You stupid annoying albino! Stop it!"

"Once you beat me, I'll stop for now; you're under my control."

"Screw you!"

All Might saw those three kids and smiled deeply. If there was a problem in the future, he was sure this girl would be the perfect one to settle things between them. You're truly special, miss Nazarick truly, what the hero world needs.

However, Aizawa wasn't one to truly let bygones be bygones.

"Miss Nazarick, you're also grounded with two days of cleaning duties and house arrest."


Galadriel, the Demon Empress, was grounded.