Chapter 1

For future reference:

1 Earth Federation Geck- 1 U.S. Dollar

1 Earth Federation Groack- 100 Gecks

1 Earth Federation Gok- 0.01 Geck

Luna II

Revil was humming to himself as he put the finishing touches to his report to the Federation council back on Earth. It had been two days since the official end of the war when Prime Minster Bakharov had officially surrendered to the Federation. Now, the Prime Minster of Zeon was currently waiting in Luna II for the Federation council to give him the terms of surrender. Of which Revil's report had something to do with. His report would contain what he and the other officers in the military think should be added to their already proposed terms of surrender, which they gave yesterday, as well as what they think should not be given to the Zeons.

Prior to him making the report, he held a meeting with the remaining Federation officers, whose rank was equivalent to colonel or above, in Luna II. Most were present via video calls, but a few, mostly the space force officers, were present in person. And they went on for hours on the council's proposed terms, which really weren't that much, just a disarmament of Zeon's military, forced integration to the Earth Federation, as well as massive reparations be given to all affected by the war. What to amend, add, or remove from the proposed terms.

Some wanted to completely strip Side 3 of all it's resources and worth, leaving the people to die out form starvation, but cooler heads as well as those with common sense disagreed. Not only was that completely immoral and likely give credence for another rebellion to occur from any of the other sides, it was also completely inefficient. Whether some of their populace liked it or not, Side 3 used to be a part of the Federation and would be again soon. So, they couldn't do something like that. Plus, it was in their best interests to not do so as they'll gave long term revenue from Side 3 again now that they're back in their fold. So, that proposal was toss in the trash. However, they all agreed to a fifteen percent increase in taxes for Side 3 for the war. It would have been more, but between the massive debt Side 3 accumulated from their war spending as well as the fact a lot of Side 3's workforce is now either dead or crippled, this would have to do.

Another thing they all agreed on was that Side 3's remaining military had to be completely disbanded and reduced to a mere militia on account of the war. All warships, both combat capable and mere supply transports, mobile suits, and the majority of all other war material will be liquidated to help pay for their reparations, which totaled around thirty trillion Earth Federation Gecks.

The reparations would be paid in intervals of one trillion a year. Forgiveness for missing money would go on for a maximum of five years. Failure to pay back in that allotted time will result in forced taken of Side 3 property to pay back that money. That didn't sit comfortably with Kowen, but it was passed.

Side 3's militia, however, will be reduced to a mere colony guard. No armed spaceships were allowed to transport them from colony to colony. Not even armored and armed transports were allowed for them. And mobile suits were banned as well. They essentially will have to rely on just regular soldiers and unarmored transports to do their jobs. They would also be subjected to random and unannounced inspections by the Federation armed forces in order to see if they were being honest and staying true to the restrictions to the militia.

Another term they agreed on was that an Earth Federation fleet and garrison would be permanently stationed on Side 3 to ensure compliance of all their terms and to suppress any hostile presence on Side 3 that the militia can't deal with on their own. None of the Federation officers believed that there won't be people in Side 3 that will refuse to accept the loss of their nation in the war. There's always going to be those stubborn people that simply refuse to accept the futility of more conflict. There's always going to be those that still want to shed blood as well, whether it be because of lost loved ones due to the enemy or just for the sake of killing. There was also the fact that, had they had a fleet overlooking Side 3 when it was building up it's forces, they might have been able to stop the root of the problem before the war occurred, preventing so much death. As a result, they all agreed to have a fleet permanently stationed at Side 3 at all times until Side 3 has proven to never be a problem again.

A last term they agreed on was that all war related material, including military technology, both theorized and tested, will be confiscated by the Federation military to help offset the debt Side 3 has as well as liquidation their military corporations, such as Zeonic and Zimmad corporations, which they knew were the primary mobile suit and arms manufacturers for Side 3 in the course of the war. All company assets and personal will be absorbed by Anaheim electronics and any military research will be shared between the Federation military and the corporation.

With all this talked on, the meeting ended with all satisfied with the results. Well, Kowen thought it might have been a bit extreme, but given the amount of things Zeon did in the last days of the war, he supposed it was called for, though he still had the shaking feeling that it was a bit too much. Regardless, Revil was now in the process of sending the new terms to the Federation council for review. And he highly doubted they'll change a single thing as it was nearly perfect for those politicians. Not only did it ensure the humiliation of Side 3, but it'll serve as a lesson to the other sides to avoid picking a fight with the Federation ever again lest they suffer similar reparations. And he highly doubted any of the Sides, baring perhaps Side 6, though that was stretching it as news came to light that Zeon, in an act to desperation tried to stop the delivering of the RX-78-07 to the White Devil with a nuclear attack on Side 6, which the mobile suit was being tested and being readied for deployment. It was stopped, thankfully, but it certainly enraged the Side 6 populace, enough that Side 3 sympathy and support in Side 6 was all but gone now. Councilors that used to be in support of Side 3 had now turned heel and are now supporting the Federation, if only to save face for themselves.

So, really, Side 3 was now completely alone thanks to the actions of it's military, garnering no sympathy from all but a handful of individuals. Revil, himself included, as the old man knew that the citizenry of Side 3 had nothing to do with the actions of those in command of their government. And now, with the recent reveal that Gihren has been the one truly responsible for his father's death, as he was the one that orchestrated it, the people of Side 3 are now miserable and in deep depression. Many of their loved ones are now dead due to the actions of a megalomaniac like Gihren and now they were suffering from his last few acts before dying at the hands of his own sister. Revil didn't know much about the conditions of Side 3, but based on his thoughts when he saw Prime minster Bakharov, he could only assume it's bad. Very bad. And he was sending something that was going to make it much worse for them. Life was cruel to the losers of a war. His soon to be actions proving that.

So, with a heavy heart, Revil sent the report. Sighing as he sunk deeper into his chair, he wondered how his deceased wife, Amanda, would have thought of all this. Would she approve? Understand his position? Or yell at him for doing it? He didn't know and, not the first time since her death, he wondered how much different he would be if she was here. Sighing again, Revil picked up a phone and contacted his aide, Selina Agi, and told her that he'll be taking a short break and that he wouldn't be taking any visits until he states otherwise. With that done, he went to his bed and decided take a short nap. He had a feeling that he will need it.

Before anyone asks, there's no unified story here. Just chapters all over in terms of timeline that also focus on different characters and what not.