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They were right.

Being careful is important.

Even though Voldemort is dead, doesn't mean the Dark Arts washed back to the calming shore. Three days ago, Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic since the Battle of Hogwarts ended, came to the Burrow to announce the death of Hermione's parents. Kingsley had solemnly announced the sad news, "Our new Minstry Aurors found Wendell and Monica Wilkins dead in Australia this morning. I was informed that they were actually your parents?" Hermione nodded subtly. "I'm really sorry Hermione." He sighed, "The only important information we found were that the Dark Mark was over their house and dentistry and Rabastan Lestrange's blood was found on their carpet."

Then Hermione found out that her parents weren't the only ones. There was a massacre at the Ministry of Magic and a series of attacks from the remaining Death Eaters. Hermione's parents, Hestia Jones, both Lavender Brown's parents, Eliphias Doge, and many more wizards and witches of the light died in the same weekend.

Without many people attending the Granger funeral, they arranged it yesterday. Only Hermione, the Weasleys, and Harry were there. Hermione was sitting rubbed her red and puffy eyes and asked herself, "Would they want me to move on? Mum and dad wouldn't want me to drown in sorrow, right?" She was very upset that the Death Eaters found her parents in Australia. She had purposefully altered their memories so they don't know that they have a child. They had died without knowledge of who their daughter was.

Hermione shook and composed herself to talk to her boyfriend, Ron Weasley, who is working at Wizard Weasley Wheezes. He worked full time in the shop with George since the war ended. Ron supported George when he feels lost without Fred when inventing products. They continued their business at Diagon Alley.

She apparated over to the back of the store. "Ron?" Hermione called, "Ron, where are you? Are you here?" George appeared next to her, with a raised eyebrow, "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be with Ron right now?" Hermione stepped back, confused, "He never said that we were meeting…" she trailed off.

"He said that he was meeting you at the Leaky Cauldron about an hour ago, so I let him off his shift half an hour early," George replied. Hermione shrugged, "Maybe I didn't hear him. I do that a lot these days." She sighed, "I guess I will be on my way." She waved subtly before apparating to the pub that was across the street.

She looked around to see Ron and Lavender seated an inch apart in the back of the pub, conviently in the darkly lit corner, and facing away from her and the door. The were both dressed very nicely. Ron wasn't in his maroon Weasley Wizard Wheeze uniform. Instead, he wore dress shirt and pants. Lavender had a bright pink dress that looked like one you would wear to a ball. They both had a cup of butterbeer and their lunches were finished, and they sat there conversing.

Hermione's blood ran cold, and she took careful steps approaching the two of them. Hermione could imagine Lavender's smirk as she leaned in and whispered, "You can do way, better than the Granger know-it-all, Won-Won."

Hermione tensed as she listened for Ron's response. "Obviously," he answered with a large and sincere smile. Hermione suddenly felt the coldness of the atmosphere. The temperature dropped below zero, and she could feel the chill spreading throughout her body. She shivered slightly and couldn't resist, but growl at them, "Excuse me?!"

Ron and Lavender whipped their heads around. Lavender laughed it off, "Ron chose me, Granger. You are a fool to think that he still cares about you." She wore a smug and triumphant expression. Hermione glared holes into Ron's skin. Ron darted his eyes back and forth from Hermione and Lavender in a panicked expression, wailing desperately, "It was always you, Hermione!" He nodded fervently.

By then, their argument attracted an interested crowd. Lavender leered, "We've been dating for a week, right Won-Won? That's about fourteen dates. We've had time to have about two a day." Hermione's jaw dropped. Ron continued, "Nooo! It is all because Lavender's mum and dad died. And—"

Hermione interrupted angrily, and could feel the fire of her words in her mouth. "My parents died too." Ron's eyes widened, horrified, "They did? I'm so sorry! I never knew! Don't blame me for that!" Hermione bared her teeth and snarled. "You were at the funeral, yet you don't remember going there. Where you having Lavender-daydreams the whole time?" She snarled, "I don't want to hear any more excuses from your mouth. You and I are done."

Not allowing Ron to reply, she turned around and didn't look back. She didn't want the think about the victorious grin on Lavender's face, and didn't even want the give a thought about Ron's. Hermione pushed her way through the gathered crowd and out of the Leaky Cauldron. Reporters who quickly got the idea of what had happened swarmed her by asking nosey questions, "Is it true that you broke up with Ronald Weasley just now?"

"Did Mr. Weasley actually cheat on you? Who did he cheat on?" another one called from across the pub.

"Ms. Granger, is Ronald Weasley your former boyfriend?" Hermione rolled her eyes-they were definitely looking for gossip.

Hermione recognised the next reporter as Rita Skeeter. The three-some had a rocky and nasty history with her. It involved writing about a fake relationship, shoving a beetle in an unbreakable jar, and it only got worse after Voldemort died. Skeeter flashed a wicked smile, "Is the famous Golden Trio going to fall apart? Oh I hope not, because Granger wouldn't be able to rely on the Potter riches." She said the last part in a sarcastic tone.

