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A Lighter Slice of Broccoli

Chapter 1 – Misinterpretation


The petite woman winced at how loud her friend Lemo was yelling at from behind her. "Can't you fly this ship any faster?!"
Dismissing his panic, she clutched the throttle tightly in her hands, while Lemo's had his hands gripped around the head of the pilot's seat. Her troublesome trek through the cosmos after they had made their escape from Freeza Planet 341 made the poor older man's yellow-tinted skin go paler.

Cheelai piloted around space debris that came close to clipping the hull of their ship. Lemo's quick and sudden yelps each time a small meteorite flew close by was enough to set her off, and she glared back at him.

"Lemo, shut up and stop complaining! I can't concentrate while you're backseat driving!" she yelled back at him and checked the sensor grid.

"That space cop's being a pain in the ass. Ugh! Why doesn't this thing have lasers?" She hated that this was only a cargo ship with loading capabilities for large enough objects, passenger travel, and interstellar travel with hyperspeed engines. It aggravated her that she couldn't fire a few shots to drive them off, yet she needed something to lead them away.

They were on course to return to Planet Vampa, a desolate planetoid housing some of the most dangerous creatures of the universe.

She needed to get back as quickly as possible and unload what they had stolen from Freeza Planet 341, a supply depot planet that the Freeza Force used to manufacture materials and weapons for their army. The military-based race of Kelpians purchased several planets from the Emperor to build weapons, armor, and medical manufacturing plants, doubling as supply depots. Yet security on Planet 341 was so abysmal that any fringe group would've had no difficulty stealing from these depots, and no one would've been aware of the losses.

The sudden beeping of the long-range sensor caught Lemo's attention to something coming up ahead, and he panicked. "Cheelai, look! Asteroid field, dead ahead!"

Cheelai was hoping for something to give them the advantage. "Perfect."

"Perfect?! What do you mean, perfect?!" Lemo shouted, then his face went pale. "Don't tell me."

"We're losing that moron in the asteroid field. Do you think he'll be brave enough to keep up?" she asked. Her honey-like tone was enough to make Lemo's face go completely white.
"This isn't about bravery, Cheelai! How do you know for sure you can navigate that safely without getting us killed?" His face was so close to hers that she shoved it behind her.

"Sit tight, strap in, and shut up! Navigating this asteroid field is going to be; let's just say it'll be dicey," Cheelai took a deep breath. "WHOO!" she exclaimed, and flew the ship into the field, swerving and rolling from side to side to avoid each incoming asteroid.

Patrolman Jaco had his sights on the craft dead ahead and grinned as he fired up his thrusters to get in close enough to engage his tractor beam to seize the ship.

"I have you now, you thief!" he said, declaring his victory. He was almost in range. His hands gripped the throttle of his ship's engine, easing it forward to draw himself closer. His eyes had the determined look of his formidable years in the Galactic Patrol, eager to finally get his hands on the woman who was piloting that craft.

When he saw where the craft ahead was flying into, he belted out a scream and reversed the thrusters of his ship, stopping short of colliding against an asteroid. He scrutinized the field with cold sweat on his brow, his breathing rapid. The communicator's light blinked, and he froze. It was like a piece of the asteroid itself was tumbling around in his stomach. That red light was mocking him as it illuminated his face, and he pressed the button with a shaking hand.

"T-This is Patrolman Jaco. Come in…?"

"What in blazes are you doing stopping your pursuit, Jaco?!" the chief's voice yelled from the other end. Jaco reeled back, bringing his hands to his face.

"W-well, you see, the thief, she um, entered an asteroid field…" Jaco mumbled the last portion and cleared his throat.

"Can you repeat that? You trailed off," the chief said impatiently, and Jaco sighed.

"She went into an asteroid field, sir!"

"So? Go after her!"

"I…I can't, sir!" Jaco screeched, and there was a small gasp at the other end, yet it sounded more like an exasperated grunt. Jaco felt like he was in the chief's office, addressing him in person. No, worse, the Galactic King.

