"You know, so far, we're 0-2 for not being interrupted. And you're not exactly quiet," I remarked, drinking in the sight of her. Tifa was one of those rare women where it never got any less incredible seeing her naked. If anything, the more I saw of her, the more incredible the sight became. Her full breasts valiantly fought against gravity to perk up despite their size, the peaks capped with rosy pink nipples that stood out against her milky white skin.

Tifa's stomach was flat with visible abs. Her figure was the definition of an hourglass, with a narrow waist and wide hips. Hips that flowed down toned thighs and shapely, well-defined legs that seemed to go for days. Tifa's lips pulled up into a smirk as I openly drank in the sight of her. I noticed that her panties were black lace, matching the dress that rested at her feet, and the high heels she wore. I never really got why girls bothered with heels.

Stilettos, pumps, or whatever. I don't think there was a guy on the planet that ever once actually cared if a girl was wearing heels or not. However, seeing her stand in them, almost completely naked… I was starting to see the appeal. Just a little.

"Third time is the charm, right?" Tifa sauntered towards me with the confidence of a woman who knew that she was an absolute bombshell, and that was going to blow my mind. At that moment, you couldn't convince me that there was anyone sexier than her in the entirety of the universe. Her breasts bounced ever so slightly with each step, her hips swaying as she approached. "Unless…?"

"Oh, this is absolutely happening. I don't care if the city burns down around us," I decided, the words so sincere that they made every word I've said until this point feel like a lie. Tifa let out a giggle as I reached out to her, grabbing her by the hips to bring her closer. She responded by throwing one leg over my lap, straddling me.

"Careful now, you wouldn't want to jinx us, would you?" She questioned, her hand going to my bow tie before her hands froze. "You seriously wore a clip-on? I thought you were joking!"

I smiled, my hands dipping down to her shapely and firm ass. The panties, as it turned out, were a lacy black thong. "I couldn't figure out how to tie one. I just combined a crappy clip-on with the fabric, and I had a perfectly serviceable bow tie."

"A clip-on," Tifa corrected, unclipping it and flipping up my collar. She looked at it with amusement and disbelief. "Someone absolutely noticed, you know," Tifa said, tossing it aside before her hands went to my buttons.

"Doubt it. Too many eyes on my date to notice me," I argued, temporarily letting go of Tifa to shake off my jacket and dress shirt, revealing the tank top underneath. The moment that it was off of me, I tossed it to the side, my hands going back to her. One hand glided over her spine, ghosting over her flesh as I looked up at her, meeting her warm, reddish-brown eyes. "Pretty sure you're the only reason anyone bothered to say a word to me all night."

"Flatterer," Tifa accused lightly, and rightly so, before her lips began to dip towards mine. It was hardly the first time I've kissed Tifa. Far from it, in fact. Yet, it almost felt that way when our lips pressed together. A chaste kiss that slowly deepened, growing into more as I tilted my head to get a better angle. Her hands ran through my hair, running over my shoulders while my own explored her body, finding nothing but silky smooth skin under my fingers.

A hand slipped upwards, running over her abs before my fingertips ghosted over the soft flesh of one of her breasts. Tifa let out a content noise when I brushed a thumb over one of her nipples, finding it stiff. My other went to her ass, my fingers slipping under the lace of her underwear. In response, Tifa slipped her tongue in my mouth, brushing it up against my own while her own hands became more adventurous. I felt my tank top get pulled up, and we separated for less than a second to pull it off.

I was glad for the exercises that Tifa put me through. I was still a long way away from being built like a brick shit house like someone like Batman, but the days where I had noodle arms were long gone. It was amazing what some basic exercises can do so long as you were consistent with it. Her hands roamed my chest and arms, groping at my stomach, before her hands made their way to my belt buckle.

My hand of mine landed on her thigh as I deepened the kiss. It strayed to her groin that was covered with lace - Tifa moaned in approval before she broke the kiss by pushing me back, forcing me to lay down on the bed. Her lips were flushed, her chest heaving as she evened out her breathing. "We're skipping the foreplay," Tifa informed, unzipping my pants to release my cock.

