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Chapter 39

A Demonic Empress should be above everyone, a powerful entity that asks no permission nor wish to seek any worm to satisfy whatever itch she may have. No, Galadriel was powerful, had an army of beings beyond human comprehension, and could do whatever she wanted with the snap of her fingers. Yet, there she was, cleaning the living of the common living room like a sort of grounded child.

Well, she was grounded, but she ain't not a child!

Or that's what she thought as she angrily mopped the floors.

"Yeah, good idea, Galadriel; go and follow those two," Galadriel whispered angrily. "I should have beat the shit out of those two, at least! I would have gotten something positive for all of this."

Midoriya and Bakugo listened to her ramblings and were wise not to anger her anymore. However, some of the Class 1-A didn't share their feelings. Mineta snickered as he looked at the floor beneath him.

"My, my, Galadriel, you call this cleaning?" Mineta teased as pick used his feet to step on the floor Galadriel had just cleaned. "What a mess, my dear-"

Galadriel's eyes became wild and filled with hate. She broke her mop with just one hand and glared at the little midget as she pointed at him with the end of the broken mop. "I just broke it... I don't have another one. You're a good replacement. I need to shove this sharp end into your behind and use your head as a broom. What do you think... my dear Mineta?"

Her aura was dark and sinister, and everyone could feel it. Even Bakugo gulped. Mineta paled quickly and could feel something choking him.

"Sorry!" He yelped before running away.

Galadriel then scoffed as she continued to clean while muttering angry words. It was clear to everyone that she should be left alone for now. Right now, Galadriel's was a ticking bomb, but thankfully it was her last day on house arrest and cleaning duties. She was annoyed about it, but it has allowed her to keep her attention on other things. Lupusregina has called her and told her about her suspicions about the girl she met during exams. The girl, named Himiko Toga, has obtained some of Midoriya's blood. It was still unclear what the girl was trying to do with it. But, Lupusregina would keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

That girl's ability is incredible. Galadriel thought while she kept on cleaning. A bit creepy from what Lupusregina has told me. But has potential.

"I'd like to see what else she could do," Galadriel whispered as she also wondered what was in store for the class. But she'll have to wait for it.

"I still have another day of this," she grunted before deciding to end this ridiculous punishment.

"Let it be known that I will not run away from a punishment," Galadriel stated only to herself while moving some bags of trash away. Truly, being a demon was hard these days.

"Bakugo, where is Midoriya?" Galadriel asked as she walked towards the bomb kid, who seemed to be angrily cleaning the windows.

"I don't care, that idiot," Bakugo hissed. "Fucking windows! Get clean!"

Galadriel rolled her eyes but had a couple of bags she needed to take care of. "Bakugo help me, Midoriya forgot some bags, and they are too much for me."

Bakugo stared at her for a few seconds and scoffed but quickly took all the bags and helped her out like a good boy, which sounded condescending, but Galadriel wanted to annoy Bakugo. It was his fault she was grounded like him. So, both walked outside in silence. Galadriel could only hear Bakugo's sneering about the trash he was carrying. She found it hilarious, so she decided to take dabs at him, just for fun.

"Whoa, so strong," Galadriel teased. "Look at the way you carry those trash bags!"

"Shut up!" Bakugo replied, annoyed by the white-haired girl. "Do you want me to throw these bags?! Eh?! You stupid Albino! I'll do it if you keep annoying me!"

"You wouldn't do that," Galadriel said, smiling. "You like me too much to do that."

Galadriel quickly smashed Bakugo's shoulder with her own; slightly, after all, she could hurt him. But, Bakugo's eyebrows only twitched. Galadriel giggled a bit, like a schoolgirl would, but decided to keep up teasing him. Why? Because Galadriel was relishing the faces, Bakugo was making and adding that only served her purpose for the future, to keep their leash to her. Obedient. Loyal.

Was she leading them on? Maybe, she didn't care.

