The Next Day

(Coop,Dennis,Millie,Fiona,Lorne and Harley were talking to each other about what happen last night, they notice 3 kids who had the same voices as the PJ Masks, they came up to them)

Fiona: Excuse me.

(The 3 kids turn to Fiona)

Fiona: You guys sound like those Superheros from last night.

Amaya: That's us. This is what we look like in the daytime. I'm amaya.

Connor: I'm Connor.

Greg: I'm Greg.

Coop: Nice meeting you three.

Amaya: Thanks.

(They talk about each other, They were going home until they notice that The skateboard park as sticky splat)

Lorne: Dude, What is that sticky thing!

(Connor touch it)

Connor: me, Amaya and Greg gotta talk for a minute.

(Connor, Greg and Amaya whispered to each other)

Connor: It's sticky splat, Night Nina must has came here last night.

Greg: I don't think Coop and his friends knows who night ninja is, or the Ninjalinos.

Amaya: Let's investigate.

Harley: Are you guys going to investigate? We heard you guys talking about someone name Night Ninja.

Connor: That's a nighttime villain we fight.

Millie: Cool, We would like to go on a mission with you guys. But I don't think our parents would let us.

Amaya: Maybe you could ask them.

Fiona: Okay.

(Coop, Dennis, Millie, Fiona, Lorne and Harley told their parents about it and agreed to let them go with the PJ Masks continued

Connor: Did you told your parents?

Harley: Yes.

Amaya: Alright then. PJ masks and Coop and his friends, were on our way.

Everyone: Into the night to save the day.

To be continued

Yep, Another Chapter of the story. More coming soon. 👍