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"Once a queen, now a banished exile. After ages, she shall rise. Forgotten and vanished, she fights from shadows." - Persephone, goddess of land and life, daughter of Kronos and Gaea was the queen of Olympus, before she gave it up for her brother, Zeus. Then Olympians grow hunger of power, the council banished her to Tartarus, after all she had done for them. Milleniums later, the eldest goddess escaped Tartarus, with one goal in her mind; to get what rightfully hers, to become the queen again.


Persephone, daughter of Kronos and Gaea, goddess of Land and Life, former queen of the Earth stood in front of the Olympian council, bound by celestial chain. Weakened through the battle, wounded and suffering, she kept a cold face, but yet miserable.

She glared at Zeus, he told her he loves her. First, she laughed, then she downright rejected his offer. Guess what, he then decided that she was too powerful and risky towards mankind. (Like he loved mankind so much!) So naturally, he wanted to banish her.

So he acted, like the serpent he is. (Serpents shouldn't be compared to Zeus, they're adorable.) Surprise attack from eight Olympians brought her down, no matter how earthen walls she conjured, no matter how lava or sandstorms she used, no matter how much earthquakes she made. Her palace was attacked after her capture, and her thrones in Olympus and her castle were destroyed. Her castle and all her temples were flattened to the ground.

She should have known. Her best friends, Helios and Selene couldn't have suddenly 'faded.' Selene fought against Typhoeus even for few minutes. Zeus and twins must have done something to them. Twins got two chariots, as their payment.

Persephone sighed. That's why she doesn't really like the Olympus now. No good, rotten to boot upstarts! All to greedy, power hungers! when they already have about as much power as they could ever ask for.

She looked around the room, wondering which gods will vote for her death and which gods will let her live. Odds were never in her favour, as she knew she was beaten by more than half of the council. The atmosphere around the throne room is really tense, no one was happy. The only sound you can hear is the sound of the fire coming from Hestia's hearth. The hearth that gives out hope. The hearth where the center of the lives of Greek gods.

Zeus started his speech, something about wanting more power, blah, blah, blah. Persephone tuned out most of it, having no interest in knowing why Zeus want power. Finally, he got to the part everyone was assembled in the throne room for.

"Persephone, former Olympian goddess, goddess of Land and Life." Zeus started. "You are charged with a crime. What do you plead in your defense?"

"What did I did wrong?" Persephone asked, bored out of her mind. Seriously, what 'crime' did she committed against Olympus, besides being born and having too much power? (She doesn't get it, why is having too much power a crime?)

Zeus glared at her, his lighting bolt in hand but didn't say anything. Finally, he spoke up again. "You have too much power, you might take over Olympus one day."

"I used to rule Olympus, drama queen," Persephone deadpanned. " How dare you?" She snarled. " I raised you! I practically put you on that throne!" She continued. "I took that monster Typhoeus and healed you! If I want to take over, I would have done it already, brother." She hissed.

If glares could kill, Persephone would have died. She rolled her eyes in anger as Zeus continued, shuttering out. "Who thinks she should be killed?"

Eight hands went up, Zeus' hand included. Twins archers sneered, raising their hands. Demeter's face expressions told nothing. Hera too, looked smug. Ares' eye were full with glee. Hermes held his hand up, with a mischievous grin. Hades gave a cryptic smile.

Zeus glared at all who didn't vote for her death but spoke out through his gritted teeth. "Who here vote to let her live?"

Two hands slowly went up. Aphrodite and Hephaestus'. Persephone gave them a soft smile but her green eyes harden again when they landed on Zeus again. .

Zeus turned to his brother and daughter, almost snarling. "What do you two choose?"

"Neutral," they replied at the same time before half-heartedly glared at each other. Persephone knew the odds were not in her favor. Four against eight is a no-no. She's defiantly going to die, or at least banished.

"The count are in," Zeus said smugly before he raised his lightning bolt. "See you never, traitor!"

