To say Chloe Bourgeois, the self-proclaimed queen of Paris, had been in a foul mood lately would be a bit like saying her standard canary-yellow jacket was slightly bright.

She'd raged all night at the alleged 'injustice' of having Pollen stripped away from her for good, as well as screaming at her parents for the terrible crime of falling in love again (mainly because her planned escape to New York was now cancelled indefinitely).

Expensive objet d'arts had been smashed, limited-edition outfits had been torn asunder… and the shrill screeching could be heard from the other side of the Seine.

Anyone else would've been arrested for disturbing the peace, but the mayor's daughter had long been seen to be 'above the law', so it was no great surprise when she continued her rant uninterrupted into the wee small hours.

The many hard-working residents of the city who failed to get any rest that night didn't get the worst of it, though. Imagine actually having to deal with the blonde prima donna's childish tantrums head-on. Let's just say, it wasn't exactly a pleasant experience.

Sabrina had meekly offered her sympathies over the phone, but could do nothing to calm the apoplectic heiress down. The glasses-wearer had just been in the middle of a wise anecdote about how 'lots of people have it worse', before Chloe had screeched 'who cares about them, what about me?!' and abruptly hung up.

If there was a worse person to try that tact with than the entirely self-centered blonde, it's hard to think of one.

Adrien too had tried entering the hotel to provide his old childhood friend with some much-needed solace, after all if anyone knew how much she loved being Queen Bee it was the guy she'd grown up with and fought alongside (unknowingly, of course).

For probably the first time ever though, Chloe had refused to see her precious 'Adrikins', on account of the fact that she'd spotted him from her bedroom window accompanied by 'that stupid girl who never smiles' by the waterway earlier.

It could be said with some accuracy her levels of hatred for Kagami now matched those of Marinette, the only difference being she was too much of a coward to pick on the Japanese girl directly.

Just one of Kagami's emotionless stares sent shivers down her spine, and the sour-faced girl was wealthy enough to be immune to Chloe's usual methodology of intimidation through power... so if she couldn't get revenge, she'd simply avoid both her love rival and Adrien himself.

Out of sight, out of mind... she'd reasoned, thinking that perhaps by pushing both out of her head she could move on with her life without pangs of jealousy invading her every waking thought. Because running from your fears forever instead of confronting them directly always works, r-right?

Butler Jean-something had even tried sliding Mr Cuddly under her bedroom door in a vain attempt to trigger some far-distant memory of a more innocent time which might finally calm her down.

A few minutes later however, the many onlookers gathered outside the hotel to watch the show soon discovered that stuffed bears really can't fly as he was unceremoniously thrown off the balcony, and that was that.

"These… losers. They don't even deserve to breathe the same air as me! I hate everyone! Especially Ladybug! This stupid city can burn to the ground, for all I care…!" These were just some of the 'highlights' of her all-night rant, which only ceased when every square inch of contempt and loathing had been purged from her system.

It won't surprise you to learn, she had an almost unlimited supply of that.

Nevertheless, when she woke up face-down on the floor that morning having shouted, screamed and screeched herself into an exhausted stupor, she felt oddly invigorated. This was borne out by her triumphant internal monologue, which is published here in its entirety for anyone who cares to read it.

Who needs those fools? Including my mom, who let me down as the worst possible moment. I'm Chloe Bourgeois, damn it! I'll be back on top soon enough, and if anyone gets in my way I'll crush them under my size 37 stilettos! I'll start by spreading some rumors around town about certain teenagers getting frisky when no-one is looking. Then, when Adrien and Kagami are banned from seeing each other by 'concerned' parents, they'll see how wrong they were to mess with the Queen! Bwhaha… wait, I know I have a huge suite, the best money can buy in fact: but was it always this… enormous?

The answer to this question was obviously 'no', considering the fact that everything now seemed literally a thousand times larger than the preceding day. An increasingly confused Chloe decided to fly up to get a better view of this unfamiliar environment, though she also found it odd that everything she looked at seemed more colorful than usual, with the hues almost blurring into an ultraviolet light.

I passed my last eye test with a perfect score, and I'm not like that short-sighted geek Sabrina. So why can't I even see the color red now? Chloe complained as per usual, ignoring the fact that with five eyes now, the rest of her vision was so much improved. And why do my legs feel so hairy? What are these strange things clicking on my head and my jaw? What's with this weird barbed thing shoved up my butt. Also… "since when have I been able to fly"?!

The last yelled question dawned on her in a new buzzy voice, a few seconds before the Mayor tentatively entered the room with a spare key he secretly kept for emergencies such as this. At his wife's insistence, he intended to have it out with Chloe and settle this unfortunate matter once and for all.

If nothing else, between dealing with these two unapologetic divas on a regular basis he deserved a Medal Of Valor for bravery beyond the meager limits of most mortal men.

"Now listen Chloe, me and your mother love each other and you have to accept that. If she wants to stay here, then that's her decision and… aargh! A giant bee! If it gets out, it could scare all my guests away! Someone, call the pest control people this instant! And find my daughter! She's sure to be in hiding from this nasty insect somewhere…!"

Next Up: Marinette gets used to her new diminutive spotted self, but could her luck be about to run out…?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I make no secret of the fact that Chloe is my favorite, in fact a lot of the time she's the most interesting person in the show. It's so sad that Thomas seems to disagree, but never mind. I won't let it affect me making her a two-dimensional and interesting character in my stories. Anyway, ciao! :))