Chapter 2

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Luna II

Revil was currently walking to the large conference room that he and the other high ranking officers in the Federation military had decided will be used as the meeting place for where they will decide the future of the Federation military's doctrine and future. It was clear to all of them that their old methods, which revolved around the big gun concept, were outdated and that new methods needed to be constructed in order for their military to be as effective as it used to be during the beginning of the Earth Federation, maybe even more. And they were going to discuss those new methods today, and perhaps a few other things that needed to be adressed, five days after Prime Minster Bakharov was given the terms of surrender from the Federation council and accepted them. Kowen was there when the Prime Minster had received the terms and, according to him, although the Prime Minster did a marvelous job in hiding it, he was shocked, horrified, and just downright saddened by the terms given to him by the newly announced treaty of Varik. But there was nothing he can do about it all.

Upon entering the room, he could see that everyone that had helped discuss the treaty of Varik's additional terms were present, either via video chat or they were there physically. Taking his seat, Revil began the meeting.

"I won't beat around the bush on what we need to do." Said Revil. "As you all know, the war has proven our old tactics are obsolete and we need new ones that plays well to the lessons we've learned from the war as well as what advantages it's brought us." Everyone nodded in agreement at that. "Now to start off, the creation of artificial intelligence. They've proven to be an effective force multiplier, saving countless of our soldiers and pilots in all the battles they've fought in. They've also proven to be loyal to the Federation cause. None of them have displayed any sort of interest in the enemy's goals nor did they have any desire to defect from us. As a result, I recommend we lift the restrictions we placed on them." Upon hearing that, many of the officers rose an eyebrow in surprise.

"You're asking us to lift the restrictions we've placed on them that prevents them from operating a mobile suit or warship without permission?" Asked general Marcus. That restriction had been placed on AIs' the moment they've been approved for mass production. No AI, unless given permission by an officer, whose rank is captain or higher, can operate anything on it's own. Any violations of this rule will result in the AI's immediate termination. This was done mostly to appease those, mostly comprised of politicians, that feared their development as well as a fear they'll commence an AI uprising and annihilate humanity like those old movies during the UNs' time. Doctor Whitley had assured them that would never be the case so long as they treated the AIs' with some respect and didn't treat them as mere tools, though he was called a naïve idiot for such claims, so the good doctor said there was a failsafe installed to prevent such things from happening. That was a lie, of course, no failsafe they can create at the moment, whether they be technical or physical, can prevent an AI uprising should they wish it, which is why the doctor had recommended to Revil to only distribute AIs' to those that passed the psychological tests he and his assistants came up with. It wasn't perfect as AIs were still given to those that treat them as tools, but surprisingly, they still served well, uncaring to what their pilots' thought of them. It was partly because of this that Revil decided to lift the restriction on them.

"Yes, as far as reports are coming in, there's barely, if any, reports of AI's complaining about their treatment, displaying rebellious thoughts or actions, and many are willing to risk their own existence to protect their pilots and human lives." Said Revil. "I'd say, with that dedication, we should lift the restriction on them, at least partially anyway."

"A bit naïve." Said admiral Wyatt. "But perhaps warranted, both logically and morally." Wyatt truly didn't care if the AI's get this or not. So long as they're loyal to the Federation and help it rebuild itself from the war as well as protect it's interests, he has no qualms with giving them a bone or two for their efforts.

"And perhaps needed." Said Tianem, clasping his gloved hands together. "A great deal of our troops at the moment are leaving the service to go back to their civilian jobs, leaving us with only a hundred million soldiers and just enough personal to handle our remaining ships." Truth be told, this was a good and bad thing. After the war ended, they had, at their best estimates, over a four hundreds and eighty millions troops due to either drafts, asking of volunteers with good incentives like money or perks, or calling in people from the reserves. The reserves are staying as are the majority of the volunteers, but the majority of their extra troops came from people that were drafted into service and now that the war was over, they were ending their careers in the military and going back to their normal lives. While that was good in that those draftees will be contributing to the recovery for the civilian economy and lifestyle by working in nonmilitary jobs and whatnot, the troops left were not enough to secure the Earth Sphere and all it's territories. Due to demands from the politicians, they had to leave a good portion of their surviving fleet, which was around five thousand and three hundred ships, defending both Side 1 and Earth. The remaining ships then had to defend the rest of the Sides, the moon, easy to access routes to the Jupiter energy fleet, military installations, etc. from pirates and, most likely, renegade elements of the now destroyed Principality of Zeon. That meant many warship had to be dedicated to patrols, leaving even less to defend the Sides from pirates and Zeon hardliners from attack. And each successful attack would lower people's opinion of the Federation and hamper their efforts to rebuild what was lost in the war. So, they needed a way to gain more troops as well as helping the civilian economy rebuild, which would give them tax revenue. With those responsibilities in mind, Tianem was all for giving their artificial intelligences more freedom. In fact, his family, who had seen the profits to be made in AI development, already had some ideas in mind and had forwarded some of those ideas to him in hopes he'll propose them to the rest of the higher ups in the military. Much as he despised his more greedy family members, Tianem had to admit, they knew what they were doing and he couldn't help but be intrigued in the ideas they've sent him.