He threw the lighting bolt as Persephone's world went black.


When Persephone could see again, she was in a dark place where she knew immediately was Tartarus. The floor was made of shattered glass and the toxic air she breathed told her that. She was probably sent here for banishment.

She wished that she wouldn't be noticed by any other titan, not in this situation. She was a well known goddess through golden age, who spent most of her life in hiding. She was as older as twelve titans, she saw the slaughter of Ouranos from her very eyes. (She couldn't blame her mother, Ouranos was going to flatten titans like omelettes or something)

Her chains were melted due to raw energy of lightning bolt of Zeus. She sighed again before she gets up to her feet, but winced in pain when she landed.

Persephone knew immediately that one of her legs are broken, sensing the pain from her leg. Probably the left one. She groaned before sitting down on the floor again.

The only good luck she has today is that the River of Fire, Phlegethon was in front of her. Persephone crawled toward the fiver, wincing in pain when she realizes some of her fingers are broken too. She continued crawling toward the river even though all she want to do right now is curse at Zeus and the Olympians that banished her. But mostly Zeus.

She was the one who gave Rhea an earthen golem to deceive Kronos. She practically raised Zeus with nymphs and Kouretes. She was the best big sister he could ever have. She planned the entire scheme to retrieve their siblings, and the escape ride. She battled with them to slay her father, Kronos and she put Zeus over throne after ruling it half of a millenium, when she decided he was more suited to rule. (What did possess her to do it?)

Demeter's betrayal hurt. Her daughter Kore was named after her, because Persephone thwarted an attempt of kidnapping the younger goddess, which made by Hades. (Urgh! Another traitor.) Hades had to flee, after a furious battle with the land goddess. Kore took her name as an honour.

Apollo and Artemis, not so surprising. They killed her baby boy for dating another goddess, besides Artemis. Like he needed her permission to date a girl. She couldn't take it in silence and peacefully. She watched how he crawled and played around, showing his teeth and making goofy smiles, hands of earth kept him from falling when he was a little boy, how he had fun, surfing the earth and how he rose to be a great hero, who used to help everyone he can, especially young girls. She couldn't ask for a better son. Her heart still ached, remembering his untimely departure. She went mad, seeing his crumbled body in the pond, and swore revenge against twins. Apollo and Artemis haven't had a good time. Many hunters went missing, died from various ways. Apollo's lover, Daphne turned into a tree. Envy between Persephone and twin archers was well known among Greece.

Hermes and Ares did what they had to do for power. Hera did it as the queen of Olympus and Zeus' wife, also out of petty jealousy. Apparently, she noticed Zeus giving Persephone goo goo eyes.

She wasn't too surprised when she notices Athena and Poseidon voted for the same thing. She found them kissing once behind a tree in the forest. (They didn't saw her though.)

Aphrodite and Hephaestus; she wasn't surprised either.. Hephaestus was her favourite nephew, who she supported secretively after his mother threw him out of Olympus. With her help, he grown up and returned as a powerful god, but never forgot where were his roots. Aphrodite got along with her pretty good, assuming they ruled over life and love. Love and life were enter twined with each other, which led them to reject Artemis' concept of hunters. They were at a ritual to heal Hephaestus, when the surprising attack happened.

As for the rest of the Olympians, she just hates them. Especially Artemis and Apollo. She hates them with so much passion. She sighed in relive when she chucked down her first handful of fire water. It burned her throat, but filled her body with some energy.

She felt her body feel a little better but still, her leg hurt. She drank down another handful before she lay down on the Tartarus sand, planning.

The second she got out of here, the Olympians won't know what hit them. Assuming they are still in charge. If they weren't, Persephone will still track them down and killed them painfully one by one except for Athena, Poseidon, Aphrodite, and Hephaestus.

"They will pay!" Persephone muttered to herself coldly. "They have to pay!" Her green eyes gleamed darkly.