A watery noise where they would hear the echo, which came from the depth of the dungeon where the sound was with a voice of agony and despair along with the screams of the women who are being tortured by someone who is in the other room, as soon as there are two people , one in which the longsword is equipped and the second person is kneeling.

"It hurts ..." said a male voice that made the moan of pain.

"You shouldn't have freed the two elves ... damn servant ..." said a voice that approached the young man who was lying on the ground who was bleeding unceasingly his abdomen. "Any last words?"

"I swear ... that ... I will save them all ..." The Young man cries with anger and watches where a long sword descends cutting the life of the young servant.

In the Otherworld.

"Hmmm ... that manga is interesting ..." Said the destitute young man while he was reading the manga about a protagonist who traveled the other world, he stops reading and decides to leave the coexistence store when he hears a cold voice. The Young Man looks both ways and sighs tiredly — I'm sure I played too much video games all night ... —He said before reflecting his eyes for a moment when he stops scratching he sees that his environment is different, where the buildings who was different. It was shaped like a middle age and looks around where there are people in middle age clothing and also medieval floats. "This cannot be false ... that is, that .." The young man's eyes lit up with a brilliance revealing his natural color that was previously dark as if before he was somber and lazy "It means that .." now he is more shocked and amazed at his new surroundings that he was going to scream "Did they transport me to a parallel world ?!" he screams out loud.

The Young Man walked among the people while looking at his new environment that he calls it as the fantasy world — It seems to be like typical fantastic worlds in medieval culture, where the demihumans with commons… - Looks as a reptilian demi-human passes by— And there is war and adventure, so in this world I am ‐— He was interrupted by the scream of the girl who is lying on the ground and is about to be crushed by a car that could not stop — That is my great opportunity, here it must be when I produce my first magic! "He screamed before kneeling down and extending his arm with an open palm." Hah! "He shouts believing that he has the magic but as a result nothing happened until a Medieval Knight saves the girl before being run over. , the civilians applaud towards the savior but except that he was still kneeling and petrified that he did nothing.

After that scene, the Young Man is still walking — it seems I still won't be able to use magic — he said almost disappointed until he stops in front of a fruit store with signs that have unknown letters for him — I can't read it — he said mentally while looking at the suddenly a voice awoke the slight trance.

—Hey you, what strange clothes. What are you a traveler? "The Seller asks looking at the stranger and also the sportswear he was wearing.

"What are those?" The Young man asks pointing to the basket with red fruits that looked like apples but very big than the one in his world.

"Those are Manzane," the seller answered the question.

"But they understand me ... so ..." He mentally said that before taking out some 550 yen coins and extending showing the seller that he shows a confused expression.

"Ah, what kind of money is this?" He looks away and begrudgingly denies the young stranger, "Doesn't that work in Thorne, I mean you're bankrupt?" He said before giving an angry and annoyed look. to the young man — Get out, don't interfere in my business! —he shouts angrily and drives the young man away.

After the fruit man threw it to the young man who left him almost disappointed and sad — What remedy, first I will have to gather information — He said mentally entering a building because he asked a villager if there was a public bathroom where he gave the indication where unfortunately and accidentally, he entered the female semi-beast bathroom that they screech with fright where one of them gives a strong slap to the young man, that it hurt a lot.

Another investigation attempt to gather information, The young man went to try another building opening the double door where the interior there are semi-human reptiles who were drinking liquors all had annoying glances looking at the stranger until one answered —Here we only accept demihumans .. . —Answered the bartender, The young man was surprised to see the number of reptilian demihumans in the tavern, where one who enters elbows him in the face of the young man who left him blind, pushing back.

"I can't see ..." He screams moaning in pain where he accidentally falls into the river while screaming.

After leaving the water in the sunlight, he lets out a frustrated scream.