Was it cruel? Absolutely.

Was it because she truly liked them? Perhaps, Galadriel never had a normal upbringing or everyday high school life. So it could be her human part, that small part of her wishing to experience that dramatic and full of cliches romance high school life she had never participated in before. And adding the fact she just wanted to have fun. Galadriel's selfishness and cruelty would cause problems. But as long as they all loved her and were loyal to her. It would be a win for Galadriel since they would be future toys for her to play with.

"Hey, Bakugo, are you alright?" Galadriel asked gently as she got closer to the bomb kid, who scoffed.

"What are you asking, idiot?" Bakugo replied, annoyed.

"If you are alright," Galadriel said again, now more slowly. "You bottled up many things. It's not healthy. You were hurting. So, I am asking you... if you are alright."

Bakugo said nothing for a few seconds. "It's none of your business." He answered, trying to deflect again. He wasn't good at being confronted by people about his feelings.

Galadriel hummed, deciding to push it a bit further. "You're my friend. It is my business." Galadriel stated, grabbing Bakugo by his shoulder and stopping him gently.

"Bakugo, it's not your fault."

Galadriel said, staring at Bakugo directly in his eyes in a very dramatic fashion. "Whatever you think or thought. It was not your fault."

Bakugo could have reacted in many ways. Scream, rage, tell her to fuck off! Among many other ways to show his discomfort. Yet, he remained quiet, and no expression of anger was showing on his face. He only looked away, deep in thought. Galadriel leaned forward and planted a kiss on his cheek, taking Bakugo by surprise.

"You're truly incredible, Bakugo," Galadriel stated with a glorious smile. Soft and tender. Amicable and brilliant. "You'll do great things of that, I am certain!"

Galadriel's smiles hid a shadow and blade. It may look angelical, but it was anything but that. Galadriel's thorns were slowly developing Bakugo, just like Midoriya's future. He would, too, become one of many of Galadriel's pets. A toy she could mold into whatever she wanted it. Loyal to her cause.

Truly, she was a demon with an angelic's face.

"Let's go, Baku-turd!"

That snapped Bakugo from whatever he was thinking into his usual self.

"Shut the hell up! Don't call me that!"

"Why? You call me Albino! It's only fair to call you something too!"

"Not that!"

"Then... Kacchan?" Galadriel teased, and for the first time, Bakugo blushed. "I do like the sound of it."

"Fucking... do whatever you want!" Bakugo growled, practically stomping away.

Galadriel chuckled, watching the scene. But her eyes twisted into something dark. This is so much fun. Galadriel thought as she followed the bomb kid.

Truly fun to mess with them.

The day came when she returned to school, and it was strange seeing how much she had lost. Technically speaking, Galadriel was absent, but her Shadow Demons filled her in about everything happening. But to be there was another thing entirely. After one day back, she realized how much things had changed. She added that she couldn't say anything to either Midoriya or Bakugo, which added to her amusement.

Galadriel would spend the entire day sighing dramatically about what was happening to piss Bakugo off and worry Midoriya even more. However, the day that Midoriya was finally allowed to go back to school, to her surprise. They were met with a surprise.

"Now that Midoriya's back. We'll discuss the work studies and internships and how they differ from field training and studies courses."

"Teacher, what about Bakugo?" Galadriel asked, amused.

"Who?" Aizawa only replied unbothered.

"Ah... nothing," Galadriel decided to be quiet.

"Please come in," Aizawa said, and entering the room, three older students appeared.

"We'll have people who experienced it firsthand and will tell you about how these work and what to expect," Aizawa looked at the students who made themselves known. "They are known as the big three."

The students of Class 1-A were awed at them; the top students of the school, and among them, Galadriel was truly interested in what the Big Three could do. Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado and Tamaki Amajiki. They were supposed to be quite good at everything and favored becoming Pro-heroes. Many agencies were searching for raw talent and wanted them. Especially Galadriel's agency. Suppose they were that good and unique. She wanted them. She would not let them slide away from her grasp.

