Crossing Infinity

Chapter Four

"Alright Sgt Barnes look me right in the eyes, Legillimens" Harry incanted and the memory of the secretary's property came fully into view "Okay got let's go" he opened the portal and the pair stepped through.

The yard and the house were dark save for a dim light emanating from the kitchen window Bucky approached the back door motioning for Harry to stay back Harry stopped in his tracks looking around noticing various defense systems. "Sgt Barnes?" Harry started only to be interrupted as the man touch a pad that was revealed by a sliding panel. After laying his palm on the pad the system deactivated

"My name is either James or Bucky." He said simply "one of the 'perks' of being hydra's winter soldier I can get into everything we just need to wait for him to get home. He will be expecting me can you disappear?"

"Yes" Harry shifted as he faded from sight.

"That is a nifty trick" Barnes said softly "Now we wait."

Four hours they waited Harry was considering calling it a wash when the Secretary Alexander Pierce arrived home. "Good evening Rosita thank you for keeping the house and prepping dinner you may retire for the night I am going to eat and make a few calls. He then walked into the kitchen opened the refrigerator and removing the meal he would have to reheat when he closed the door the soldier surprised the secretary by appearing by the appliance standing silent and resolute.

"Soldier Report" The secretary demanded "What is the status of Harry Potter"

Sgt Barnes smiled inwardly "Why Mr. Secretary thank you for concern but do you have the same level of concern for all new recruits or just me "Harry asked glibly

"Soldier comply eliminate the target." He cried pushing his panic button

"I am afraid Mr. Secretary that I cannot follow that order I am Sgt James Buchannan Barnes 107th Infantry. I fought hydra then and I will see them Destroyed now" Bucky Said seeing the Secretary begin to panic. "Agent Potter took care of your tech when you walked in the room Pierce"

"Mr. Pierce I am insulted that your organization tried to kill me" Harry said Spinning the secretary catching his eyes Harry incanted "Legillimens" for nearly three quarters of an hour Harry held the secretary under the spell. When he came out he stunned the secretary "I have learned that there are 15 heads of Hydra, one of them Dr Arnim Zola is now a digital intelligence and that in a weeks' time hydra was going to eliminate anyone who could be a threat using Dr Zola's algorithm to select the targets. Grab his laptop"

"Well with the way you can move us around we should be able to make short work of hydra heads" Bucky admitted and while Harry did not disagree, he responded in the negative.

"We need to cut off the heads and expose every member willing or otherwise for that we are going to need someone more tech savvy than either of us and a little backup could not hurt" Harry said an easy smile on his face "How do you feel about working with Steve and Natasha?"

"I don't mind it per se but can you keep your mind on the mission at hand or will it be glued to her ass?" Bucky asked trying to contain a laugh. before sobering "Can you? This is not going to be a walk in the park we are going to be standing on a pile of bodies worldwide when we are done."

"While I do find her derriere pleasant to look at. I really just want to get to know her." Harry answered honestly "I don't know if I can explain it holding here in my arms for just a moment …"

"I get it trust me I do. We had a thing 60 years ago before the red room graduated her they wanted to breed a super soldier but they the babies never made it to term."

"You and Natasha?" Harry asked only to receive a nod "awkward"

"Yeah, don't let it bother you the only reason I remember is because of you." Bucky said softly "She deserves someone nice, someone who cares and someone who will not judge her unfairly. Now what are we going to do with him.?" He said pointing at the Secretary.

"That's easy." Raising his hand running it over the unconscious man's chest stopping his heart. "Dead Men tell no tales. Now we are going back we need to catch them before they leave for that ship."

Bucky looked at the Man "How can one so young be so blasé about killing someone?"

"Well for starters. Neither of us actually looks our age while I am not as old as you are." Harry said opening a portal and motioned the super solider through. When they were through closed it "I am 37 and I have it on very good authority from a higher tier being that I will live a very long time. Suffice it to say that he reminds me of someone from my home I will not lose sleep over shuffling him from the mortal coil"

"Age is Just a number Dewin" the soft voice of the ancient one caught them both off guard "I did not mean to surprise or interrupt your conversation but on a cosmic scale you are both still babies compared to some beings. Now unfortunately I am about to have an uncomfortable discussion with several masters and I would prefer to not Bucky in any more danger."