"Or would you rather live in a jar? You'll be living with a stick, and a few leaves. How does that sound to you?" mocked Hermione as she looked at Rita Skeeter thoughtfully. "Maybe you'll finally shut up."

The reporter froze from where she stood and paled. Her face into a deathly white sheet. Satisfied, Hermione disapparated on the spot, and landing in the warmth of the Burrow. She could feel the hot tears trickling down her face when she sauntered over to the living room, where Ginny and Harry were playing a game of chess. Ginny enveloped me into a warm and tight hug, but not asking about what made her cry. She raised an eyebrow and questioned, "Where is Ron? I thought he would come back here after lunch with you. His shift should be over by now." She glanced at the clock hung on the wall, which struck 2:07 in the afternoon.

Hermione sniffed and more tears leaked out. She managed to say in a hushed and weak voice, "Ron cheated on me." Ginny roared and fired questions. Even Harry, who was usually calm, looked dangerous. "With whom?! How long?! What did he say?" Tell me!"

"Lavender, and for the past week."

Lavender Brown and Ron dated for a few weeks in their sixth year. They wouldn't quit snogging in public corridors or hog a couch in the Gryffindor common room to themselves, no matter what were in other people's comments. When they were dating, the two of them were sickly to watch. They only broke up because Lavender believed that Ron liked Hermione more than her when he croaked Hermione's name in his sleep.

Ginny looked competely livid. Her face was slowly turning to the color of her ginger hair. "Harry, could you please get Luna here at the Burrow? We need her right now." It was another way of saying that this conversation should just be between Ginny and Hermione.

Harry nodded silently. He rushed around the Lovegood house, to find Luna upside-down on a one-person armchair reading the Quibbler. When he walked in, she turned her body to sit upright in the armchair. "Yes, Harry?" she voiced dreamily.

"Luna!" Harry panted, "We need you at the Burrow. Ginny and I found out that Ron broke up with Hermione."

Luna's eyes widened in shock. "Really? What happened? Are they both alright?"

Harry closed his eyes, "Ron cheated on Hermione with Lavender." He gritted his teeth. "Since he hurt my sister, I could really care less if he is alright. Probably happily snogging Lavender right now."

Luna Lovegood abruptly stood up straight, her jaw dropped. Harry pulled his wand out of his pocket. "Let's go." Luna knew that Hermione would be at the Burrow with Ginny. She disapparated with a crack a second later.

Meanwhile, Ginny seethed, gradually getting louder and louder, "I will kill Ron! Did you do anything to him? Hex his legs out of their sockets?! Punch him in the face?! Throw a—" Hermione ducked her head and shook her head.

Ginny growled, "The next time I see Ron, I going to—" Harry raised a hand, signaling her to calm down. Hermione looked down at Hermione encouragingly, "What do you feel like doing?"

Hermione said, "I want to leave the Wizarding World in Britain." At her friends' shocked faces, she continued to rant, "I don't like being famous, and be flocked by the Daily Prophet wherever I go, looking for gossip to publish in the papers. By tomorrow, the front cover of the Daily Prophet will be about our breakup at the Leaky Caldron. It is still not safe here, and Death Eaters are still on the loose. I don't want to continue to participate in the war because I really feel like I've done enough for our side. Dueling and fighting off the remaining Death Eater is Harry's thing; it's not mine." Hermione nodded to Harry. "I feel like I need to go to a place where I would forget all of this mishap."

Luna asked slowly, "So you are saying that you want to leave Britain because many things around here remind you of the aftermath of the war? That you want to move on after your parents died?" Hermione bit her lip and nodded. Hermione continued to talk in a trance. "Then I have a place for you. There is a small town in America."

The group was evidently suprised that Luna already had something in mind. Ginny inquired, "What is the town called?"

"Forks, Washington."

Everybody in the room blinked. And blinked some more. Hermione talked, "Hold on, my second cousin, Charlie, and his daughter, Bella, lives there. I'm related to both them from my mom." Hermione turned to her blonde friend, "How did you know?"

"Staying at home and taking care of my daddy gives you a lot of times on your hands," Luna replied absentmindedly.

"I've never been to Forks, but Bella and Charlie say that it rains a lot there. I can enroll in high school and live a muggle life in public."

Luna asked, "When is a good time to leave?"

Harry scratched his head, "Halloween is a good time to travel. The tickets are cheaper because not many people travel on that day. We need to get your goodbye gifts before you leave." He smiled widely for a moment. "Since you probably want to ride an airplane instead of portkeying to a place you don't know the address of. Also, you can't apparate such a long distance since you'll most likely splich."

Ginny stated, "Don't worry about announcing this to everyone else. Harry, Luna, and I will take care of that." She declared, "Pack all of your belongings, and cheer up! You need to forget about my git of a brother and move on, Hermione. You need a happy start to your new chapter in life!" Ginny groaned, "Merlin, that was cliché and extremely cheesy."

Nevertheless, Hermione smiled. "Thank you."


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