I've never been drunk on life before, but with how I felt at the moment, that's the only thing that could possibly describe how I felt. Just drunk on life. Deliriously happy. Pure elation. It felt like my blood was singing in my veins, and my brain was absolutely dripping with dopamine. Batman himself could kick down my door and haul me off to jail, and I don't even think that could take the edge off of my good mood because… I won.

I won. I beat Cobblepot at his own game. I had an inside look at the Batcave, something I once thought was impossible. The Court of Owls wasn't just under scrutiny from the public, but they were unknowingly revealing every single card they had up their sleeves. Yet, it wasn't just that. Sainthood Enterprises was taking off in every conceivable way. I was a billionaire in cold hard cash and in property that's value would only go up.

I had won. I had won in a way so completely and utterly that it defied my wildest dreams. Months ago, I had been confined to a bed after getting the shit kicked out of me and shot a couple of times, and I had dared to imagine what it would look like when I finally slipped out from underneath Cobblepot's thumb. I never imagined it would look like this. My wildest hopes had been so small. My hopes had been to be free and not in jail - that was it.

I won. I beat them. And I was going to keep beating them. All of them. Everyone that tried to go against me, I would defeat them. Because I wouldn't let up. No matter how total my victory was, I wouldn't stop. I got this far by walking that tight rope between success and failure under the assumption that death was below. It didn't matter if the tightrope was two inches off the ground and was covered in the world's fluffiest of pillows - I would forever walk that right rope with the assumption that the abyss was beneath me and my defeated foes would be eager to drag me down with them.

But, no matter what, that didn't change the fact that I had won today. Right now, I was at the top of the world.

"I could get used to seeing you like this," Tifa remarked, catching my infectious smile. "It's pretty weird, but not in a bad way," she continued, laughing lightly. I felt so light that I could walk on a cloud.

"You're going to have to get used to it, because we won, Tifa. We won," I repeated, sweeping her off of her feet once again. Just because I could. Because I was too damn happy to not do it. Tifa laughed, looking down at me, looking a little weirded out by just how happy I was, but enjoying it nonetheless.

Setting her down, Tifa took a seat on my desk, cupping my face to make sure she had my attention. "You mentioned that - what did we win, though?"

"The Joker is dead for starters. Oh, and the Penguin is done for. I have his money, and a video of him murdering his executives-" I explained, making Tifa's eyes widen a fraction. I could have broken that news a little better, but oh well. "He's done for, Tifa. His power over us is gone. I can leave the mob whenever I damn well please. I beat him," I stressed the word.

Tifa searched my face for a long moment, appearing stunned by the news. Since the start, we had been underneath his thumb. We had been forced to tiptoe around him - Lowtown and Sainthood Enterprises had been formed in spite of him. We avoided his wrath because of the consequences, but all of that had changed. I was the one with all the power now. I was the one with the money. I was the one with a sword of Damocles hanging over his head.

Tifa responded to my revelation with action rather than words. She leaned in, kissing me fast and hard, nearly headbutting me in the process. It was a hungry and demanding kiss, her hands pulling me close as they threatened to yank out handfuls of my hair. I didn't mind in the slightest. I kissed her back just as ferociously as she kissed me, my tongue barging into her mouth and intertwining with hers.

Her breathing grew harsh, tickling my cheek, her legs wrapping around my waist and hooking together behind me. In response, I pressed her body against mine, trying to eliminate any place where we weren't connected. Tifa leaned back, letting me reach out and swipe away the contents on my desk. My monitor, keyboard, and cup of pencils hit the ground with a clutter, but I it made room for Tifa to lay down on.

We gasped for breath a second later, our hands fumbling to tear at each other's clothes. "He's done for," Tifa breathed breathlessly, her hands tearing at my buttons when she got too frustrated feeding them through the holes. I've never seen her like this before - the sheer need in her gaze, it was like the fate of the entire world depended on me fucking her as quickly as possible. "You beat him."

"I beat him," I agreed, not much better as I yanked up her shirt hard enough that the fabric tore a bit. So I just tore it all off since it gave me faster access to her body. Her breasts were temporarily hidden behind a black sports bra, but after fumbling with the hook in the back, only to discover that the hook was on the front, her pale breasts were revealed to me. And it never got any less incredible seeing them.

I fell upon them hungrily, my lips pressing against a nipple while my other hand squeezed down on the other. Tifa moaned so lewdly, you'd think she had an orgasm from the action alone. Tifa gave up on my shirt that she had half pushed down my back, only kept up because of my sleeves, before her hands fumbled with my pants. I heard the button pop off and bounce off my desk, but a moment later, Tifa awkwardly slid a hand down my pants to grasp me.

