Chapter 11 : skylark perfect II & the calming rain

"rokudo mukuro, you better stop it or you will know what will happen righttt ~~"

A sweetly voice called mukuro, turn around he found his sky who smile sweetly at him, too sweet for his feeling. Mukuro began to sweat, he slowly step back away from his angry sky.

"k-kufufu… h-hello there cielo-kun" said mukuro nervously

"…" tsuna just continue to smile while he walk close to mukuro as he walk back away from him.

"k-kufufu… can you umm I don't know … umm stop ?" said mukuro

"why ?" asked tsuna still smile sweetly at mukuro.




A tonfa suddenly thrown at his way, tsuna tilt his head to let the tonfa bypass him and hit the tree behind him until it crack. Hibari kyouya look at the person who just show up and disturb his match, at first he's pissed to be disturb but when he see the pinnaeple to somehow scared at him, it's interest him a little. Kyouya want to see his power. When the boy merely dogde his tonfa with a little tilt he became more interesting to kyouya.


"k-ufufufu" mukuro seeing this as opportunity to ran away only if his sky didn't hold his shoulder hard.

Mukuro's face became paler as he dread of what punishment he will face, the last time he snap his sky's patience, let's just say he almost seeing his death door. Meanwhile hayato began to sweat too as he watch his sky's face from the classroom. Hayato never said this but glad it isn't him in there. That raven haired boy seems pretty brave to just disturb his sky with his sadistic moment. He don't know should he pity him or applause of his bravery.

"hn" (fight me)

"who ?" said tsuna with his head tilt a little.

Kyouya change his stance as he ready to fight tsuna, tsuna drop his scary- ehem his angelic smile as he observed the raven boy in front of him. The boy has posture of good fighter, may be not the best but still good and if trained well the boy can be one of the strongest. Tsuna can see now why mukuro fight this boy, mukuro like fighting strong opponent ( or rather going to torture them with illusion ) but mukuro rarely aside from tsuna and occasional hayato to fight with a pure martial arts even byakuran and dino whose excel in defense martial art didn't interest mukuro.

Tsuna watch the boy closely, the boy seems to be interested with him. Tsuna see something on the right of the boy's gakuran uniform. 'dsiplinary comitte' looks like the boy part of the comitte, but the boy didn't have the strange hairstyle tsuna see in most of its member. Either the boy is the rumored "hibari kyouya" or someone else who close to him.

"hn" (hibari kyouya. Fight me, omnivore)

"hibari kyouya" murmured tsuna

Kyouya seems to heard him as he smirk widely at tsuna, looks like tsuna right about this boy.

"so you're hibari kyouya-san ?" repeated tsuna

"hn" kyouya just grunt in confirmation, he hated to repeat something he just said.

"can I ask why you fight my idiotic brother ?" asked tsuna as he began to sweetly smile once more while his hand gesture at mukuro, mukuro winced as his face start to pale, he know he's screw up but he hope his sky will be distract when one hibari kyouya drew the tonfa at his sky's face. It seems fate hate him and decice to not help him.

"hn ?" (brother ?)

Tsuna didn't know should he be amused or annoyed that he seems to be understand the "hn" lamguage

"not direct but still relative, well in sense the two of us are some kind of brother" said tsuna

"hn" ( fight me )

"you still don't answer my question, hibari-san ?" said tsuna

Kyouya narrowed his eyes as he lunged at tsuna, he kick tsuna in the jaw only for tsuna to defend it with his right arm as he pussed kyouya away from him. Kyouya smirk went wide at this, it's been long time since someone made him this excited. Tsuna want to continue his talk with mukuro only for kyouya to attack him again with his tonfa.

Tsuna dogde it as he jump backward, kyouya start to attack tsuna again on the chest. Tsuna then kick kyouya on the stomach.

'this guy...' tsuna narrowed his eyes as he start to think how to go against kyouya as he know this raven boy will never let him go, the only one way to stop him is to defeat him in fight. He know too much people who like fighting to be able to know this. Tsuna sometimes wonder how this is his life.

Kyouya start to try hit tsuna with his two tonfa ( either tsuna or mukuro know when he get this tonfa in his hand as they sure the tonfa is far away from kyouya when he throw the tonfa earlier ), tsuna try to dogde and kick kyouya. Kyouya started to get annoyed for not being able to hit tsuna, even once. But he get more excited as tsuna seems to be more serious in fighting him.