"Is that how things will be?" He mentally said until he let out a frustrated scream. "They didn't transport me to a parallel world! What happened to my role as the protagonist ?!" a sigh. But as soon as he realized that his pocket had something personal, he takes out his mobile phone to see something that still has a full battery — My Phone still works… —He said something relieved but he noticed something in the upper right of the screen indicating that there are no signs — But it doesn't help me ! - And then he looks at his shopping bag that he bought in his world before being transported —And my initial equipment is disgusting, they should have a program Special support for Millennials like me! "He yells angrily and you raise both arms screaming to the sky," I don't have a miserable excalibur! "He lets out another defeated sigh.

"Besides, if they invoked me, where is the pretty girl who did it? Did she bring me to leave me alone? ..." As he spoke, he stops when he heard the footsteps that came ahead of him, he slightly raises his eyes. to see the supposed person that he thinks there would be a summoning woman — You finally arrived!, the pretty girl who summoned me! —He shouts happily when looking at the expected people, who in worse result were three men of different sizes, one fat dark, one medium and one dwarf but the young protagonist kept his expression happy—, Ah ... aha ... - He babbled and did not know what to say to that rabble.

"How much are you saying?" The dwarf replied with an annoyed face, the medium slowly approached taking the first step closer to the young stranger.

"If you don't want to get hurt, then drop everything you have," he shouts before grabbing the young man's neck.

"Damn, a mandatory event ..." said the young man who is cornered.

"Get out of my way!" A female voice shouts, "Whoever's out there, out of my way!" Shouts a girl who looks 15 years old and her hair is orange and looks like a thief who was running. The Young man puts on a happy expression when he sees her.

"That's it! That's the girl who summoned me!" The girl stops and looks at the group.

"Summon you, I don't know what you're talking about?" But I'm busy running away from a busty, sorry. Have a good life, "she screamed before taking a long leap over the group. The Young man looks back at that orange-haired girl towards those kinds of cartwheels until she reaches the roof terrace.

"Oh no ..." said the petrified young man but again he looks at the three bandits.

"Hey!" A female voice yells, which is a woman with short light red hair and has a mercenary outfit with red cloth and had an opening between her breasts.

"A pretty girl who summons me!" Cries the Young Man who recently raised his spirits.

"Who are you?" Said the red-haired woman looking at the group, "Did you see a brat running?"

"Ah, you mean her. She ran to the roof ..." Said the big dark man pointing up.

"Thank you ..." She said before going over until the young man looks at the redhead.

"Aren't you going to help me?" The Young Man asks the redhead.

"Sorry it's not my business ... have a good life ..." The woman said running to chase the brat.

"That didn't make you want to hit me, did it?" The Young man asks the three bandits until the brunette snaps his fingers sounding the sounds of bones

"In fact, it put us in a worse mood," he said in an angry and threatening voice.

"I thought ..." The Young laughs nervously but he calms down inside "Calm down, Subaru Natsuki, since ancient times, the rule is that they go to a parallel world they have super powers, I will tear these guys to pieces to light the flame of my bright future ...- He said mentally and clenched his fist to start the first step for the first battle.

"LOTS OF EXP!" Subaru began to lash out at the big dark man who hits the face hard, and then she also lunges at the dwarf and raises the right kick hitting the abdomen causing her to fall on her back "It's the first time that I hit someone! "he shouts shaking the hurt hand that he used against the big man, he was surprised and amazed with himself" But I did not think it hurt so much, it seems that this is done so that I am the strongest here, my adrenaline Come on up! "He screams excitedly and started to lash out at the last one who is the middle one — I have everything under control! —He screams when he sees that two middle men take something in his back two daggers that Subaru pales and stops sliding kneeling before the armed of daggers. "Sorry, sorry I'm sorry, it was my fault, spare me my life!" he shouts begging for his life.

The Medium Kicks him hard in the face of Subaru. "Ahhhhhh!" He screamed in pain that he was lying on his back. The brunette and the Dwarf rejoins that they are very upset and begins to lynch Subaru.

"You think this is a game!" The Dwarf yells as he joins to kick Subaru. The three bandits kicked hard at the thrown Subaru.

"Stop ..." said a female voice. The three look at a woman who has a white hood and has emerald eyes. "What are you doing beating the young man?" Asking the three bandits.

