Eliot was now dressed in a light blue collared kind of shirt with jeans as he looked over at me with his mouth open a bit like he was about to say something or smile .

"He likes you I can tell by the way he looks at you like he is now ." Paul said about his brother Eliot . "Yes and I like him too ." I told him as I walked over to Eliot and kissed his cheek softly as he had his hand on my cheek while doing so then he kissed my lips after that as he still had his hand on my cheek which was cute as well . After we had stopped kissing then I looked at him. "Eliot I freaking love you like so much more than anything my handsome vampire boyfriend." I had told him . "I love you too sweetheart and that's very sweet of you ." He replied while winking and he smiled as well which had made me blush .

"She's so inlove with him I can tell she is ." Paul said to himself quietly as nobody heard him saying that since he had said it very quietly of course .