"Those are on the top?"

"The Big Three!"

"The crown among the splendid U.A. students."

"I heard they're the ones we're supposed to be like..."

"I remember seeing them during last year's sports festival."

Galadriel then felt the stare of the three on her. Such an expression made her wonder why such an intensity. I'll likely find out soon enough. Galadriel hummed.

"Okay, can you please introduce yourselves briefly?" Aizawa asked. "What about you, Amajiki?"

Amajiki's stare petrified the students of the class as the sheer intensity of those eyes took them by surprise. It was a bizarre way to introduce oneself. However, Galadriel tilted her head, recognizing the social cues coming from him. Ah... I have seen it before. Could it be? That he has social anxiety? Galadriel thought, remembering one of her old guildmates, Suratan. He was anxiety manifested in real life. He couldn't even use his mic because he was always terrified and anxious about his voice. And adding his shyness, it was a miracle that he even spoke to them. But one day, by sheer fortune or misfortune. Galadriel, Peroroncino and Bukubukuchagama met him in real life. It was by sheer luck. In fact, meeting Peroroncino and Bukubukuchagama was also luck. But when Galadriel did meet them, she was incredibly happy to see their face. But, Suratan couldn't face them. He was that anxious and would always have this look on his face. Intense and quite scary. But he was trying to be brave and look past the person talking. Trying to think it was alone.

That's why when she saw Amajiki act like that. It reminded her of him.

He was very cute. Galadriel mused to herself.

"It's not good," Amajiki whispered, trembling. "Mirio, Hado, even if I look out on them imagining that they're potatoes. Everything other than their heads remains human. I still can't see them as anything but human. What should I do? I can't... say anything. My mind is going blank! I want to go home!"

Amajiki exclaimed, turning away and facing the wall.

Yeah, just like Suratan. Galadriel thought, amused.

"Huh?" The students exclaimed, confused. "Um, you are at the top of U.A.'s hero course, right?"

"Uhmm," Amajiki only replied, humming, trembling, and focusing on the wall.

"Hey, Amajiki, you heard this? There's this thing called chicken heart! And you're one even though you're human!" the girl, Nejire Hado, said happily with a wide smile. "This is chicken, Tamaki Amajiki, and I am Nejire Hado. We were asked to talk to you guys about work studies."

Nejire Hado was too bright for the common people. She was cheerful, curious, and quite energetic. However, Hado was incredibly inquisitive, asking each student about the Quirk, their choice of clothes, or even hairstyles. Perhaps, she asked too many questions without boundaries.

"Oh, you're Todoroki! How did you get burned right there?" Nejire asked, pointing to Todoroki's burned skin. "It looks painful!"


"Ashido, if your horns break off, will new ones grow in? Can you move them?"

"Well... I don't know?"

"Oh, Mineta, if I squish your hair, would the balls pull out?!"

"Wanna touch my balls?!"

Nejire relentless questioning was something else. Truly, it could make a person tired. "You're Galadriel! The Angel of Hope!"

Galadriel cringed a bit, still not getting used to that epithet. "Uh, sort of." She replied slowly.

"Oh, you're truly pretty! And look at your hair so soft!" Nejire said, slowly caressing Galadriel's hair, who only stared at her with mild amusement.

"There's so much I want to know about all of you! You're all strange!"

"Ah... thanks?" The class replied at the same time.

"Hado, enough. This is lacking rationality," Aizawa muttered, annoyed.

"Don't worry, professor Aizawa!" Mirio replied, noticing the teacher's patience running low. "I'm going last to wrap things up!"

Mirio then smiled brightly. Those small eyes of his and that confident smile filled with determination were truly something else. Mirio then poisoned himself into what Galadriel called a "joking pose." She has practiced them too. However, she does them in private, not in public, like Mirio.

