Vongola : true sky's will

Synopsis : tsuna has been coma for at least 4 years, after he wakes his parents avoid him like a plague only nono and his guardian that care for him. When tsuna seven years old he was leave death by his own father. what will happen if the dead sky appear again after so many years ?

Chapter I : hidden sky's young life

Sawada tsunayoshi, the first son of sawada iemitsu and sawada nana was born at 14 october in japan. His parents was joyed since this is their first child. But happiness didn't happen for long time, when tsunayoshi just seven months old estranao famiglia branch kidnap him and poison his small baby body. Iemitsu immedietly save his son but it was too late the poison already inside his son's body.

When vongola nono heard this they began call all of the doctor and scientist even the arcobaleno verde to save tsuna. They success but tsuna sleep into coma, this made his parents sad and devasted. Days became months and even after almost one year tsuna didn't wake up. During tsuna's fifth month coma, his mother nana became pregnant again and give birth to a baby boy. This of course made both parents overjoyed since god give them second change to have raise child on their own.

They named the baby sawada ieyuji, when ieyuji three years old, tsunayoshi wake up from his coma. At first iemitsu and nana was overjoyed but when the doctor check up on him they said, " his body has too much poison, it will weaken his imunity and he will easily sick even in normal cold"

Hear this made two of them grieve and they don't know how to act around tsuna. They began avoide him, but little tsuna didn't understand this and tried to gain attention from his father and mother but afraid of losing him again they treated tsuna like him don't exist.

"dad look!" said tsuna

" I am busy, yuji come son let's play ball with daddy" said iemitsu


"mom, look" said tsuna


It's always like this everytime tsuna tried to gain attention, one time tsuna accidentally injured ieyuji, iemitsu and nana became angry and they lock up tsuna in the basement. No matter how tsuna apologize or cry they don't open the door. When nono see this in his visit he asked, " iemitsu! That not how you handle the child! Why would you do that ?"

" he made mistake and he deserve tobe punished" iemitsu said

" but he only four years old for god sake! Even I don't punish xanxus like that! Release him now!" said nono

"no, nono!" yelled iemitsu back

"open now!" nono yelled back and iemitsu don't have choice but open the door

"*hic*hic*sob*sniff" tsuna just cried, nono who sees this immedietly hugged him to calm him down

"now..now.. don't cry, let's this old grandpa see your cute face" said nono

"*hic.. grandpa?" said tsuna

"yeas dear?" asked nono

" grandpa why you kind to me? Dad and mom don't like me, they only like yuji" said tsuna

" don't be like that, they only confuse at the moment. Come on grandpa will play with you" said nono

" can you read me a story?" said tsuna

" of course" said nono

After nono read tsuna story, tsuna fell a sleep. Nono order his strom guardian to put tsuna in sleep. He come to iemitsu and asked, " why won't you and nana treat tsunayoshi nicely? He is your son"

"no, nono! We don't want him if only he died later!" said iemitsu

"iemitsu! He is your son! No matter what you deny!" said nono angrly

"no! we don't want that! We don't want to feel love towards him if only later he died! We don't want to feel that again !" said iemitsu

"iemitsu! I hope you know what you said ! as parents you two should love and treat him as a parent should be so no matter what the future you will not regret it" said nono


After that day, because nono worried about him he decide to once in a while visit sawada house to check on tsuna. Not only him even his guardians come to love tsunayoshi. But for nana and iemitsu, they keep themselves in denial that tsunayoshi should be ignore as they don't want to feel regret. When tsuna was eight years old he have high fever, he beg his father or mother to be by his side to ease his pain, but iemitsu and nana just stood by and don't do anything. Eventually tsuna's fever became higher to the point his parents can't ignore it. But his parents in denial and make decision to abandon tsuna in a mountain near their town so that they don't have to see him died.

"dad?mom? where are you go ? don't.. don't leave me alone!" said tsuna

"I am not your dad! I don't have useless kid like you in my family!" said iemitsu

"why? Why you hate me? I tried again and again just for you to love me like yuji, why?" said tsuna

" you are not our son! We don't have sick son like you!" said nana

" sick? Just because of that? ….. *sob*sob….how can you …..*cough*cough… " tsuna suddenly cough his body couldn't contain the shock he received, his eyes eventually becames dull.

Before the two parents go too far he said, " I curse you ! I curse you feel the same what I feel!*cough..*cough… I curse you …for the rest of your …" tsuna close his eyes and lost his conscious.

When iemitsu and nana hear this, they feel a pang in their hearts. Something that they can't explain why but they ignore it. They didn't know one of vongola spy see what they do and report it. He couldn't come near tsuna because iemitsu's hidden guard but they heard the word they and tsuna said. When nono heard this, he was furious and called him to Italy.

"iemitsu! I know you are idiot but to be so foolish to abandon your sick son! You imposible!" yelled nono.

".." iemitsu couldn't say anything there's guilt in his and nana hearts but they couldn't redo what they do.

"if you are this foolish! Don't come back to vongola! I will have lal to take over you for a while. Think of it with your wife! Just what you have done to little child who didn't have any mistake!" said nono, even nono's guardian couldn't believe it either how can iemitsu, a leader to CEDEF do this? To his own son nonetheles.

Iemitsu just do what nono said, he didn't think his action wrong but after they abandoned tsuna. He and his wife couldn't ignore their guilt and sadness, tsuna's words to them still ring inside their heart.

' I curse you ! I curse you feel the same what I feel!*cough..*cough… I curse you …for the rest of your …'

Meanwhile in the forest

"how can they do this, G?" said someone

"giotto…" said G

Giotto baffled when he wonder around his living place in japan with his guardians and found what his descendant do toward his own son just because he is sick and have weak body. Suddenly another orange flame with red tint within them appear and show another figure with scary face and green eyes.

"trash, his life force already dropped. It only time he will die" said the figure

" ricardo, how can you here? " said giotto

" trash ! so? You want save him or not? " said ricardo

"hn, secondo right primo. If you want to save him there only can be one way" said another figure with purple flame

"alaude? What do you mean there's only one way ? " said giotto

"nufufufu… of course primo, there's only one way, 'that is vongola succession trial' with that the flames within the kid will help him overcome the poison inside his body" said a figure with indigo flames

"daemon?!you-?!" said G

" stop G, but you should know yourself, daemon that was not something a child should see" said giotto

"trash, you want let him die then?" said ricardo

"this….." giotto hestitated to use vongola trial because that was not image a child should see but that trial was the only way to save his descendant like ricardo and daemon said.

" so giotto?" asked G

"we don't have many ways…forgive me child" said giotto as he poke the child's head with his dying will flames

"let's begin then, the trial of vongola succession"

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Chapter 2 : vongola's trial

"can you bear this burden ? this sins ? the sins of us … the vongola"

"shu..shut upp! I just want to live! Just want my parents to love me! If this what I should take then I will burn this to hell!"