From behind kyouya stood one tall teen with poumdour haired style, he wide eyes to see someone can give his leader good fighting without his leader said his usual castarpraise. Not to mention this is the new student who has just move here. He didn't believe this but the truth is in front of him. When he's seeing the dark navy haired new student who he believe his name is rokudo mukuro fight his leader in almost equal way already shocking ( mukuro while serious fighting kyouya, still hold back as he can't let his illusion out in front of civilian public ) and now seeing the other new student fighting his leader and be able kick his leader for a second on the stomach is more shocking.

He almost shocked his eyes out the moment he see the new student punch his leader on the chest to the point he's fly away from him. What the hell he want to say, there's someone that can fight his leader, the demon of namimori to this intense. He's too shock to check his leader for injuries (which even he's not, he believe his leader's abilities to dogde the worst ).

The whole school especially tsuna's class start to wide jaw at this, they never thought that their new classmate to be able to fight against one hibari kyouya. If they think his brother ( if they didn't heard wrong about them being relative ) awesome, they don't know what to said for what they seeing now. Their new classmate not only be able hold up his ground against hibari kyouya but also punch him and sending him fly far away !, as if that's possible but if they don't believe it then what they're seeing now ?!..

" you lose " said tsuna


"as much as this fight is interesting, I believe we must stop this now" said tsuna

"hn" ( you're interesting)

"thank you I guess ? I am not really fond of fighting" said tsuna

"let's fight again some other times, omnivore" said kyouya as he walk away

"ah, kyo-san" said kusakabe as he snap out of his shock to follow kyouya hurriedly


Tsuna just chuckle, mukuro seeing this over want to walk toward tsuna when tsuna suddenly turn at him with a angelic sweetly smile, too sweet if he can say. Mukuro gulp in panic as he know he still not out of his earlier trouble.

"mukuro~~" said tsuna

"*gulp … y-yes cielo-kun ?" said mukuro

"when we came back home, do your usual punishment as you did in Italy" said tsuna

"t-t-the usual, cielo-kun ?" asked mukuro nervously

"of course~, something wrong ?" asked tsuna as he open his eyes.

"*gulp.." mukuro just shook his head repeatly,

"is that so ? "*mukuro nod" okay then, I will met you at home" said tsuna as he go back to his class.

Tsuna's classroom

"wow~~ cielo-kun amazing, right hana-chan ?" said kyoko

"rather than amazing, it's quite scary seeing him hold against hibari of all people but well I guess it's mean he isn't monkey" said hana as she smirk

"hahaha, cielo amazing.. it's like googoo gash then he bam bam, right haya-chan ?" said takeshi smiling like idiot.

"idiot! Who you call haya-chan?! And of course cielo-sama amazing!" said hayato as he start worship cielo.

'*gulp… cielo scary…' thought ieyuji paled

Cielo arrived at his class room only to find all of his classmates oddly weird, their gaze hold respect, fear, and awe or woship ( mostly because of hayato as he's the one who shout how great tsuna ). Tsuna has to sweatdrop at that. In the end he choose to sit to wait for the next teacher to come while his classmates still look weirdly at him.

In the end the teacher didn't come as one of the displinary comitte said all of the teachers are unavaible due to specific reason ( ehem hibari kyouya ).

"so we will meet at takesushi ?" asked cielo

"yes" said takeshi

Tsuna nod and said goodbye to takeshi and the others as he and hayato walk away to pick up mukuro who has the brazen idea to run away from his mad's sky. Hayato look at his boss and paled, silently he prayed that mukuro will still live after tsuna finish his punishment.

"cielo-sama" said hayato

"yes ?~" said tsuna in sing song tone

"*gulp… ummm.. did you perhaps know where mukuro is ?" said hayato

Tsuna just smile and bring out his phone to call genkishi to pick up them, he know mukuro already transport with his mist flame back to home. He wants to run away from him but.. sadly he's too naïve, tsuna know how to read flames without him flare out his own flame. Tsuna just had to feel his link with mukuro and he will know where mukuro. Tsuna chuckle evilly despite his smile totally angelic if anyone didn't see the black aura behind him ( even hayato sat a little far away from his boss ). Genkishi had to sweatdrop at the black aura, he just hoped the mansion is still standing when tsuna finish with mukuro.

Meanwhile mukuro, the said person hiding deep in the mansion as he masking his presence with mist flames to hinder tsuna to find him. He's shaking ( no, he's not, definitely not, he isn't afraid at tsuna ), he's forget tsuna while as patient as a saint still has his moment to be sadistic. Mukuro blame reborn for this, a cute looking like bunny tsuna tainted by sadistic spawn of evil reborn ( in Italy reborn sneeze, he has feeling his someone talking about him.. let's just say one bar in Italy closed permantly… ).

