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"Major, there's something up a head." The call came over Vaughan COM.

It had been over an hour since Sunray had been dirt side, and so far there hadn't been much to show for it. Sure Corporal Turpin had found a map store, but other than that where wasn't really anything else to show for their efforts so far.

Vaughan hoped that this was about to change as he then opened a line to his point man: Lance Corporal Sparks.

"Have any idea what it is Corporal?" Vaughan asked the teams marksmen.

"No clue boss. But it looks like whatever it is; they paid a price to defend it." Spark sounded all business as he said this.

A sign that Vaughan knew very well; as he knew that Sparks only spoke like this when he was being serious.

"Understood Sparks; pull back to us and I'll have Turpin send in Hank." Vaughan said knowing that this wasn't the time to take chances.

Because he knew that when Sparks got serious something was definitely up. Beside Vaughan knew that losing Hank would be less problematic then losing one of his squad mate. As Turpin could always rebuild Hank; unlike Doc who couldn't rebuild a troopers head if it got shot off.

"Hank, why is it that you always throw Hank at these problems?" Turpin asked aloud as she moved into position.

"Because, Hank can take a hit, unlike some people I know." Vaughan said dryly as he came alongside here.

Still it wasn't like Vaughan didn't value Turpin drone. But unlike her he was more than willing to send it into situations where it might be shot at. As most of the time Hank would be able to escape those situations unlike a squad if it had been sent in.

Especially now since the approaches to whatever Sparks had spotted was in the middle of an open green space. So given the situation; Vaughan thought it best to send in Hank first, as he and his fellow member of Sunray moved into position on the edge of the plaza to enact his plan. Still it took a couple of minutes before they were ready.

But one their preparations were complete did Turpin send Hank in; all the while silently hoping that she wouldn't be forced to salvage her favor drone once again. Thankfully for her however nothing happened as Hank slowly made his way toward the point of interest that Corporal Sparks had identified to her. And once Hank started to approach that area in the plaza did things start to get interesting.

"Turpin, move Hank to that object." Vaughan said as he pointed at a black object on screen.

Turpin obeyed her CO orders, as she started to move Hank in. But just before they could get a clear view of the object the screen went to static and the line went dead.

"Shit, Hanks dead." Turpin cursed under breath, as she then tried to get him back on line.

But none of Turpin usual tricks did anything to bring the drone back to life.

Sighing to himself; Vaughan then resin himself to the fact that he was going to have to send someone in to investigate whatever was in that plaza. Or at the very least to retrieve Hank; even so Vaughan couldn't help but get the feeling that would be the least of his worries once they showed themselves.

But there was no way around it at this point. Still that didn't mean that he wasn't going to be ready, as he then placed Sparks and Gruss into sniper positions in two nearby buildings so they could cover their approach.

Because if this did turn into a snipe storm, their lives would very much be in their hands.

"Is everyone in position?" Vaughan called out to his teammates.

"We're in position Mustang. Also there's no sign of any movement." Sparks seemed to confirm Vaughan worst fears.

But they had no choice but to go in and investigate. This meant walking straight through no man land inviting any snipers a clean shot on them.

"Understood Sparks, we're moving in now, Mustang out." Vaughan said as he, Quinn, and Turpin started making their way into no man's land.

Most of the trip was made in complete silence. As all three of them slowly made their way towards the plaza, dashing from one limited piece of cover to the next; fully expect to be picked off at any time. But surprisingly they had managed to make it to the edge of the plaza without as much as a shot fired at them.

Still this only put the team more on edge as they slowly made their way into the plaza to recover Hank. Then it hit them!

As their COM units let out a loud and harsh screeching sound that could only mean one thing.

"Someone's jamming us!" Quinn stated the obvious.

"I've noticed." Vaughan said as he switched off his COM and then turned his attention to what was currently sitting the middle of the plaza.

Because whatever it was it was either covered or contained in a jet black cylinder that Vaughan couldn't identify. But he was certain of one thing about this though: the cylinder wasn't of either Covey or UNSC origin.

'So, why are you so important?' Vaughan asked himself inside his head.

