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Chapter 42

As the group approached their designated meeting spot, they came across Sir Nighteye, who was once All Might's sidekick. Upon seeing Mirio and Midoriya's apprehensive demeanour following an unexpected encounter with Overhaul, Galadriel deduced that their mission had encountered a setback or obstacle. Maybe they honestly did not expect to have such a meeting nor to discover a child being a victim of whatever the Yakuza crime group was doing, which was understandable, at least in Galadriel's eyes.

Mirio sighed deeply as he approached Sir Nighteye. "Sorry, Sir Nighteye. We screw up. I never would've guessed the possibility of running into him."

"No... this was my error," Sir Nighteye sighed. "If I'd been "looking" at the two of you before the fact, it could have been prevented."

Galadriel frowned as she considered whether his Quirk allowed him to perceive the future paths of those he had encountered. If so, it would make him a formidable hero with a remarkable power. The potential implications left Galadriel deep in thought.

"For the time being. I'm just glad you're both safe," Sir Nighteye spoke before glancing at Galadriel. "You're Galadriel Nazarick, is that right?"

"Yes, a pleasure to meet you," Galadriel said, waving her hand in a friendly manner.

"How did you end up here?" He asked. However, Galadriel did notice watching her into her eyes. It was an intense glare, but the more he stared at her, the less he could see as if something was blocking his Quirk in a way he had never seen before.

"I was just taking a break before meeting Midoriya and Mirio. That's when we meet that person and that child."

"A child?" Sir Nighteye asked, confused, as Mirio and Midoriya nodded.

"His daughter, for the looks of things," Mirio added. "It's quite the information I did not expect at all."

"A daughter," Sir Nighteye muttered, wondering deeply what he should do with that new information.

"He called her Eri. Her arms and legs were wrapped in bandages. I don't know anything about her, but she asked for help. If there was a way for us to save her..." Midoriya muttered before Sir Nighteye snapped at him.

"Don't think so arrogantly," he spoke while pointing his finger at Midoriya, who looked surprised at Sir Nighteye's yellowish eyes filled with intensity and harshness.


"Haste makes waste," Sir Nighteye replied to Midoriya. "If you rush to chase them, they'll be more likely to escape. You're not all-powerful to save all people. You're not so special that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want."

Sir Night's voice grew stern as he adjusted his glasses. "We cannot afford to be careless. We must anticipate our enemies' moves and analyse and prepare for every possible outcome. Our lives and the lives of our allies are at stake. This world doesn't care about good intentions. We Must act with precision and strategy to ensure success."

The words spoken were not meant to be gentle or kind but reflected the honest perspective of someone with years of experience. They provided a more accurate and truthful picture of what could happen if one acted hastily.

Midoriya appeared to shrink after hearing those harsh words, which contained some truth. Galadriel acknowledged that charging into the unknown without knowing the enemy's plans were unwise and rather idiotic. And it was something Midoriya needed to understand. He may want to do what's right, but that line of thought would lead him to an early grave.

"I..." Midoriya muttered before earning a slight nudge on the ridges from Galadriel.

"Midoriya, Sir Nighteye is right," Galadriel stated. "Right now, you don't know the full scope of the villain's plans nor how deep this goes. If you rush to save this girl, it may result in a reaction you're unprepared to deal with. People's lives are on the line."

Midoriya looked troubled but sighed deeply. "I understand."

Sir Nighteye hummed as he watched the girl with white hair and golden eyes. "Mm, correct. Currently, we are trying to get more help from other agencies. But we must investigate further before doing something."

Mirio and Midoriya looked at each other and nodded. Of course, Galadriel now had the upper hand on the situation and would definitely move before the hero agencies could obtain more information about Eri. The drug was something that could go off. It wasn't necessary. However, Eir was the fundamental objective in Galadriel's plans.

"Now, the two of you should go back to the office today. There's still a lot we must do," Sir Nighteye stated before glancing at his sidekick. "Bubble, let's go."

"Yes, sir," the blue-skinned girl said before following Sir Nighteye.

Galadriel looked at Midoriya and could see an entirely irritated expression on his face. It was pretty surprising to see, but it made her smile. Maybe, things were finally looking up to her, and Midoriya was beginning to see how cold the world could be. The faster he matured, the better for her.

It was only a matter of time.

The days that followed were quite filled with so much work for Galadriel that it made it hard for her to keep an eye out for everything. The many plots going around and how many things required her attention could be overwhelming, especially for Galadriel, whose hand became filled with many things. Still, the mission that truly required a lot of attention, was the Yakuza organization called Shie Hassaikai. A long waiting game was being played out. However, it was worth waiting for since it would allow her to craft a scenario where she would come up on top of things. A perfectly crafted plan that has been long awaited.

