So this is just me letting the people who liked this story and wanted to read the longer one that it is published! I have posted chapter 1 and the name of the story is "The Internship" If you wanted deeper, this will be deeper. (Literally just posted so give it a minute if you can't find it.) I will aslo include a couple of short scenes from the fic below. They will be in order, but could be from any point in the story. (I could give a clip from chapter 1 and chapter 5 one right after the other.)=^-^=

"Okay, but what about one of the interns?" Nino proposed hoping he wasn't pushing too far. He still hadn't decided to straight up tell him. "If you think about it, working with them to run the company will no doubt make you close. Who's to say you won't fall for one and get married?"

"Seriously?" Adrien nearly scoffed. "You're starting to sound like a tabloid reporter."

"Harsh, dude, but you have to admit I have a point. Would it really be a bad thing? What about Marinette, hmm? You've already dubbed her our every day Ladybug."

"Marinette?" Adrien couldn't help thinking back to when he said that, and then Multi Mouse popped into his mind. She'd looked adorable in that outfit.

Seeing his friend's expression morph into such a goofy grin had the DJ holding his sides. Nino knew Marinette's crush wasn't as one sided as she thought, but looking at this? Maybe this wasn't so crazy. "Dude… your face right now says it all."

"Huh?" Adrien snapped out of his thoughts at Nino's laughter. "W-what are you talking about? What's so funny?"

"I don't know? What daydream were you having about Marinette?" Nino teased back.

Nino felt like he was on trial. If Gabriel Agreste didn't say something soon, he'd yell his innocence and demand a lawyer. Having Nino on edge was Gabriel's plan, of course. A tense atmosphere made it hard for people to lie well, and he needed Nino to give him information. "Now, Mr. Lahiffe, let's start with why I asked you here on such short notice. No doubt you know of the deal I struck with Adrien." Nino nodded but didn't say anything. "Do you have any idea as to why I would suddenly allow you so much access to both my son and my business?"

Nino was standing straight as a board as he nodded tensely. "I… I have an idea." Gabriel gestured for him to go on and he spoke as clearly as he could. "Adrien said I was supposed to help him choose an intern, or consult with him… I'm pretty sure."

The older designer gave a pleased nod. "Yes, and my son has great trust in you as a… friend." He sounded like the word was foreign as he spoke. "Considering the gravity of his decision, I believed Adrien would be more comfortable with a companion his own age to consult with. As per the contract you yourself signed, I would like to know Adrien's progress in the selection."

. "Hey, Ladybug?"

"What's up, Chat?" Marinette asked as she pulled out a macaroon for Tikki.

"This is going to sound strange coming from me, but please don't laugh, okay?" He had a pleading tone she just couldn't ignore.

"Of course not, Chat Noir."

"O-Okay… um, how do you know if you like someone?"

Marinette's eyes went wide at the question. "…You're right… that does sound weird coming from you."

"Please, Milady!" Her partner implored.

"I know, Chat, and I'm not laughing I swear. For most that is a pretty standard question. Everyone expresses attraction differently. There are some common standards though if you'd like to hear those?"

"Y-yeah…" He sounded so small, and so… Not Chat Noir at all.

"Well I know when you like someone you enjoy being around them. It doesn't really matter what you do with them, you just want to be with them. For some it can also cause a lot of nervousness. I'm guilty of that particular trait myself actually."

"So… You get really nervous around that guy you like?"

Marinette let out a sigh. "Unfortunately yes, I could barely speak at first too, but I like to think I've gotten better."

Adrien thought on that one a bit. He's been feeling nervous around Marinette ever since that first problem morning. "… Any others?"

"Um… Well, if you like them you can get jealous when they spend time with others. For me, I get jealous when other girls hang on him even though we're not together or anything." She lamented with a sigh. "I mean you don't necessarily get jealous of everyone, mostly just those you know are interested too." Like Cyrano?… Was he jealous of Cyrano?... Hell no… He had nothing to be jealous of when it came to him!

That's all the sneak peeks you get! Mysterious right? What context could they possibly come from? (Okay yeah, they're pretty straight forward actually...)