But that brief moment of curiosity was then quashed, as Vaughan returned to the task at hand. As it hadn't escaped his noticed as to where Hank had fallen.

Because the drone was currently sitting on top of a top of a short staircase right in the open: a perfect place for a sniper to have a clear line on anyone coming into retrieve the drone. This was further complicated by the fact that it would at least take the three of them to move Hank in a timely matter.

As such Vaughan had an extremely tuff call to make. Because on the one hand if he sent all three of them in then they could be in and out quickly, then again they would be out of contact of their over watch. On the other he could have someone stay back and in contact with Sparks and Doc. But that meant that they would be down a man and be forced to spend more time then he was comfortable with exposed in the open.

But given the jamming field and the fact that Vaughan could feel that some big was coming their way. Those two things helped Vaughan make up his mind as he turned to second in command.

"Quinn, I want you to stay back and in contact with Sparks and Doc. Me and Turpin will go and grab Hank. After which we're pulling back for extraction." Vaughan explained his plan to his two teammates.

"We're leaving?" Turpin almost sound surprised as she said this.

"We are Turpin. At least until we can actually secure this area." Vaughan then looked around as his feeling of foreboding grew even stronger.

As such Vaughan wanted to get his squad in and out as quickly as possible. As the hair on his neck stand on end, it usual meant that something big was coming, and considering he had honed this feeling from his experience fighting the Insurrection. Vaughan didn't want to be here once whatever was causing this feeling arrived.

Still there was a rather glaring problem they had to deal with first. As they needed to recover Hank before they could pull out and unfortunately Vaughan; he didn't have a choice in that matter.

"So are we leaving Hank Behind?" Turpin inquired, "As we won't be able to lift him, without Quinn." She then pointed out this obvious fact to Vaughan.

"Don't worry Turpin; we'll figure something out." Vaughan reassured Turpin as an idea came to mind.

It was a long shot, but if it worked then they could recover Hank without Quinn. Still this mostly depended on whither Turpin could actually do it.

"Turpin, could you get Hank airborne without a signal?" Vaughan inquired, as he wasn't very familiar with the inner workings of the teams drone.

"I can-! Oh, I see where you're going with this Vaughan. Just get me to Hank and I can do the rest." Turpin said now understanding Vaughan's plan, as well as the risks.

But considering their available options, it was the best plan that Vaughan could come up with given the current situation. As once they were inside the jamming field, they wouldn't be able to talk with their other teammates. Something that Vaughan couldn't allow.

As such he was force to make a compromise, in which Quinn stayed back and in commutations with their over watch, while he and Turpin went to recover Hank.

It wasn't the most ideal plan. But it was the best one Vaughan could come up with given the current situation.

"Okay then, here's the game plan. Quinn, you'll hang back and keep in contact with Doc and Spark. While you're doing that, me and Turpin will go in and recover Hank; any questions?" Vaughan asked, in case anyone had any problems with this plan.

Upon getting no complaints from either of his teammate: Vaughan with Turpin in tow quickly started to make their way into the plaza.

As they did so however; Vaughan was fully expecting a gunshot to be head as one of them dropped. But much to Vaughan's own surprise and dismay, the two of them reached Hank without as much as a scratch on them.

This only added to Vaughan's feeling for dread, as that foreboding feeling from earlier was now screaming at him to run, hide, and be anywhere but here in the open!

"You have an ETA until Hanks mobile?" Vaughan inquired trying not to let what he was feeling enter his voice.

"Don't know Vaughan, I'm thinking about four, five minute's tops." Turpin replied, as she looked over her shoulder.

As she had heard something in her CO's voice that told her something was up. Which was then confirmed when she saw him, as Vaughan was at full alert scanning the skies around them all the while he had taken that 'stance'. A dead give away to anyone that knew the Mustang well enough to know that something was up. As Vaughan only entered into it when he thought that they were in some sort of imminent danger. And usual more than enough; Vaughan's feelings were more than often on the mark.

Knowing this, Turpin didn't even hear Vaughan's reply as she turned all her attention to getting Hank airborne as quickly as humanly possible. As Turpin didn't want to be here if Vaughan's gut feeling once again turned out to be right; but just as she restore power to Hanks main systems did her time run out.