My tongue lapped at her pebbled nipple, earning breathy moans that I encouraged by tweaking the other. Rolling it between my thumb and pointer finger, I felt it stiffen underneath my touch. It took some effort, but Tifa was able to get my pants down enough that she could glide her hand over my cock, jerking me in short and fast motions. The urgency of it more than made up for the awkward angle .

"Vergil, I can't wait. I want you. Now," Tifa hissed between clenched teeth, her pale skin flushed. There was no room for argument. It also didn't sound like it was a discussion, either. It was simply an order to fuck her. And it was one I wasted no time to obey.

Pulling back from her ever so slightly, I flipped her skirt up to reveal a pair of lacy black panties. There felt like there was no time to take them off, and I don't think I even could with Tifa's legs hooked behind my back. Pushing them to the side and letting them rest on the outside fold of her puffy labia, I saw she was already dripping with arousal I lined myself up with her entrance and it was only after I thrust my hips forward, filling my office with the sounds of flesh smacking against flesh. Then I realized that I had forgotten the condom.

Tifa's back arched and I swallowed a moan of my own, her walls massaging my length with a delicious grip. The condom muffled the sensations in ways that couldn't be described - the only thing I could compare it to was a blind man putting on glasses for the first time, only to find that the world was more than just a blur of color . The heat of her body was like a furnace, and she was so very wet. I could feel every fold and crease of her body as it tried to milk my cock.

"Fuck, Tifa," I hissed, pulling my hips back before thrusting forward, earning an intoxicating moan as her breasts bounced with the thrust. "How am I supposed to be more than a minuteman like this? You are too damn perfect," I muttered, grabbing hold of her hands and using them as leverage to thrust. Her walls clung to me with each thrust, fighting to keep me buried as deeply as I could inside of her.

Tifa couldn't answer. She threw her head back and released a throaty moan as I slammed myself into her, arching her hips to grant me better access to her body. Her pale breasts bounced, pinned between her arms, and watching them served as an inspiration to hold back and drag this out as long as I could.

Her reddish brown-eyed met mine, she bit her lip and her eyes fluttered, "I'm in the same boat, Vergil. How many times do you think I've been dreaming of you bending me over your desk and fucking me with that huge thick cock?" She breathed, earning a cocked eyebrow from me.

Dirty talk. That was new.

I smiled as my tempo picked up, my cock throbbing almost painfully. Something that Tifa didn't fail to notice. Her walls squeezed down on me, her gaze filled with need. "Vergil…" she moaned my name, throwing her head back and gasping as I hammered away at her, my release inching closer despite my best efforts. "I want it…! I'm going to…!" Tifa's breathing hitched, her body clamping down on me like a vice.

I hissed as I felt her cum, arousal gushing out of her that dripped down my length while her hips arched. She tried to swallow it down, but when I came undone inside of her, Tifa moaned in pure satisfaction. My balls clenched, what felt like the biggest orgasm of my life erupting from inside me. I felt myself go light-headed, forcing me to bend over, pressing my forehead into the valley of Tifa's cleavage. With her arms now free, Tifa wrapped her hands around the back of my head, pulling me against her and pressed my face down, holding me so tightly there was a not insignificant risk that she would smother me between her breasts. If I had to go out some way, then I decided that this was exactly how I wanted to die.

We stayed that way for a long few minute, both of us recovering from the orgasms that hit us fast and hard. My legs felt a bit weak after that one. But, a minute later, I felt Tifa clench my softening cock; a silent question.

I looked up to see Tifa's eyes were cloudy with lust, the single round not anywhere near enough to satisfy her. My usual move would be to go down on her to buy me enough time to ride out the refractory period, but I had gone my entire life without knowing what my cum tasted like, and I wasn't exactly in a hurry to find out now. So, with a feat of will worthy of a Green Lantern, I made my cock harden - the action was fueled by the simple desire to satisfy the beautiful woman in front of me.

Not with a measly solid orgasm or two, or even three. The kind of satisfaction that left her a well-fucked mess. The kind of satisfied that it would take her days to recover from. The kind of satisfaction that left her aching for my touch, because anything short of it wouldn't be enough. I wanted her to define what an orgasm was based on the things that I did to her.

My cock stood at attention, ready to carry out its mission. Tifa smiled, her walls clenching and releasing as she regained her breath. "You always make me feel so good Vergil. I think it's my turn to take the lead," Tifa said, and I did like the sound of that.