I rose an eyebrow in response, "We that pressed for time?" I questioned, taking a breath as Tifa lazily stroked my dick, a smirk tugging at her lips.

"I've just noticed a trend, is all," Tifa remarked, dragging a digit up from the base of my dick to the tip, tracing the vein. "And… I think we've both waited long enough for this." She added, and I don't think I could have agreed more. I crawled back a bit, giving Tifa some room so that she wasn't hanging off the edge of the bed. Once we were in about the center of it, Tifa reached out to the nightstand to retrieve a condom.

She tore it open, looked into my eyes, and rolled it down. My cock throbbed at the sight. The sheer allure of it. My hands ran up and down her thighs, feeling her flesh rise at my touch before I hooked my thumbs at the hem of her thong and pulled it off. The positioning was a bit awkward for a moment, but soon except for the high heels, Tifa was completely bare. Because of that, I saw we didn't need to bother with foreplay at all. Based on the sheen, Tifa was as excited for this as I was.

She gripped me at the base, pushing my pants and boxers down a bit before she lined my cock up with her entrance. Our eyes met, her reddish-brown eyes meeting my blue before her hips began to lower and mine began to rise. I felt myself enter her, the condom muffling the sensations, but her walls gripped me like a vice. A low groan escaped Tifa, her hands on my chest, pinning me to the bed.

"Finally," Tifa moaned, taking a moment to adjust. She was tight. Incredibly so. The condom muffled things, but there was still enough sensation that there was a very real danger of premature ejaculation if I wasn't careful. Actually, now that I thought about it, when was the last time I masturbated? It was… a week ago? Maybe longer? "You made me wait for so long for this Vergil," Tifa stated, rolling her hips ever so slightly, breathing deeply.

"Sorry," I started, a smile on my face as my hands went to her hips. "I suppose I should make sure it's worth the wait then, huh?" I asked, earning a dangerous smile from Tifa. She leaned forward while I raised her hips a bit, giving me some room to work with. Hopefully, I wasn't too rusty with this, and sex was like riding a bike.

Her lips pressed against mine, kissing me with a harsh passion that I returned by dragging my hips back, pulling about half of my dick out of her before I thrust upwards, sheathing myself back inside of her. A sound of delight escaped Tifa and I felt her smile into the kiss. Taking that as a sign of approval, my hips found a steady rhythm, filling the room with the sounds of flesh against flesh.

I was almost thankful for the condom. Without it, I'd probably cum instantly. Not just because I hadn't in a while, but because her body was intoxicating. Her tongue fought against mine, her breathing growing harsh against my cheek before she moaned into my mouth. Her breasts pressed into my chest, flattening them out while my fingers sank into the firm flesh of her ass to act as a handhold. My hips moved in a steady rhythm, a tempo that was encouraged by the sounds of Tifa's pleasure.

I felt her pulse around me, her walls gripping me tightly, but I fought against the pressure to maintain my tempo. Steadily, Tifa's noises of pleasure grew until she was forced to break the kiss and bury her face in the crook of my neck. The sounds of her ragged gasps drove me on as I decided I wanted to hear more of them. She was trying to keep quiet, not wanting to alert Cass, but I almost wanted her to let loose. I wanted to hear her cry out in ecstasy, to let go of any rational thought, and for her head to be filled with nothing but white-hot pleasure.

Drops of wetness fell down onto my lap, falling from where we were connected or dripping down my shaft. My pace increased in response, my ass barely touching the bed as I hammered into her, my grip tightening on her ass. Tifa began to shake her hips, inching herself closer to an orgasm that I could feel brewing inside her.

Her walls squeezed down hard before they began to spasm around my length. Tifa let out a hiss and a strangled gasp for air as she came hard, her body shivering against me. Her arousal gushed out of her, not quite enough to call a squirt, but enough that my boxers were soaked with her juices. I paused my thrusts, intent on letting her ride out the orgasm and to stall off my own.

