Chapter 10

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Luna II

"And with the recent assault and capture of the Zeon remnant base in the Lyda asteroid, the Londo Bell task force, since it's inception two years ago, has captured over the total number over four Zeon remnant bases and over five thousand personal, furthering their prowess as a competent fighting force of the Earth Federation. As more and more Zeon remnant forces are being found and captured, the Earth Federation has begun diverting more resources to the rebuilding of the Earth Sphere after the One Year War. So far, the reconstruction efforts are, according to Federation officials, twenty percent complete. The removal of debris in the Thunderbolt Sector has been completed and the moving of Side 4 back to it's original position has begun. Along with this, the rebuilt Side 5 has, at the moment, two, currently under construction, colonies that will serves as the new homes for the displaced Side 5 citizens that have survived the One Year War and a memorial is being placed in the destinated capital of Side 5 in remembrance of all those that had died from Zeon hands. In other news, Federation officials are facing backlash over the maintaining of the level of funding the military is receiving along with it's massive expenditures on the new Archayon cannon systems and on the rebuilding on it's military. The protestors claim that…"

The Federation officer that had been listening to all this stopped when the reporter started to list the reasons that the protestors have against the military spending, grunting at them.

"Damn spacenoids. Three years of peace after a bloody war and they're already acting like spoiled brats." Said the officer, looking over his office in Luna II. The officer had white hair, despite being in his twenties, and brown eyes that spoke much of his harshness and uncaringness on those around him. The insignias on his uniform indicated that he was a commodore in the Federation military. This man was known as Jamitov Hymen, a senior financial officer in the Federation military. Earthborn, he had formerly been an aide to admiral Gene Coliny in the One Year War, but after the admiral received a court martial for his actions in the Thunderbolt Sector, he removed himself from becoming an aide to the remaining admirals in the Federation space force, finding them all distasteful, even those like Gopp and Wyatt. Those two will sacrifice the ideals of the Federation that caused it to prosper since it's formation in order to save their own skins and ensure their continued position in the Federation military. And he didn't want to talk about Tianem, Kowen, and Revil, finding them despicable with their reformations.

He didn't mind the military reformations much, no, he found many of them were needed in order to rectify the mistakes they made in the One Year War, he hated their political reformations. Wanting to give the Spacenoids freedom and the ability to make decisions that affect the Earth Sphere. The very same people that had caused so many human deaths in the One Year War. Yes, the Side that had caused the war to start was being forced into the position it so rightfully deserves, but that wasn't enough. They needed to do more in order to ensure that something akin to the One Year War will never happen again. They also needed to ensure the continued importance of those living on Earth. Earth, the birthplace of humanity. Their one true home, where the most capable of people live on right now. To throw away the importance of those on Earth in the Earth Federation was throwing away the importance of Earth as well. And Jamitov wasn't willing to allow that to happen.

Then there was the fact that the Londo Bell Task group was inefficient in it's methods along with the ECOAS task force. One was wasting time on clear terrorists and subhuman beings and the other wasn't taken the initiative with the information it gathers and neutralizes the threats it was tasked with gathering intel on all the time, instead passing it off to the aforementioned inefficient special task group. They needed something better. Something more. Something that can better accomplish the tasks Londo Bell was given. Without any of the bullshit morality the organization had.

Unfortunately, he didn't have the power to create an organization. Nor did he have the pull with the Earth Federation government to approve such an organization. Even if he did, many will find it wasteful since Londo Bell was doing a sufficient enough task to not justify a similar kind of organization like them. So, in order to both get the right people on board his little idea, Jamitov needed some scapegoat. Some way to both convince the population of the Earth Sphere to support the creation of his ideal special forces group and to get the approval of the Federation high council as well, so as to circumvent Revil's ability to deny his want to create such a group. Thinking long and hard, Jamitov knew that it would take time for both a scapegoat and opportunity to show up for him to exploit, but he was willing to wait for them to show up. And when they do, he'll start the path that he knew the Earth Federation needed to take and stay on, no matter what Revil and his supporters say.