"Don't interfere ..." the brunette said looking at the mysterious woman. "Get out of here if you don't want problems ...-

"Incredible none of them realized who I am?" Said the mysterious woman.

"Miss ... are they bothering you?" Said another voice that is an elf with white hair and with a lover's eyes. Subaru looked at the two unknown women.

"They are assaulting the young human ..." The hooded woman said pointing to the three bandits. "Could you help him ..."

"Okay miss ..." said the white-haired Elf and looks at the bandits.

"What are you going to do?" Said the dwarf. The white-haired Elf reaches out and opens her palm where it emits a light blue glow, and out of nowhere she shoots three times from the ice block hitting the three bandits.

"Do not screw ..." The middle gem of pain and gets into a fighting position. "We don't care that you are a magician, we are going to kill you!"

"Two against one, it would be unfair, so I'll be fair ..." said the white-haired elf who opens the palm of her hand that a gray-haired cat appears out of nowhere and lets out a meow.

"What ?!" shouts the medium.

"You use the spiritual arts!" The Big One shouts.

"Exactly, withdraw and I will not pursue you, decide quickly we have business to do ..."

-Bitch!. next time we won't let you go! -

"If they do something to him, I will curse them forever. Although I doubt they will last any longer ..." The Cat threatens the two bandits that they are scared and starts running away together.

Subaru looks at the two women, one approaches who has emerald eyes but hid her face. "Are you okay, young man?"

Subaru gets up but wobbles weakly "I'm fine ... thanks ..." The two women are thanked but was interrupted by the emerald-eyed woman.

"Don't move ..." said the emerald-eyed woman. Subaru was uncomfortable at the woman's gaze and had to look away so as not to see her eyes. "You see, you turned your eyes, you have a guilty conscience, I judged you correctly," she said, pulling Subaru closer until the cat commented.

"I would say it's a normal male reaction, I don't feel any malice in him-"

"Do you think she's a good person?" Said the white-haired elf asking the other.

"Sorry ... I'm sorry you took the trouble -— Subaru was going to get up but passed out because the three bandit beat him many times.

"You shouldn't have tried to get up ..." said the flying cat when Subaru passed out. "What do we do?"

"We don't care, he won't die. Let's leave him there ..." The white-haired elf said causing the woman in the emerald-eyed white hood to be shocked a little.

"Seriously?" She asks concerned.

"Yes, that's right," answered the white-haired elf.

"You say that, but surely you will help him ..." said the Cat in a mocking tone.

"I won't," the elf answered, denying.

"Yes of course ..." the cat answered crossing her arms. "Really miss-sama?" He said looking at the white-hooded woman.

"Yes ... she always does that ..." the woman answered.

"I'm not going to save him!" Subaru slowly opens one eye looking at the white elf woman who is arguing the two of them.

"She's cute when she gets mad ..." He said mentally "Well, it's a parallel world of fantasy" Finally he loses consciousness.

After a few minutes, Subaru slowly opens his eyes but his right cheek felt that something soft was lying down. "Ah?" He said surprised "It's someone's lap," he said surprised.

"Did you wake up?" Said the voice of an elf.

"I didn't think pretty girls were so hairy," he was saying, smiling but suddenly realizing something that was out of the details of girls who aren't really hairy. "They aren't!" Lap that is a giant cat "Ahh!" cries in shock that stands up pushing away

"It was considered something we did to make you happy until you woke up," said the cat in a girl's voice that had a mocking tone.

"First, don't talk in that tone, no one would mistake a cat for heroin!" He yells disappointed at what he thought the heroine's lap would be but turned out to be a talking cat.

"Well, it was worth getting bigger to see you so happy." The giant cat scratches its head.

"I'm not happy!" Subaru yells angrily but realizes that there are two other people present.

"And how do you feel?" Said the white-haired elf.

"Well, better ..." Subaru said but until the woman intervened.

"Why were you in this alley?" Said the other emerald-eyed woman.

"Well, I was trying to think about what I had to do. Until those guys who tried to assault me appeared ..." Subaru answered the question from the hooded woman.

