(The PJ Masks and Coop and his friends did their victory with Armadylan)

(The PJ Masks took Coop and his friends home to Bootsville)

(Coop notice Kat running away and going to the owl glider, Coop went inside the owl glider to see Kat grabbing a machine)

Coop: Drop that Kat!

(Kat hissed)

Gekko: Coop, Is that a alien Cat?

Coop: Yes.

(Kat push The PJ Masks and Coop off the owl glider and took the owl glider away from them)

Owlette: He's taking the owl glider.

Catboy: We have to stop him!

(They went to HQ and got the Cat Car and drive off to find Kat)

Gekko: Up their!

(They saw The owl glider landing in the forest)

Catboy: It going to the forest, come on!

(They went to the forest)

(The owl glider landed and Kat came out with the machine that can turn anything or anyone invisible)

Catboy: Stop right their Mr. Kat!

(Kat looked to see the PJ Masks and Coop)

(Kat hissed)

(They battle Kat and Kat was defeated)

The PJ Masks and Coop: Yeah!

Coop: Awesome! Now you guys could help me stop Kat!

Owlette: Okay, Then.

Catboy: PJ Masks, we shout hooray.

The PJ Masks: Cause into the night, we save the day.

Coop: And don't forget the BurtonBurger boy.

(Everyone laugh)

The Next Day

(Connor, Greg and Amaya came over at the playground where Coop and his friends are)

Fiona: Welcome.

Connor: Thanks.

Lorne: You guys want play?

Greg: Yeah.

Harley: Then what are waiting for? Let's play.

(Coop and his friends played with Connor, Greg and Amaya)

The End