"Mukuro~~ where are you~~" said tsuna


"ara ? did we played hide and seek now ?~~" said tsuna

"…." Mukuro just continue hiding far away from tsuna.

"hmm~~ I have group study in one hour.. guess~ I have to find you quickly then~~" said tsuna as he slowly come where mukuro hiding.

"…" Mukuro start shaking again.

"I coming to find you~~ where are youuuu~~"said tsuna

Tsuna walking silently like assassin behind mukuro and he smile very sweetly, "ah~~ mukuro~~ mitsuketa~~"

(translate : found you*)

Mukuro paled as he feel someone else's hand on his shoulder, he turn around and found tsuna smile like fallen angel.

That day the whole mansion shake with a "kyaaa" manly scream to be heard but strangely not even one person suspicious by that. Well, only one person but he's too afraid to be near the scream.

In Italy


"hm ? did you just got cold, old friend ?"

"no, nono. But for some reason I feel I just passed some small chaos" said reborn as he frown, he's the king of chaos but why he seems to feel he just miss it ?

As soon as reborn said that, most of the people in the room stood away from reborn. Chaos never kind word to them, especially if they come from the king of chaos reborn. Sawada iemitsu particurlary is the one who receive reborn's sad- ehem reborn's way to show love the most. We can said he can't be in the same room with reborn without fainting once.

Lal collecting blackmails at him and she sold it with mammon who then gladly paid them to share it with the entire VARIA and the others arcobaleno ( even aria and ganma who rarely buy something like that ), he made fortune with it. Mammon is one happy looking baby whenever iemitsu's items (blackmail materials) in his hands.

"is that so ? anyway here, this is ieyuji-kun's file" said nono as he hand over a yellow file to reborn.


Name : Sawada Ieyuji

Birth date : 14 october 1997

Age : 13 years old, will be 14 at 14 october

Gender : male

Blood type : A

Weight : 32kg

Blood relative ;

Father : sawada iemitsu

Mother : sawada nana

Older brother : Sawada Tsunayoshi ( unknown status )

Great-grand uncle : timoteo de vongola

Uncle :

Enrico de vongola ( dead )

Massimo de vongola (dead )

Federico de vongola ( alive )

Xanxus de vongola ( alive )

Grandfather : sawada ietsuna ( dead )

Ancestor : giotto de vongola / sawada ieyatsu ( dead ), cielo's direct great-grandfather

Flames : sky flame ( already tested, he isn't awaken the flame yet )

Pyshickly :

Average with sport ( unless its soccer )


B+ at english

B at sport

Excel at soccer

C at art

C, almost D at math

D at music


Seems close with sasagawa kyoko

Close with osamu kenji

Famiglia :

vongola ( fourth in line to the the throne )

Hobby :

playing soccer

hang out with friends

Element's guardian :


Personality :


good with people

a little charismatic


like to smile

popular at his soccer club

" seems better than baka-mitsu, hope not idiot like him" said reborn

"oy!" said the idiot

"you said something, baka-mitsu ?~~" said reborn with a glint in his eyes.

"n-n-nothing r-reborn-san" said iemitsu

"good then" said timoteo

"reborn, I heard you close to falcone's heir ?" asked nono

"not really, why ?" said reborn.

"I want to see if young hayato can be a good guardian to him" said nono

'if not, I want young hayato helping the chosen heir' thought nono

"if you want to recruit him, it been late nono" said reborn

"why ? if you don't mind me asking ?" asked nono

"he's already recruit by giglionero" said reborn

"what ?" said nono surprised

"you heard me" said reborn in deadpan tone

"but surely some adjustment can be made, right ?" asked iemitsu

"… can't. The boy already pledge loyalty to them, you sure know what its mean right ?" asked reborn

"but… "iemitsu, we certainlty not drag the boy out of giglionero if the boy already loyal to them" said nono cut iemitsu before he said of what he shouldn't.

"a pity though, he's good guardian candidate" said coyote

"indeed but I believe he's not the only one" said nono

"regadless I believe this is all of his file ?"asked reborn

"yes, the next summer is when ring conflict will be held. The location isn't decide yet but I hope ieyuji-kun will ready by the time" said nono

"no promise, nono"said reborn as he leaving

"but I believe in you, old friend" said nono as he watch reborn leaving.