Harry who had been at Kamar-taj for some time had seen the tension building and knew the masters in question. "Master I can send Bucky on and stay for the meeting."

"No Dewin, this is just the beginning of a necessary end" she sad putting her arms on his shoulders "Kaecilius is not your problem to solve. There will be another and I think you and he will be very good friends. Now go everyone else is at Stark Tower. Go be a hero!"

Harry nodded and turned to Bucky "We really need to go things are about to get out of hand here. Master Kaecilius tolerates me because every time we fight, we fight to a stalemate. But he will have his disciples with him."

"If you think it is best. Then maybe we should go." Bucky said Harry raised his hands opening the portal he could see Natasha Talking with Steve and fury Colonel Rhodes a sharing a drink with Tony, Pepper and third guy with dark hair and glasses he sent bucky through then he allowed the portal to close surprising every one

Harry squared his shoulders and turned toward the masters "Master Kaecilius, what you are about to embark will end in the destruction of your souls."

"Dewin Stay out of this, you are not one of our order. Therefore, you have no say." Kaecilius sneered "At best you are a hedge wizard at worst you are a boy playing in a man's world. Dormammu strengthens my hand. Who strengthens yours?"

Harry Smirked and let the restraints on his power go the cloak, ring and staff appeared in his hand a skeletal mask appeared on his face. "Your master rules one realm and tries to infiltrate others. The one whom I serve touches all realities and dimensions."

Kaecilius stepped back this was not the same person he met four months ago this was a servant of death. He quickly looked at the ancient one for clarification she nodded "I understand your displeasure with your discovery Master Kaecilius and you have asked all the important questions save one. Why?"

"I don't want excuses, ancient one" Kaecilius screamed "Anything you said would be suspect!"

"I can help here if you both would like" Harry asked mildly "I have two ways to get the information one is extracting the information the other is a truth serum from my home reality Which would you prefer?"

"Both" the ancient one said suddenly filled with hope that she could pass the mantle to Stephen Strange and then retire and rest

Natasha saw the portal open and her eyes lit up she was looking forward to talking with the Harry only to frown when the portal closed "James why didn't Harry come through with you?"

"Offhand the punk is going to derail a fight that is about to happen within the order of the monks." Bucky said some concern evident in his voice "The Ancient one wanted us cleared out. Harry and whoever the ancient one is meeting have fought to a draw but…"

"So, he does not have good survival instincts" The dark hired man said clearly not impressed

"No, his survival instincts leave something to be desired" Natasha snorted shaking her head "But there is no doubt he is an avenger he will put the safety of the universe first."

"You sound like you admire him Madam Widow" Tony Snarked "I think he is just a busy body turning everyone's life upside down." He finished glowering at Bucky.

"He gave me back my best friend. I am sorry there is no one in this room who can understand what I feel like all the time" Steve said softly stopping conversation in the room "Things are faster, much less personal. The world is colder now than when I went into the ice. Since I woke up despite Natasha's work to get me out into the world of dating. I am alone, A man apart until today"

"Mr. Stark. There is not a day that has gone by when Hydra's conditioning broke where I did not grieve and wish I could change what I had done, been stronger or died when I fell off that train."

They were all surprised by a gentle pop of Harry Appearing "So what did I miss?" he asked a smile on his face made him light up.

"What did you find out Agent Potter!" Director fury asked "we have done as you asked and waited, I hope for all our sakes the information is worth it.

"We have ten days before Hydra turns' the world to shit, there are 14 heads of hydra left to eliminate." Harry said shrugging his shoulders "The Strike Team except for Captain Rogers and Agent Romanov are all Hydra. Secretary Pierce ordered the strike on my house knowing we were all there."

"I assume you have names of the heads and information on how to access Hydra's data centers." Fury asked. Harry nodded motioning for Bucky to hand over the laptop "Good work, Both of you. Stark, Romanov And Banner go over the data. I am contacting Hawkeye and Hill."