"It'll take some convincing, but I believe the politicians will be fine with this." Said Gopp with a smile. "They stand to gain much from this. A potentially limitless number of troops, who never tire, eat, or question their government will be a gold mine for them. Add to that, aside from initial costs in researching and creating able platforms for them in terms for everyday usage, we don't have to pay those AIs' anything, will seal the deal. Those politicians care much for power and their military. I have no doubt the majority of those old fossils will approve of this idea." Gopp then looked at everyone with a smile. "What do you all say?" A few grumbled at Gopp's reasoning, but couldn't find anything to counterargue with him that wouldn't be shot down immediately as being paranoid or hypocritical. So, with that, Revil called for a vote on the decision to both allow their AIs to inhabit mobile suits and other military gear without a human operator as well as researching a new platform that enabled them to interact with humans without a huge height difference between them. That vote received overwhelmingly support for the decision to be passed.

"Very well, I'll write up a report for the Federation council to pass this along with reasons to do so." Said Revil, pleased with this outcome. "Now on to another thing that must be addressed. In exchange for assisting the military in future R&D projects on anything we desire, services in anything the military desires of them, absolute loyalty to the Earth Federation and to no other government, all of this being with a generous discount for us, we've given Anaheim Electronics all personal and research from Side 3's military corporations. This, however, has left Anaheim Electronics with, essentially, a monopoly in mobile suit development. While we also have taken research from those companies and anything else of value from Zeon, Anaheim Electronics has more resources and less responsibilities than we do at the moment, so, aside from some extremely advance and prototype weapons of our own making, we'll have to allow Anaheim to do most of our research and development as well as production of most of our equipment." As few officers, including Tianem, grumbled at that. Not liking giving a corporation like Anaheim that much power. "That is why I must recommend that we put more funding into our internal affairs department. They've been poorly funded since the inception of the Federation and that has costed us much. Elron and Councilor Edwards of Side 6 coming to mind." A few nodded at that, remembering all the times the director of the Earth Federation internal affairs, or EFIA, department complained and requested more funding be given to them, but never came through. The money always went to the Space Force and the other branches, which really annoyed the director. Now, however, it seems that their time has come.

"So, not only should we give them more funding, we should also have them monitor Anaheim Electronics closely for any signs of deception and corruption?" Said Kowen, approving of this. The director was a friend of his and he saw the immense potential and need for the Internal Affairs department, one that was sorely inadequate for the war when it came. Now was the time for them to rectify that mistake.

"Indeed." Said Revil. "Past events in the war proved that the EFIA needs more funding for it to be effective. And now that Anaheim Electronics has been given an monopoly, it's services are needed more than ever. Are there any objections?" Upon seeing none, Revil continued. "Good. I also recommend that we expand the intelligence branch as well as creating some special forces units. The war is over, and we need people with good minds working undercover to rout out hidden Zeon forces, pirates, and sympathizers. We also need special forces soldiers that can deal with such threats with relatively minimal usage of resources. Agreed on all?" Once again, no one objected as it was clear to all of them that they needed to restructure a great deal of the military for it to be effective. "Good. Any candidates?"

"I have one." Said general Marcus of the Earth Federation Army. "An old friend of mine that used to work with the U.S. Seals before the nation got disbanded. I can give him a call and request he helps select and train soldiers from the Federation army to create a special forces unit. Also got some others that can help out as well." Revil nodded at that. That was good. Very good.

"Good." Said Revil. "Now, with luck, these soldiers and the EFIA can put a stop of any corruption in Anaheim's ranks before they do anything stupid or damaging to the Federation. Now, moving on. We need to allocate our remaining warships and troops. Any suggestions on that?"

"The fourth fleet is currently in charge of monitoring Side 3 as they begin the process of dismantling their navy, their mobile suits, and other war material we find inappropriate for a militia." Said Kowen. "I'm afraid that we can't spare any forces at this time." Revil nodded at that before looking at Tianem and the others. Before anyone could interject, Wyatt spoke up.

"Well, it's really the space force that really matters, really." Said Wyatt, drawing ire from officers of the other branches. "It's our duty solely to protect, not only earth, but all the colonies, the moon, and interest in Jupiter. Unfortunately we got a limited number of warships to do all that as well as creating patrol routes to act as both protection for merchant and public transport ships from pirates as well as a first response unit when we find a pirate hideout. Given my belief that we should snip the bud of a problem before it becomes one, I say we allocate a thousand warships to simple patrolling and defense of trade lanes between the Sides and other Earth Federation territories. We then have another thousand be allocated to the defense of Earth and Side 1 as well as Side 3. The rest go to protecting the other Sides and their territories. That, if I'm doing my math correctly, should give all of them over four hundred and fifty warships if I'm doing the math correct. That should be enough warships to keep the Side colonies happy we're doing something as well as keeping the Earth Federation council happy too as well as making us satisfied with the number of ships allocated to patrols." Once he was finished, Wyatt smirked in satisfaction at seeing the looks of disbelief from his fellow officers. They didn't expect him to come up with such a resourceful plan. Revil, who was impressed at his fellow officer's idea, decided to pass it.