Giglionero's mansion in japan

"guess I overdo it, huh" said tsuna as he gentlely poke mukuro with stick who know where he get it


Hayato can only sweatdrop at that

"well, we better going hayato" said tsuna

"yes, cielo-sama" said hayato

Before tsuna leave he glance at mukuro, "mukuro, I better not seeing mess when I go back"


"do you understand ?" said tsuna as he look at mukuro with his utmost smile "you better do as I say or else"

Mukuro gulp and nodded vigourously at tsuna, tsuna just smile and walk out of the room with hayato.

In one of sicily's Bar

"oh reborn, it's been long time for you to be here, the usual ?" asked the bartender

"no, the light one please. I have job after this" said reborn

"so reborn what's this time ? Vienna ? parlemor ? or may be Russia ?" asked bartender as he mixed his special drink

"japan" said reborn

"ohhh~ the old man already decided, huh" said the bartender


"reborn! Die!" said one of the man

Reborn just sit there not minding anything that happen around him as he took out his green gun



"thanks for the drink, here the tip" said reborn as he left the bar

"yare yare I have to clean up like always, so much mess" said the bartender as he call the usual clean up team as if he just clean up his dirty bar not the human bodies.


Tsuna and hayato arrived at takesushi ten minutes earlier, they enter surprised to see their new classmates dress up in yukata helping serve sushi to customer. Takeshi see hayato and tsuna come to them after he put up the customer order on his table.

"sup! Cielo! Hayato!" said takeshi

"hello, takeshi. I hope we aren't late" said tsuna while hayato just grunt at how takeshi call them.

"of course not, ieyuji and the girls still not come yet so you can wait here or in my room" said takeshi as he put his arm on tsuna's shoulder.

"you! Don't get too close to cielo-sama!" said hayato

"hahaha, you don't have to be jealous, haya-chan~~" said takeshi as he change his arm place from tsuna to hayato.

"damn* you goofy idiot!" yelled hayato

"hahaha.. you're so funny" said takeshi

"takeshi, I don't think your new friend appreciate your teasing and please go back to serve our customer" a man in font of the counter said.

"sure, oyaji! Sit whenever you want cielo, haya!" with that takeshi go back help serving the customer.

"just sit in the front counter you two boys" said takeshi's father

"sorry to intrude" said tsuna as he sit together with hayato

"don't be too polite, boys. I feel old here" said takeshi's father

"ah, I am sorry, can I have water ?" said tsuna

"hahaha, sure thing you can or you can order the sushi too, it's on the house" said takeshi's father

"eh ? you sure ? I don't want to be rude" said tsuna

"why not ? you are my son's friend and I want to know you" said takeshi's father as he narrowed his eyes to tsuna and hayato



"you suspect something, right ?" asked tsuna as he feel the tension from the old man

"yes, even if you suppress it. your sky flames still flare out of your body" said takeshi's father as he put down two glass of water.

"and ? what did you want to know ?" asked tsuna as he took sip of his water.

"your intention getting close with my son" said takeshi's father

"nothing, I do come here to search my remaining guardians but I don't wish to force things if your son, takeshi indeed compatible with me and wish to be my guardian I will not hinder him but if he isn't I won't force him either" said tsuna

"…. You don't lie" said takeshi's father with a sigh

" I don't have any reason to lie to you" said tsuna



Hayato just gulp as the tension between his boss and his classmate's parent went higher than before.

"is that all ?" asked tsuna as he lift his eye brow with ease as if there's no tension between them.

"there's one thing" said takeshi's father

"and ? what is it?" asked tsuna

"are you sawada tsunayoshi ?" asked takeshi's father

" your point is ?" asked tsuna

"don't fool me boy you look exactly like the other sawada boy and I am still getting news from the other side even if I retired including the news about your disappearance" said takeshi's father.

"disappear huh ? they don't want to tarnish their name so they said I am disappear ? such a funny things" said tsuna with a mock tone

"your answer ?" said takeshi's father

"that boy died years ago when his parents left him die himself, I am not that boy, my name cielo, cielo tsunayoshi de alphelandra" said tsuna

"alphelandra…. you are part of giglionero ?" asked takeshi's father as his eyes wide open.

"… yes" said tsuna

Takeshi's father look at tsuna instenly, he seems to notice something about tsuna as he said, "…. You did know you can't never run away from vongola right ? especially since nono still search your whereabouts"

Tsuna smile at that, his grandfather still care for him after all these times..

