A/N: Jay? From Chicago? Well, there may be a slight crossover if you REALLY want to know who it could refer to. I should write a Chicago x CSI Miami crossover.. shouldn't I..? Yeah. One day, after I finish my NCIS x CSI Miami story. I mean I wrote this listening to opera that came on after Lionel Richie songs. As I write this, it's playing Caruso by Luciano Pavarotti.

Song is 'Hello' by Lionel Richie.


6PakPlaya2Nite: wanna hook-up? meet u behind that new club.

UrWorstDreamAngel: if u mean that club Haven in Havana then i am in.

6PakPlaya2Nite: Yh. See you then.

Resorting back to random hook-ups was low. Even for him, now in his thirties, but he just wanted a reason to forget. Eric wasn't proud of it but his higher ups couldn't tell him what to do. This wasn't dating. He didn't have any feelings whenever it happened. Quickies never really appealed to him in the first place. But he was a hedonistic guy. Pleasure over feelings.

It was mostly a blur anyways. All he could hear was the song Bartender by T-Pain blasting from inside the club. The girl was pretty, it was fine.. but they didn't, well, finish off. You couldn't do that with a limited time frame, clothing needed to be worn for the rest of the night and a lack of romantic intimacy. Maybe a drink too many had eased him into the idea a little more. He just hoped that he hadn't made a bad impression, or else it would destroy the kind of rep he had.

He arrived at work the next day, running a hand over his short hair as he came across Natalia. She was sat on the bench staring at her phone. As if something on it had her engrossed. But he couldn't determine what. She hadn't gone on any more dates with Jake to his knowledge, and she wasn't seeing anyone either. He was still curious regardless of the fact they were no longer together. Though her facial expression didn't display the melancholy she clearly felt for an extended period of time.

Then he heard the song Bed by J. Holiday playing. Eric had to suppress the grin on his face. He ambled in her direction, cheekily glancing over to get a glimpse of the screen. It was definitely a dancing video. The type of one though, he had no idea. Valera had mentioned that they went to see Magic Mike and ever since, she's been infatuated by this kind of dancing. The redhead also happened to mention how lonely she was.

Didn't know why that had anything to do with him when they'd already been there before.. one too many times.

He ambled in her direction and sat down beside her, looking at his phone to begin with. "Heard you went to the cinema with Val." Eric started, glancing in other directions. "Yeah. You know, one of the actor's kinda looked like you. Really hot. But I prefer you anyday. I've seen you move those hips!" She smiled. Her mind was wandering, even before Eric could come up with such thoughts in his head.

"I'm flattered.. very flattered."

Before she could respond, Calleigh and Ryan rushed out of the elevator with Wolfe on the phone whilst Duquesne kept hold of a faint looking Dr. Woods. Natalia and Eric didn't have the time to talk about strippers anymore. Something bad happened. But nobody would tell them anything in relation to why Calleigh was with Alexx or why Ryan was making a rush phone call. That man ridiculously multi-tasked.

Alexx held her stomach. She took deep breaths as instructed by the veteran CSI and her partner. Ryan, trained in CPR, first aid and immediate medicine use, finally put the phone away. "The morgue is secured. All bodies in tact and none compromised. Although, we're going to need to look for that evidence bag ASAP." Calleigh assured the M.E.

"What's wrong?" Natalia asked, looking for an answer from practically anyone.

"Alexx's bottle of water was spiked. While she blacked out, someone took the bottle of scotch from the vic's personal belongings." Ryan said. In his other hand, he held the bagged bottle of water he needed immediate processing on. Trace analysis on the water, fingerprinting on the bottle and going over the recordings on Alexx's 24/7 recording device. "Can I help?"

Wolfe stopped, letting Calleigh and Alexx carry on in direction of Horatio's office. "Alexx is giving a blood sample, could you run a tox screen? We need to find out what the bottle was laced with and how lethal the drug is." Eric immediately agreed. He would never not agree to help an investigation, especially when one of their own was affected. "Hanson will have the blood sample in the Tox. lab ready for analysis."

The two men exchanged small nods. Wolfe headed to the Trace lab whilst Eric made his way to Toxicology to prepare for the sample. They needed results quickly. For Alexx's sake at the very least. With so little evidence to go on, they had to search thoroughly.

Natalia couldn't help but worry as he came back from talking to Ryan. "It's bad. Alexx's water was spiked and there's missing evidence.. I need a favor." Eric sighed, taking her hand and pulled her into their 'special spot' to talk. She complied knowing that whatever it was - she'd consider it because of how well she knew Eric and his intentions with his actions.

