The Burrow

Harry Potter was enjoying some time alone with his girlfriend Ginny Weasley. It had been a few months since Harry finally defeated the evil Lord Voldemort and was ready to give up his titles as 'The Boy-Who-Lived' and 'The Chosen One'. "It's been over three months and I still can't believe you killed Voldemort." Ginny said as they walked through the back garden holding hands. "I just hope he's gone for good this time."

"He is." Harry said sternly. "His body turned to dust when his Killing Curse hit him." Ginny nodded. "It's over. There's nothing anyone can do to bring him back." Harry's mind wandered to moments after Voldemort's body evaporated and snapped out of his thoughts when Ginny asked if he was okay. "Yeah, I'm fine, but I just remembered something that happened right after Voldemort's body evaporated. Come on. Ron and Hermione better hear this, too." He pulled Ginny back to the house and inside. "Mrs. Weasley, where are Ron and Hermione?"

"They're in the sitting room." Mrs. Weasley said. "Would you like a cup of tea?"

"Yes, please," said Harry sounding out of breath as he and Ginny went to the sitting room. Ron and Hermione looked up at him and nearly stood up when they saw him out of breath. "I've got something to tell you and you aren't going to like it. Maybe you, Hermione, can give us an explanation on what you think may have happened." Hermione nodded and sat back down with Ron. "When I was walking past the spot where Voldemort's body evaporated, I saw something strange...his body wasn't the only thing that evaporated. His wand did, too."

"His wand?" Ron yelped. "But wasn't he using the Elder Wand?"

"I'm not talking about the Elder Wand, Ron." Harry said impatiently. "I snapped it right after and you saw me do it. The one I'm talking about is his yew and phoenix feather one." The other three gasped. "The only problem is, it didn't evaporate like he did. It looked like a swirl of purple light."

"That means it was probably teleported by someone." Hermione said automatically and sighed right afterward when Ron gave her a puzzled look. "Teleporting is a Muggle way of transportation kind of like Apparition, but without magic. I can't explain it because you won't understand anything I would say, so I won't explain it." Ron nodded. "Anyway, just like magic, teleportation leaves traces. All we have to do is..." The four stood up when they heard a sound from outside. With wands drawn, the four wizards ran out the front door of the Burrow and saw a beam of green light in the center of the garden. "What is that?"

"Not sure." Harry said pointing his wand at the beam and not keeping his eyes off it.

"I am looking for Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley," said a voice speaking slowly and clearly. "Can you hear me?"

"I'm Harry Potter." Harry said back to the voice. "Who are you and what's wrong?"

"My name is Nate Silva. I work for a government agency called Grid Battleforce in Coral Harbor," said the voice. "My team of scientists have been informed by our computer system that our villain Evox has acquired the tool of your old villain Lord Voldemort and is going to attempt to revive him."

"What do you want us to do?" Ron asked. "What can we do?"

"I need the four of you to step through the portal you see besides the communication beam." Nate said. "You should see it in a few seconds." Harry and the others looked and saw a round purple hole that appeared seconds ago. "Walk through that portal and you will enter the Grid Battleforce lab."

Harry and the others walked through the portal in front of them and found themselves in a large room with metal walls and a lot of computer equipment. "What is this place?" Harry asked to no one in particular.

"This," said the voice Harry and the three others heard a few moments ago, "is the Morphing Lab of Grid Battleforce." Harry and the others saw a young man with neat black hair and olive skin with thick rimmed glasses wearing a white lab coat. "My name is Nate Silva, the lead technician here."

"I'm Harry Potter and these are my friends Ron, Hermione and Ginny." Harry said shaking the young man's hand. "So, what did you call us here for besides that Voldemort is about to get revived?"

"The reason I called you guys here is because I have something that will help you stop Evox from reviving Voldemort." Nate said. "Give me your wands, please." The four wizards gave Nate their wands and the young scientist cast a blue beam of energy from a strange device and then pulled the trigger at a spot next to the wands. Four wrist-mounted devices appeared next to the wands. "I scanned your wands to add your magical signatures to the Universal Morphin Grid."