"What do you mean you can't? You're a seasoned Patrolman; asteroid navigation was one of the lessons you first learned during the academy!"

"I know that, sir! But I was, um, sick that day, so I didn't take the course."

Jaco lied, of course, because the idea of navigating dangerous terrain, crashing his craft, and have himself float aimlessly in the cold vacuum of space continued to send shivers down his spine. He made up every single excuse he could think of to avoid learning and testing simulations.

There was a long pause at the other end, and Jaco gulped. He reached for the communicator. "Maybe spatial interference jammed the frequency? Guess I'll shut it off then."

"We're sending Squad B; they're on the other side of the asteroid field. Meanwhile,"

Jaco jumped with a squeak in his throat.

"Return to HQ. We'll give you a new assignment," the chief ordered, and Jaco's face lit up nervously.

"B-b-but, sir!" Jaco contended. "I know this woman! She's been a terrible person who stole a Galactic Patrol vehicle! I can navigate the long way around the asteroid field and scan for her ship's signature!"

"We'll catch up to her with squad B more quickly, Jaco," the chief's loud, gruff voice stated, ignoring his protest. "As for you, report back to HQ for asteroid simulation training. Over and out."

"Nooo!" Jaco howled, hands to his head when the communication cut off.

Cheelai laughed after she cleared the field, and Lemo finally opened his eyes. He surveyed the area outside the ship, relieved that they survived. When his eye caught three more ships entering the sensor grid, he pointed them out to her. "Cheelai! More Galactic Patrol ships!"

"Not on my watch," she said with a grin, pulling the steering mechanism back to give them a boost. She lured them back to the asteroid field by flying along the edge, waiting for an opening to dive back in so they'd follow her. Two ships maintained their pursuit while the third opened fire with their lasers, cutting through the asteroids in front of Cheelai to obstruct her route.

"They're firing at us!" Lemo shouted. He was clutching the back of the pilot's seat again, eyes darting left and right to watch out for debris and the Patrol ships behind them. Cheelai performed a few tricky moves to avoid the destroyed rocks. The two Patrol ships split off from each other and went to flank her. They opened fire at her.

"Dammit, I can't lose them!" She pulled the ship up at a ninety-degree angle, performing a barrel roll to avoid their laser fire. She swerved to an attack position, making her way to the third outside the field.

"Let's see if I can get in some 'friendly fire' going," she muttered and flew directly at the Patrol ship. The pilot panicked and tried to swerve to avoid her, while the two other vessels behind her cleared the asteroid field and continued firing. She turned the ship up at the last moment, and the lasers hit the patrol ship instead, blowing it up. The two pilots panicked as they flew through the debris of the destroyed ship.

Cheelai beamed as she flew to a giant asteroid. She slowed it down to latch onto its surface, powering down the ship to keep them out of both sight and sensor range. She breathed a sigh and lounged back on the pilot's seat with her hands behind her head, feet resting on the control panel.

"Are you insane?!" Lemo chastised her. She gave him a flat look, not saying anything.

"We should be making the jump into hyperspace back to Vampa, pronto! I don't like making Broly wait this long!"

"Relax! Once we lose the space cops, we'll be in the clear," she said calmly and tapped him on the chest with the back of her gloved hand. Lemo scoffed as he walked over to the large container that they stored in the back of their ship.

"At least once we get this safely to Vampa, Broly will be back at a hundred percent again," he said as he put his hand on the box.

It has been a little over two days after Cheelai made a wish to the Earth's Dragonballs. Broly, a Saiyan the two had met on Vampa, was engaged in a fierce battle with two other Saiyans. He was holding his own, yet when this other fighter came in, dressed in weird white pants, a black vest with gold trimmings, and a cocky looking grin, the tide turned to his favor. Broly was in trouble, and that guy was going to kill him if she didn't make a hasty decision. She wished for Broly to be sent back to where they met him, back to Vampa.

But who was that guy, and what happened to the other two that were fighting Broly earlier? Cheelai was pondering this as she ventured with Lemo to secure a healing capsule big enough to fit someone of Broly's size inside, and there were only so few supply depot planets under Freeza's control that they could infiltrate to steal one for themselves. She was hopeful that the healing process would be quick and efficient to plan their next move: relocate to a less hostile planet out of the jurisdiction of the Freeza Force.