"Talk to all Alexx's colleagues and see if they have scotch on their breath or have the bottle, even ask for one if you have to. We need that evidence."

She placed her hands on her hips, brainstorming ways to go about this. Pretending to be an on-duty drinker wasn't going to be easy. Natalia had to be reasonable and find a hauler willing to tell her the truth about what happened to the bottle. She told Eric that she would do it. Only because her asked nicely enough.

Eventually a plan came to mind. Eric went on to Toxicology so he could assess the *supposedly* spiked water situation.

In the locker room, Nat ripped her blouse, slanted her slacks and ruffled her hair to look like a hot mess. Someone would be bound to give her a 'fix' if she sold some sloppy story. Same way she scored some marijuana for Marisol one time by getting the price lowered. Internal Affairs never got a hold of information like that though, or Eric. No longer for medical use - it was one last fix for the older Delko.

She went down the autopsy straight after. Shivering in her boots, hoping to grab the attention of a hauler or two. Her gloved hands searched vigorously through the vic's personal belongings on the small table. "Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?!"

"Um.. can I help you, Boa Vista?" Jay, one of the new haulers, nervously inquired.

Natalia peered up at the man. He looked to be about her age, Caucasian, tall, Brown hair.. not bad in the looks department at all. She asked him about the missing flask. Jay immediately noticed that she didn't really care about the contents. Though she was smart, so he'd have to give her that.

She stepped forward, silently appreciating his calmness as it proved to not be him.

"Missing flask from this collection of personal belongings. Our M.E. was drugged, evidence is in progress but until then - there's no way of finding the flask and it'll be thrown out of court for being compromised. You're a detective, wanna help?"

It seemed as though they had caught each other out in an act. Natalia recognized Jay from a convention in Chicago. It had never quite sat right with her how a top grade detective goes to working in a morgue at the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner's. The same way he'd never expect one of the most prestigious DNA analysts in the country like Natalia to fall back on alcohol.

"I think Greg, one of the haulers, took the flask. From what I've heard, the guy should be getting help for his alcoholic tendencies." Jay whispered to her, observing his colleagues carefully as they hauled another gurney into the line up in the hall.


I've just got to let you know

'Cause I wonder where you are

And I wonder what you do

Are you somewhere feeling lonely?

Or is someone loving you?

Tell me how to win your heart

For I haven't got a clue

But let me start by saying I love you

"Put on some gloves and get him to open his locker." She whispered back. If it were someone as clueless as a real hauler, they'd only be suspicious and wouldn't disagree. But Jay was a detective. He knew why she had asked him to do so. Plain sight argues the battle that someone had been cohersed into doing something to suit the investigators.

Natalia stood behind the door of the M.E.'s locker room, holding her camera and her kit ready to confront Greg. Detective H. led Greg into the room, going on about how he needed the lock pick because he forgot the combination to his locker because of some soppy story he made up as he went along.

As soon as he reached up to open his locker, the flash showed in his pocket. Natalia took a picture and Jay snatched it out of his pocket. The evidence bag still surrounded it. Luckily for her, the seal hadn't been disturbed. Meaning it was still in tact for analysis. Working for the CSIs hadn't been a bad experience for Jay. That, or he had liked seeing Natalia again after what felt like a long time.


Is it me you're looking for?

'Cause I wonder where you are

And I wonder what you do

Are you somewhere feeling lonely?

Or is someone loving you?

Tell me how to win your heart

For I haven't got a clue

But let me start by saying I love you

Uniformed officers took away Greg, who continued to protest even with proof he did take the missing - now retrieved - piece of important evidence. Boa Vista stood beside Jay, smiling at him gratefully. She had needed him to help her identify those responsible for hindering a serious murder case.

Jay hadn't even realized the way she looked at him. But someone else had; Jake. He had been working with a different CSI team for the time being, but he couldn't believe she already forgot about him.

"Hey, um, Jay.." She said, causing him to turn to her.

His eyes met hers in a sparkling gaze. Natalia almost forgot what she had wanted to ask him in the first place. Her mind went on a tangent getting lost in those eyes of his.

However, it didn't seem like words were really needed anyway. As if the brown-haired detective already knew what she was about to say. He made the suggestion himself with confidence she wouldn't turn him down.

"I wouldn't mind going for a few drinks with you." Jay assured her.

"Oh, well- that's great! I'll see you later?"

He gave her a firm nod. Natalia smiled widely, whispering "thanks" into his ear before disappearing with Lt. Caine to head back into the precinct. Jay felt smitten. Even if they'd only spent a few days together last time they met in Chicago. There was something so oddly appealing about a girl who has a smile as beautiful as hers.