Tifa had different ideas. Her hips slammed down, sheathing me inside of her once again and despite riding high on her own orgasm, she pushed herself up just enough to look into my eyes. Her face was flushed, her eyes dilated and her breathing was the harshest I've ever heard it. "Vergil…!" She hissed in a low whine, shaking her hips desperately, filling the room with the harsh sounds of our bodies slapping together.

That did the trick. Despite my efforts to stave it off, I felt myself come undone. My cock throbbed within her, a tightness in my balls unleashing as I slammed my hips up, burying myself as deep inside her as I could go. A sigh escaped me as I felt my brain, which had been tenderized with non-stop stress, suddenly relax for the first time.

Tifa fell on top of me, gathering her breath. The sex had been fast and harsh. Not exactly what I imagined. And entirely too short for my liking.

"That was everything I'd thought I'd be," Tifa said, and I filed away that pang of confidence for later. It honestly didn't feel like I deserved that bit of praise. Not yet, at least. Still - a Hentai protagonist, I was not. A refractory period was very much a thing and my cock wilted despite my efforts to remain hard out of sheer force of will.

So instead, Tifa's attempts at cuddling were brought to an abrupt end when I flipped her over. I peeled off the condom and tossed it aside. Tifa's face lit up as I took a position between her legs, placing a hand behind each knee and lifting her lower body to grant myself access to it.

"It's a little early to say that," I remarked before I leaned in and dragged my tongue over her parted labia. It was a puffy red, engorged from the arousal that dripped from her tunnel. She was still sensitive from her own orgasm, forcing her to bite down on her knuckle to stifle a moan. But one still escaped her when the tip of my tongue flicked her exposed clit. Her taste had a natural, mild sweetness to it. Almost like fruit.

With her in position with her legs hooked over my shoulders and her hips raised, my hands were free to tweak her nipples as I went down on her. After months of being together, I've long since learned what Tifa enjoyed the most when it came to oral, and I abused the hard-earned knowledge relentlessly. My tongue lapped at her lower lips, focusing on stimulating her clit or tongue fucking her.

Without a condom, I felt just how wet and hot Tifa was as her walls clamped down on my tongue. Her hands went to my hair, grinding my face between her legs, and I knew I wouldn't be leaving unless I wanted a bald spot. Her breath hitched, her juices flowing over my tongue as she came again. I'd like to think it was pure skill, but it was probably the sensitivity working in my favor. But, even as she came, my tongue didn't pause.

The goal was to buy time for my dick to get a second wind. The more times Tifa came until then, the better.

It was impossible to tell how long I went down on her. The only unit of measurement I had was the sensation of her walls coiling around my tongue and trying to milk it for more pleasure. I tried counting them, but not all orgasms were created equal, so sometimes it was difficult to tell. I'm pretty sure I was in the ballpark of three or four, though. But, by the end of it, my jaw was sore and my tongue felt like a giant pulled muscle.

Pulling back, Tifa's lower body hit the bed - she was covered in a fine sheen of sweat, her breathing so ragged you'd think she had just ran a marathon. Yet, she seemed absolutely radiant with her black hair spilled out over a pillow, her waist soaked with her own juices, and her nipples were a scarlet red and pebbled in arousal. I didn't have any trouble getting it back up.

Leaning over her, I grabbed another condom, peeled it open, and rolled it back on. Excitement danced in Tifa's eyes as she bit her lip. "Ready for round two?" I questioned, lining my dick up with her entrance. Through the condom, I could feel the heat that she was giving off. In response to that, Tifa reached out to me, pushing herself up from off the bed so that she was sitting in my lap. Tifa reached back with one hand, guiding me inside of her with a small gasp. Her gaze was hungry. I took a moment to marvel at the sensation.