She leaned forward when she saw the two remaining patrol ships fly by as they scanned the area, and when their searchlights went out, they flew off. She waited until the asteroid they were attached to rotated enough to give her a better view and saw that they were no longer in sight.

"Do you think they're gone?" Lemo asked, leaning over her shoulder to look out the cockpit window, and Cheelai put in the calculations for their hyperspace jump.

"They can't cloak themselves, so yes, they're gone. Strap in, I'm going to get us out of here asap," Cheelai said, and Lemo quickly sat down behind her, securing his belt. She reignited the thrusters and detached the ship from the asteroid. It flew off to where she could safely make the jump, and the ship blasted off into light speed seconds later.

When the ship emerged into Vampa's atmosphere, Broly was hauling two large carcasses of giant Vampa beetles, creatures indigenous to the planet whose numbers were uncalculable. The planet was littered with them everywhere, crawling and scavenging for food. Some latched their tongues onto one of the giant beasts that nested in craters, siphoning their blood to feed themselves.

The beasts nested themselves in large craters, resembling large pools of water to the naked eye. On closer inspection, the "water" was their large coat of green fur that concealed a pair of glowing red eyes and rows of razor-sharp teeth that tore into one of the beetles to snatch them up and the beast swallowed them whole.

One of them, whom Broly had named Ba, had its ear blasted off by Broly's father, Paragus, years ago. He did it to serve as a reminder that the only thing that mattered on this planet was survival of the fittest. Broly kept the beast's ear tied around his waist to remember their former bond, and he'd been highly protective of it to everyone, lashing out once at Cheelai for even daring to touch it.

He dropped the two beetles on the ground and looked up, shielding his eyes from the sun's glare to get a better view of the ship coming in. He was relieved to see the familiar ship touch down on the surface near the open cave they used to set up their temporary residence. Cheelai waved at him from behind the cockpit window. The door slid open to the side, and Lemo stumbled out, falling to his hands and knees, kissing the ground.

"I don't care if this is a wasteland, I'm so glad to see you oh great safe ground," he muttered, and Cheelai jogged out, stretching her arms out.

"Hey there, big guy! We're back!" she shouted as she ran up to Broly and flashed the OK sign at him, which he remembered was a good sign and returned it to the best of his ability, not quite grasping the proper finger posture to pull it off.

"Mission successful!" Cheelai boasted as she flexed her biceps, posing proudly, and Lemo was helped to his feet by Broly.

"Are you okay, Lemo?" Broly inquired, and Lemo waved him off, leaning forward with his hands on his knees.

"Oh yeah, just swell." He felt a pop in his back as he straightened back up and felt relief wash over him. "As Cheelai was saying: Mission successful. We got the healing capsule."

Lemo pointed to the craft, and Cheelai pressed a button on the side to lower the ramp. Broly then peeked inside.

"It's a large white box," he noted, curious. Cheelai smirked.

"It's what's inside the box that's important," she said. "Once we have that built, we'll get you healed up back to full in no time."

She turned to signal Lemo, but Broly walked over to the box and was able to pick it up with his bare hands easily. Cheelai was captivated by Broly's strength as he hauled the large box out of the ship.

"Uh, sure! We were going to use the levitator tool, but I guess brute strength also works…?"

She gulped each time Broly displayed his incredible Saiyan power. As he carried the box to the entrance of the cave, Lemo noticed how rosy her cheeks were getting whenever she watched his arms flex while moving the large object on his shoulders. He cleared his throat to get her attention.

"If you got time to stare, you got time to help set this up," he said, and Cheelai blinked.

"R-right, of course!"

They both began working on building the capsule as Broly was busy eating the orange gel-like substance that oozed out of the beetle's legs when he broke off one of them. He offered some to Lemo and Cheelai, but Lemo immediately refused, reminding the big Saiyan that he'd never want to taste anything like that ever again. Cheelai could stomach a little before she felt a bit queasy and refused, waving her hand in front of her. She dipped her finger in the substance.