"I know but for now I don't want to think about that… *chuckle… I am bad grandson, right ?" said tsuna

Takeshi's father didn't said anything and go back to the side counter, he cut some tuna and presh them on top of rice ball. He place the food on plate and give it to tsuna.

"it's on the house" said takeshi's father

"… thank you" said tsuna with a small smile

"… as long as you don't hurt my boy, you welcome here" said takeshi's father

"I will never. Your child is good person and friend even if I just met him" said tsuna

"hahaha, good to know. That boy worried me but if he be able to be friend with a person like you perhaps he will be alright, so when you move here ?" said takeshi's father

"just yesterday, yamamoto-san" said tsuna

"don't call me like that! You made me old, just call me tsuyoshi" said tsuyoshi

"sure, tsuyoshi-san" said tsuna

"you polite boy, did ganma still had stoic face ?" asked tsuyoshi

"you know my father ? and no, my father sometimes smile" asked tsuna

"he is your father now? hahaha I never expected that stoic always stalk his boss boy would have a kid and smile ? hahaha… that's I want to see it too, to answer you yes, I know him. I sometimes do job for their famiglia when I was young" said tsuyoshi

"oh, you must be skilled if aunt aria hired you" said tsuna

"stop that boy, I just know a few move with swords and nothing more" said tsuyoshi

"this quite good, can I asked octopus next ?" said hayato

"sure thing boy, and you ?" said tsuyoshi as he glance at tsuna

"salmon and tuna, please" said tsuna

"coming right up!" said tsuyoshi as he prepare their orders

"yo, cielo" said takeshi as he finish his shift.

"hey, takeshi. Finish your job ?" said tsuna

"yeah, sorry for waiting" said takeshi

"nah, your dad cool and his sushi good so I don't mind" said tsuna

"hahaha, glad to hear that" said takeshi

"otoro coming!" said tsuyoshi as he place the plate in front of hayato

"and hayato love his sushi" said tsuna

"I can see that" said takeshi as he chuckle when he see hayato eat his dad's sushi with a gusto

Hayato seem to notice and glare at takeshi as if he said 'what-the-hell-you-looking-at-', takeshi just laugh inwardly at him. Tsuna look at them and let out a small smile, if only they can be like this always. Tsuna eat his sushi and occasionally chat with hayato and takeshi while takeshi and hayato seems argued a lot or rather one side argument with hayato sho shout and takeshi who laugh and smile at whatever hayato said.

Fifteen minutes later kyoko, hana, and ieyuji come to takesushi with some of their school materials. Ieyuji smile at kyoko as he walk with them. After they give tsuyoshi their greeting, takeshi guide all of them to his room to do their project. Tsuna look around takeshi's room, while is mess, it isn't bad. He can see takeshi love baseball judging by how he decorate his room with baseball ball, bat or some of baseball ascessories from its famous athlete.

Ieyuji give takeshi his mother baked cake and cookies for them to eat. For a second there's sadness in tsuna's eyes when he heard from whom but it immedietly gone except for takeshi who more prespective and hayato who known tsuna since childhood. But they don't said anything else, after that they do some discussing and debate about their project and its theme.

They finish it in three hours just in time tsuyoshi call them for dinner. They clean up their mess for the project and go down to yamamoto's dinner room. The room is simple with only small tv, chairs and table. Tsuyoshi put the dinners on the table, when they seeing this they go help him put on the foods. The dinners is not fast not slow either, they eat some of restaurant left over, some miso soup and some stir vegetables.

"thanks for the food"

"it was delicious, thank you tsuyoshi-san" said tsuna

" don't mention it, I will close the store in a while. You guys can wait here" said tsuyoshi

"I will help you dad" said takeshi

"me too" said tsuna as he follow them

"I will help you, yamamoto" said ieyuji

"we will do the dishes here" said hana

"yes" said kyoko

"ci- "hayato, can you help the girls do the dishes ?" asked tsuna

"of course, cielo-sama" said hayato

Tsuna helping tsuyoshi clean up the counter while ieyuji help takeshi outside put out the sign and sweep a little. Takeshi glance at tsuna while sweep, he seems want to ask something to him. Ieyuji who finish his part notice takeshi's silent.

"something wrong, yamamoto?" asked ieyuji

"eh ?" takeshi surprise at his question as he glance at him.

"I asked if something wrong" said ieyuji

"oh, nothing… just you know lately my hits in baseball always miss and my grade down at school, I don't know what to do" said takeshi.

"perhaps you not trying enough ? how about you train more ?" said ieyuji

"… you right! I think so too, thanks sawada!" said takeshi with a fake smile.