I'm sure that soon if I used this opportunity, things would go in my direction. But, I should be careful not to destroy everything that Yakuza has learned from that Quirk-destroying bullet. It may help us understand how Quirks work and how much they influence the DNA of people. Galadriel's mind began to work on how to procure a better outcome for her plan. However, she forgot where she currently was.

Aizawa abruptly interrupted Galadriel's thoughts by striking her head with a book. "Miss Nazarick, you're interrupting the class with your perturbing giggles."

"I was not giggling!" Galadriel replied, shocked, before glancing around her. "Did I?"

The rest of class 1-A just nodded at her before the ring announced the end of the period. Aizawa sighed deeply before returning to the desk.

"I want the report for tomorrow morning, as well. Those on Work Studies don't lack off. You'll need to keep up with everything, understood? Except you, Bakugo, since you don't have your license nor permission to participate in Work Studies."

"Yes, sir!" Some replied while they only looked nervously at Bakugo, who clenched his jaw, incredibly furious. Aizawa liked annoying Bakugo for whatever reason. Maybe he got it from Galadriel. Who could say? However, as the class was over, Galadriel noticed the anxious face on Midoriya.

"Midoriya," Galadriel called. "Are you alright?"

"Uh, ah, sorry, just thinking," Midoriya replied quickly.

"Mm, you're still thinking about that?" Galadriel whispered, earning a stiff nod from the green-haired boy who seemed quite troubled that he couldn't save that poor girl. "You shouldn't overthink it."

"What do you mean?" Midoriya asked.

"If you keep wondering about what could and what ifs. You will destroy your mind and fill it with unnecessary thoughts that will hurt you in the long run. I know you're feeling worried about the girl. But just trust that Sir Nighteye knows what his doing."

Midoriya took a moment to reflect and then sighed deeply as he gazed at Galadriel. He understood she was being truthful, yet he still couldn't shake his uneasy feeling. All Might's advice about accepting that he couldn't save everyone lingered in his mind and that he still had much to learn. Sir Nighteye's words, while harsh, made him think that maybe, being a hero wasn't a simple "do what you think is right" type of work. And that there was a lot that he needed to consider while trying to be a hero.

It's okay to feel this way, and it's important to remember that growth takes time and effort. Those were All Might's words and echoed in Midoriya's mind. But while he understood them, Midoriya felt wrong still. It wasn't what he wanted to be.

"C'mon, let's get something to eat," Galadriel smiled before hearing a loud gasp.

"Hey, Kirishima, your name is on the web!"

"Oh, what do you mean?" Kirishima asked as soon as Kaminari showed up on his cellphone a photo of what took place last night during a Work Study trip he was in. Galadriel, like everyone, glanced at the news. There they watched how Kirishima stopped a criminal who shot a hero or something along those lines. However, Galadriel knew that incident was more profound than that. She only heard about it because of the bullet used during the confrontation.

Those bullets Lupusregina got not too long ago are now being spread across Japan. Galadriel thought, recalling the scale of the operation. It would be impressive if she were honest. The Shie Hassaikai were truly remarkable in that regard. Since they were Yakuza and not the usual Villain criminal group, they could go unnoticed for a long time. Allowing them to spread their influence.

Kai Chisaki he's genuinely a cautious individual. Galadriel concluded.

"Well, this is your day, Kirishima. It seems you're making waves," Galadriel added with a smile. Making the red-haired boy blush deeply.

"I-I didn't do much!" He replied, waving his hand quickly.

"You are getting popular, lucky! Don't you think so, Bakugo?!"

"Shut the hell up! I don't care!"

Galadriel smiled warmly at her companions, but her attention was soon drawn to the soft chiming of a message signal. Not wanting to be rude or draw attention away from the group, she gracefully excused herself and went to a secluded spot where she could speak in privacy and without interruption.

"{Yes?}" Galadriel asked, hearing Demiurge's voice from the other end.