"You ever thought of cooking this through instead of eating it raw all the time?" she asked, glancing up at him, shaking it off her gloved finger. Broly shook his head.

"Father and I ate what we could. We didn't do any of this 'cooking' you speak of. Their legs provide enough nutrients."

Cheelai gave him a sour look and shook her head. "C'mon, there has to have been one instance where you'd set up a fire and cook these things. Maybe they're like giant crabs, and the meat solidifies?"

"How would you know they're crustacean, Cheelai?" Lemo asked as he tightened a few more screws into the hull of the capsule, taking his toque off his head to wipe his forehead before putting it back.

"Well, it couldn't hurt to try cooking them, Lemo. Let's take a break and see if we can make some magic!"

Lemo paused and stared blankly at her. He sighed, setting his tools down, and groaned as he rose, his knees popping as he straightened up.

"I swear I'm gonna need a turn in the capsule after Broly," he muttered to himself. He saw one of the legs that weren't eaten from yet. The stench of the gel was so revolting it made him retch, almost throwing up. It was like the rank sweaty odor of unwashed soldier uniforms left in the laundry at the change rooms on one of Freeza's ships, only it was ten times worse.

Stomaching it, he looked at the substance more closely and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, from what I can see, it's possible we can cook this. Maybe add a few seasonings, perhaps…?"

He made another disgusted face as he retreated to the capsule house. They hadn't unpacked everything just yet, for they knew this was only a temporary stay on Vampa until they found a new planet. The capsule house provided to them by that one Saiyan Broly fought named Goku had a spacious enough kitchen for Lemo to put his supplies away. One thing that he prided himself above anything else was his culinary skills, and wondered if there might be some way to make this edible enough for even him to eat. He chopped up some herbs and bundled them together in a sheet of tinfoil, taking the roll with him. He grabbed a few bottles of spices from his spice rack along with a couple of whole lemons before he exited the house. He proceeded to stuff the herbs and spices in the shell casing, mixing it with the gel. He squeezed the juice from the lemons afterward and covered the end with a sheet of tinfoil.

He then had Broly start up a fire and set up a makeshift spit out of sturdy twigs and twine to attach the mandible to, connecting a small crank to rotate it above the flame as it burned underneath. He had Broly continue to turn it slowly while he kept the fire hot and waited until he was confident it looked ready and gently took it off the flame. When the foil was cooled off enough to touch it safely, Lemo removed it to allow a cloud of steam to escape from inside, and his hand reared back before the steam could burn his skin. Cheelai and Broly stared down at it, and she smelled the fumes coming out for a moment and winced.

"Well, I guess it doesn't smell as bad as when it was raw. At least it's lemon-flavored sweaty soldier uniforms," Cheelai laughed. Lemo used a pair of tongs to pull out the meat, and it slid out like butter. Before them was a perfectly preserved portion of bug meat cooked through, and the meat had a slight hint of orange to its white-colored texture. Broly reached out to touch it with a hand.

"Go ahead, big guy, give it a try," Lemo encouraged him. Broly tore off a chunk of the portion and put it in his mouth. He chewed on it, and his eyes lit up.

"I like this," he said, and Cheelai gave him a warm smile, trying to grab a chunk for herself, but a lot of it was still hot to the touch. Lemo fetched a couple of plates for the two with some chopsticks. He used the tongs to break off individual portions of the meat and plated them for Cheelai, handing it over to her. He plated pieces for himself and Broly, handing a pair of chopsticks for Broly to hold in his hand, and he regarded these small sticks the way a bird viewed a rock.

"Might as well make the best of this. Dig in!" Lemo said, and Cheelai put her hands together to give her thanks for the meal – she was still at least polite enough in that regard – with Broly holding the chopsticks awkwardly.

