Dr. Wily's Tips and Tricks of Time Travel Via the Chronos Institute's Prototype Time Machine Portal to September 23rd, 200X

One: No, I'm not going through it myself to "clean up my own mess" because, at my age, I have good reason to believe I might not survive the trip. It felt to me like being electrocuted. Not very nice. Better not to put my old heart through that kind of shock. That's why I'm sending you.

Two: You, on the other hand, will handle it just fine.

Three: I know because Quint handled it just fine. I remember he described the sensation as, direct quote, "thrilling, and a bit tingly."

Four: You're going to come out in the storeroom adjacent to my past self's laboratory. Lucky for you, there's no security camera there.

Five: Until you manage to hack the security system, I recommend using the air ducts to get around. I'd stay away from Past Me and his robots if I were you.

Six: The time portal faded and disappeared about four days after I brought Quint through... Or was it three days? I can't remember. Point is, you'd better not dally if you don't want to get stuck in 200X.

Seven: Actually, now that you mention it, I can't remember where my past self kept the time machine after I returned through the portal, either...

***Roll's addendum:

Eight: Do not trust Dr. Wily.

Nine: Find Quint. Somehow persuade him to let me work on him. Somehow restore Rock's code. Get him back to the portal. All within… two days (see Six and Eight).

Ten: Dr. Wily doesn't care about me or Rock. He wants me to go into the past and change reality. Maybe the change will work out in his favor. It's a gamble he's willing to take.

Eleven: In light of Ten, except for Quint, leave everything else exactly how I found it (don't butterfly-effect world into reality in which Dr. Wily won).

Twelve: There's no way I'm convinced that the portal is safe. So I'm taking Met through with me.

Thirteen: Even if I manage to restore Rock and bring him back to 20XX, we'll still have to go into hiding from the regulatory board. Follow in Blues's footsteps?

Fourteen: How am I going to do all this?

Fifteen: The universe isn't just. Duo was wrong.