Harry realizing that now he was not of any real use here seeing a balcony nearby he noted it was early evening he went out on the balcony and conjured a replica of his recliner sat down and in a few short minutes was asleep.

Pepper seeing that grabbed a blanket off one of the couches going out onto the balcony she covered him up she was surprised by how young he looked. On her way back in she saw widow look up from a terminal toward Harry and mouthed "is he alright" to which Pepper made the universal sign for sleeping. Fury noticed and commented "I don't recall giving potter leave to sleep."

"Fury like me Harry does not seem to tech savvy he ensured we got what we needed. Given the amount he has done in the last day I think he has earned it." Rogers said clearly Rhodes looked like he was about to disagree "You don't run a new recruit into the ground and then expect him to perform at 100 percent with the range of his abilities let him rest while we can."

"It's not like he is taking up any bedspace" tony said causing Widow to snort and everyone else to start chuckling. "Besides in 3, 2, 1"

"Sir I have finished decrypting Hydra's datacenters and have found Dr Zola, his algorithm and all Hydra bases, they have the Loki's scepter in Sokovia."

"Jarvis, can you tell me if there are any Hydra agents on the bus?" Fury asked

"Yes, there is one agent Grant Ward recruited and trained by…" Jarvis droned

"John Garret" Fury Said angrily "Jarvis can to send a message to all non-hydra team leads and at the same time. Rogers you are with me the president has been dying to meet you and I have been running interference."

"He is not going to be one of those people who wants an autograph is he?" Steve asked causing everyone to chuckle at his discomfort "What about Bucky?"

"what about him?" Fury asked honestly wanting to know where he was going with this. "He was KIA back in 45"

Oddly enough it was Rhodes who lost it "Be that as it may he was a member of our armed forces who turned out to be MIA and imprisoned by the very forces we were fighting." the man seethed only to calm when Tony stark put a hand on his shoulder

"Right now, I hate the man they made him they took his free will and twisted his life and body into a killer." Tony said his voice intense "My Father like Steve was devastated by his loss. He has extended family that deserve to know. Hell, the nation needs to know just how close we came to be taken over!"

"Fine he can come with us to meet the president. When Potter wakes see if he can think of a way to get Thor a message. I need the avengers in Sokovia that scepter is a dangerous thing." Fury said Shaking his head as he motioned for Rhodes, Rogers, and Bucky to follow him. "Romanov Keep an eye on your boyfriend!"

"He is not my boyfriend… Yet" Natasha said looking at Bruce banner "Bruce Since that Day in India I have on multiple occasions overtly flirted with you. You are someone I wanted to let know me all of me" She said demurely "Do you want…" she said awkwardly

Bruce Banner smiled "Natasha I know I seem clueless and if I were single, I would love to date and marry you. But…" he tapered off pulling a ring on a chain from under his shirt "Elizabeth Ross and I Married in secret a week before the experiment that made me the hulk."

Natasha was surprised remembering his dossier and was suddenly very embarrassed for all the times she had come on to Bruce "She knows?"

"Everything, she is not even angry with you," Bruce admitted easily "I believe her exact words were 'She just proves that I am right you are worth it'."

"She said that?" the Widow asked "She is right you are worth it"

"Thank you. what do you plan to do about?" Bruce pointed out to the sleeping man

"I do not know what his story is almost totally unbelievable but I feel drawn to him." She said quietly "But I am afraid of everything he represents and what he wants. I am not sure we will want the same things."

"Talk to him Natasha" Bruce said giving his petite friend a hug "Just talk to him" with that he waved her toward Harry before making his way to his own room. Natasha walked out onto the balcony she stood staring down at him and quirked a smile.

"Nice not sleeping at all." She said to him causing Harry to open an eye with a though he expanded the chair into a love seat "You want me to join you? That is very forward of you Mr. Potter."

"Harry, please call me Harry" he said softly patting the seat beside him "Natasha I know all of this is confusing and completely unbelievable. I want to pursue a romantic relationship with you and I don't want to wait nine years in order to do it."

