Hey :) So this is my first finished fanfiction. I hope you guys enjoy it and this inspires some other fans of Wordgirl to write their own. Please inform me if there are any errors or just any critiques you might have. I don't own wordgirl or any of the characters. Now on to the story ;)

Tobey and Becky are fighting in the living room over who's at fault for the broken porcelain Unicorn collectible that lays shattered on the floor besides its original resting place.

Tobey stood straight and puffed out his chest in an attempt to intimidate her. "Becky it wasn't my fault you were the one that bumped the dumb thing!" Tobey shouted.

Becky gasped and put her hand on her chest in a defensive manor. "Excuse me?! It is not dumb and I seem to remember you being the one that caused me to hit it!" By now she had floated up just slightly above Tobey and glared down at him with her hands on her hips.

Tobey clenched his fists at his sides. He wasn't about to lose to Becky. "Yeah, well if you hadn't placed that stupid hourse on the desk in the first place then this wouldn't be happening! You should've just listened to me when I told you to put it up on a shelf! So therefore this is in fact your fault!" Tobey smiled smugly as he believed that he now had the upper hand.

Becky's eye twitched at the sight of this and huffed. Within the blink of an eye she grabbed Tobey up by his collar and up to her eye level. They were both floating above the floor. "Now listen this the last straw! It's your fault and you know it!"

Tobey was shocked by the sudden loss of footing. But he quickly snapped out of it. A mischievous smirk etched it's way across his face. "You know you look absolutely exquisite when you're angry."

Becky's cheeks flushed a light pink causing Tobey's smile to grow. Becky floated back down to the floor but hesitated before letting go of her husband's collar. "Why must you always say things like that when I'm mad at you?" She still held a twinge of anger in her voice and continued to glare at him.

Tobey took a step closer and was now almost chest to chest with Becky. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her body closer to his. Becky stiffened out of shock with her eyes open wide and a bright pink pigment coated her face. She definitely hadn't been expecting that. Tobey leaned down until his face was right in front of hers. He placed a hand on the side of her face and very slowly moved closer to her lips . Becky's body began to loosen up from it's once stiff state. Just when their lips were about to touch Tobey grinned and whispered. "Becauseā€¦" He paused, mainly because he wanted to be dramatic and build up the suspense. "...I love the look on your face." Then he pressed his lips against hers. Becky no longer felt angry and melted into his embrace. Finally their lips separated and left the two breathing heavily. Tobey released Becky and smiled innocently, "I'm sorry but the mess is your fault my darling." Then skipped merrily out of the room, leaving Becky behind.

Becky sighed. "Sometimes I wonder why I decided to marry that man" She said quietly to herself while shaking her head disapprovingly and bearing a small smile.