"You shouldn't be wandering in that alley, you know that there are some thieves that assault and could even kill you that there is no return ..." The white-haired woman scolds Subaru.

"That didn't take into account what was going to happen to me ..." Subaru said he was feeling something offended.

"Next time don't go alone. Appreciate your life ..." the woman said seriously and gets up — Well since we have taken the time, we are leaving, we have important matters to investigate — She said walking towards the exit of the alley along with the white-haired elf.

Subaru looks at the two women but the cat commented — Don't think bad of them, they didn't want you to feel bad and that you also have debts with them, well one is not very sincere but the other is honest but she was the one who really wanted to save you ...

—For me it is an understatement. They were in a hurry because they had important matters that they were investigating something but they stopped to help me, she did that favor so that I felt indebted to them, although I am only a stranger to them — Subaru grabs her tracksuit and a shopping bag and he runs closer to the two women — Whoever lives will end up wasting his life — he said running until he entered the shopping section of the markets. "Wait!" She shouts, calling attention to the girls.

"We don't have much time to talk to you ..." said the white elf.

`` We don't want you to get involved in our business ... '' said the other.

"I want to return thanks," replied Subaru smiling. The two look at each other but the elf looks at Subaru.

`` But understand that we can't thank you ... '' The White Elf refuses.

"That is not necessary, I want to thank you for that I will help you .." Subaru answers insisting that they accept the help.

"That does nothing to thank us, we already told you that we received compensation for my servant to heal your wounds" replied the emerald-eyed woman with the hood on.

"So I plan to help them for my own good ..." Subaru said smiling "My goal is to know ... hmm .." Subaru did not know he was going to answer but he grabbed one to answer "Yes! .. A good action every Day! "Subaru replied cheerfully, the two women did not know what to answer why they were undecided until he continued" so at least let me help with your investigations that you are doing. I will be your support — Subaru offers as an assistant.

"Puck!" The white-haired elf yells scolding the cat named Puck for him to tell the secret to a stranger.

"I do not feel malice in the - Puck replied approaching the white-haired elf - You could accept her offer, it would be better to have as an extra shield among the ruffians ...- Puck said looking sideways at Subaru.

"That's what you want me for in this," Subaru yells accusing Puck of the talking cat's dark reasons.

- It is that we cannot thank you with anything ... - Said the woman with emerald eyes.

- Calm no need to thank me, just let me be your support to investigate your investigations - Subaru raises her thumb up. The women look at each other and sigh in surrender. This is where the three of them went to a place where the woman in the hood commented that her investigation was to investigate a black market without the permission of someone superior. Subaru tried to ask a noble about the black market but he answered ignoring it, another attempt asked another who is a royal knight where the women detained him and dragged him away and told him not to approach any royal guard. That Subaru understood this and continued the investigation until he ran into a noble Orc who answered an annoying vulgarity that disgusted the young man and also the two women who caused them to move away.

Now they rest on the balcony where there is a beautiful view of the kingdom. "Looking for the black market in a big city of Thorne it is difficult to find that cladestine place .." Subaru said admiring the landscape of the kingdom.

"It is a great city of the Thorne Kingdom, the best known on the Eostia continent ..." The white-haired elf woman answered. "By the way we don't show up .."

"Yes..we don't know your name dear young man .." Said the woman with the hood.

"Oh where is my manners ..." Subaru said getting up from the step and putting on a strange pose "I am Subaru Natsuki, delighted to meet you ladies ..."

"Too bad you got poses ..." said the white-haired elf.

"I'm Puck!" Puck yells flying towards Subaru's hand.

"Wow, I'm surprised that you touch the spirit ..." The woman with the hood said in surprise.

"I would say her name ..." Subaru said asking the two women until one is revealed by lowering the hood that she has golden hair and emerald eyes.

"I am Celestine Lucross .." Celestine said smiling. The white elf had a serious expression but sighs.

"Okay ... I'm Satella .." Satella replied seriously.

"Wow ... what nice names ..." Subaru said smiling. Satella and Celestine are shocked until Puck giggles.

