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"Commander?" A very familiar soft female voice called out to him, roused him from his sleep.

His name was Alexander Miles and he was the Grand admiral of the Azur Lane project.

Well what remained of it, as most of the nations that had once been a part of it had fallen away due to politics that had lead to the second Great War.

'The Great War.' Alexander though darkly to himself as he slowly started to pick himself up from the desk he had been sleeping on.

A war that had turned into humanity survival against the unknown entities known simply as the Sirens, or at the very least what humanity called them at any rate. As any fighting that had been taking place between the old nations had ceased upon their arrival, as they all turned their attention to repealing this new threat. The cost of which had been so bloody that even now they were still rebuilding from the damages they had inflicted.

"MASTER MILES?!" The voice now sounded worried as she said this.

At that point Alexander pulled himself out of his thoughts and looked at the woman who had been standing there for some time now.

Her name was Belfast and at one point in her history had been an Edinburgh class warship of the Royal Navy. But now was a human woman thanks to the power of mysteries wisdom cubes as they called them.

Belfast with her snow white hair and dazzling blue eyes, was currently wearing her customary maid outfit with her usual cheer, though that wasn't on her face now. As she looked upon him with slit concern and worry, as if something was amidst. Which had already been given away by the fact that she had raised her voice, as the only other times Alex had heard Bell raise her voice was to either warn him, or to make a point.

"Is there something wrong, Belfast?" He asked simply.

"No Master, also I would like to apologies for raising my voice. But you didn't respond, and I thought something might be wrong." There was no hint of a lie in her voice.

As she did worry about him alongside all those who serviced under him, because it was a rather poor secret at this point that they were looking to replace Alexander. Because he wasn't producing the results they wanted, instead Alex had been mostly focusing his efforts on hunting the Sirens and trying to find their hidden allies. It was a balancing act to be sure; unfortunately it was one Alexander was losing, as higher ups had been using this as an excursus to strip Azur Lane of both Ship girls and resource to fuel their ongoing war effort.

Alex for his part had been doing everything he felt necessary to that course. Even so what command wanted was a body count of the enemy, not really seemingly useless victories against enemies that wasn't really a priory at the moment. Alex then sighed to himself as he knew there wasn't anything he could do about this, other than hope that there was a change of heart at the upper levels of command. Even though it was more likely that pigs would fly before that happened at this day and age.

It was only now that Miles realized that he had drifted off again, as he looked up to see Belfast looking at him with that same face of slit concern looking at him.

"Oh! Sorry Bella. Just… a lot on my mind…" Alexander used her nickname as he spoke.

The two of them had been working together for over five years now. And also something of a personal relationship, though that was on the down low as the brass didn't like the idea of Kansen and commander officers getting too close to one another. But Alex found that a good relationship often times brought out the best in his ships. Though this was a closely kept secret from his higher ups as the previous naval personal had been sacked for engaging in such activities, as such Miles wanted to avoid that fate as much as he might want to do otherwise.

As he did understand why that regulation had been brought in, still he failed to see why everyone else had to be punished for such things. Because the relationships he had with a couple of the Kansen were purely civil.

Even so he could understand why such things were put in place. As he did know of certain Kansen, and he wasn't going to name, names.

*Cough* Roon *Cough*

Those relationships might just prove to be hazards to one's own health or that of the fleet as a whole. But Alexander didn't really have to deal with such things as much as he had used to once Azur Lane started to break up and counties had called their ships home.

"Brooding doesn't suit you." Belfast whispered into his ear as she placed an arm around him.

Alex hadn't notice that she had walked behind him.

Other relationships such as he had with Belfast were more supportive, as they tried to look out for each other when they could. Though Alexander suspected that other Kansen wanted to take the next step with him, thankfully or if you saw it another way it never took place.

"Like I said earlier Bella, I just have a lot on my mind." Alex stated simply.

As it was the truth as far as he saw it.

"I know." Belfast then graced him with one of her gentle smiles.

It was at this point that Alexander noticed that Belfast was carrying something in her free hand.

"Is that, what I think it is?" There was a heavy sound to Admiral voice as said this.

As he knew what was coming next.

For her part Belfast didn't say anything to him; not that she need to say anything considering how often she had delivered this to him in the last seven years. But instead she simply placed it on the table to his left side and gave his arm a light squeeze as if to say 'I'm sorry'.