"The future's gonna be...?!" Mirio leaned forward, waiting for the class to reply. None did it. Everyone was truly confused about what they should do. "Grim! That was the answer! Ha, you all failed!"

Galadriel raised an eyebrow and truly felt out of place and out of mind. Those three were just so unique that wouldn't be the word she would use, but it felt like that. Still, now that she paid attention, Galadriel saw scars on Mirio's arms. Galadriel hummed, wondering where did they come from exactly. This guy isn't just talking. Galadriel concluded that whatever Quirk he may have must have either pushed him to the edge. Or one that has forced him to train hard to utilize it. Those thoughts brought more questions to her, but she was truly intrigued about it.

Galadriel was lost in thought, not truly paying attention to what they were saying. That changed, however, when Mirio got an amazing and smart idea to get his point across.

"Why don't you all fight me at once?!"


Everyone was in the gym uniform and stared at Mirio, who was stretching. The class seemed confused still and wasn't sure if Mirio was truthfully expecting them to fight him all by himself.

"Eh, are you serious?" Kirishima asked, still bewildered.

"Totally serious!" Mirio replied cheerfully.

"Mirio, you probably shouldn't," Amajiki whispered far away while looking at the wall. "For the work studies. It would've been enough for us to say, "this is how it was, and I learned a lot from it." Only some are like you. We can't end up with kids who cannot recover after this."

"Uh? What does he mean by "unable to recover"...?" One asked.

"Oh, listen! Did you know?" Nejire spoke while she and Galadriel were playing with Ashido's little horns. "In the past, a student got so frustrated that he quit and caused all sorts of problems, you know?" Nejire smiled like a small child as Galadriel found herself enjoying the bounciness of Ashido's cute little horns.

"If you aren't careful, this could be rough for them! Really rough!"

The poor pink girl was flustered and seemed to shiver at the touch of both girls. But of course, Ashido could never tell Galadriel no, so she whined softly.

"Wait," Tokoyami looked at Mirio. "There's a handicap in place. We know. But also, you should know that we've fought with pro heroes before."

"And we've fought with villains before, too," Kirishima added, looking quite determined not to be considered one of those students who quit. "We aren't just small fry students. You don't need to worry about us."

Mirio's reaction couldn't be other but pure enjoyment and resolve. He noticed that while some were quite nervous about facing him. No fear was lingering in their eyes.

"I see! Then feel free to attack me together! Wherever you want!" Mirio stated, unbothered. "So, who's first?"

"I would like to-" Kirishima was soon stopped by a very energetic Midoriya who, since he came back to classes, has been showing a desire to not lose more. An energetic bunny.

"Here I come," Midoriya said, looking at Mirio straight into his eyes. And just like the rest of the students, they all prepared to attack him.

Midoriya was the first to use just a fraction of One for All. His body was different than before, and the way electricity ran around him greatly intrigued Galadriel.

Mm, he is getting better. Galadriel smiled, then as Midoriya launched himself at Mirio. The top student's clothes seemed to fall off throughout him like he was intangible. Galadriel was surprised by it, just like the rest, especially some girls. However, she was able to notice something fast, unlike the rest of the students, which made her scratch her chin.

"Uh, interesting," Galadriel muttered as Midoriya attacked him without success.

"This...!" Midoriya hissed, watching Mirio's unfazed reaction to his attacks. "A Quirk that lets him slip through things."

Galadriel wondered if that was the case. She did what she did best and remained behind and watched first. Gathering information was pivotal in any PvP match. Sorry, everyone. But you all have to be guinea pigs for me.

"You went for the face, huh?" Mirio said, not paying attention to the attacks coming to him. One could tell he wasn't even bothered about them since they all slipped through him.

"All of our attacks?" Sero muttered.

"Wait... where is he?" Tenya whispered.

