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I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, it's gonna be fine, I can do this, school isn't that bad.

I opened my eyes ready to go into the old rundown building and stopped. I was not here just a second ago.

I looked around confused, it's a much nicer school, really clean and pretty. And lots of kids were moving around, and they were all wearing uniforms.

Hang on.

I grabbed my hair, which was suddenly longer, around shoulder length.

It was blonde.

We switched again!

So I guess this is Annabeth's school? Looks fancy.

"Ready to go in, Annabeth?"

I looked up at the figure above me, her dad I think. The same guy that came in when the spiders were attacking and told me not to lie.

I don't think I like him.

I should probably not say that we switched though, what if he doesn't know? He didn't believe me about the spiders, what would he say to me saying I'm not Annabeth?


I quickly smiled up at him, "Yep! I'm all set."

"Okay, come on then."

He led me in, holding my (Annabeth's) hand as we walked into the building.

I made note of the room that he led me to, it has a bee on the door! The other doors had other animals, a monkey and a cat.

I was told to find my seat and I hurried to find "Annabeth" on the desk labels.

It took a minute of going around the desks to find the right one, I'm only able to read some words, but mom showed me how to write Annabeth the other day when I did the picture and left the message for her.

I beamed when I found her seat (it has butterflies around her name), and sat down with her bag beside me.

There were two others at the grouping of desks, I smiled at them both.

"Hi! I'm Per- er, Annabeth!"

"I'm Susan, I like your hair."

"Oh thanks," I said.

"Ew, why would I talk to you? You're a girl, everyone knows girls have cooties."

The boy on the other side of me sneered at me, scooting his chair to be as far away from both of us as possible.

I couldn't help but be insulted, maybe some girls have cooties, but Annabeth definitely doesn't. I would know, I am her right now.

"Yeah, well at least I don't pick my nose!" I glared at him doing just that.

He flushed, "Yeah well at least I don't have dumb yellow hair!"

"It's blonde! And at least mine isn't stupid red!"

"It's better than yours!"

"Is not."

"Is too."

"Is not."

"Is too."

"Is no-"

"Children! Do not start a fight on the first day."

I glared at the still unknown boy, I don't like him, he's mean to me, Annabeth, Annabeth me.

"Hmmph." I turned away with a huff.

I faced the teacher as she began to speak.

"Welcome to your first day of school! I'm Ms Brown and I'm going to be your teacher for this year!" She gave us all a big smile, "I'm so excited to have you all in my class!"

She seemed nice. I wonder how Annabeth is enjoying my school?

When I turned back to Ms Brown, she had finished talking and everyone was scrambling up from their seats.

Uh oh. I missed something. What do I do?

I hastily stood up with everyone else, wildly looking around to try and figure out what I'm supposed to be doing.

Ms Brown pointed at each kid standing behind the table, they said their name and something they liked, then everyone said "Hello!" and they sat back down.

Right, we're doing introductions.

Ms Brown pointed at Susan, "I'm Susan and I like horses."

"Hello Susan!" I chirped with the rest of the class.

It was my turn, "I'm Annabeth and I uh…"

Oh no, I don't know what Annabeth likes! Think, what did she have in her room?

Ms Brown went to open her mouth to prompt me along, but I quickly blurted out, "I like legos!"

She nodded and gave me a small smile.

"Hello Annabeth!" The class greeted me, and I was quick to sit back down.


Ms Brown got us to sing the alphabet with her, which was nice if it wasn't for the fact that I kept getting distracted.

I was currently sitting at the table, coloring a picture of a bumblebee blue.

"Annabeth," Ms Brown knelt down next to my seat. "Don't you want to learn the alphabet with us?"

I glanced between my drawing and the other kids singing.

"But I already know the alphabet," I told her. "Why would I learn something I already know? I like coloring in though, and I can sing along to it while I color!" I tried to argue.

Ms Brown pursed her lips, "We sing along together because that's how we learn here. You can sit next to your friends if you want to."

"How will everyone singing together help us learn?" I asked, confused.

"Annabeth," she sighed. "I understand that this is new to you, but you have to follow the instructions like everyone else."

She didn't answer my question.

"Fine," I sulked, pushing my drawing away and slinking towards where the other kids were sitting on the mat.

The stupid nose-picker, Daniel, snickered at me for getting told off by the teacher. I stuck my tongue out at him.


Lunchtime was something new.

Annabeth had a lot of healthy snacks in her lunchbox: baby carrots, yogurt, sandwiches and a juicebox.

Susan elbowed me, "I'll swap my celery for your carrots." She offered.

I don't particularly prefer one over the other, so I agreed.