"That is very forward of you" Natasha said her face etched with a frown thinking about what Bruce had said "Why me? Why now? Why not wait?"

"Why you, whether you believe it or not you are a good person despite your past. It feels right to me. You are the one for me" Harry replied putting his arm around her and drawing her close "Why now. The moment you fell into my arms I stopped being alone. I don't want to be alone. I want some happiness in my life. Why not wait, if you thought you found the one who gave your life a reason to try and be better wouldn't you take it?"

Natasha was overwhelmed at the feelings Harry had been evoking from her "I am scared. It has been a long time since I let anyone in. I want to let you in"

"I am willing to wait" Harry shifted until they were looking at each other "As long as It takes. We can go as slow or as fast as you want."

"After this" she said with a wave of her hand "is all done. We can go on our first date. I expect you to surprise me."

Harry looked surprised for moment before slipping into a smile "I know just the thing to do!" he said taking her hand "So, Fury wants me to figure out a way to contact Thor"

Heimdall stood on the Bifrost watching the nine realms when he heard Thor's name which attracted him to Midgard where he saw Thor's companion Natasha Romanov, the widow speaking to a young man who gave him pause this man was touched by death and he had immense power. Turning to the guards "Please take a message to The All Father and Prince Thor. A Seidr of great power has shown themselves on Midgard and is with the avengers they need to speak with Prince Thor."

One of the guards' nods and runs down the bridge toward the palace. Heimdall returns to his duty with a feeling something is amiss.

Odin and Frigga were on their thrones court having just been dismissed. Thor approached the thrones and knelt "Mother, Father I have a request?"

Frigga smiled knowing what was coming "What request do you have for the throne of Asgard?" Odin asked

"I wish marry Jane Foster" Thor said his voice sure and his stance rigid "I seek to Marry her and make her my queen."

"Absolutely not" Odin Declared "we will blink and she will be dead do you want to sit on the throne of Asgard for thousands of years missing your love. No Find another that is my final answer."

"Husband Calm yourself, I am sure Thor has an idea how to accomplish this" Frigga chided her husband "You have thought this through?"

"Yes, I have" Thor reached into his pouch and pulled out a golden apple causing those still in court to gasp "Iðunn has seen fit to grant my request."

"My son is you sure of this? Does she know you feel this way?" Frigga asked motioning Odin who was unhappy with his son's choices to remain silent.

Thor was just about answer when a guard from the Bifrost "My King I bring Word from Lord Heimdall A seidr has appeared on earth and is with His highness's companions they have need to speak with prince Thor."

Odin seized on the distraction "Come My Queen, my son, this is a glorious day the Seidr have returned"

Thor who was irritated as anyone who knew him could see "We are not done father"

Odin made to respond only for Frigga to cut him off "Follow your heart my son." Effectively ending the argument.

"Thank you, mother," he said giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek twirling his hammer he threw himself down the bridge leaving his parents behind.

"Why pray tell did you do that my love." Odin asked quietly "It will only end in heartbreak."

"First love he has to talk to her, from my measure of her she will say no as she would not want to see all the people she knows die while she lives" she explained lightly "Forbidding him for doing so ensures he will do it just to spite you. I remember a time when you did the same. If you will remember your father did not like me at all."

"I had not thought of that" Odin admitted "Still young enough to make the occasional mistake."

"I love you anyway" Frigga said

As they got to the Bifrost they saw Thor talking with a woman they could only believe was Jane Foster and from what they could see the discussion was not going well… for Thor "Thor I know you think that you are giving me the universe. But you totally ignore what I am giving up Eric, Darcy, and my Family. I am sorry Thor. I cannot be what you want and I think we should go our separate ways." She said pulling him into a hug "You will find your queen. I am sorry I can't be what you need." She turned and walked back toward Heimdall "please send me back Lord Heimdall"

"As you wish Jane Foster." Heimdall said activating the Bifrost and a moment later she was gone.

Thor knelt his head bowed "I don't understand, I thought she loved me" the level of dejection that laced his voice saddened Frigga.