Her hips began to rock back and forth, meeting my small thrusts. My head dipped down, sealing my lips around one of her nipples to suck on it. Tifa's breathing hitched, her tempo becoming a little more erratic. The second round was going to be just as fast and intense as the first, I realized. This time, I didn't entertain thoughts of holding back. I just indulged myself in Tifa's body, lavishing in the smoothness of her skin, the firmness of her athletic build, and the softness of her breasts and ass.

"You are too damn good for me, you know that?" I told her, not for the first time, but dear God was it worth repeating. Tifa chuckled in response, her hips grinding into mine while her hot breath tickled my neck. Her fingernails dug into my back painfully enough that I knew they would leave a mark. Of its own volition, one of my hands reached out and smacked her on her ass, earning a mewl of approval. "Too damn perfect by half," I added, feeling my second orgasm of the night brewing.

"Then you better not let me go," Tifa returned, leaning in to kiss me hard. Her tongue slipped into my mouth in a domineering manner, her arms wrapping around me to hold me tight. Her thrusts became more frantic, telling me that she was inching towards another orgasm. I was still a fair way away from mine, so I decided to change positions.

Leaning forward, I set Tifa down on the bed before I grabbed hold of her legs again. She moaned in approval as I pushed her legs up, and proving just how flexible Tifa was, as I leaned over her, putting her into a mating press. It was honestly amazing how much of a difference a change in position could make. Tifa was tight before, but now she was almost crushing me. If she wasn't as wet as she was, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to move.

Drawing my cock out until only the tip remained inside, I felt Tifa brace. She was right to. A moan ripped from her throat as I slammed my hips down, making the bed creak noisily. The headboard bounced against the wall - the sound was probably enough to send Cass into hyper-alert mode, but at the moment, I couldn't have cared less. I slammed my hips down again, finding a harsh and fast rhythm.

I jackhammer thrusted into Tifa, pounding her into the bed with her headboard banging against the wall with each thrust. Her hands alternatively clawed at my back and traveled down to grope at my ass in equal measures, her own hips trying to meet my thrusts despite being completely out of position for it. That set my blood on fire in the best kinds of ways. Both of us were racing towards our next orgasm at breakneck speeds.

Pressing my forehead against hers, I looked into her eyes as my orgasm neared. Tifa's reddish-brown eyes fluttered, before rolling back as an orgasm slammed into her. The face that she made, the one twisted in utter bliss with a sheen of sweat on her face, sent me over the edge. My balls clenched, aching as they released every last drop of cum contained within them. I flopped onto her a moment later, every muscle going from taut to limp.

We stayed like that for a long minute, both of us riding out the high. My heart hammered at my ribs, my breathing deep, while Tifa milked my length for cum that was denied to her thanks to a thin barrier of rubber, her own breathing deep and harsh.

Slowly extracting myself from her, I rolled over and bounced against the bed next to her. Almost instinctively, Tifa rolled over, cuddling against me. My heart felt like it belonged to a hummingbird with how fast it was pounding. My cock began to wilt after the second round, prompting me to take off the condom before the contents slipped out.

"We," Tifa muttered, sounding sleepy. I'm guessing the whole falling asleep after sex wasn't just for men. "Are not going to wait so long to do that again." That sounded like a challenge.

"Won't see me arguing with that," I said, looking at her, her skin flushed with the afterglow of sex. Now it felt like I had earned that pang of manly pride. Taking in a deep breath, my eyes drifted shut, while Tifa decided my arm was the more comfortable pillow. With her body pressed against mine, and after the day I had, it wasn't much of a shock that I felt myself drift off to sleep.

But, one lingering thought came before sleep claimed me. I wasn't one to let go of anything… so, when this golden time eventually came to an end…

It would be because Tifa left.

The next morning was exceedingly normal. Minus waking up to one of my arms being asleep, and the subtle looks from Tifa before we both went about our schedules. Tifa was still preparing for the Christmas dinner, and I was stuck running Lowtown and Sainthood Enterprises.

"How are things, Preston?" I questioned, a Bluetooth clip on my ear leaving my hands free to mess around on the computer. A search results page staring me in the face - there were a million hits, but none that matched what I was searching for.

