Chapter 5:

Raven was confidently walking down the troll road when she was distracted by a scent. One that smelled of Granite and Obsidian, her soul mate.

But where was he?

She turned to look behind her and that was when she tripped, of course, and fell backwards.

Great stone arms caught her before she hit the ground and she looked up in surprise. A great blue troll with huge horns stood before her.

Her soul mate was a warrior.

One who might not appreciate a female warrior as a mate.

She winced ducked her head and pulled herself away from the warm/cold embrace that she longed to stay in forever. But then she felt something even better, her twin bond reacted to her distress.

Jim was there, his arms around her.

"What are Fleshbags doing in Troll Market?" The troll demanded and Raven's soul winced.

He hated her. She saw an odd emotion pass through his eyes but it was gone in a flash.

She knew Jim felt it and actually winced when she felt through their bond that he was about to do something beyond stupid.

"I am the Troll hunter." And apparently callous too. What had she told him about troll manners?

She finally stepped in when the amulet wouldn't take right away.

"For the victory of Arthur Excalibur is mine." She shouted and the sharp blade appeared in her hand. She glared down the blade at the crowd but found them all staring in something bordering on shocked.