"{My lady, I have received the bullet, Lupusregina obtained and have tested it in a few subjects.}"

"{Oh, what have you found? Any details?}"

"{Yes, the bullet itself is made out of blood, and while capable of blocking a Quirk for a short time. It cannot destroy the Quirk DNA... yet.}"

"{Blood?}" Galadriel muttered slowly. "{It's the bullet made out of blood?}"

"{I did ask Shalltear for help, and we confirmed that the substance is entirely made of blood. It seems that Kai Chisaki has the power to create bullets using this person's blood through his Quirk.}"

"{I see...}" Galadriel only replied, now putting the dots together and not feeling disturbed at the realisation. "{So, they are using the girl's Quirk to create this ammunition.}"

"{Indeed, although they haven't successfully created a bullet capable of genuinely destroying the Quirk's DNA, they are getting closer to achieving it.}"

As she gazed out the window, Galadriel let out a deep sigh. Although the Quirk-destructing bullet was not a threat to her plans, she couldn't shake the feeling of unease. Galadriel was aware that her actions had caused the deaths of many innocent people, which placed her far from being a saint or a good person. However, the story of the young girl and the hardships she was facing seemed to affect Galadriel on a personal level. It could be that seeing a child in need of help up close was the reason why she felt troubled instead of just observing from afar.

"What a bother," Galadriel muttered darkly before taking a deep breath. "{Demiurge, keep on the excellent work. Also, tell Albedo to prepare Narberal and her. We are going to be part of the upcoming operation.}"

"{Understood, my lady.}"

Galadriel sighed before deciding to stop things now before those feelings made her lose track of her goals. "Just a bit more. That's all I need." She whispered as she walked towards the classroom once again.

The dimly lit room emanated a sense of gloom and despair, reflecting the harsh and inhumane living conditions a small young girl endured. Although designed as a "comfortable" room, it was still a laboratory chamber, camouflaged to simulate joy and contentment. It was a bleak and uninviting environment for a vulnerable child, lacking any semblance of warmth or comfort. Before, the young girl often sought refuge under the protective layers of her blankets, hoping to shrink into the background and go unnoticed. But now, she had a companion by her side, providing comfort and companionship in the face of her fears.

"Oh, really?" Eri whispered joyfully.

"Mmhm! Of course, the place I came from has a huge tree with many lights! It's so beautiful! They are like this!" Eri was left in awe as Fey, the fairy, created small stars with her hands. It was a gentle trick meant to impress Eri and help her forget about her current situation living in prison. The sparks from Fey's hand illuminated the room, causing the small girl to squeal in joy.

"So pretty!" Eri stated happily. "Would I be able to see that tree one day?"

"Of course!" Fey replied happily. "You'll see a world so different from here."

"Would I meet more fairies?" Eri asked as Fey smirked at her.

"Uhm!" Fey nodded fervently. "You'd find yourself being surrounded by many of us!"

With a smile of pure joy on her face, Eri held onto hope that she would soon lay eyes on the home Fey had spoken of. Her unwavering faith was sustained by even the smallest of dreams of liberty. Eri was a child, true. However, freedom was a feeling that all felt, no matter the age. So with that in mind, Eri leaned forward, pressing her face on the pillow, watching Fey sitting before her, smiling at her friend.

"Fey, tell me more about the Supreme One. Who is she? Is she nice?" Eri asked as Fey hummed deeply.

"She's super nice! But, well, she is still young!"

"Young? Older than me? Or younger?" Eri asked, a bit confused, as Fey seemed to be struggling to answer the question.

"Well, younger?" Fey replied, humming. "But older than you, also? Uhm, I don't know what to say!" Fey groaned as she rolled before Eri, who looked at her confused.

"What is it, Fey?" Eri asked, a bit worried about Fey's ramblings.

"Well, I just don't know exactly to say it because I don't know. But you'll see!"

Eri wasn't sure of what to think but just nodded at Fey. However, she soon heard the door behind her getting ready to open and began to panic. "Fey, hide!" Eri whispered before the fairy vanished in thin air as if she was never there.

A gentleman with a thick beard and blond hair came in as the door opened. His expression was hard to read, but he seemed to be feeling either worried or agitated. As he stepped inside, he exhaled deeply to release some tension before forcing a smile.

"Hey, Eri!" The man said as Eri simply quickly put the covers over her. "It's okay. I'm checking to see if you're here."

The man sauntered, trying to avoid all the toys on the ground. They were a lot and untouched. "You haven't opened your toys at all. And I bought all these for you, too."

Eri heard the footsteps getting closer, causing her to shiver in fear. But Fey used their ability to become invisible and gently touched Eri's face to comfort her. "It's okay, Eri. I am here," Fey whispered in Eri's ear. The poor girl nodded as she found safety feeling Fey's small hands over her head, slowly stroking her hair.

The man in question looked troubled, annoyed and scared. He knew he would be the next one on the chopping block if he couldn't control the girl. "Is there anything you want? I can get it for you!" The man stated anxiously.

Eri stood still, her body tense as she attempted to conceal herself. She refused to speak, instead shaking her head in defiance. The man before her let out an exasperated groan and a sharp hiss, clearly agitated by her lack of compliance.