"of course! Well, I will head inside to help the girls" said ieyuji

"sure!" said takeshi, his smile drop when ieyuji go inside his house.

Tsuna heard what ieyuji and takeshi talking about and shake his head. As much as he still love his younger brother, ieyuji is dense in delicate matter like this. When ieyuji go to the kitchen to help the girls and hayato, tsuna go outside and walking toward takeshi.

"takeshi ?" said tsuna

"cielo ?" said takeshi

"you okay ? you looks down" said tsuna worried

"ah! Nothing! I just thinking about something! Let's go inside!" said takeshi as he pick up the broom and going inside

Just as he about open the door he heard tsuna said, " sometimes you have to rest when you met dead end, my father said push yourself too much isn't good for you"

Takeshi look at tsuna, tsuna smiles at him and going inside leave takeshi to think what he just said to him. Takeshi follow tsuna and put the broom in his hands to the side room. After the girls wash the dishes, they go back with ieyuji. Tsuna asked him he didn't sleep over with them ? ieyuji said his mother alone at home so he must go back as not to worry her. That was his reason but actually he just want to be close to kyoko as he walk her back. Tsuna notice his lie, but he didn't said anything and just said be careful with the three.

Takeshi took out two futons and lay them out. Hayato help him with that, after they laid the futon tsuna suddenly remembering what happen with mukuro, he then took out his poker out to play. Hayato had to sweatdrop at his bestfriend or sky, to think he bring the card must be the stress because of mukuro earlier. Seeing tsuna bring out poker card he agree to play without notice tsuna's aura behind his back. That if you don't see the sweat on his forehead.

Takeshi lean on hayato wishpering, " haya-chan, if it's just me or cielo seems to be angry or mad ?"

"just shut the hell up! Well, you are not wrong. I am saying just follow along, don't ask anything" said hayato.

"uhh, o-okay ?" said takeshi unsure of what to do.

"hey you two" as tsuna start speak, takeshi and hayato straight up and when they see tsuna's face they have to gulp. Tsuna's smile looks like angel but the aura behind him is anything but evil.

"ye-yes cielo-sama ?" said hayato.

"how about we play poker ?" asked tsuna as he smiled sweetly at them.

"uhh…. Sure cielo ?" said takeshi.

They played card, at first takeshi will win the game but tsuna suddenly bring out royal flush and it end up in his victory. Takeshi had to blink at his new friend's luck. At their eight games, hayato drop out. He almost dizzy when see poker card and want nothing then be far away from it. Hayato glad there's takeshi and he can follow tsuna to play. But hayato judge takeshi too fast, when tsuna almost win the tenth game takeshi fainting with dizziness and almost trauma of poker.

His seem innoncient new friend became monster when played poker. He had to wonder how tsuna can become like this ? who teach him ? in Italy one man and one faked baby sneeze non-stop. They rub their sore nose and think who the hell talking about them ? especially the fake baby one, he looks like want to murder the one who talking about him.

Takeshi shudder, he look around to see if there's something but found nothing. He look back at tsuna and found him already clean up his poker card while smile like an angel. Fortunately tsuna go back to normal after he put his card, takeshi had to relief at that. He didn't think he can survive another round of poker with tsuna.

The next day

"morning, huh ? Takeshi ?" said tsuna as he woke up

"you woke up, Cielo-sama ?" said hayato

"ah, hayato, morning. Where Takeshi ?" asked tsuna

"he's down helping his father with breakfast" said hayato

"*yawn… let's go down too then" said tsuna as he fold up his futon.

Tsuna and hayato then go to the kitchen and seeing Takeshi and Tsuyoshi preparing the breakfast. After eat breakfast, they go to school together. Walking to school like this together with Takeshi and hayato made tsuna feel somehow complete, he don't know what to cause this. Perhaps Takeshi indeed the rain for him, tsuna thought it will be great if Takeshi is the rain guardian fated to him.

When they almost at gate, they see kyoko being harassed by a few of older students.

"come one kyoko-chan, just one date~~" said one student, this student has tan skin like Takeshi but he is in ligther color than him. Behind his shoulder there is a bokken ( a bamboo sword for kendo practice ), looks like he is a member of kendo club in the school.

"mochida-senpai, I am sorry but I don't have free time. I have to help my brother" said kyoko.

"it's just a few minutes kyoko and I am sure your brother will be okay with you go to one date with me" said mochida as he leering on kyoko's shoulder.

