Bianca was dancing with Paula. Both recovered from their ordeals.
The white dress covered Paula's back, so the scars would remain concealed.
Bianca's red gown was more revealing, tough it covered her shoulders, where half-moon sigils were branded on her flesh.

I sipped from my canteen, not trusting to drink anything else. My mentor didn't share my concern, purple robes in swift motion doing the conga with the Maids of Honor.

-"Dance with my wife and I, wizardling!" Yellow eyes compelled me and took hold of my left hand.

And who am I to oppose the brides on their day?

Paula grabbed my right hand and we danced.
My brigandine and gunbelt clashed with their gorgeous wedding dresses, my cowboy boots with their elegant heels. With regrown limbs she dances better than I.

The music came to a lull and I regained my breath. "That was breathtaking girls b-"

They were grabbing their throats.
"Very funny. Just-"

When they were raised in the air by their necks, I veiled myself and took my gun.

The mansion doors slammed open and hither she came. On a chair hoisted on the shoulders of chimeras. A beast herself draped in finery and with a crown of rubies on her brow.

Her head exploded with rune engraved 44 Casull blessed by a Knight of the Cross.
I shoot a second time, shattering her cheek and sending the gore-drenched crown flying.

The guests fell down once her concentration was blown away. The chimeras were torn between outrage and disbelief.

I fixed that with a Waldo's special.
Did you know that runes can be PRINTED? Well, I didn't until my business partner stuck inside a thermos three hundred pages with Holy Fire. A blood pack and needle on the cap and badabim, badabam, Magical grenade.
We had tested against a blampire ONE runic array with a DROP of blood, it got the job done.
Now three hundred and a pint of blood?

The uninvited guests were reduced to ashes.

I broke my veil and walked towards the remaining burning husk of a Nosferatu. Took out my canteen of holy water. "Name's Harry Dresden." Poured the holy water on the twitching remains, hissing as the sulfurous smell assaulted my nostrils. "And you killed my grandfather."