Susan talked a lot, everything from horses to her favorite color was brought up, but I talked just as much. We agreed that mermaids were the coolest, that horses are awesome, and that pink is a much better color than red (but I disagreed when she said that pink is the best color- blue is!)


During playtime, as we waited for our parents to pick us up, Susan and I began building things with the classroom's lego set.

The blocks were bigger than the ones that Annabeth had at home and clunkier too. I tried to copy the cool building she made, but I couldn't get them right and they looked really lopsided.

I went to add a little lego man to the top of the legos, but someone snatched my building.

Daniel waved it at me, a mean smile on his face. "What's this?"

"My building," I tried to snatch it back but he moved it away from me. "Give it back!"

"No," he frowned. "It's my turn with the legos."

"I wasn't done!" I shouted at him, stomping my feet. "Give it back!"

He laughed, then in a very cruel move, broke my lego building up. "Oops."

Susan gasped behind me, running to go get the teacher, but I just stared at my lego broken up on the ground.

Tears gathered up in my eyes, "You're stupid!" I yelled at him, "You're a stupid head!"

"Annabeth!" Ms Brown's stern voice snapped at me. "We don't call people names."

"But-!" I whirled on her, "He snatched my legos and broke them!"

"And you called him names," she retorted. "Apologize to Daniel."

"Not until he says sorry first!" I balled up my fists, more tears leaking out of my eyes.

"Daniel snatched her things first, Ms!" Susan tried to back me up, but Ms Brown didn't like that.

"Just because someone hurts you doesn't mean that you can hurt them back." She frowned down at us, "Daniel just wanted his turn with the legos, you were with them for an awful long time."

I gaped at her. Why was she taking Daniel's side? He's a bully!

The man from before- Annabeth's dad?- knocked on the classroom door.

"Excuse me," he began, frowning at the scene before him. "But why are you telling my daughter off?"

A bell rang.

When I opened my eyes again, mom was kneeling in front of me outside my school building.

"-Do you understand, Annabeth?" She said.

I blinked.

"Mom!" I shouted, throwing my arms around her. "I swapped bodies with Annabeth again!"


I bit my lip as I eyed the clean building in front of me.

I took a deep breath, I closed my eyes and hoped that school would be just as nice as Dad said it would be.

When I opened my eyes, my school was gone and a smaller, rundown building was in its place.


Looking around, I saw a few kids walking into the building, talking loudly in groups, wearing jeans and t-shirts.

I brought my hand up to my eyes, and saw the paler skin tone and shorter nails.

This isn't my body. I must be Percy again.

"I'll be here to pick you up after work, okay Percy?" A brown-haired woman kneeled down next to me.

I nodded, confused. Who is she? Is she Percy's mom?

Should I tell her that I'm not Percy? My dad didn't believe me, would she?

"I love you baby," she pressed a kiss to my forehead. She stood back up and grabbed my hand, "Come on, let's find your classroom."

I let her lead me into the rundown building.

I wonder what Percy is doing in my body? What's going to happen when we switch back, I don't know what he did at my school, what if he makes friends for me?

Percy's mom left me in a classroom with a caterpillar on the door, then went to talk to the teacher.

I went to sit down with all the other kids on the mat.

"What's your name?" A boy with dark tones and curly hair asked me, "I'm Jaiden."

"I'm An- Percy," I tripped, nearly giving him the wrong name.

"Cool," he said. "Wanna be my friend?"

I blinked, should I be making friends for Percy?


He frowned, "Do you wanna become mortal enemies? That works too, like Batman and the Joker!"

"I think I'll prefer being friends!" I hurried to correct the situation. I think making enemies with Percy's classmates is worse than making friends.

"Awesome! High-five!" He held up his hand, and I obliged him.

Boys are so weird.

"Students! Eyes on me!"

I turned to the teacher, she was standing in front of a whiteboard at the front of the class.

"Today's your first day, and I know you are very excited, but if we could all settle down!" She instructed. I side-eyed a girl who was sniffling and wiping away tears, wanting her mommy back. "My name is Miss Kayla, you can call me Miss K, and I'll be your teacher this year. If you could all sit in a circle for me, we can get started!"

Some thirty students scrambled to situate themselves into a circle, and I joined them. I ended up sitting between Jaiden and the crying girl from before.

"We'll be going around in the circle and saying our names and a fun fact about ourselves, okay? I'll start: My name is Miss K and I like ice-cream! Now, your turn sweetie." She began, then turned to the boy sitting next to her on the mat.

Oh no, what's a fun fact about Percy? I don't know anything about him! What did he have in his room? Think, Annabeth, think!

Jaiden elbowed me.

"It's your turn, what's your name?" The teacher was facing me, the whole class was staring at me, waiting for my answer.