"I told you he's a weirdo ..." Puck said with a grin. Subaru looks ahead and noticed something in the middle of the city.

"Look ... I found them, the black market!" Subaru shouts pointing. When they run for 10 minutes and they reach an entrance that is a big building, "What kind of place will it be?" Asked Subaru who was about to enter until he found something that hit, that black market. It really is a dark elf slave market.



In the Garan Kingdom.

Subaru was sitting against the floor and wall, his expression is devastated with the shock that an acquaintance of the Japanese, Vault told the plan that is to conquer all 9 kingdoms of Eostia, he looks at the golden sword that was given by the reincarnated goddess along with the red crystal that was given by a white elf. "This must not happen ... I will not allow .." Subaru gets up and had a serious and angry expression. "I have to leave this kingdom ..." He said before starting to run avoiding that he did not run into any mercenary until he stops when he hears something that was from the four mercenaries.

"We will soon amuse the dark elf queen and along with the mongrel ..." The first voice said.

"Just wait ... we'll have our turns soon hehe ..."

Subaru was shocked and listened to the vulgar things but he wanted to advance to escape the kingdom and warn everyone but his conscience prevented him from leaving the two dark elves to suffer the fate or rescue them both. "Damn it, because my mother taught me to do every good deed for the day ... "Subaru growls angrily.

While the four black dogs were chatting, Subaru appears approaching them. "Hey guys, Vault-sama is warning you to meet in the throne room ..." Subaru said seriously.

"Really servant boy ..." Said the first looking at the servant of the reincarnated goddess.

"Really, it's Vault's direct order .."

"Then you take care of us the posts to watch those two bitches ..."

"I'm in charge.."

"How obedient you are ..." The other said smiling, the others went elsewhere believing Subaru's lie. Subaru looks at the cell that is the two elves chained with chains. is Olga Discordia and Origa.

"Even a young human is a mercenary ..." Olga commented coldly.

"Silence .." Subaru said seriously and opens the bars making them get up until Chloe became defensive raising her legs. "Easy, I'll get you out of here ..." Subaru said in a calm tone.

"Are you helping us?" Olga said distrusting the human.

"I will get you out of here, this place is not safe. Celestine-sama sent me to take you to the Thorne kingdom but the plan was drastically changed, I will not let you suffer ..." Subaru replied.

"We don't want to go anywhere with you damn human ..." Chloe said denying Subaru's help.

"You have to trust me ... please ..." Subaru said with a serious face. Olga and Chloe look at each other and decided to pay attention to a human.

"What will happen to my scepter .."

"Going back with the scepter is dangerous ... let's just focus on getting out of here alive ..." Subaru said running along with the chained elves, until he meets a mercenary with torches.

"Subaru?" Said a mercenary looking at the servant and also at the two dark elves. "Why is Olga and the other one out of jail?"

Subaru had no choice in wounding a mercenary with a sword. Subaru raises the sword and brandishes vertically giving a cut in the abdomen.

"AAAAAAAH!" Shouts a mercenary in agony that alert the entire castle with the volume of the echo.

"RUN!" Subaru yells as Olga and Chloe started running.

"TRAITOR TRAITOR!" Shouts the wounded mercenary.

"Why didn't you kill him!" Chloe yells running, Subaru didn't want to answer why he never killed someone, until he stops where you hear the sounds of footsteps.

"Now what ?!" Shouts Subaru who is almost lost and looks at Olga.

"The exit is to the right turning to the left but it has the mechanized door ... with that you will be able to stop those mercenaries ..." Olga answered until an arrow came out of nowhere and pierced the wall.

"THERE THEY ARE!" Shouts a mercenary. Subaru and the two dark elves began to run where at each door one appeared where Chloe kicks him hard in the face, another comes out with a shield that blocks Subaru's steps.

"Come, little boy!" Shouts the Mercenary, threatening Subaru. Subaru begins to attack where he responds by defending and boils hitting the arm with a mallet of spikes.

"Ahhh!" Subaru yells in pain, the two dark elves look at Subaru cornered. "Run!" Yells in pain, he dodges the attack of the squire.