"They're great, Vergil," Preston responded, sounding like he meant the words. I was glad to hear it. Especially considering that things went hot in East End again. The first time I started a gang war, it had been necessary. Lowtown wasn't in the position to take down a giant like the Blackgaters otherwise. The second time… "The numbers are all way up across the board. The new app is taking off even better than the first. The only problem that we have is that we need better servers to handle the influx of users."

I smiled, "So, the best problem that we could have?" I questioned, deleting what was in the search bar and trying a more precise search. With question and quotation marks, and clicking the options that the results had to display all the above. Which was about the extent of my google-fu.

"Pretty much. The only real trouble that we have at the moment is that the Chinese are already making knock-offs," Preston responded. He was the head of Sainthood Entertainment. Sorta. At the moment, the division was a small team that he had brought over after he had been laid off when his company got shot up during the first gangwar in East End. And since he was one of the few genuinely good people that I first met when I came to this city, I made damn sure that he was taken care of.

Making him the head of the division because he spotted me twenty bucks when I first came to Gotham might seem like a bit much, but it was also because he deserved the position. Preston had a head for business and he was good at his job. The outlines for apps I sent him saw results quickly, and he didn't hesitate to implement or improve upon monetization schemes.

"It was bound to happen eventually," I remarked, still coming up empty. So, I temporarily gave up on it to look up Sainthood Enterprises. And, to my continued surprise, there were a lot of articles being written about my company. Most of them were shitting on me for the aggressive monetization schemes combined with the name, but more than a few were calling Sainthood Enterprises Gotham's rising star. "We still corner the market, but we were always going to lose control over it eventually. Better milk the hell out of it while we can and flood it with our apps so we're the go-to for as long as possible."

I really wish I had gotten that patent for the gacha design. Then I could just sue anyone who copied my design into the dirt and take their money on top of having a monopoly.

"I thought you'd say that," Preston agreed. "We're looking to expand the team and put several apps in development at the same time, while leaving a skeleton crew to continue making content for the ones that we already have." So, he would act on the few dozens of app designs I had sent over. "We should be good for it. The Christmas and New Years' events are already finished and polished off. Numbers are way up for it too."

"Sounds good to me. Send me costs and we're good to go," I agreed easily. Sainthood Entertainment was the moneymaker at the moment. Though, with the recent construction contracts that I had gotten, Sainthood Construction was turning a profit. It also meant that more residents in Lowtown were getting jobs. Add that to the fact that my counterfeiting operation was up and running, along with the looted drug money, I was looking to expand my list of businesses owned.

Right now I was in talks about buying an autoshop, a carwash, a laundromat, and a pawnshop. Wasn't sure which branch they would go under, but I was diversifying. The only hold-up was that I needed to launder my dirty money first, and with the cops snooping around, I had to be careful. Additionally, I was looking to invest in growing businesses in Lowtown itself. Money was starting to circulate in Lowtown now and I wanted to cut myself a nice huge chunk of the pie.

"Beyond that, how are things? Staying safe?" I questioned, going back to searching for my original target. No matter what I entered, I wasn't getting any results. Was my google-fu just too weak, or was something else at play here?

"We're good," Preston responded. "But, me and the wife are talking about getting out of East End entirely. It used to be one of the better parts of town - the Backgaters were shit, but they kept the peace. Now it's been nothing but gang wars… We put in some applications for a house over near Cresthill. Not in Cresthill, but the neighborhood at the base. Wife wants a lawn, and my daughter's old enough to start getting into trouble, so the suburbs sound nice."

Huh. "Good luck with that," I told him. If it didn't work out, then I could try to set him up with a place in Lowtown. Or I could try to pull some strings and get him the place. Actually, it might be worth investing in real estate in general…

"I think we'll get it. And… the family wants to meet you. They still don't believe the story, so I need you to confirm it," Preston offered and I laughed lightly. I guess I would have some trouble believing it too - a chance meeting on the street, a random act of kindness that helped me pave my way towards creating Sainthood Enterprises…

"Send me a date, I'll make time to set the record straight." I agreed easily. Preston laughed on the other end before both of us said our goodbyes, and the call came to an end. I set the Bluetooth earpiece to the side on my desk, my good mood evaporating when I continued to come up empty on my search for answers.