It wasn't obvious to anyone at first, but to Vaughan it was clear as day. As it first started as a low rumbling sound, as if a tank was trying to cross over something.

Vaughan scanned all the entry points into the plaza as the sound of the engine staidly grew louder that it was obvious to everyone there that something was approaching.

'Where is it?' Vaughan asked himself as he continued to scan the approaches. 'What I'm I missing?' It was at this point that Vaughan knew what he had over looked.

But just as he turned his head to the sky, did Vaughan's heart fell to his stomach. Because now diving on them, even though completely out of date, as the old but still deadly Mitsubishi Zero from the Second World War was screaming towards them. The only thing that saved both Vaughan and Turpin at that moment was Vaughan's old muscle memory. As it kicked in the moment he saw the plane, as he found himself moving towards Turpin before it registered in his brain.

Still Vaughan didn't really pay attention to this little fact. As Vaughan was already throwing himself at Turpin, as he heard the sounds of the bombs falling all around.

"TURPIN! GET-!" Vaughan's words were then drowned out as the first of two bombs hit their position.

From there all hell broke losses across the plaza. As the sounds of multiple planes and even jets started making their attack runs on Sunray's position. Which was quickly followed by the sounds of weapons fire, as the members of Sunray defended themselves against their attacker.

Vaughan for his part had been thrown somewhere by the bomb explosion and was still recovering when he saw Turpin. Who he could see that she was working in the open as if nothing was happening, as another set of bombs landed nearby her!

"God dam nit. Turpin you crazy bitch." Vaughan muttered to himself, as he then stood up and started moving towards her.

Because Vaughan knew that more than likely that he would need to save her from herself. As Turpin's love for Hank boarded on an obsession, as such she was more than willing to put herself harm's way in order to retrieve him. Something that Sunray had to deal with more than one occasion.

Still out of all of them, this took the cake. As Vaughan finally reached Turpin just as another Zero started its attack run.

"Turpin! Leave the fucking drone behind, and get your ass in cover!" Vaughan then started cursed like a sailor as he tried to drag his charge to safety.

But for some god damn reason Vaughan couldn't comprehend. Turpin resisted his attempts to get her too safely. So he tried again only to catch sight of a jet bearing down on their position.

"TURPIN, COVER, NOW!" Vaughan cried, as he barely dragged her to safety.

But before he knew it, she was back working on the god damn drone!

It was at this point that Vaughan decided that this had gone on for long enough. As he drew and aimed his weapon at his teams chief drone operator, knowing full well that he might have to follow throw with his bluff.

"Corporal Turpin!" Vaughan started to say before more pressing problems drew his attention.

As another flight of those black jets were making a pass, and Vaughan found that the M6 he was original going to threat his Corporal with. Was now turned to defending himself and said Corporal from this air attack. But as you would expect, a SMG was not a match for jets, as another payload of bombs landed too close for Vaughan tastes.

'You know what fuck it!' Vaughan thought to himself as he decided that if Turpin didn't follow his order then he would simply knock her out.

There were many problems with this idea, but Vaughan was simply out of options. As they couldn't stay out here any longer, as the rest of Sunray was taking a pounding and Vaughan knew that it was only a matter of time before the dominos started falling. So Vaughan grabbed onto Turpin and started trying to physical drag her.

Hoping all the while he wouldn't be forced to knock her out. As that could easily be a death sentence for the two of them.

"Turpin! We're pulling back!" Vaughan said as he tried to get her to leave Hank, as another bomb went off close enough that it showed them with metal.

"I'm almost done! I just need another minute!" Turpin informed Vaughan, who wasn't having any of it.

"We don't have a minute!" Vaughan said, and as if to emphasize this; a larger two engine bomber started to make their way towards them.

But it was at this point that Sparks showed why he was behind the scoop of a SRS099 and instead of the ships brig. As in a show of exemplary marksmanship: Sparks through all the chaos that was happening around him, managed to place a shot into the right engine that ignited its fuel tanks.