"In those dreams of yours, what were you doing?" I asked her, lifting my head to plant a kiss on one of nipples, earning a breathless gasp in response.

She smiled, "Take a seat in your chair," Tifa ordered, and it was with the greatest of reluctance that I obeyed. Pulling myself from her body, I saw that I really did let out a prodigious amount of cum inside of her. It wasn't hentai protagonist levels, where I came like a broken faucet and had more in common with a garden hose, but it dripped from her pussy, going down her thighs before her panties soaked it up. "Sit down!" She pleaded, practically pushing me into my rolling chair.

She turned, facing the door and presenting me her ass, Tifa reached down and guided my cock back inside of her. We both let out a sound of relief when I sank inside of her down to the hilt. She made me roll forward a little, giving her a better angle, before she began to raise her hips.

Tifa gave a few experimental thrusts, deciding what she liked. Flicking her hair over one shoulder, Tifa looked back at me with what I could only describe as a dangerous look in her eyes before she resumed in earnest. She shook her hips in a powerful rhythm, her ass smacking my hips, her firm, round butt jiggling just as much as her breasts did with every thrust. I watched as her body took me to the hilt each time, filling the office with the sounds of sex.

I watched her ass, almost memorized by the gloriously shaped cheeks. I tried to stop myself. I really did. But I was high on life and my willpower was nonexistent.

"Nah~!" Tifa moaned as a harsh slap on her ass rang out, her pussy clenching so tightly that I honestly spared a worry that she might crush it. Arousal dripped from her like water, her body singing in approval at the spanking. And getting my dick crushed or not, I wanted to hear that again.

"Sounds like someone liked that," I remarked, giving her another playful slap. She shot me a mild glare over her shoulder, her pale body starting to drip with sweat. I met her gaze and smacked her ass again, the pale flesh turning a rosy red. Each time, her body clenched down "You seem into the secretary play," I continued, reaching between her legs to toy with her clit. Her hips seemed to take on a mind of their own as she erratically impaled herself on my cock, panting for breath as I felt her next orgasm coming. "Bent over a desk, your fat ass getting spanked…"

To punctuate my point, I spanked her again and Tifa actually came from it. She clenched down, before she squirted, arousal gushing out of her as she nearly collapsed on top of my desk. Her body trembled like a leaf, and I smiled at the sight. My own orgasm was a bit ways off. So, it was little trouble easing Tifa forward so she really was bent over my desk, her legs parted for easy access and my cock still buried inside of her.

I fucked her through her orgasm, forcing Tifa to grab down on the edge of the desk with white knuckles as I fucked her into the rich mahogany surface. She grunted with each thrust, and it was a long minute before she could form words. "It's… you're so gentle with me, normally. I think I like it a bit rough," Tifa admitted, clenching when I gave her ass another swat.

That was intoxicating. It really did feel like I was drunk. Drunk on joy and… power, maybe. I had won at one of the most dangerous games, and now I had a breathtakingly beautiful woman bent over my desk, practically begging to get fucked. I'd have to be a venerated saint to not give into temptation, and despite the nickname, I was absolutely anything but a saint.

So, I indulged. My hips slammed forward, choosing to fuck Tifa hard. The desk skirted forward a half-inch and Tifa mewled with delight. I found a fast, but steady tempo, one that we both seemed to delight in. Tifa was every bit as drunk on pleasure as I was, her body demanding more of it and proving to be on a hair-trigger. Tifa was naturally sensitive, but after a few orgasms, it drove her sensitivity way up. Now it felt like she was having one long orgasm, her pussy constantly massaging my length in a desperate fervor for more.

All the while, I spanked her ass, leaving both cheeks a cherry red. Something that she encouraged by meeting my thrusts with her own. Tifa panted for air, each breath coming out as a moan - I wanted to be like this forever. If I could have the rest of eternity be just this moment on an endless loop, I would be a happy man.

But, I felt myself inching closer to my second orgasm. My fingers dug into her waist, my thrusts becoming harsher by the second, but dreading and anticipating my orgasm. "I'm going to cum, Tifa," I told her, receiving no response beyond a clench of approval.

It sent me over the edge. I slammed my hips forward, knocking my desk forward another inch as I groaned deeply. After my first orgasm, I would have thought that I would have emptied my balls, but the second one somehow seemed even larger. Tifa moaned, "I can feel it…" she breathed, my cock throbbing inside of her. My heart pounded in my chest, sweat dripping down my forehead. It seemed like I came for a minute straight, but eventually, it tapered off.