"Hold them like this, Broly," Cheelai said in a soft tone as she instructed him on how to handle his chopsticks. He patiently observed her hands moving on top of his, and she could feel how coarse and rough they were to the touch through her gloved hands. It was hard for her to grasp how such a gentle-looking face had hands that knew nothing but violence and destruction. She helped him pinch a portion of the meat in between the sticks, and after a couple of failed attempts, Broly was able to hold one of them successfully. As she helped guide it to his mouth, the look she gave him was gentle, which made Broly grin whenever he stared into her purple-colored eyes. She worked on eating her portion while helping Broly control his grip and blew on it before putting it in her mouth. She closed her eyes and chewed. After a few moments, she swallowed, and her eyes lit up with a smile on her face.

"Woah! This bug meat works better cooked! C'mon Lemo, don't be a stranger!" she said, and Lemo took a deep breath and took a small bite from his portion and made a face, spitting it back out.

"It's still terrible!" he shouted and shoved his plate at Cheelai. "Here, since you seem to enjoy it so much."

"Don't mind if I do! Piloting an asteroid field built up a huge appetite!" she exclaimed and ate. Both ate the rest of it, and Cheelai licked her lips.

"I wouldn't mind having more of that, to be honest," she said, glancing at Lemo, who resumed building the healing capsule, and he rolled his eyes.

"I'd rather make my own food; thank you very much. You'll appreciate it that way. That Saiyan's friend gave us some recipes and food from their planet for me to try out, and I'd love to see what I come up with starting tomorrow."

"Sure, whatever," Cheelai said, turning to Broly. "Hey, you thirsty?"

Broly wiped around his mouth any bits that he missed and sucked on his finger to get it all in, and he glanced down at Cheelai, realizing that she was talking to him.

"There's a kitchen with a fridge in the house. I'm pretty sure I can find something you'd like. Juice? Water? Sports Drink? Maybe a can of beer?"

"Great idea, Cheelai!" Lemo said sarcastically. "Let's get our new Saiyan friend drunk!"

"What is this beer?" Broly asked, seated cross-legged beside Cheelai as she stood up. Even for her height, she was still only tall enough to stand at eye level with him when she was on her feet.

"Only the best thing to ever exist!" she said with an excited grin on her face as she strolled back to the house. Broly watched her go inside as Lemo rolled his eyes. He put the finishing touches on the capsule, wiping his hands together.

"All done here! Let's get this thing ready to roll as soon as possible!"

Cheelai came back with an armful of cans, almost dropping a couple. She sat on her knees, laying them out before her. Taking two cans of beer, she opened one to pass it to Broly. She popped the top off of hers and tapped the can in Broly's hand.

"Cheers!" she sang and chugged hers down. When she finished, she expelled a loud belch, netting a disgusted look from Lemo.

"C'mon, give it a try!" she nudged the beer can in Broly's hand up to his mouth, and Broly brought it to his nose to smell it, wincing back from the strong smell. He sniffed at it again, took a sip, and made a face, moving the can away from him. He passed it back to Cheelai, and she laughed, taking it out of his hand.

"I don't like how it tastes," he told her. Cheelai shrugged as she chugged the other can whole.

"You shouldn't be drinking those so fast; you'll get so drunk you'll be crawling back to your bed!" Lemo complained, and Cheelai waved him off.

"You don't know my tolerance, lightweight! So Broly, given any thought as to what you want to do when we find a new planet?"

"I, I don't know," he said, staring down at her. He had a look of sadness on his face that was apparent in his eyes, and Cheelai gently placed her hand along his arm.

"Are you reluctant to leave because of the memories you have of your dad and your friend?" she remarked, and Broly's brow furrowed a moment.

"I'm sorry." Her tone was curious but seeing what this was making him feel made it awkward. "Was that too intrusive?" she added.

"No," Broly shook his head. "Father told me not to mourn or grieve if something were to ever happen to him. A Saiyan prides himself on fighting, and death is only a natural part of that. We must be proud of our power."

Cheelai could understand where he was coming from, even though she disagreed with the whole notion of trying to control one's grief. "You don't need to hide it, Broly. It's okay to mourn if you need to. You loved your father dearly, right?"