"It's okay. I am not going to hurt you!" The man stated again, but Eri refused to answer. "Alright, if you need something, just tell me! I'll get it for you."

Deciding to let it be for now and not push forward. The man simply left the room, cursing under his breath at the fact that the girl was not collaborating.

Eri finally could breathe, sensing the man leaving her room. Yet, she couldn't help but think about the girl she met early. The one with golden eyes and white hair. She smelled so lovely. Eri thought of how soft the white-haired girl was and how comfortable she felt in her embrace. She wanted to feel that warmth again. Eri wanted to fall asleep there.

I'll save you... I promise.

Eri hugged her pillow, hoping that those words would soon become real.

Midoriya sighed before getting his backpack. It was early in the morning, and not an hour before any of the students would be awake. But it was different for some who had Work Studies. Midoriya walked out and was soon met by Kirishima, who waved at him.

"Oh, Midoriya, you're going to work study today too? What a coincidence!"

"They haven't called me in for a while, so I'm finally going in again. I'm a bit nervous, to be honest, but since they told us we don't need our uniforms..." Midoriya replied as Kirishima hummed.

"Yeah, I was told the same. Weird, right?"

Kirishima noted as Midoriya nodded slowly. However, both boys heard the door opening from behind them, and coming out of the Class 1-A building, Uraraka and Asui appeared.

"Ah, Midoriya, Kirishima? Are you both going to Work Studies as well?" Uraraka asked.

"Yes, we are," Midoriya replied.

"What a coincidence. We are, too," Asui replied.

"Yeah, what a coincidence," Midoriya muttered, feeling strange. Especially since he needed to find out where Uraraka and Asui were doing their practices. "Uh, which agency are you two doing your Work Study?"

"We are currently working with Ryukyu and her agency."

"Oh, Ryukyu?!" Kirishima exclaimed as Midoriya looked as surprised as he was. "Wasn't she out of... hero duty?" He asked softly.

"She faced the Primordials... r-right?" Kirishima added as Uraraka and Asui looked at each other briefly.

"Yes, she was out of action until recently. However, thanks, she was healed at one of Nazarick's hospitals," Uraraka said, making Midoriya intrigued.

"Nazarick's hospitals? I haven't heard about them," Midoriya muttered. "Are they new?"

"Yeah, they are new from what he heard. However, they are using very advanced medicine... or something like that. I don't know, really. However, Ryukyu told us that they helped her heal faster," Uraraka said before questioning the extent of Nazarick Enterprise's influence. Their expansion was widespread, as they acquired agencies throughout Japan and established their private hospitals and healthcare services for heroes. Was it good? Uraraka thought that it was excellent. Having a place where heroes could recover fast was terrific. And made them feel better. Yet, Uraraka could still see those eyes of the hero Ryukyu and sense fear still lingering in them.

"That's great to hear. Ryukyu has a large fandom and is very well respected and loved by all top heroes," Midoriya added, smiling, feeling relief that heroes who suffered at the hands of the Primordials had a second chance to do what they love, especially with the current states of things. People needed familiar faces around.

"She also told us it was good to help young students during these times. And it was a good way for her to start again."

Asui added as the group began to walk. They began to notice that they were taking the same route and were heading to the same place.

"The same street, the same station, and the same corner," Midoriya muttered.

"I guess we are going to the same place," Kirishima added, anxious.

"Yeah, that appears to be the case," Uraraka said before they saw a large building ahead of them. Three other students were waiting at the entrances of the said building. Three individuals whom the group recognised quickly.

"The big three?" The kids from class 1-A exclaimed as they saw the senior students, who seemed surprised to meet them there.

"Oh, Midoriya, so we were called here!" Mirio joked as Nejire waved at Uraraka and Asui.

"It seems we are all in this together," Nejire smiled before the group entered the building. Then, they met a large group of pro-heroes, among them Ryukyu, who tilted her head and waved at them. Yet, instead of being excited to see so many young and experienced heroes around them. The group became quite nervous about being there and couldn't help but wonder why such a reunion happened.

Soon enough, Midoriya noticed Gran Torino and Professor Aizawa among the heroes called there.

"Hey, Ryukyu, you said it was a meeting, but what is this meeting about?" Nejire asked as she approached her instructor. Ryukyu smiled gently at the young girl, patting her head softly.

"You'll find out soon enough," Ryukyu replied.

"Professor, what are you doing here?" Uraraka asked, surprised.

"I was called out suddenly, but I heard roughly what's going on," Aizawa said before glancing at Ryukyu briefly. "Ryuko, happy to see you again."

"Hey, Aizawa, it's been a while," Ryukyu smiled gently.