"What does that mean?" Ron asked confused.

"It means that once your magical signatures are fully added to the Grid, I can give you powers you've never dreamed of. Powers that can make you Power Rangers." Nate said with excitement. The four wizards' jaws dropped in awe, though Ron and Ginny still looked confused. "According to the systems' readings you have a spell that takes the form of an animal, right?"

"Yes," said Harry. "It's called a Patronus." Nate nodded. "What do our Patronuses have to do with this?"

"Well, once your Patronuses are full added to the Grid, you four will put on your new Spirit Morphers." Nate said pointing to the wrist-mounted devices. He began typing on the keyboard of his computer and the four wizards watched as four miniature keys appeared next to the devices as well. "Those are your Morph-X Keys. They power your Morphers with Morph-X."

"What's Morph-X?" Ron asked.

"Morph-X is basically a liquidized version of the Morphin Grid." Nate explained. "My team of scientists have worked hard for the past two years to give the city of Coral Harbor clean energy and Morph-X is that energy. Now, along with your Morphers and Keys, you also have your wands which can now turn into your Spirit Blasters and Spirit Battle Sabers." Nate showed them how their wands could transform into each mode. "The Spirit Blaster can shoot whatever spell you want either verbally or non-verbally and your Battle Sabers have the ability to inflict large amounts of damage."

Hermione raised her hand for a minute until Nate nodded at her. "What about Zords?" she asked. "Don't all Power Rangers have a fleet of Zords at their command?"

"Yes, but yours are still in the process of being created at the moment." Nate explained. "I estimate at least a couple of days before they are completed. Once they are completed, Commander Shaw will dispatch your Zords when you need them." Harry and the others nodded. "So, do you have any questions?"

"Will we be able to cast our normal magic with our Ranger powers?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, but your magic will be more amplified with the power of the Morphin Grid. Your spells will be much stronger than before." Nate explained.

"That's amazing." Harry said with a smile. "I think we can do this, guys. Evox and his goons won't know what hit them." Ron, Hermione and Ginny all agreed with a huge grin on their faces.

Cyber Dimension

Scrozzle, the ruler of the Cyber Dimension and loyal technician to the powerful virus called Evox was at his work station. Two humans named Blaze and Roxy stood nearby. "What are you doing that's so important, Scrozzle?" Blaze asked. Blaze and Roxy were the original two candidates for the Red and Yellow Beast Morphers Rangers before Evox contaminated the Morph-X that would combine their DNA with those of a jackrabbit and a cheetah. The contaminated Morph-X turned them into evil avatars of their human selves leaving their human bodies in a deep sleep. Not long ago, the five Power Rangers that protected Coral Harbor destroyed the avatars. Scrozzle rebuilt the avatars as robots who were now with him at the moment.

"Yeah," said Roxy. "You're working very hard on something." She peeked over Scrozzle's shoulder and scoffed. "A wooden stick? That's what you're working on?"

"This isn't just a stick, Robo-Roxy," said Scrozzle. "This is the wand of a very powerful evil wizard called Lord Voldemort. I teleported this wand here years ago and have been trying to harness its magical energy since. I finally found out how to revive the master of this wand just like I will be doing to other villains very soon."

"Interesting." Robo Blaze said with a smirk. "Can't wait to see what you have in mind for this."

"Well, I do have a small job for you." Scrozzle told the two robotic generals. "I need you to find the Death Eater called Lucius Malfoy. From what I understand, he is in a maximum security prison called Azkaban in the North Sea near England. Go there and teleport him here." The generals nodded and teleported away immediately leaving Scrozzle to his work. "Well, Evox, I am very sure you will like my new plan. The Power Rangers are in for a real treat now." He laughed and went back to work.

To Be Continued...