Galadriel, who was using [Presence of Life] and [All known Eyes] to detect any enemies, magical traps, or anything surrounding her, saw how Mirio was below them, swimming, moving fast. And soon, his shade looked as if he was falling in reverse as if the ground was spitting him up. That action made Galadriel frown deeply.

"Strange," Galadriel muttered as she saw how quickly, Mirio moved, appearing behind poor Jiro, who was screaming fearfully, of Mirio's free willy.

"He's so fast!"

"How did he move up there?!"

"Hey, this isn't fair!"

Mirio showed no mercy, going directly to the range students of class 1-A, all earned a powerful punch in their stomachs. The force itself was truly hard and did make her flinch.

Poor kids. Galadriel thought, feeling sorry for them. That sounded painful.

"Now, that's it for the long-distance fighters," Mirio then looked at the rest, who gulped at how he easily defeated the other half of the group. "All that's left are the ones who focus on close combat, right?"

"I have no idea what he just did!" Kirishima growled.

"He's strong enough to slip through things, but he can even warp?" Uraraka whispered, puzzled about Mirio's Quirk, just like the rest.

"Doesn't that make him unrivaled?" Ojiro added worriedly.

"Aw, stop that!" Mirio teased as he then prepared to attack again.

Mirio then ran towards them, and again, he slipped through the ground. However, Midoriya was already on his tail as he waited for him behind him. He has grown a bit wary of his back, especially since Galadriel's first attack always starts with her teleporting behind the enemy to take advantage of the battle.

Midoriya successfully predicted Mirio's attack, and even the top student of the U.A. seemed taken aback by Midoriya's actions. Nevertheless, Mirio was a step ahead of him.

"There's an ultimate move for this!" Mirio exclaimed as Midoriya's kick was going through him. Mirio brought his finger's up and aimed them toward Midoriya's eyes. And every second, Midoriya's attack went through him. It was a second closer for Mirio to almost pinch Midoriya's eyes. However, it was a feint.

Galadriel had to give Mirio credit; that attack was a great one. Midoriya couldn't fight the natural reaction of closing his eyes and moving his head away, trying to evade such disasters. This allowed Mirio to move below Midoriya and land a great punch into the green-haired boy's stomach.

"Auch, that sound like it hurt," Galadriel whizzed, entertained.

"Most people always try to counterattack like that, right? That's why I created this attack!" Mirio exclaimed as he proceeded to land punches at the rest of the students. All of them.

One after the other. Every single one of them felt their guts being wrecked by Mirio's fist.

"He beat all of them," Todoroki muttered. He didn't know if he should be glad he didn't get his credential for the upcoming work studies. But after watching everyone on the floor in pain, clutching their stomach. He wasn't sure.

"Power!" Mirio exclaimed as the students of class 1-A were on the ground.

Nejire chuckled, watching Mirio's excitement. "You know, about Togata... hey, hey! Amajiki, he's gotten stronger, hasn't he?"

"Mirio's been strong ever since we were kids. It's just that he should learn to hold back," Amajiki stated, but soon he noticed that while all the first-year-old students were on the ground in pain, there was just one left standing.

"Oh, it's the Nazarick girl!" Nejire exclaimed with excitement. "She is like super strong, you know?"

Amajiki just stared at those golden eyes and felt shivers. They were something else.

Mirio then looked at Galadriel, who was just standing there, and smiled. "You have been quiet all this time, miss Nazarick!"

Galadriel hummed. "I have, yes," she replied as she breathed deeply but smiled widely. "Here I come, Mirio-senpai."

"Come!" Mirio asked, smirking at her.

Nejire, Amajiki, and Aizawa stared at both students, who could be easily considered the strongest in the entire school. "Those two," Aizawa said quietly as both 3r students glanced at him.

"Those two are in a race to become number one."

Nejire tilted her head, wondering if that was true. And Amajiki just remains quiet.

"Are you saying that Galadriel is stronger than Mirio?" Nejire questioned in a very curious voice.