"My son she does love you after a fashion." Frigga consoled her son pulling him into a hug "but, she also loves her friends and family. What would you say if she asked you to forsake your family and friend?"

"I…" Thor stopped and then released a breath "I would say nay on both accounts. I am sorry father."

"It is of no consequence my son. I know of two women on Asgard alone who would pursue you if only you would glance their way" Odin said slyly "I am Told Amora watches your every move."

"Father please everyone knows the headsman is her lover" Thor looked horrified at the very thought. "Who is the other" Frigga smiled

"Your best friend" She said "She has striven for years to be at your side. She has eyes for no other man. So, great is her esteem of you she broke Fandral of his predilection for hitting on her."

Thor thought of the Lady Sif her long golden tresses how she looked on the field and at court "We grew up together never did I think of her in that light for in truth she could do better than me."

"That is not so my prince" Sif said stepping out from behind Heimdall "Though you find fault in yourself where there is none. Never have I ever believed that you are other than you are. A good man."

Thor reached a hand out for her taking hold of her shield hand "We have much to discuss. First though A seidr has been revealed on Midgard." Turning to his mother and father "Are we going to him or will we bring Him to us."

Before Odin answer Heimdall interrupted "He is with the Natasha, the Widow. They appear to be very close If we are to bring one, we will likely get both."

"So, be it" Odin declared "bring them here"

"As you command all Father" Heimdall intoned as he activates the Bifrost.

Harry and Natasha sat in silence her reclining in his embrace talking of things he had seen and experienced when she felt him stiffen "What's wrong Potter?"

"We are about to go on ride" He said standing up pulling her with him his regalia appearing on him once again. Natasha gave him the up and down before stepping back into his embrace as a light from the heavens streaked down slamming into the balcony imprinting the Bifrost into the surface pulling them away. Moments later they were standing before three rather large men and two very beautiful woman.

"Welcome to Asgard Natasha" Thor said picking her up into a warm hug "That you bring the first Seidr to appear on earth in over a thousand years is also a boon."

Frigga walked up to the young man "It is written all over you. I can feel it as you live and breathe "Death's touch is on you but does not claim you." Pulling him into a hug "If you need to talk, I am always available." She whispered before holding a hand out to Natasha "Come let us let the men speak amongst themselves." The three women move off leaving the four men to speak

"Welcome to Asgard Harry Potter," boomed Heimdall giving a small bow "Felt your arrival before I saw it Have care with what you guard. My King Odin All-Father may I introduce Master Seidr Harry Potter"

"Welcome Harry potter to Asgard. For many long eons Asgard was proud to work with the Seidr Long has it been since they have disappeared it is our hope you herald their return."

Harry bowed "While I am a wizard as Heimdall inferred I am not from this reality. Lady death used my attempt to join my loved ones to send me here to stop the mad titan. he has begun his quest for the infinity stones. Two now reside on earth the time stone and mind stone, the mind stone resides in Loki's staff which is in the hands of Hydra, which is why Fury wanted us to contact Thor. Your majesty I would like to request Prince Thor rejoin his team to recover the Scepter."

Odin considered for a moment a seidr asking for assistance was something in good conscience he could not ignore "He may Join you on Midgard" Odin said quietly "However, Thor will not be going alone His consort the Lady Sif will be joining you. When you have time you and I will sit and talk there is much I must pass on to you that you may find others of your kind."

"Thank you, your majesty." Harry said bowing again "I look forward to the discussions we will have."

"Frigga you will have time to talk with Natasha later. Her and Harry will be visiting again" Odin declared "Thor and Sif. You will be returning to Midgard to assist our ally of old. Guard him well, he may very well, be the last. Come Frigga we have much to do."

Frigga nodded "I will speak with you both when you return"

"Heimdall, could you return us to Avengers Tower?" Natasha asked

"Yes, Lady Romanov. My Prince I will be watching if anything untoward should happen I will have the Warriors three ready to join you."

"Thank you good Heimdall" Thor said as Heimdall activated the Bifrost sending them back to Midgard