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Rudeus's Perspective:

I know I shouldn't feel this way around Aisha, but I can't help it. I don't know when it started, but it happened to be quite troublesome for me. I guess it happened when Eris and Roxy got pregnant, and Sylph was having her time of the month. So I guess you can say, I was frustrated. I tried to relieve myself whenever I went into the bath, but it hardly helped. I obviously couldn't go to a brothel either. I was getting relentless. Eris noticed this and suggested that I do it with Rinia and Pursena since they were technically our servants but I didn't really want to get involved with them. I was beyond the breaking point.

"Onii-sama, do you need help with anything?", Aisha inquired with a look as innocent as a babes. But under that demure, that deceitful wholesomeness I knew what she wanted. I could hear the flirtation in her voice. She had been keeping her eyes on me the entire week, and she knew my sexual frustrations were at a level I could stand no longer. She was always the supportive type when it came to my needs, and I knew I could count on her whenever anything was troubling me. But when it came to something like this, I knew it was a line I could never cross. We were siblings, and I wanted it to stay that way. But the seams that had kept my rational brain in order had loosened, and I could feel all my logic unraveling before me. Within the next few moments we had stowed away into an empty room, away from the prying eyes of others. My heart was pounding as I heard the slurp of her tongue below. If anyone were to enter that room, what they would come across would be an unfaithful man taking advantage of his younger sister. They would see the bobbing silhouette of a blowjob in action.

She was smirking at me. Despite all my efforts of resistance, these past few years, I had failed to keep our relationship in check. She had finally caught me. "Hye hye hye" she was laughing with my dick still in her mouth. The vibrations of her voice tingled my entire shaft. "Shyow yewe fyanyally cyum ayound beg bwo. Chook ye wong enyuf." I saw my penis slide around in her mouth as she continued the sentence one word at a time. The corruption of my ideals had turned into a destructive guilt, which mixed the sexual pleasure in a hightening effect as the contrasting emotions pushed against each other like her tongue did to my cock.

I could feel the climax coming, Aisha seems to have noticed this. "Arf uo gomf cum? Itsh okf bif fro." She pulls away for a bit, "you can cum in my mouth, I'll take you all in." She then put my dick back in her mouth and proceeded to suck it faster. I was nearing my limit, without thinking, I grabbed Aisha by the back of her head and started moving my hips in and out of her mouth. She seemed surprised with this sudden action at first, but accepted it as I continued. I jammed my dick furiously into the back of her throat, and I could feel her gag several times as I did so. The roof of my sisters mouth was both rough, and smooth, and the wall in the back had this squishiness about it. The initial shock must have been too much for her, because she forgot to stop her breathing. Each time the convulsions occurred in her throat I gained even more pleasure. This was her punishment. I could feel the bursts of air tickling the skin near my belly.

Uhhg* my penis began pumping out several shots of cum as it slid across her tongue whose saliva I found enjoyably slippery. It felt so warm, and wet inside her. Then reality finally kicked in, snapping me out of my lustful daze. Guess that release really did clear my head. I looked down at my sister, who was coughing furiously. I began to panic. "I really cross the line now ", I thought. I zipped my pants up after putting my dick away. I knelt in front of Aisha, contemplating on what to do. "Aisha I'm so sorry… I… I.." My mind was drawing a blank. I didn't know what else I could say to make it right. But she just stared at me with a smile as she wiped the cum away with the back of her hand. "It's alright brother. There's nothing to be sorry for. This is what I've wanted all along. But now that you've come this far, there's no turning back." My heart sank "We can't return to how things were Rudi… You already know we've crossed the line. The line that no sibling should cross. It's too late to take things back now." I could feel the anxiety building up in my stomach. She was right. But what now? What do we do from here? What did all of this mean? "Brother, we can't go back to just being siblings now. You know what I mean right? You know what I want." She grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled me down to her level. I fell forward, my head landing on her chest. In the momentary shock I became paralyzed. I could feel her hand reach down, and unzip my pants once more. My dick was dangerously close to her pussy. The tip was nudged right up against the slit. Instinctually I tried pulling away, but Aisha was quicker. Her legs closed around me, grappling my sides, and forcing my penis into her vagina. My fate had been sealed.

Aisha put both hands on her mouth before screaming from the pain. She was shaking quite a bit and her eyes were watering. She slowly moved her hands away from her mouth and began to inhale and exhale. As for me, I felt a big jolt of electricity. She was tight, super tight, I felt like cumming again but I knew shouldn't. She was so hot inside, it was like my dick was melting. Just… aw man…

Then in one quick moment, I had already came once more. I was in disbelief, "how could I cum again if I just came? Wasn't there supposed to be a waiting period. Was it because her pussy felt too good? We haven't even begun moving yet. Wait, that's not the issue right now, I came inside of Aisha. That's bad, very bad." My mind was in chaos. I wanted to pull away but Aisha was keeping a death grip on me. When she finally collected herself, she looked at me with lustful eyes. "That's no good onii-chan, we've only just started. It's not fair that you're the only one satisfied."

Before I could protest, she shut me up with a kiss. Her lips were so sweet, and soft. Her limbs tightened their embrace, and I could feel my erection grow again. "It's ok Rudi. Just give in. Forget about everything else. Just focus on the pleasure." There was something so enchanting about her voice. I couldn't refuse. We fucked for hours. Her moans could be heard throughout the building. No doubt the other servants, and my wives had taken notice. They knew what was going on. I kept going. I could hear Aisha commanding me to go faster. I did so. She told me to go harder. I did so. She told me to fuck her again, and again. I did so. Even after the door opened, and I saw the betrayed look in sylph's eyes, I continued. Several grunts came out of me, and my sister's hysteria did not let up. "Yes Rudi! Fuck me! Fuck me! I love you Rudi! Say your mine. Say I'm yours. Tell me how much you love me." "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It feels so good. Fuck!" Everyone was in the room now. They were staring at the scene in disgust. But I kept going. I kept fucking my sister despite the cold looks. I kept plunging my dick inside of her despite knowing what my wives were thinking. That's just how much I loved her pussy.

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