Screen Title: #iBabysit Chuck

Sam is lying on the couch watching a That's a Drag marathon

Sam: Hey Cat are we babysitting anyone today?

Cat: Yeah. Some kid named Chuck Chambers.

Sam: That name sounds so familiar.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Cat opens the door and it's Mr. Chambers and Chuck from iCarly

Mr. Chambers: Hi is this Sam Cat's Super Rocking Fun Time Babysitting Service?

Cat: Yes I'm Cat.

Chuck: Why's your hair red?

Cat: Well...

Chuck: Actually I don't care.

Sam: Chuck?

Chuck: Sam? What in god's hill are you doing here?

Sam: I live here.

Mr. Chambers: Chuck please be nice to your babysitters or else you're grounded.

Chuck: Yes daddy.

Mr. Chambers leaves

Cat: Well Chuck what do you want to do?

Chuck: Nothing with you redhead.

Cat: What's that supposed to mean?

Chuck: Man you're more dumber than that Gibby guy.

Sam: Hey lose the attitude.

Chuck: What are you going to do about it blonde?

Sam holds her anger

Sam: Excuse me.

Sam goes to the bedroom and dials a number

We now cut to Seattle at Bushwell Plaza

Freddie: Hi this is Freddie.

Sam: Freddie come to LA.

Freddie: Sam what's going on?

Sam: Guess who Cat and I are babysitting?

Freddie: Who?

Sam: Chuck.

Freddie: Spencer's arch nemesis.

Sam: That's the one. I know he's up to no good so I need you to come here and install some hidden cameras so we can spy on him.

Freddie: Okay I'll be there soon.

Sam: Okay bye.

Freddie: Bye.

Sam goes back to the living room

Cat: Where did you go?

Sam: Bathroom.

Chuck: Man you ask a lot of questions.

Cat: Why are you so mean?

Chuck: Why are you so stupid?

Cat squeals

Sam: Cat let me talk to you in the back.

Cat: Kay Kay.

In the bedroom

Cat: Who is that guy?

Sam: Chuck. He's Spencer's arch nemesis. He always tortured him.

Cat: He's just a little kid.

Sam: He may be a kid but he's still a nub. I called Freddie over so he can install some cameras so we can spy on him.

Cat: Why would we do that?

Sam: To see if Chuck does anything bad.

Cat: Ahh.

3 hours later

Freddie (text message): I'm here.

Sam (text message): Okay.

Freddie knocks on the door

Cat: Come in.

Freddie: Hey girls.

Chuck: Uh I'm not a girl!

Freddie: Geez calm down.

Sam: Thanks for coming Freddie.

Chuck: Why did you invite him?

Sam: Uh he's my boyfriend.

Chuck: I'm going to the bathroom.

Chuck goes to the bathroom

Cat: Freddie hurry install the cameras.

Freddie: Already done.

Sam: Man you're fast.

Chuck walks back in

Chuck: You're bathroom is lame.

Sam: Hey Freddie want to go to the back and make out?

Freddie: Sure baby.

Chuck: Ew.

Sam (text message): Remember the plan.

Cat (text message): Kay Kay.

In the back, Freddie and Sam are spying on Chuck

Freddie: Let's see what you're up to.

Cat: So Chuck do you want some tea?

Chuck: I hate tea.

Cat: Do you want anything?

Chuck picks up a glass cup and throws it at Cat

Cat: What was that for?

Chuck: For being there.

Sam: You pressed record right?

Freddie: Yep.

Sam: He is so busted.

They walk back in

Sam: Cat what happened?

Chuck: She fell.

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Mr. Chambers walks in

Mr. Chambers: I'm here to pick up Chuck. Did you behave?

Chuck: Yes dad.

Sam: No he didn't.

Freddie: He threw a glass cup at Cat.

Cat: Yeah.

Chuck: Did not!

Sam: Then explain this!

They show video of Chuck throwing a cup at Cat

Mr. Chambers: Why would you throw a glass cup at your babysitter?

Chuck: She was being annoying.

Mr. Chambers: That's it! You're grounded for 3 months.

Freddie: Ha ha!

Chuck: But dad.

Mr. Chambers: No buts! Let's go!

Chuck and Mr. Chambers leave

Sam: Cat are you okay?

Cat: Yeah. I'm going to get a band-aid.

Freddie: Man Chuck is such a brat.

Sam: I know. He needs to grow up.

Cat: Thanks for exposing him.

Freddie: No problem.

Sam: I hope he gets send back to military school.

Freddie: Me too.

Note: This is a partial crossover between iCarly and Sam & Cat but the only iCarly characters appearing (besides Sam) are Chuck, Mr. Chambers, and Freddie. However, Gibby and Spencer are mentioned

Note #2: Chuck is still a brat as he was in iCarly

Note #3: Sam mentions the time Spencer send Chuck to military school back in the iCarly episode iBattle Chip