"I am sorry, senpai but I can't go date with you. Please let me go" said kyoko as she troubled in freeing herself from mochida.

Mochida started to pissed off as he look at how kyoko keep refuse to date him, he growl a little to made kyoko afraid of him. It's work kyoko started to pale, she hate violence but never expected she will be the victim of it. Mochida smirk at kyoko, he didn't care if kyoko agree today but he will force her to go on date with him. Just as he think like this, a peeble hit him on the head.

Mochida clutched his head as it start to bleed a little, he let go of kyoko and see who dare to hit him. He look at tsuna who seems to want to throw another peeble to him,

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ?! YOU DARE TO HIT ME ?!" yelled mochida.

"I dare, so ?" said tsuna as calm as he be.

"YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM ?!" yelled mochida

Tsuna just look at him bored, " I don't care, what I just see was you bothering my friend".

"I AM KENDO'S CLUB CAPTAIN, YOU KNOW?!" yelled mochida

"so what ?" said tsuna deadpanned at him

"*pffft…. That's good one, Cielo" said Takeshi

"*tch.. idiot" said hayato

"YOUUU…" mochida growl at tsuna like a feral animal, he start to untie his bokken

"I am what ?" tsuna just smirk at him, tsuna didn't care what he is doing but he don't like a person like him to hurt his friends like what he is doing with kyoko.

"I WILL KILL YOU!" mochida start to swing his bokken in attempts to hurt tsuna but tsuna just dodging his swings all the time.

Seeing their captain start to attack, the other kendo members that with mochida join the fight too. Hayato seeing this start to punch them with Takeshi hit them with his baseball bat. In just a few minutes the kendo's member fall on the ground with only mochida standing, or rather he's being played by tsuna.

"still want to continue ?" asked tsuna

"YOUUU…." Said mochida as he gritted his teeth

"leave and never bother kyoko-san again" said tsuna look cooly at mochida as if he never bother him.

mochida gritt his teeth and growl at tsuna, "I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THIS!"

as he said that he walk away from tsuna and the others, tsuna just sigh at that. He then took kyoko's bag that fall down on the street,

"here, kyoko." Said tsuna as he hand kyoko's bag back to her

"arigato, Cielo-kun" said kyoko as she smile

"it's nothing, but you shouldn't walk alone from now on. I have feeling the senpai earlier won't just give up like that" said tsuna

"usually I am together with hana-chan or oni-chan but today both of them have something to do so I have to walk alone. *sigh… I never expected mochida-senpai to be like that" said kyoko

"haissh… kyoko-san for now how about I, hayato, Takeshi walk you to class ?" asked tsuna

"thank you, Cielo-kun, everyone" said kyoko as she bowed to tsuna and the others.

"hahaha, it's okay sasagawa-chan!" said Takeshi as he laugh

When they enter the class, the class became silent and look at tsuna and the others with awe and a little fear. They see what tsuna and his friends do to the kendo captain and to say they impressive with how strong their new classmates. Tsuna look around and just sigh, he just move here and already getting attention. Why can't he have peacefull school life ? yeah, just his luck…

The teacher come in and continue his lesson, tsuna really bored with it. this teacher spout nonsense here and there rather to actually teach the materials. He almost sleep if not for the bells, he sigh after the math teacher go.

"man… that's bored me *yawn…." Said Takeshi

"that teacher sure can bullshit*… damn… *yawn…" said hayato look pissed

"well, we better hurry. Next is sport after all" said tsuna

"yes, Cielo-sama" said hayato

"sure" said Takeshi smilling

The three of them going to the changing room guided by Takeshi. Tsuna almost cringed at how dirty the changing room, seems like some club neglect the cleaning after using the room so the room kind of smell. After changing they going to ouside field, today lesson is baseball. Tsuna smile at the excited smile of Takeshi. He glad his friend happy so he smilling too.

At the end of the school

"fiuh… seems it's over" said tsuna

"cielo-sama, here." Said hayato

"what's is this ?" asked tsuna

"club's registration paper, the comitte hand this down to me. They said we at least enter one club" said hayato

"hee…. Japan's school seems interesting in this kind of things" said tsuna

"did you wish to take a look, Cielo-sama ?" asked hayato

"sure, why not?" said tsuna

"let's see, there's a occult club, kendo club, archery, baseball, soccer… which one do you wish to visit first, Cielo-sama ?" asked hayato

"let's see baseball, I heard Takeshi is one of the club's member" said tsuna

Hayato frown a little, " if that's what you want then.."