"Ahahaha you can't beat me ..." Subaru had to slide down through the crotch "What?" Said the squire where Subaru nailed him from behind.

"Oh god ..." Subaru felt pale as he took a life and he looks ahead where they come in a large group of mercenaries running towards the exit. He resumes running towards the mechanized door. "How am I doing?"

"Turn the lever!" Olga yells. Subaru turns the lever where the door begins to close with regular speed.

"Run towards the exit, you will reach them!" Shouts Subaru who stays near the door that was closing and prepared to defend the door to close completely. Subaru looks at the ground where there is a crossbow with 19 arrows that is that of a dark elf., Subaru grabs the crossbow and reloads it "Practice in archery, I won't let you guys pass!" he yells before aiming at the group of mercenaries. Subaru started to shoot arrows killing one in the head, reload again and again shoot the arrow again. each arrow shot produced a death and his Subaru heart was psychologically hurt that he was killing ten men who are slags, until the door closed completely. Subaru smiles and starts towards the exit "Olga, where is he!" He shouts leaving the castle where he saw Olga and Chloe kneeling along with the other black dogs, Subaru was shocked until someone's hand touched his shoulder where it caused him to look behind.

"Where do you think you're going brat" Vault said giving Subaru a hard beating in the face making him unconscious.

Subaru slowly opens his eyes and was kneeling in front of Vault who is sitting on the throne.

"Young Celestine's servant what were you trying to do?" Vault said he was serious and stood up, approaching Subaru on his knees.

"Where's Olga ?!" Subaru yells angrily.

"Olga?" Vault said, making a victorious grimace. "She's right behind you ..." Subaru looks back and her eyes widen when she sees something horrible about Olga's state that she is lying on the ground all destroyed along with Chloe. , that he vomited all the contents of his stomach.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Subaru yells angrily. "I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU!" He yells furiously at Vault.

"Killing me ... that would be fun, guys return your sword, I want to see why that bitch Celestine took that young man as a servant ..:"

Subaru suddenly opens his eyes to hear that Vault insulted his friend who gave him a job and a roof "DON'T INSULT CELESTINE DAMN!" Subaru yells grabbing the sword and lunges at Vault who responds by defending his big sword.

"You lack talent .."

Subaru continues to attack Vault.

"Your tactic ..." Vault said, hitting Subaru hard in the abdomen that he fell on his back "Come on fight ..." The mercenaries start to laugh out loud. Subaru rejoins and begins attacking again until Vault yawns.

"You need strength and talent to kill me ..." Vault extends the sword and raises it horizontally, opening the abomen that he falls to his knees that left him bleeding.

"Aaaarh!" He screams in pain and cries as his hands cover his great bleeding that won't stop bleeding. "It hurts ..." Subaru screamed showing the groan of pain.

"You shouldn't have freed the two elves ... damn servant ..." Vault said as he approached the young man who is lying on the ground who was constantly bleeding his abdomen. "Any last words?"

"I swear ... that ... I will save them all ..." Subaru cries angrily and watches where a long sword descends cutting off his head.


In another life.

"Ahhhh!" Subaru yells. "Hah hah hah .." Subaru gasped nervously and looked around at Celestine's castle dining room.

"Subaru-kun?" Asks a voice. Subaru looks back to find Celestine sitting next to Claudia. "What's wrong?"

"Celestine ... Claudia ..." Subaru said pale looking around "Where is Garan, oh where is Olga! "Subaru yells in shock.

"Subaru?" Celestine said getting up and approaching Subaru. "Olga is in the kingdom of Garan ... you promised that in a week you will go with Vault and the black dogs to invade, I know you have a lot of pressure to enter your first battle but your sword talent could support black dogs, I know that with voice I can trust ... "

Subaru was pale and cold sweat fell and he began to leave the dining room "That was a dream! That was a vision! I saw my death!" Subaru mentally screamed while looking at the floor. "If it's real ... I should go to Garan kingdom to warn Olga about the invasion ... "Subaru runs down the hall.

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