He closed his eyes, and Cheelai could see a single tear fall down his face. She felt she needed to change the subject before this escalated, and they'd have to face another situation where Broly could no longer control his temper. She cleared her throat and pointed at the Capsule house.

"Um, I'm gonna go relax in my room for a bit. That Capsule house Goku gave us has a few movies to watch. How about it, Broly? Do you want to join me?"

Broly wiped his eyes and stared at her. "What are movies?"

Cheelai wanted to chastise him for not knowing such a simple thing but then remembered that his entire life had been spent on this planet doing nothing but eat, sleep, and train with his father. She thought of the best way to explain this and nodded with a grin on her face.

"It's like a story shown through moving pictures, and it can either be funny, dramatic, or downright scary! Scary movies are the best ones because they're so stupid they become funny!"

"Oh, hell, no!" Lemo piped in. "I ain't watching any scary movie with you, Cheelai." Lemo crossed his arms, leaning against the healing capsule, and Cheelai approached him with a lewd grin on her face.

"I dare you to keep your eyes open for more than five minutes, Mister scaredy-pants," she said, poking him in the chest, and Lemo went red in the face, scowling at her.

"Just go watch your stupid movies already! Broly, I should have this set up and ready to go in about half an hour."

"If you're still thirsty, Broly, there are other drinks that aren't beer there for you and Lemo!" Cheelai called behind her as she strolled back in the house.

"Understood," Broly said as he rose back to his feet. He took the leftover parts of the dead bugs and threw them over the precipice into a ravine below where other bugs were there, pouncing on the parts to devour them whole, and he stared down at them. He caught sight of one of the beasts poking its head out from its nesting ground and grinned a bit, wondering if that was Ba he was looking at, but it still had both ears intact while it fought off some of the bugs that were feeding off of it. Beyond the beast nests and clusters of beetles, there was a mound crawling underneath, and Broly frowned. He knew that was the most dangerous of all the creatures on Vampa, and he was hopeful his new friends would never lay eyes upon them.

When Cheelai closed the door to her room, she took off her body armor, unlatched her utility belt with her blaster pistol holstered on its side, and removed her gloves and boots. She sighed, jumping to flop down onto her back on top of her bed.

"This armor does a number on my boobs," she groaned and massaged them a couple of times through her purple spandex top to get some feeling back in them. Wearing her body armor for too long led to some numbness in her chest, and she was glad to massage some sense back in them when she was free of its constrictive nature, despite how elastic it was.

When she lived on her own as a street urchin, she often snuck out of the orphanage to see movies playing at the local theater on the planet she was living at with other orphaned kids. Films were something that brought her comfort, and if she hadn't picked up thieving and survival skills, she would've pursued a dream to become a film actress.

She leaned forward and rifled through a selection of tapes that had movies pre-selected for them when given the capsule house. Several of these movies looked a lot like something she had seen countless times before and fished out a slasher flick from the pile.

She popped it in the movie player, and it started playing on the screen. She took an opened bag of chips lying down beside her bed that she had been munching from and began to eat while watching, often laughing at certain parts.

Broly helped retrieve a few more items that Lemo and Cheelai stashed with the box in the back of their ship. Canisters that contained healing liquid were off-loaded from the rear by Broly while Lemo turned a few knobs to the right. He moved a few other dials so that everything would function flawlessly. He hooked the healing capsule to the power generator and double-checked to make sure everything worked. He opened the door and nodded to Broly.

"Alright, big guy, ready to get healed back to full?" he asked, and they were both alerted to a scream coming from inside the house. In his panic, Lemo screamed himself, and Broly's eyes lit up.

"Cheelai!" he shouted and bolted to the house. He had to duck underneath to get in, but he reached the door to Cheelai's room as quickly as possible. Using his foot, he broke it down completely.

Cheelai was in the middle of an intense moment where the killer had his sights set on his latest victim. He was about to come down with his weapon when the door flew off from its hinges, crashing into the opposite wall. Cheelai's scream was louder than that of the victim in the movie, and she stared at Broly, mortified.