"*chuckle… hayato, I will not replace you even if Takeshi did join us" said tsuna

Hayato look teary at tsuna, "Cielo-sama…"

"let's go" said tsuna

"hai!" said hayato as he follow tsuna

They then go around the school, visting each club. When they arrived at the baseball's club they heard a machine's sound. They come to follow the sound and see Takeshi still train but he train alone as if he is the only one in the baseball's club. Tsuna saw takeshi's eyes is like he's in daze, there's no passion neither there's a motivation to do the training. It's unhealthy of Takeshi if he continue training like this. Then he heard some noise from behind him,

"ah, there he is training alone, you think it's good to not training with him ?" asked student male A

"there's no need, right ? after all he is our ace" said student male B

"yeah, he should work hard for the club hahahahahaha" said student male C

"you right! Ahahahahahaha as long as he is in the club we will be alright!" said student male B, they then go home.

Takeshi stop for a while and gaze to his teammates whose should be training with him, he heard what they said about him, and it's hurt to think that the friends whose he's bonding all these months are just fake. They just want "Takeshi the baseball ace" not "yamamoto takeshi". He didn't realise there's a ball coming to him in high speed from the machine. Tsuna wide eyes at that and tried to warn Takeshi,

" Takeshi !" yelled tsuna

But it's too late, when Takeshi hear tsuna the ball already hit his lower right arm. Takeshi widened his eyes and shut his eyes when he registered the pain in his right arm. He fall down and touch his right arm in pain. Tsuna and hayato immedietly come to him running and check his condition.

'it's not good, at the very least there's some bone break' thought tsuna

"hayato, help me to get Takeshi to the school nurse first and call the ambulance!" said tsuna

"yes, Cielo-sama" said hayato as he put gently takeshi's right arm to his shoulder while tsuna put his left.

Hayato grimaced when he heard a hiss from Takeshi. He together with tsuna bring Takeshi to nurse office. Hayato the called the ambulance. Tsuna help Takeshi get his first aid with the nurse, while he do it he put some sky flames to ease Takeshi's pain. When he see Takeshi put in the ambulance, he look sad that he thinks it's his fault to not stop Takeshi in time.

"Cielo-sama, please.. it's not your fault" said hayato as he pat tsuna's shoulder.

Tsuna just smile sadly at him and walk home. Hayato just sigh as he follow tsuna, his sky is too selfless. He's worried about that in him.

The next morning tsuna, hayato and mukuro go to school like always. But as soon as they enter the gate, they see many students standing outside the school building's entrance as they look at the sky. One of the male student shout,

"yamamoto want to jump down from the rooftrop!"

"what?!" shout tsuna shocked at what he just heard.

He then look up too and see Takeshi standing in front of the rail on the rooftop. Tsuna immedietly run up to rooftop. Hayato stay still before he and mukuro followed tsuna going to the rooftop. Tsuna run as fast as he can, when he see the door to the rooftop he kick it, with a bang the door open.

"Takeshi! What the hell are you *fucking doing!?" yelled tsuna

Takeshi, hayato and mukuro wide their eyes that their friends just cursed, especially hayato and mukuro as the two never heard their sky to cursed like this.

"Cielo… the baseball god abandoned me… I can't even touch the ball" said Takeshi lifeless

"even so what the hell are you thinking drive away your life like this ?!" said tsuna

"….. you won't understand….." said Takeshi

"what the hell I won't understand ?! you can't just kill yourselves just because an injury!" said tsuna

"just injury you said?! Baseball is my purpose! I live to play baseball ! and yet the god rob it from me !" yelled Takeshi

"*sigh… Takeshi… an injury can heal but we only live once.. can you throw away your life knowing what you will leave behind ?" asked tsuna

"what I leave behind ?..." said Takeshi confused

"yes, can you give your life away knowing you will leave your father alone ? knowing you just let your father buried his only son after his wife passed away ? can you ?" said tsuna as he hope to persuade Takeshi to not jump.

Takeshi then remember his father, he thinking if he died who will take care of his father ? who will helping him ? listen to him ? did he just thinking to kill himself without a thought about his father ? Takeshi the look up at tsuna and see tsuna holding up his hand to him. He about to take it but the the rail that behind Takeshi broke and made Takeshi slip from where he stand, tsuna run and want to take Takeshi's hand only for him to fall down together with Takeshi.

Hayato and mukuro wide eyes at this,


Chapter 12 : The home's tutor reborn

"are you okay, Takeshi ?"

"this stupid son!"

"I am ? I am the number one hitman, reborn"