Ever so slowly, I stumbled back and extracted myself from Tifa. Pale white cum immediately leaked out with my loss. Tifa let out a groan, pushing herself back, moving to stand up, but she collapsed at the edge of the desk. She shot me a sly look, "I can't feel my legs," she admitted, and I don't think I've ever been more proud of myself than I was at that moment.

Tifa's gaze dipped down to my cock, which was slowly twitching down, thinking its duty was done. Tifa didn't seem to agree because she leaned forward and kissed the crown of it. Looking up at me, she took my softening cock into her mouth, absolutely coated with both of our fluids, and began to gently suck. My dick… it was a trooper, I realized when it began to stiffen back up against all rhyme and reason. It wasn't going to leave a mission half-finished. If Tifa wanted a round three, four, or even five, then she would get it.

My hands went to my ruined shirt, shrugging it off before I tossed it away-

"Huh?" I paused, looking at my shirt as it fell to the ground. Which wasn't weird in itself, but how it fell certainly was. Instead of following the arc that I threw it in, it had dropped straight down. Almost… as if it had struck something invisible. I looked at my shirt for a moment, instantly connecting the dots. "Cass?" I questioned, making Tifa pause as she sucked my dick.

There was no answer for a moment, long enough that I began to doubt myself. But, out of thin air, Cass began to reveal herself. The top of her head came first, then her face. There was a sheepish expression on her face, but she didn't exactly looked ashamed. What I didn't expect was her to keep pushing the invisibility suit down, revealing her bare breasts that were capped by dark brown, pebbled nipples. Or for it to drop at her feet, revealing her muscular legs that had drops of arousal lazily trailing down from her drenched groin.

Came here to report. You were busy, Cass signed, as if that was anyway an excuse for watching me and Tifa. She didn't look ashamed, not the kind of way you would expect when your hand was caught in the metaphorical cookie jar. Tifa popped her head up, peeking over the desk.

For a split second, we all stood at a crossroads. I had absolutely no clue how to react. Was there a proper reaction to this kind of situation? Cass hadn't exactly been subtle that she was interested a while ago, but that had been months ago. Things had been awkward for a bit, mostly on my part, but then things hand gone back to normal. I thought she was over me after a talk with Tifa.

So, should I be shocked? Angry at the invasion of privacy? Turned on? I had no clue.

Which led me to make the best decision I could possibly make at the moment when my girlfriend was in the room. I passed the buck to her and let her make the decision.

Cass… Tifa signed, sounding like she was similarly clueless in how to react. However, unlike me, she quickly made a decision. Come here.

Cass obeyed, walking over with a small smile on her face. While she did so, Tifa pushed herself up using her arms until she was sitting on my desk. This isn't something you can take back.

I blinked slowly, "Uhhh…" I trailed off, glancing at Tifa, who met my gaze. Now, I didn't want to make assumptions, but based on context clues, it sounded like things were taking a surprising turn into a threesome a surprising turn into threesome town . Which is probably one of the best surprises there were, only beaten out by surprise foursomes and orgies, but I was a little puzzled on why exactly this was happening.

Tifa reached out to Cass, bringing her close and hugging her into her body, her breasts smushed against her back while Cass looked at me with nervous excitement. "I don't want to hurt Cass," Tifa explained her reasoning. "This wasn't exactly how I thought that this was going to go, but if it's a choice between sharing what we have and hurting Cass, then that's a really easy choice for me to make… but I know it's not just my choice."

I met her gaze, "Tifa, I don't need anyone else but you."

To that, Tifa smiled, "I know. I know how much you care about me. About all of us. And you're all I need and want," she reassured. "But I know how much Cass cares about you too. And B practically worships you. Revy's pretty fond of you too. At first, I was… really jealous. Even a little angry. And I don't know about them, but I do know there's room in your heart for me and Cass."

I wasn't trying to argue this away, but Tifa was right - this was one of those things that you couldn't undo. It would forever change our relationship going forward. That wasn't a bad thing - it was just that when you changed things, they changed. What we had now was good. Great. What this could become could be even better… or it could be worse.

That's what made me hesitate. When it came to flipping a situation around to benefit me, I had gotten pretty good at it. I could instantly weigh the pros and cons and make a snap decision. This wasn't that different. However, the risks honestly scared the hell out of me. This was something that if it failed, it could destroy what Tifa and I had, and hurt Cassandra deeply.

Cass sensed my worries and reached out to me, grabbing me at the wrist and bringing me forward. "Fiiinne," Cass spoke, dragging the word out, almost as if she were unsure if she was using the word correctly.