"What the HELL are you doing?!" she screeched, her heart pounding against her chest as she pressed her hand against it. Lemo soon came in and gawked at the broken door.

"Aw crap," he muttered, and Broly scanned the room frantically.

"Are you hurt? Is everything alright? Are you in danger?!" Broly stammered, worry in his eyes. Cheelai took a moment to compose herself and felt anger replacing her fear as she gritted her teeth, glaring at him.

"Of course I'm alright, you dumbass! You broke my door!"

"I-I heard a scream," Broly apologized, trying to avert his gaze at Cheelai's scowl, and she pointed to the screen with her hand.

"I TOLD you I was watching a scary movie! Of course, there's going to be screaming!" she snapped, and Broly hung his head low like a scolded puppy dog.

Lemo sighed. "I'm sorry, I should shoulder the blame on this one. I didn't react in time to stop him."

Cheelai took her alarm clock from the nightstand and threw it at him, almost hitting him in the head if he hadn't ducked at the last second.

"There's a clock, Lemo! Maybe it'll help you calculate your reaction time better! NOW GET OUT!"

Lemo quickly scurried off, crawling out of the room before Cheelai could hit him with another flying object, and Broly swallowed, looking anxiously at her. She shifted her penetrating stare at him now.

"I'm sorry…I broke your door…"

After he calmly walked out of the room, Cheelai paused, surprising herself at how angry she had become, and glared at the movie instead. This whole sequence of events threw her entirely out of her mood, and she shut it off. She slipped on her boots and stormed out of the house, almost bumping into Broly. She walked from the outskirts of the cave to an incline that would take her down to the valley below, and Broly worried that navigating the terrain by herself was too dangerous. He wanted to go after her to keep her safe, but Lemo stopped him with a look.

"It's not safe for her to venture out so far. The beetles will pick up on her scent soon," Broly said, and Lemo cleared his throat.

"Her anger's more dangerous than some giant bugs, Broly. But hey, up to you if you wanna tempt your fate," he said and went in the house to grab Cheelai's coat, tossing it to him.

"Here. Sun's setting, so it'll get chilly out there. She's pretty stubborn when she's irritated like this, so don't say I didn't warn ya."

Broly nodded and flew over to sense Cheelai's energy, and he picked up her trail reasonably quickly. She reached the top of the giant rock spire above the cave rather than the valley below, as Broly feared. She shivered as she wrapped her arms around her legs, the strong winds blowing against her hair.

"Dammit, I should've brought my coat with me," she muttered to herself and gasped when she felt something drape itself around her. She spun around, reaching for her blaster pistol but realized it was still in her room. When she saw that it was Broly who had wrapped her coat around her, she relaxed a bit but again gave him an angered look.

"Would you please stop scaring me like that?!" she growled, wrapping her coat around her tightly. The anger in her voice made Broly feel even worse, and he turned around to walk back.

"I'm sorry," he muttered, and before he went back to the cave, she rose to her feet.

"Wait…Broly…don't leave. Not yet."

She slipped her arms into the sleeves and zipped up her coat, running to stand in front of him. She needed to not scare him off with her vexing tone so much, so she took a deep breath to calm herself down and stared up at him, craning her neck just to get his full face in view. It fascinated her that Broly wasn't feeling these bitter cold winds in the slightest. He wore nothing but Ba's ear, his purple spandex pants, and boots he still had on him, his body armor wholly gone from his fight with the other two Saiyans. Ba's ear had remarkable durability, considering how fierce that fight was for him.

"Maybe I shouldn't be overreacting so much," she managed to tell him, and Broly raised his hand in protest.

"I've made you angry," Broly said remorsefully, and even Cheelai couldn't help but feel it herself.

"You didn't mean to, and I freaked out because of it. I should've explained these scary movies more clearly."

"You were not screaming?" he asked, and Cheelai grinned, shaking her head.

"Of course not, silly. Scary movies always have people screaming before the killer butchers them with his weapon. I've seen those so many times they become funny to me now. If I'm watching a scary movie and there's screaming, it doesn't mean I'm in danger, alright?"