"Oh, um, my name is Percy and a fun fact about me is… um… I like the ocean!" I blurted, finally remembering something about him.

"Thank you dearie, now moving on," she turned to Jaiden and he answered her without a pause, telling the class about how much he loves superheroes.

One problem dodged.


Percy's class was really boring.

Miss K got us to sing the alphabet with her and count up to thirty, which was easy enough, but the other kids were loud and not being on task, so I got annoyed with them pretty quickly.

Two more of my- Percy's- classmates began crying for their parents, and so Miss K gave us all crayons and paper and told us to draw while she takes care of it.

I reached for the blue crayon, determined to finish my drawing of a Greek temple before lunchtime.

"Hey!" A girl who introduced herself as Hayley protested, "I was going to use that!"

I gave her a glare, "I got it first, and there's other blue crayons in that cup next to you."

"But I want that one!" She wailed, "Give it to me!"

Stunned, I stared at her. Is she stupid? There's another blue crayon right beside her, she doesn't have to take mine.

"I need it for my drawing, if you still want it, you can wait." I said sternly, turning back to my picture.

"No!" She stomped her foot, "You're going to ruin it by using it on your ugly drawing!"

Vexed, I yelled back at her. "It's not ugly! It's a temple! And it's much better than your stupid butterfly!"

She screamed, throwing her crayons at me.

Miss K came running back into the room, hearing the screams and taking in the scene. Jaiden didn't hesitate to snitch on Hayley, "She tried to steal Percy's crayons and then called his drawing ugly!"

Hayley screamed again, and tried to hit me, yelling, "It's stupid and ugly! Give me the crayon! Give me!"

"Stop it!" I ducked her flailing arms, "Stop it!"

I don't know what happened, but one second I was trying to get her off of me, the next, the entire class was screaming as the sprinklers rained down on us.

Miss K grabbed Hayley, still throwing a tantrum, by the arm and yelled at everyone to get out of the class.

Uh oh, am I in trouble?


I sat on the bench outside the principal's office, swinging my legs back and forth.

I'm not in trouble, Miss K said that I was in the right, but the principal didn't agree with her so I'm going home early today. They said my mom is going to pick me up, so I get to find out who she is now


I turn to see the same woman from earlier running down the hall, her brown hair streaming behind her as she looks at me with obvious worry.

"Percy, baby, are you okay?" She comes to crouch down next to me and enveloped me in a hug.

I nodded wordlessly. So this is Percy's mom? Would she realize I'm not her son?

"I'm going to go talk to your teachers, okay? Stay right here." She told me, then entered the principal's office.

I could hear them talking, Miss K was defending me but the principal was still angry at me for yelling back at Hayley and was telling Percy's mom that they won't tolerate any troublemakers at this school.

Percy's mom came out of the office and gave me a smile, extending her hand so I can hold it. "Let's go home, baby."

I took it and let her lead me out of the school.

She kept talking about how we can have Percy's favorites when we get to their home, saying something about blue food and candy, and I felt so guilty that I was in Percy's place and got him in trouble that I couldn't stop myself from blurting out the truth.

"I'm not Percy!"

She froze in her place, right under the school gates.


I sniffled, "I'm not Percy, I'm Annabeth and I'm in his body!"

She relaxed, and a relieved look came across her face. "It's nice to meet you, Annabeth, I'm Sally Jackson. Do you know where my son is?"

"I- I think he's at my school right now," I told her.

She nodded, "Do you know where? Is it in America?"

"In Alexandria, Virginia. I'm supposed to be at Mary's Elementary School, but I switched bodies with Percy before school started." I wiped at my eyes, and Mrs Jackson leaned down to brush away my tears.

"As long as he's safe," she muttered with a smile. "Do you know what's happening?"

"No," I shook my head frantically. "Where am I?"

She knelt down to be eye-level with me, "You're in New York City, in Harlem. This is Parker's Elementary, Percy's new school."

There's sadness in her eyes as she continued, "And you are switching bodies with my son. Do you know what Soulmates are? Yes? Well, they're very rare, but soulmates, since they share souls, don't just stay in their own bodies. They swap often, especially when in danger or need help from the other- I'd say that's why you swapped today, you were nervous on your first day of school."

"Will this happen forever?"

"Yeah, it will. Don't worry, I'll help you and Percy, okay? But you have to keep this secret, Annabeth, this is a very dangerous-"

The school bell cut her off.

In a blink, I was back at my school, with it's uniforms and new buildings and my own body.

As my dad is yelling at the teacher that he saw everything and that I am not in trouble and will not be apologising.

What in the world did Percy do while he was in my body?

...and why is my dad threatening to report her to the principal?


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