Santa Carla,California , March 22nd 1987.
9:15pm that night .

One night when Eliot was on a merry go round carousel with his brother Paul while trying to find something that he couldn't find he had came across a girl and walked over to her . He had his mouth open a bit as he looked at her because she was pretty of course and it was like his jaw was literally dropping . " Hi ." He said as he waved politely at the girl . " Hello ." I said as I smiled at him . " So ... so what's your name ?" He stuttered a bit he couldn't help it he was starstruck at the moment . "My names Lily Matthews and what's yours ?" I asked curiously while smiling at him . "The names Eliot Ravenscroft by the way I'm Paul's brother ." He smiled back as he spoke once again . "Pleasure to meet you." I said . " You too and ya know I think you're really pretty ." He replied . "Say that again ?" I smiled . " I think you're really pretty ." He repeated himself once again . "Awww thanks ." He smiled once again. "You're welcome. So are you a Vampire as well or no ?" He asked curiously while itching the back of his neck behind his hair . "Yes actually I am and I take it you are too as well am I right ?" He nodded ." Yes I am too actually at least I'm not the only one . " he said .

Then Paul which was his brother had walked over . "Hey Eliot who's she? " He questioned . " Her names Lily I just met her just now " he replied to his question . "Ah alright well pleasure to meet you Lily I'm Paul I'm Eliot's brother ." He had spoke ."You too Paul ." I smiled at him while talking to him .

"You should ask her out dude ask her out ." Paul whispered to him . " I will when we get to know eachother a little more ." He whispered back . " Okay ." Paul smiled at his brother . While they were talking I was just standing their admiring how cute Eliot was .His hair was blond and long with curls and he had blue eyes and I could also tell he was very outgoing as well .