Still there was a cost to this feat of marksmanship. As Sparks position was now being swarmed by the unchecked fighters and bomber that he had been barely been keeping at bay, and upon seeing this Vaughan knew that they were simply out of time.

As he then turned to face Turpin, who he could see was nearly finished working on Hank.

'Damn it all…' Vaughan thought to himself as he gritted his teeth, but he knew what he had to do.

"Turpin you better have Hank up in less than a minute." Vaughan started to say. "If not, I'll court marshal you myself." It wasn't an empty threat on Vaughan's part.

As Turpin had seriously crossed a big fucking line with the stunt she pulled. And Vaughan just hoped that it didn't cost any of Sunray their lives, because if they got through this. Turpin was going to find herself stuck with all the jobs that most of Boomerang Company didn't want to do. And that was the least amount of punishment he could think of for her at the moment.

Then again; Vaughan managed to catch a glimpse of his Corporal. Turpin was loyal to a fault and that loyalty extended to all member of their team, not to all it human element either. As most of the team considered Hank as the unofficial mascot of Sunray, and would within reason attempt to salvage Hank if he were to go down.

But that was a thought for another time, as it didn't escape Vaughan's attention that another round of aircraft where making their way towards their position.

'If only I had brought my launcher.' Vaughan silently berated himself for this over sight.

But no, orders had been recon with limited to no destruction as necessary. And Vaughan knew that bringing his M41 along was just bagging for trouble, so he left it aboard ship. Alongside most of Sunrays heavy weapons, which Vaughan was really starting to regret now that the shit had hit the fan whole sale.

Still there was little that Vaughan could do about this fact now. As he just hoped that Turpin could get Hank running before the next wave of air attacks took place.

But just as the two jets and the Zero closed in for their attack run did a very familiar shape race by Vaughan.

Now racing in a straight line to where Doc and Sparks were currently held up was very welcomed sight of Hank. Not needing to be told why she had do this: Vaughan with Turpin following close behind him, chased after the drone.

'These guys just don't give up.' Vaughan thought to himself as the approached the edge of the jamming field.

But as Vaughan passed the fresh hold and opened his COM's to call for help. Sunrays CO was met by the same screaming static screeching that had greeted him earlier when he had first entered into the jamming field.

"Ah! SON OF A BITCH!" Vaughan cursed angrily as he shut off his COM unit.

"Jamming still up?" Turpin asked unhelpfully.

"What was your first clue?" Vaughan said sarcastically as he scanned for Quinn.

He didn't see her on his first pass, so turning on his helmets external speakers: Vaughan called out for his second.

"QUINN! SOUND OFF!" Vaughan called out just as another bomb landed close by nearly taking him off his feet.

But there wasn't any sign of his second in command anywhere.

"Vaughan, I'll go look for her. Get clear of the jamming and call in support." Turpin said as she then broke off to Quinn's last known position.

"Turpin, wait!" Vaughan called out just as another set of bombs went off.

As he knew that she was trying to atone for her earlier actions with Hank.

'Don't you dare, die on me.' Vaughan though bitterly to himself, but moments later that thought was lost as he was forced to dive for safely.

Upon emerging from the bomb crater that he had thrown himself into: Vaughan the spotted the forms of both Turpin and Quinn with the former dragging that latter followed by a bloody trail.

Cursing and blaming himself for this; Vaughan ran over to Turpin to aid her in dragging their wounded comrade in arms to safety.

"How bad?" Vaughan had to raise his voice to be head over everything that was going on.

"Her armor saved her, still Quinn's going to be in the med bay for at least a couple of mouths." Turpin explained, as Vaughan grabbed a quick look at his second.

She was a mess, as it was obvious that one of the bombs had landed close enough to her for her armor to fail. Still despite that failure, Quinn was alive and that all that matter as they could easily patch her up later.

As the two of them continued their mad dash to safety, the small control panel on Turpin's left arm suddenly beeped.

Vaughan knew that sound well, as he heard it every time before they set out on a mission. As that was the sound of Hank sinking up with Turpin's control systems and he knew what that meant and so did its operator.