That shouldn't reassure me as much as it did. A single word shouldn't be enough to tip the balances and convince me of anything. But it was. Because… well, it was Cass that had said it. She couldn't see the future, but she knew people better than anyone else. And, at this moment, what she saw was something that had no risk of ending in an absolute disaster.

"Okay," I agreed, looking between Cass' dull brown eyes and Tifa's reddish-brown. It was the absolute last chance that anyone had to back out. But they didn't, so for the first time, I let myself drink in the sight of Cass' body.

Her skin had a natural sunkissed hue to it, which made the pale white scars stand out more. There were a lot of them. It wasn't like Gerald of Rivia, where every inch of flesh was covered by scar tissue, but they were liberally sprinkled across her body. Small and thin, almost surgical, nothing that would impede her ability to fight. Beyond the scars were lithe muscles - they were cut into her body, almost as if they had been etched into her rather petite build. Firm abs, defined arms, and legs - her body was lithe but powerfully built.

Her breasts were around a B-cup, but they seemed larger because of her build. Both were capped with a dark brown nipple. Her groin was completely bare - the same for the rest of her body, it was as if there wasn't a single hair below her head. My hands reached out, running along the smooth skin of her thighs before the tip of my cock pressed against her entrance.

I met her eyes, watching her expression shift as I pushed into her body. I probably shouldn't compare her to Tifa, but I couldn't help myself - Cass was smaller than Tifa. Narrower. Part of that was being a virgin, but while I wasn't particularly big I still found myself hitting the bottom of her depths with a few inches to spare. Cass clung to me, no trace of pain on her face at all, but I couldn't exactly trust that. I shot Cass twice and she didn't look like she had even registered it, so I imagine that losing her virginity wouldn't compare.

However, it did seem that she was fine because she angled her hips up, encouraging me to grab her by the ass and lift ever so slightly. Meanwhile, Tifa pinched Cass's chin, tilting her head so she could steal Cass' first kiss while I was busy taking her virginity. Despite the permission I had received, I held myself back, feeling Cass' grip massage me. It felt different than Tifa - the tightness, the pressure, the heat, and the wetness of her.

After a long moment, I slowly began to drag my hips back, earning a sharp breath from Cass before she broke the kiss with Tifa, choosing to watch me fuck her. Tifa smiled, her hands dipping down to Cass' clit while I began to sheath myself back inside of her. Cass's expression was one of absolute mesmerized wonder, and I could only imagine what this said to her. If dancing was singing, then what was sex?

I could ask those questions later. For now, I was a man with a mission.

My fingers dug into the soft flesh of her ass before I found a steady tempo, shallowly thrusting into her body. It didn't take long for the wet sounds of sex to once again fill my office. Cass was less vocal than Tifa, her small breasts bouncing with a springy wryness to them, offering breathless pants of pleasure rather than throaty moans. Because of how shallow her pussy was, I couldn't exactly fully thrust into her, but pulling my hips back until I was on the verge of leaving her body and then thrusting back in seemed to be something that she liked.

Leaning in, I kissed Cass on the lips, my tongue slipping past her parted lips. She kissed me back clumsily, but passionately, and to my growing surprise, Cass' skill as a kisser improved in mere seconds. At first, her tongue just batted against mine, and within a minute, hers was effortlessly exploring my mouth. Huh. I guess reading body language was a skill for more than martial arts.

Smiling into the kiss, I broke it to instead kiss down her neck while I continued to thrust into her. Cass was proving to be easy to please, because I felt her orgasm inching closer, along with my own. Tifa captured Cass' lips while I kissed her throat, planting a hickey directly onto her carotid artery. Her pussy gripped me in response, making my cock throb. Something that Cass didn't fail to miss.

In minutes, the tables had turned. Cass milked my cock, playing my body like a skilled musician, and I was rapidly approaching my third orgasm. I tried to fight it off, intent on making Cass come first, but the harder I tried to resist cumming, the more intent Cass became to drag it out of me.

I clenched my teeth and gave in, slamming myself into her and cumming in her waiting pussy. Cass clutched me tightly, breathing harshly in my ear as she felt me come inside of her. I let out a shuddering breath, feeling a little disappointed in myself.

Then I felt Cass clench down on me, prompting me to look at her. There was a sly smile on her face as she clenched down again and I felt myself harden ever so slightly once again. My gaze shifted to Tifa, who wore a matching smile. I had to swallow a laugh.

It wasn't going to be Cobblepot, Batman, or even this city that was going to be the end of me.

It was going to be these girls.