Aizawa couldn't answer truthfully, so he didn't say anything.

Mirio and Galadriel seemed to wait for something; they just stood there for a few seconds, watching each other. Some students still on the ground slowly became aware of what was happening. Some crawled back to their feet slowly and watched. They truly wanted to see this match between Mirio and Galadriel.

Aizawa saw how different Mirio seemed to be while facing Galadriel. He was clearly taking her more seriously than the other students. And soon, Mirio ran towards her, faster than before, and again disappeared. Galadriel remained in place, and Midoriya, still keeping his arms around his stomach, saw how Galadriel was watching below her.

"Uh?" He wondered what she was watching on the floor like that.

Then, Mirio appeared behind her, just like it did to him.


The white-haired girl was already expecting him. It was a sort of Deja Vu; Galadriel seemed to imitate Midoriya's move and throw a kick. Mirio did the same to her, bringing his fingers up and pointing them to Galadriel's eyes. However, instead of closing her eyes, like any normal person would. She kept them wide open and leaned forward, almost trying to get him to pinch her eyes for some reason.

Mirio was surprised that she didn't seem to be moving away, not even as his fingers were centimeters away from her losing an eye. He decided to still move forward with his punch, and quickly, he moved below her in the same fashion he did against Midoriya. However, as his fist got closer, it hit her directly into her stomach, just a few millimeters. A normal person wouldn't be able to block it. But she wasn't just a normal person.

"I got you!" Mirio smirked, but before he could land a punch.

Galadriel vanished, but it was so fast¿ how she moved. And then appeared behind Mirio, who was surprised by her reaction time.

"She's fast!" Nejire exclaimed, incredibly shocked.

Even, Amajiki was stunned by how quick the girl was being.

Then Galadriel's fist was directed at Mirio's face. Since both were in a crouch position, Mirio had to either move away or below. He decided to risk it and just let the fist slip through him since it was in a situation where he could also hit her. Yet, to his surprise, and everyone else. Mirio noticed something, and it was not Galadriel's fist but feet.

Galadriel sneakily baited him into believing she was going to punch him while, in fact, she was aiming at his feet. A side kick aimed at his feet. Mirio reacted too late and had to block her sidekick with his own.

Mirio realized that she had deduced quickly how his Quirk worked and couldn't help but smile. She is truly strong!

Mirio's reaction was good, and it would have allowed him to react accordingly.

However, when he did, Galadriel then showed her true intentions. It was cheating, of course; an arsenal of skills gave her a ridiculous advantage. So, when Mirio had no choice nor time to react consequently to Galadriel's kick. She again teleported and appeared behind Mirio. The motion she was in allowed her to land her attack on Mirio's back.

Yet, for everyone, it was a blink of an eye. Perhaps even less, it was too quick, fast; even Aizawa's expert eyes couldn't even fathom how or when she moved. Mirio's prediction didn't see that far, and his Quirk couldn't react to Galadriel's kick, nor truly stop her in anycase.

Mirio's was thrown away, rolling on the floor. Nejire and Amajiki stared, stunned, just like the rest of the students.

"Wh... what was that?!"

"I... she was there and then behind him!"

Nejire looked worriedly at Mirio, who groaned as he stood up. "She landed a hit."

"Mirio," Amajiki whispered, still having problems reacting accordingly.

"Miss Nazarick," Aizawa whispered. "You're getting stronger and stronger."

Midoriya gulped deeply, but he saw what had happened. She baited him, a feint inside a feint.

"Mirio!" Nejire exclaimed worriedly. But soon, saw Mirio standing up with a big smile on his face.

"Amazing, miss Nazarick!" He clamored joyfully. "You caught me... you've figured it out, yes? What gave me away?"

Galadriel sighed and hummed. "Mm, well, I don't know if I truly get it. However, what gave you away, was your clothes."

"Oh?" Mirio tilted his head.