"I understand," he said, and she flashed him her OK sign.

"Glad we got that cleared up."

"I feel awful about breaking your door, Cheelai," Broly said as he was sheepishly holding his arm with his other hand. To Cheelai, it felt rather cute when he looked embarrassed, but she vowed not to make him always feel like this. She dismissed his concern with a wave and a grin on her face, pointing back down to where Lemo was.

"Lemo'll fix it up tomorrow. He's like a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy. He fixes anything and can cook delicious bug meat!" she chuckled.

"I like that sound that is coming out of your mouth. It sounds good to me," Broly said, and Cheelai couldn't help feel somewhat embarrassed at that remark, her cheeks red for him to see.

"W-well, I laugh when something's funny! You should laugh too; it's good for your health!"

"Laughing," Broly repeated, thinking it over. Cheelai had her hand on his arm.

"Tell you what. Tomorrow I'll help you get in a good belly laugh, how about that?" Cheelai offered, and Broly flashed the OK sign at her.

"I will try and laugh from my stomach," he said, and Cheelai barked another laugh, confusing him.

"I'm sorry! I shouldn't have laughed at that. A belly laugh is a loud feel-good laugh that you feel in your stomach, that's why they call it a 'belly laugh,'" she explained, and Broly nodded.

"I would like to feel that. Thank you, Cheelai."

"Anytime, big guy."

She stared up at him for a moment with a warm smile on her face now, and within a few seconds, she began to feel awkward and cleared her throat.

"Ahem, well, we shouldn't keep Lemo worried. And I don't want to be some bug's dinner, so lead me back, will you?" she said nervously, and Broly lifted her with one arm. She yelped a bit, going an extra shade of red, and she wrapped her arms around him as he flew a short distance in the air.

"Hey, Broly…?"


"Would you be able to show me more of Vampa tomorrow? Like, while we're flying this high up in the air?" she asked, and Broly glanced at her, then nodded with a grin.

"I can do that."

"Awesome. Maybe Vampa won't look so bad from high up?"

She at least hoped it wasn't. If they stayed on Vampa for too long, their desperation would become so great that they'd consider living in their ship as they flew across space to find a new place. The worst-case scenario for them would be to go back to that Earth planet they traveled to with Freeza, but that wasn't in Cheelai's consideration, not when those space cops were roaming around.

When they landed back at the cave entrance, Broly lowered Cheelai back to the ground, and Lemo pointed to the door he had brought back outside of the house to lay against the foundation.

"I can have that fixed up by mid-afternoon tomorrow," he said, after he had assessed the damage and went back to open up the capsule.

"Well, big guy, as we were?" he mentioned, and Broly nodded. He climbed in, and Lemo attached all the necessary suction cups to his vitals and affixed a breathing mask to his face before he closed and locked it. He activated the machine, and the healing liquid began filling up the inside of the tank. Broly closed his eyes as he was standing there, feeling the soothing sensation of the liquid envelop him. Lemo double-checked the display beside the capsule and nodded, turning to Cheelai.

"Should take about half an hour, but he'll be up and at it good as new," he said, and Cheelai breathed a sigh.

"Thank goodness. You have no idea how much this means to me, Lemo," she told him. They thought of those beans Goku had given them and wanted to give one to Broly. Still, they felt that stealing a healing capsule from Freeza's supplies was a more original idea on her part after they assessed the amount of damage Broly had taken in his fight. She still wasn't sure what to make of this Goku fellow and all of these things that he gave them. Lemo wanted to analyze those beans more thoroughly before they tried to use any of them.

Cheelai had retired back to her bedroom as soon as Broly recovered. She changed into her pajamas – a shirt and a pair of boxers – and threw on another movie to watch, only this one put her to sleep. Lemo had his bed in the living room by the kitchen, and Broly was busy keeping watch outside, feeling refreshed enough to keep an eye on things as the night sky cast an eerie light over the horizon. He sat along the edge of the precipice, watching the valley below as the bugs crawled around. He remembered playing with Ba again as he felt the pelt around his waist and shed quiet tears, mourning the loss of his father.