"I heard that Mirko is also returning to her agency. Is that true?"

"Yes, she's been trying to get a young student to coach during work studies. But, well, she's not a very good teacher," Ryukyu chuckled as Aizawa snorted. Despite the situation, Aizawa's observation skills were sharp. He quickly noticed that Ryukyu was holding her stomach as if she was still injured. Aizawa only heard rumours about it, but the meeting with the Primordials during the Mount Kaikoma incident left a lasting trauma on Ryukyu, and that was a type of injury that was deeper than a physical one.

"How are you feeling... with everyone?" Aizawa asked softly, making sure that the kinds weren't near.

Ryukyu felt uncomfortable but sighed deeply. "I'm better. It's getting easier, but..." When Ryukyu touched her stomach, she was immediately taken back to the sound and sensation of her internal organs being crushed by a single punch. It was difficult to describe what it felt like to be blasted from the inside out. But she could recall every night she did. Yet, she simply sighed and shook her head.

"I am a hero," Ryukyu muttered as a mantra. "I'll become stronger."

Aizawa nodded, deciding not to bring up that topic. But he was content to hear Ryukyu's words.

"Hello, everyone. Thank you for coming so quickly," Sir Nighteye stated before staring at everyone in the room. "The investigation we have done has moved forward substantially. We will now have a conference to share our acquired information regarding a small organisation called Shie Hassaikai."

At that moment, Mirio and Midoriya realised why all of them were there. Midoriya felt a sudden rise in the tension in the room and a sort of anxiousness inside him. He hadn't forgotten what happened a few days ago when they met that small girl Eri and for the looks of it. Mirio shared his feelings.

"Shie Hassaikai," Midoriya muttered, feeling almost nauseous. "Is this..."

Sir Nighteye gave a brief glance at everyone and adjusted his glasses.

"However, while I required the assistance of multiple agencies, I have been contacted by... a very peculiar... company, which will assist us."

That brought everyone's attention, as it genuinely seemed unusual for such a thing to happen, particularly after many young heroes arrived to assist in that mission. So, why would they need more help?

The heroes there were intrigued about which agency or company would assist them. However, Midoriya and the rest of the U.A. students did not expect that, from the door entering the building, Galadriel and two other people came along.

"Galadriel!" Midoriya exclaimed, soon recognising the other girl next to her. It was Narberal, the "sister", and Narberal only scoffed at them. Yet, Narberal let a slight squeal as Galadriel gave her a quick nudge on the ribs.

"Behave," Galadriel expressed frustration while Narberal responded with a cute whine.

"Oh, yes, Midoriya and Kirishima already know about my sister, Narberal," Galadriel introduced Narberal, who responded with a subtle nod. Uraraka and Asui were both taken aback by Narberal's stunning appearance, but there was another person present as well. Standing alongside Galadriel and Narberal was a tall blonde woman with a pleasant, though perhaps not overly warm, smile.

"And this is my family's representative, and aunt, Epsilon."

Galadriel presented, and Solution simply bowed, very professional. "Pleasure to meet you all. In the name of the Nazarick Enterprise, I am grateful for your acceptance, Sir Nighteye."

Solution honestly had the vibe of being a businesswoman when dressed in such a way. Yet there was a sensation of her being entirely fake or dangerous that Sir Nighteye felt immediately. However, he did not point it out. He just nodded at the woman slowly.

"Thank you for assisting us," he replied politely.

The group only followed All Might's sidekick, preparing themselves for what was going to be a long meeting. Still, Galadriel waved.

"Whoa, I didn't know you have a sister, Galadriel," Asui said as Galadriel faked a giggle.

"Suprise!" Galadriel joked. "I have another sister who works for the family company abroad. Maybe one day soon, you all will meet her."

"Another sister? What is she like?" Uraraka asked, very intrigued.

"Uhm, well," Galadriel hummed deeply, wondering how to play that part of her fictitious family. So she had an idea and decided to use it. "She's older than me and more powerful than me."

The students were surprised to learn that there was someone more powerful than Galadriel. They had witnessed her abilities and found it difficult to accept the possibility of someone surpassing her. But if Galadriel said her sister was stronger than her, it was true.

"Stronger than you...? Is she a monster?" Kirishima muttered, just letting his imagination run wild.

"Someone stronger than Galadriel," Midoriya added with a whisper.

"Your family is insane!" Uraraka added, stunned.

"Hey, don't speak like that in front of me," Galadriel replied, chuckling nervously. "C'mon, let's go to the meeting. We have a job to do."

Galadriel guided the group inside, where the rest of the heroes were awaiting the meeting. The countdown for the Shie Hassaikai operation has begun.