"What the fuck is a YoRHa?" I muttered to myself, finding absolutely nothing about them. So, either the android was the product of a nonexistent company, or it was one that was wrapped in so many shadows that it wasn't supposed to exist. Which just raised more and more questions about it being found in a dump. Did that mean it was being disposed of, or was it something like it had lost a fight and was waiting to be picked up when it was found?

I really wanted to know if I was dealing with a ticking time bomb or not. No one came for it in the past twenty-four hours, but that could just be because they didn't know that I had it, whoever 'they' were. I was looking into how to repair the android, but should I? Would that just lead whoever 'they' were right to me? It might be worth just copying the designs and then tossing the base model back out into the dump.

A sigh escaped me as I leaned back into my chair. My gaze drifted to the two cards in question - S-Rank Damaged YoRHa Android Model 2B 2E. A-Rank Damaged YoRHa Tactical Support Pod 042. I hadn't unsealed them since I got them. I wasn't sure if I wanted to. It was just so tempting… Androids had been a thing for some time now, but they were rare. I didn't really know why - you had androids like Red Tornado, who had been built with vacuum tubes of all things, and for some reason, more people just… didn't build more androids.

Meaning that the market was open. And with a growing love of capitalism, I wanted to own that market.

"I… should repair them first," I muttered to myself. It would be a gamble, but it was worth the risk. Right now, my biggest worry was ignorance. If I managed to repair the android, I could possibly get some more answers. If those answers were that I'd be stomping on the toes of someone like Lex Luthor… well, I'd just send the droid right back over to him. Or destroy it if it was hostile.

The question was how? I didn't have any high-tech repair equipment that I'm assuming was needed for an android. However…

I lifted the Pod card, eyeing its picture. It looked like a robot. Maybe it was less high-tech than the android? I should probably start with it first. It should, in theory, be easier to handle than an android. The question was how should I repair it? Hand it off to an expert? My cards were a possibility, but I wasn't sure exactly how to approach fixing it with my cards. Would it need specific parts? Or…

Over the months, I've noticed that my cards were slowly growing stronger. Months ago, it had taken me thousands of contact lenses to grind them up to A-Rank. Now, I was able to reach C and B-Rank items with only hundreds. It wasn't much of a difference, but it was still a noticeable jump. Then there was the train car to consider - it was by far the largest container that I've sealed before.

Lastly, it was getting easier for me to pick out an aspect of an item and embed it into another. Like with the padlocks and the firewall - I picked out the aspect of security and combined it with the digital firewall. That opened up my options a bit. So, would it be enough to combine the android with a high-ranked toolbox and combine it with the thought of 'Fixing?' Maybe? At the very least, the idea was worth looking into. It would be best to try the idea out on lower-ranked items…

Another sigh escaped me, "It just doesn't ever stop, does it?" I muttered to myself, pinching the bridge of my nose as I tossed the card on the table.

As if to agree with me, I heard a knock at my door. "Come in," I said, leaning forward to at least try to appear presentable. The door swung open, revealing Miranda. She wore tight-fitting business attire - a black skirt that had a white dress shirt tucked into it, underneath a form-fitting black jacket. There was a confident smile on her lips as she strode into the room.

"Tifa sent me up here for my first day as a secretary," she informed, and I see that the decision to have a secretary was made for me.

"Oh," I said, caught a bit off guard, but I quickly recovered. "Take a seat then. We can try to figure out who I'm supposed to be meeting with next," I said, gesturing to the chair in front of my desk. "Thanks for coming up, Miranda…" I trailed off, realizing that I still didn't have her last name.

Miranda seemed to get the hint as she sat down, her back straight and that confident look never wavering. "Lawson," she answered. "Miranda Lawson."



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