That she was, as Belfast was more than aware of how this war was affecting her Commander. As he had been friends with or closely associates with many of the Kansen that had left once Azur Lane treaty had started to break up. She was just thankful that the queen had given her the position as an embassy to what remained of humanities bulwark against their unknown enemies.

As she couldn't stand the idea of him being alone, especially in a time like this, as the commander need his friends and lovers more than ever right now. Because she was afraid of what might happen to him if they weren't, as Belfast knew that the Commander took the deaths of any of the Kansen personally this days. Especially since he believed he was responsible for firing the first shot that lead to the first ship girl's death.

From there things had only taken a turn for worse, as over half the original fleet had been sunk which did nothing to help with the Commanders guilt. Also there was another thing they had discovered years earlier that also added to the Commanders distress.

Though he never talked about it, she could see along with other that knew Alex well that he didn't approve of the fact they were defying their rest. Which was the same opinion that she had came to as well once she had interacted with revived Kansen.

As Belfast had found it both a sad and disconcerting affair, as those same people she had came to know so well were just gone…

She could only imagine how the Commander was taking the idea that navies all over the world were doing this. Though a look at his face could give Belfast a clue as to what it might be on the surface at the very least.

Because she could see and tells that he was angry at the way they were using them. As they had both read reports detailing how the navy were using their Kansen as nothing more cannon fodder, considering that they could just bring them back later on.

In all honesty; Belfast would've defected back to Azur Lane if she were to be sent on one of these missions. Thankfully for her, she didn't have to worry about such things; however she did worry for her sisters in the royal navy. Knowing full well that most of the world powers were growing desperate to end the stalemate that had developed over three years ago, as such Factions such as Iron Blood and the Sakura Empire had fully embraced the unknown technology of the Sirens whatever the future consequences might be.

One could only guess as to what those consequences might be, but then again both sides were desperate. Especially Iron Blood which had always had the small fleet compared to most powers. This also wasn't helped by the fact that the fleet had taken a thrashing losing a good number of ships in the process, so Iron Blood was looking for any new technology they could gleam from the Sirens to give their remaining ships an edge over their opponents.

This was the thing that most worried the two of them. As Alex worried what this might've done to the Shipgirls under Iron Bloods command, while Belfast worried as to what that might mean for the Royal Navy in the near future.

But regretfully the two of them we're in a position to do anything about this, even if Alex wanted to. So with a loud sigh Miles reached out to the report that Belfast had brought him, so he could start looking it over.

For her part; Belfast returned to the front of his desk and waited. The waiting dragged on for a couple of minutes, as she watched him work before she spoke up.

"If there's anything else Master?" Belfast asked with her usual grace.

"Thank you Belfast. And no, that will be all today." Alex said as he occupied himself with his work.

Then with her usual curtsey, Belfast gave a little bow as he left his office. All the while wondering for not the first time, whether or not they would actually 'win' the war, as Belfast wasn't sure they would be much left to defend at this point. Even so Belfast didn't dare let any of her personal feelings color her face. As she needed to be strong for the two of them, even so she couldn't help but hold out hope that something would change.

As Belfast slowly made her way out of Alexander's office and back to her usual duties, while she hoped that a miracle could save what little hope was left for this world. And that of her Commander, and close friend: Alexander.

Belfast then wiped away a tear that had somehow made its way into her eye as she continued walking.

Location: Unknown

Slow gilding it way through the space between the stars, a long lost ship was slowly making it way towards stars far distant.

But that long trip back to her home nation was to be brought to a halt as it entered into an uncharted solar system. Because as the old girl approached one of the unknown planet, subroutines that had been dormant for over 40 years active as it received a signal that began to bring the dormant ship back to life.

With generators spinning up to full power, as deck guns lifted themselves into position and primed themselves for combat while lights systems flicked to life on all across the ship. Mean while the ship's crew starts to awaken, as the process to revive those in Cryo-sleep began in earnest. All the while the Spirit of Fire seemed prepared herself for what was to be another long campaign.

Then as if she had been waiting, the signal was sent. As the Cryo-pod of the Captain was activated and began to unthaw him.

As he came too, with the feelings of hope and uncertainly filling his slowly thawing mind; Captain James Cutter hear a familiar voice came to him though the pods speakers.

"Captain, Wake up. Something has happened."

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