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I hummed, swinging my legs as I drank my water and looked out and the city from the fire-escape.

I like this spot, it's relaxing, it lets me think.

Annabeth and I have switched a few more times over the last two weeks. I've learned a lot in that time.

Annabeth likes legos a lot, she's started leaving a few aside for me to play with so I can build things too. She liked reading, even if she's not the best at it yet (and the letters tend to move, it's hard to read). Her dad isn't mean, but he's… not like my mom. And her mom is sorta mean, she doesn't listen at all, she's also pregnant (though no one will really explain what that means).

Her school is okay, the teacher is still yucky, but Susan and I get along good. She does notice when we switch, but doesn't know that it's us switching. I'm getting a bit better at mimicking Annabeth so they don't notice we're switching.

Mom got me a journal, and is trying to figure out how to get Annabeth one. When Annabeth is me she does drawings and some writing (neither of us are good at it yet, but I'm going to get better so I can talk with Annabeth) so that I know what happens. And I do too when I'm me, so Annabeth knows what's happened since she was gone.

She's good at drawing! I want to get better too. And it will help when she has drawing class. I need to be good at what she's good at, so people can't tell when I'm her. Mom said Annabeth is trying to get good at what I'm good at too, but I'm not good at much, not like her.

Mom said I'm good at swimming (we've only had like two lessons, that doesn't count mom!) and baking (all I do is mix things though) and telling stories (but anyone can do that) and that Annabeth is trying to get better at those.

I'm just glad I can get swim lessons, the pool gives them for free if I help clean up at the end of the day.

I took another sip of my water, I'm gonna have to find something I'm good at.

Maybe I could try a skateboard? Those tricks Nevari was doing down the street were really cool. Maybe he'd teach me a few?

I shook my head and brought the water bottle to my mouth again then blinked, my arm spasming as I realized I was somewhere else.

I'm Annabeth again.

I'm at… a doctors office? A big one?

I looked around, trying to figure out where I was. I'm in a waiting room I think, Annabeth's dad beside me. He seemed nervous, wringing his hands and looking towards the door every few seconds.

I noticed that I had a pad of paper and a pencil in my hand, half a sketch of a building on it. Just an outline and some color on one side.

I flipped through the notepad to see if there were any notes about what was going on and found a sketch of a woman and a baby with a little 'babys born?' note on it. Plus a little heart and a P (for me!).

I shrugged, so I guess that her step-mom is going to be un-pregnant soon? I don't know how this works.

I scribbled a little heart and a 'safe' next to it.

I flipped back to the building drawing and started finishing it. Annabeth left a note for me before, saying that I could finish her drawings if they're in front of me when we switch.

So I colored it in carefully, sticking my tongue out as I tried to match her coloring just right.

I ended up finishing that drawing and moving onto designing a coral palace (coral is cool!) before a nurse showed up.

"You can go in now," the nurse said, smiling softly.

Dad slumped, letting out a breath. "Oh thank goodness."

He stood up and stretched. "Let's go Annabeth, it's time to meet your baby brothers."

I scribbled a quick doodle of two babies, and wrote 'boys' by them.

I stood up and saw my bedroom, with our notebook filled with pictures of the skyline and a little drawing of a table with fish and a leaf drawn on it and a 'yum' beside it.

I'm back home, we must've switched again.

Looks like Annabeth had dinner while I was gone, and liked it.

I smiled at the notebook, I really like having Annabeth there.

It's like I always have a friend.


Time seemed to tick by far too slowly.

Dad would get up and pace up and down the corridor every few minutes, catching my eye as he wrung his hands together before sitting back down on the bench.

I turned back to the pad of paper and pencil in my hand, slowly sketching the straight lines of a brutalist building.

The switches between Percy and I have happened more often these past two weeks.

Percy's mom is very nice and she tells me to call her mom too, so I guess she's mom for the both of us now? Mom gave Percy a notebook so he can take notes about our switching, and I can write and draw notes in it too when we switch. I like to draw and write what's happening throughout the day so when we do switch so we don't miss anything, but I don't have a notebook to put it in.

I've been to Percy's school a few more times too. Jaiden and Percy were still friends and he doesn't really notice when I'm being Percy, though he one time told me that I was acting weird when I said I didn't want to play pirates because pirates hurt people. I'm getting better at acting like Percy now.

I've noticed that Percy likes to play with my legos when we switch, and he sometimes messes up my buildings, so I asked dad for another set and I leave that one out for Percy so he doesn't mess up mine. He's made a few boats and cars, but not that many buildings- and those are pretty wobbly and not architecturally sound (I learnt that word from a book!).

Percy likes to tell stories, and I'm not very good at that. I'm better at drawing than stories, and dad once said that "A picture tells a thousand words" so I never thought that I'd have to learn to say a thousand words too. Mom is helping me learn, she wanted to be an author once and so she has a lot of practice at telling stories.

I've also had to learn how to swim. Well, swim better. Percy gets swimming lessons at his local pool but only if he helps clean up afterwards, and he's a much better swimmer than me. I know how to swim, but not very well, I only learnt because my step-mom insisted that dad sign me up for lessons so I learnt for a few months. It's easier to swim in Percy's body too- he doesn't have to breathe as much when he swims and he's super fast in the water. I wish I was that fast in my body when I swim. I've asked dad to sign me up for lessons again, and I'm going to start them next week!

I reached for my coloring pencils.

Maybe I can teach the babies how to swim when they're born too?

Dad stood up, going for another pace up and down the corridor. Another nurse walked into the room, a tray of towels on her hip.

I blinked and splashed water all over me.

Oh. Percy and I switched again.

I looked around, surprised to find myself on a fire-escape, high off the ground and with the view of the city around me.

I scrambled away from the edge, standing up to climb back in the window and mark down in Percy's notebook that we've switched again.

"Percy!" I heard mom call from inside, "Dinner's ready!"

"Coming!" I called back, stumbling back into Percy's bedroom. "Mom, I switched!"

Mom likes it when I tell her that Percy and I have switched. She calls me 'sweetheart' and Percy is 'baby', so this is how she tells us apart.

I skittered into the dining room, a smile on my face. "The babies are going to be born!"

"Oh! That's lovely sweetheart! We're having fish and spinach for dinner, can you go wash up first?" She smiled warmly down at me.

"Yep!" I ran out of the room to go wash my hands.

Dinner was yummy, and I wrote it down in Percy's notebook when I was finished. Gabe didn't eat with us at the table, being more interested in the ESPN playing on TV, but that meant that I could tell mom all about what's happened since I last saw her.

I switched back as soon as I finished writing 'Yum' in the notebook.

The paper on my lap had a little 'boys' written next to the drawing of the babies that Percy must have done.

"Annabeth?" Dad called, "We get to meet your little brothers now."

I quickly stood up, "Coming!"

I love switching with Percy, it's like having even more family!


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