What if? It is a question that all Fans think. What if Jim was more mature? More protective? And most importantly, what would make him this way? I am Raven Corvus lake, Daughter of Regulus and Barbara Lake (Black). For years I thought my name was Freak so when my Hogwarts letter came adressed to Raven Lake-Black I thought nothing of it. That is until I realized that no one used my name, the name I held close to my heart, but Harrietta Potter. Man I hated that name, the Goblins did a blood test during the summer before third year. It turns out my whole life before Hogwarts was a farce, I had a brother, a Mother, the Dursleys weren't even related to me. Heck I wasn't even thirteen! Albus too-many-names Dumbledor kidnapped me and deliberately put me with abusive bastards because my father was a Dark Mage. I, myself am a Water Mage, does that make me evil? No, it just means I control an element. One good thing came from him though, Excalibur was returned to me and my family. Now I once again wield Excalibur soon I will find my family, because an Emrys does not abandon family.

CHAPTER 1: I am Raven Lake Harrietta or rather Raven thought again as she rapped on the door. Raven had finaly made her way to the door after at least an hour of procrastanation, Raven was nervous as heck but Raven couldn't wait to meet her brother. She had a brother! Oh, Merlin! I can't do this! Raven thought as her knees quaked Excalibur hummed comfortingly through the mind link they had established the year before in the Chamber of Secrets. Raven took another deep breath and braced herself as the door opened. A tall fifeteen-year-old boy with midnight black hair and a slightly frazzled look about him stepped out and Raven forced herself not to freak out as he looked at her "Hi, can I help you?" Raven took yet another deep breath "Uh, hi. I-I'm Raven" Raven paused to study his reaction, there was a tinge of regconization in his eyes but Raven forced herself not to get to hopeful "Raven Lake, I-I'm your sister" Raven cringed, that sounded so cheesy but the boy smiled tearfuly and hugged her "Raven, I've missed you" Excalibur sang in the back of her mind as at last the Emrys siblings were reunited once again.

Padfoot 'n' Star present their niece-And daughter!-Raven Corvus Lake!

Raven smiled as he released her "Is mum home?" she asked hopefuly but Jim shook his head "But boy am I happy someone else is here. Toby's at the dentist office and I'm freaking out." Raven blinked but fell into the role of older sister like she had so many times with Luna "What's the matter Jim?" She demanded he pulled out an amulet in response. "Merlin's Amulet!" she gasped in shock "How did you come across this?" She asked faintly "I found it in a pile of rocks in the canal" Jim told her "Okay first of all, never say that so flippilantly again. That was someones body, be respectful!" Jim looked sutibly chastened at her reprimand "Second, did it call to you?" he nodded and Raven let out a halfway hysterical laugh "My brother is the Trollhunter" she said "That's what they said!" Jim exclaimed and Raven dropped onto the couch "Start at the begining, what exactly happened?"

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Fifteen minutes later Jim had explained everything and Raven had, had her minor breakdown at the thought of having to reveal magic but everything turned out fine.