"When your clothes fell through you, they didn't go through your feet. They landed there as if your feet were the only thing tangible in your body," Galadriel pointed out quickly. "So, I deduce that, even if you could make yourself fully intangible, that would also mean that you will fall through the ground. And to avoid that, you must make your feet tangible to avoid your Quirk working against you."

Galadriel said, trying to understand the boy's strange Quirk fully. "And I took the chance to overwhelm you and take you by surprise."

Everyone couldn't help but feel amazement at how quickly Galadriel could deduce a person Quirks. Even, Mirio had to admit that she was quite close to the truth. Yet, still, he wondered how she was able to kick him.

Ah, my back hurts. Mirio thought deeply.

"You're truly incredible!" Mirio exclaimed. "The truth is that my Quirk is Permeation."

"Permeation?" Everyone asked, confused.

"How does exactly work?" Midoriya asked quickly, trying to note everything in his imaginary's book. The details of Mirio's Quirk were quite graphic; truthfully, Galadriel was quite surprised that he managed to make it work.

It does sound like a painful Quirk to work with. Galadriel noted to herself.

"If I activate my Quirk through my entire body, then my body can go through everything. Everything! That means the ground, too."

"Oh, that is why you were falling into the ground?" Uraraka asked.

"That's right. I fell underground. And then, when I release my Quirk while I'm falling, something happens. Apparently, things that have mass can't overlap, so I got repelled!"

Ah, that does explain it. Galadriel thought as she heard every detail of that particular Quirk. Still, could he do more than just that?

It was good that she met the rest of the Big Three. Galadriel would surely take notice of them now. And slowly see how far they'll go. It would be entertaining to see more of them. Especially this Mirio fella. Such talent couldn't be wasted.

Galadriel stared at the papers before her, trying not to pay attention to Albedo's puppy eyes. That was hard since the succubus held the same stance for the last hour since she returned to Nazarick.

"Alright, Albedo, what is it?" Galadriel finally asked.

"You... kiss him on the cheek!" Albedo cried dramatically.

Galadriel rolled her eyes and scoffed. "All of this for that? It was a simple kiss on the cheek. I didn't make out with him."

Albedo looked horrified at that thought. "My lady...! Are you planning...? On... making me into a cuc-!"

"Albedo," Galadriel stopped Albedo's ridiculous ramblings. "Whatever it is that you're worrying about. Don't. I'm just having fun and enjoying my time there. If I want those kids to be loyal to me, I must play with their minds, souls, and hearts."

Galadriel commented although she did chuckle at what else she would do to mess with their heads. The flirting and teasing were fun to do. She didn't like men, or at least, she hadn't ever been in a relationship with one. And it wasn't as if she would suddenly pursue one. No, Galadriel felt like luring those three and kept them around her fingers.

Ah, the look on their faces when I do those things. It is delicious. Galadriel thought mischievously.

"And I'll keep doing it," Galadriel stated. "So you better get used to it."

Albedo whined softly but simply nodded. "I understand, my lady."

Galadriel then chuckled as she put her arms around Albedo's neck. "Don't worry too much, my dear succubus lover. I'll make it up to you."

"My lady," Albedo whispered huskily, enjoying the smell of her lady's hair. "Truly?"

"I will," Galadriel chuckled, kissing her lover lustfully. "Anything you want."

Albedo growled deeply. But smiled. "I'll make sure to mark you as mine. Let them know you're only mine!"

Galadriel laughed. "This succubus is so obsessive. But, before that, we must do this task."

Albedo had quite the trouble composing herself, but she could do so. "Yes, of course. So, we are going to do this?"

Galadriel smiled as she looked at the map of the world on the table. "Yes... a shame, truly. Those islands truly looked like a perfect place to vacation," Galadriel sighed before chuckling. "Shame... but the world needs to understand the Primordials' power. Destroy them and let Mare sink them."

"Understood... we'll do so."