"All in favor?" Asked Revil. This caused all to nod their heads in approval, causing Wyatt to smirk even wider. "Well, is there anything else we should add?"

"Yes." Said Tianem, causing Wyatt to raise an eyebrow, not out of annoyance or fear at Tianem taking his spotlight, but out of genuine curiosity. "I have something that may add to Wyatt's strategy. One that will strengthen our defenses for Earth. Perhaps to the point that we don't need a thousand ships protecting both Side 1 and Earth." That rose the curiosity of everyone present.

"What do you mean?" Asked Kowen. Tianem coughed a bit before explaining.

"Well, Paris, my own flagship's AI uncovered some interesting information from Zeon's military records at A Baoa Qu." Said Tianem. "Apparently they had a weapon that eclipsed the weapon range of anything fielded in the war, aside from the two Solar Ray systems used by both us and the Zeons." That caused some people to look at him in surprise. Being motioned to continue, Tianem did just so. "This weapon was called the QCX-76A Jormungand. It was a large cannon designed to surpass anything in our arsenal and based what Paris found out about the weapon from A Baoa Qu's databases, I believe it. It was apparently able to fire at ranges of several thousand kilometers without Minovsky particle interference. With Minovsky particle interference, however, it can only fire at ranges of three hundred kilometers, though that still is leagues ahead of what we have in our arsenal." That caused some concern to rise in some of the admirals, but also led some to question why such a weapon was never used in the war. If the Zeons had such a weapon, why didn't they use it to end the war. Such an effective range, even at three hundred kilometers, can enable them to effectively snipe any location the Zeon military wanted with relative ease. When asked, Tianem explained. "Apparently, this weapon participated in the Battle of Loum, but was only able to fire off three shots. Of those three shots, one probably disabled a ship of our own, another did literally nothing, while the last one utterly destroyed only one ship of ours, a Magellan battleship. Paris explained that this was due to the crew, according to logs of the chief engineer behind the project, not receiving targeting data, which would have enabled the cannon to be more effective. Without that data, the cannon was very inaccurate."

"How big was that cannon and what was it's armaments?" Asked admiral Wyatt, curious. When Tianem said it was around the length of a Musai light cruiser, only a few meters shorter and that it was loaded up with plasma-based projectiles, Wyatt rose an eyebrow. "If so, why the hell did the Zeons not used it much or with adequate support? Such a weapon could have easily won them the war had they used it correctly."

"Apparently, Zeon's high command had never intended to use the weapon in the first place, instead of relying on their mobile suits to win the war." Said Tianem, disgusted with such a waste of resources and money. "They just greenlit the project as a way to keep strike fear in us to surrender." Everyone scoffed or shook their heads at that.

"Typical Side 3 bullcrap." Said general Marcus. "Had they used that cannon more, they would have won this war with ease, long before we made our own mobile suits. Instead, they just threw money in an expensive project to intimidate us. Freaking horseshit is what it is." Wyatt nodded in agreement at that. Even the Federation was more resourceful than that.

'Indeed." Said Tianem. "However, now that we know of it's existence, I say we make use of these plans properly."

"What do you have in mind?" Asked admiral Kowen, intrigued.

"While putting these weapons near the Sides can lead to tremendous collateral damage if they miss or any colonies are in the way of the projectiles, we do not have to worry about such things for the Luna cities, Luna II, and Earth. I'd say, we make a few of these Jormungands, perhaps improve the design a bit, and park these things in orbit around Earth, even install them on Luna II's surface as well as the moon as well. That way, we have an effective defense line that can engage enemy ships long before they get in combat range of our ships." That caused some to perk up in interest. Such a defense could be very worthwhile to have. Not only would they have a way to engage enemy forces without much loss for their own soldiers, they also have an effective deterrent that'll keep the other Sides, in case they ever do so, from rebelling against them. Both things would make the politicians very happy. Still, Kowen feared that developing these weapons will make the Spacenoids fear they'll be used against them and hoped that Tianem will come up with a way to address this effectively. "We'll still need to make a good plan to use these things effectively as well as appeasing the colonies that we won't use them against them without reason if the politicians approve of it, but I'm fully confident that we can do all this if given time." With that, Revil called for a vote on the matter, which, once again, got a majority of support. With that done, Revil then moved on to the next thing that needed to be discussed.

Things were changing for the Federation and all for the good to some people's eyes, but bad in others'.