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It's obviously a soulmate au, percabeth.

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Soulmates, a rare occurrence. They appear once every few hundred years.

Soulmates are determined by the Fates themselves. And the Fates rarely bless humanity with soulmates.

Soulmates have many names; the dual-bodied, body-switchers, kindred souls, companions, two halves of a whole, mirrored body.

There are many great examples of soulmates throughout history:

You have heard of many, Achilles and Patroclus, who lost each other mid-switch, Patroclus doomed to end his days as Achilles. Guinevere and Lancelot, whose love brought great tragedy, no matter how much they tried to stay together. Cleopatra and Mark Antony who loved in the face of adversity, yet fell prey to the madness of the switch. Dante and Beatrice, who loved each other despite their separation, and continued to linger in love after death. Liang and Zhu, the butterfly lovers who came together in death, eternally together despite their separation in life. Niulang and Zhinu, immortalized in the heavens in their love as Altair and Vega. Theodora and Justinian, whose great minds rose and fell an empire, their combined wisdom being their own downfall.

Yes you will find many examples of soulmates throughout history, though few admitted to their status.

There are many who grew jealous of the soulmates, killing them when they found them, making them hide their own existence. Many soul-pairs were killed before they could even meet; many did not make it out of childhood.

Even the gods held jealousy for them, for gods cannot have a soulmate, they do not have souls as we do. You will see the history of the gods separating the soulmates out of spite and jealousy, the butterfly lovers one striking example.

But should the soulmates meet, they became a pair of unmatched strength.

There is a reason why we still sing of Achilles' rage, of Cleopatra's empire, of Lancelot's prowess, of Dante's stories, of Justinian's conquering, of Niulang's stars.

Soulmates are the perfect pair, the fates made it so. If they are one soul in two bodies, or two souls meant to be together, it cannot be said. Perhaps neither, perhaps both.

The important thing about soulmates is not who they are apart, but what they become together. And that is incredible.

See for yourself, as this story goes on; Learn the story of the grandest of soulmates, the children of the gods.

Perseus Jackson and Annabeth Chase.

Read how they defied the Fates themselves, and wrote their names amongst the stars.


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