"VAUGHAN, WE'RE CLEAR OF THE-!" The rest of what Turpin was saying was lost when another bomb landed close by.

Still Vaughan didn't need Turpin to finish the rest of that sentence to know what this meant.

As he then opened up a clear COM's channel, and from it he sent out a distress call. Hoping all the while the Spartans would make it in time.

The Overseers perked upon as she picked up the stray currents of a radio massage.

It wasn't one she had every encountered before, nor could she could read the massage. But she knew a cry for help when she heard it.

She then smiled to herself. As those fools in the plaza where bring her remain pray, allowing her to clean them all up in one swift strike.

"So, if you're calling for help. Maybe you won't mind if I give them a welcoming committee." The Overseer mussed to herself, as she then sent out her special surprise to greet her unwelcomed guests as she turned back to the task at hand.

As she watched the shapes of jet black warships started to appear. The Overseer knew she was about to enter into the final stage of this operation. And honestly she couldn't wait to burn everything to the ground.

Red Team had already been in route to the area when the call came in from Sunray. Now Jerome had put pedal to the metal as the Warthog now flew down the road towards Sunrays last known location. Looking towards the position where Sunray was; Jerome couldn't help but feel that his oversight was already coming back to haunt him already.

As all he could see in that direction was a rising dark clouds with occasionally flashes of light emanating from with in them.

"Target incoming, four O'clock high." Douglas suddenly called out as Alice then swung the chain gun around to face this new threat.

And was surprised by what she saw making an attack run on them. As Alice recognized what it was from the history lessons he had gotten during basic training.

As it was a hopeless obsolete Herschel Hs 129 making it way towards them. Alice couldn't believe they were being attacked by this relic, even as she shot the old two engine plane from the sky. But before it fell from the sky, the 129 left them a parting gift in the form of a large plasma burst from the large cannon slung underneath the cockpit.

But Jerome was already on top of the situation, as he was already swinging the Hog clear of this threat. Still this attack did landed on its target, as some of the super hearted energy washed over the Hogs tires and armored plating.

Though the Hog was mostly unaffected by this attack, as the only long lasting impact it had was to melt a small area of the tires slightly. But for the most part the attack hadn't affected the Hog in the slights, as Red Team continued to race towards Sunray's last known position.

"Hostile. Coming in, eight o'clock high, look shape Alice!" Douglas made the call as Alice swung the turret to meet the threat.

As she could now see a black jet of unknown make and model making it way towards them. Still that didn't really matter to Alice as she opened up on it with the chain gun. Only to have the unpleasant surprise of finding out that the jet was shielded.

"They never want to make this easy. Do they?" Alice muttered this to herself as she continued firing on the jet.

As its shield flared, cracked and finally the jet itself succumbed to the unrelenting hail of bullets Alice had sent it way.

Upon confirming this, Alice then swung her turret to the next targets. As she shot down another and full of attacking aircraft.

This pattern continued on until they reached the edge of the area where Sunray was located. Needless to say once Red team could take in the full situation, they knew Sunray was in over it head. As they were currently pinned down and getting pounded by multiple enemy aircraft.

Seeing this and knowing there was no time to find another route: Jerome took the risk and took the Hog through a narrow street that it could barely fit through. All the while he hoped that they wouldn't come under air attack, because if they did then they would be nothing more than a sitting duck for any aircraft that caught them in this position.

But more than halfway through the narrow street, the thing Jerome had been dreaded occurred.

"INCOMING!" Douglas called out suddenly, as he spotted another 129 that had somehow slipped by Alice and was now diving on their position.

Alice quickly swung her turret to meet the new threat, but by then it was already too late. As she then saw the flash as the newly created plasma raced towards them!

Jerome tried to avoid it by swing the Hog out of the way. But in such a tight space it wasn't any use.

As the plasma sphere landed squarely in front of them!

Moments later Red Team found themselves and their vehicle were now airborne. All the while Alice was silently cursing herself for being too slow to react to the incoming threat.

But that was the least of anyone worries, as the Hog then smashed violently into the ground and for a long moment everything for Red Team when black.

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