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The beauty of a storm

She was the storm and he was her lightning.

Chapter One

Sheets of rain fell like the ocean pouring from above, forks of lightning flashing and brightening the dark skies, thunder crashed rhythmically in the distant, rolling closer each time. Soaked from head to toe, clothes clinging to their bodies that shook from the ripples of shivers. Her bra visible through her now see through shirt. He couldn't help but look. Their hair sodden and messy, her locks blowing against the force of the wind, dancing into tangles. Eyes locked in a stand-off as the storm sung out like the opera.

"Please, come home"

"It's not that easy"

"I can be there for you"


"Please Ziva, pleaseā€¦"

"I am not who I once was, I do not know who I have become, I need time"

"I can give you time, but together, let me change with you"

From the shadows her face turned into his, so close he could smell the mixture of sweet perfume and rain, her lips and tongue crashing into his. He had not expected the intrusion of her taste, only turning to see her face lit in the brightness of lightening outside, but her tongue so urgent, her face was barely visible. The feeling of lips pressed firmly against his, so rough, so desired, passion exploding from within. Without time to think, he was kissing her back, reciprocating with just as much fever, so ferociously devouring her, his hands at her waist so soft and careful, contrasting the hard movement of their lips. The kiss steeped in so much passion it ignited something. It was the need for air that pulled them apart, sighing reluctantly at the loss of contact. Her eyes barely looking at his, a faint blush creeping across her cheeks, creating a rosy glow. Hands tangled together nervously; palms slightly sweaty. Tony took the moment to look at her face, to take it In, her eyes sparkling with warmth, so lively as they dazzled in the dim light of the room. Her hair slowly drying, tight curls forming to frame her face. He noticed her body shaking as shivers tickled her olive skin.

"Your cold"

She was, but her insides were warm and fuzzy, turning cold shivers to pleasurable tingles. Her clothes were still stuck to her body, the couch wet beneath them. His eyes screamed for her to talk, to answer all his questions, the impulse of her lips on his leaving him with a glimmer of hope that she would return. She couldn't talk, couldn't make promises. But him, she needed to satisfy the burning desire supressed for years, his touch and comfort to cradle her as she said goodbye.

His hands were on her hips, squeezing reassuringly, testing her response, reaction to his touch once more. He feared regret, her eyes dancing over his face searching for what he did not know. Then her chest was pressed against his, her legs straddling him with purpose, groins grounding against the other as tongues tangled once more. Touches electrifying, as though the lightning outside was coursing through them, sparking every nerve ending. The need to have the other, the built-up tension, years of flirtation, tingling within.

"Are you sure?"

His voice was husky and shaky, nerves getting the better of his in the first time in forever. Speaking against her lips that wouldn't give up. The frenzy of her touch confirming her assurance. He held her close, cradled her to his chest afraid to let her go. Every part of him wanted her, to kiss her to touch her but not like this. Not rushed, not frenzied. He knew this was goodbye, he wanted to remember this, make it last.

"Zee, mmm" He spoke against her lips.

"Hmmmm" Her soft moans melted him.


"No, don't stop please"

She was begging and she didn't have the strength to care. Saying goodbye to him shattered her heart like shards of glass.

"I'm not, let's just slowdown"

He spoke softly, like silk rolling from his tongue, calm like the rain that trickled down the window outside. Is tone therapeutic, relaxing her until she collapsed in his arms, her head nuzzling the crook of his neck. He had never seen her so vulnerable, so broken. She looked so young, innocent, like a baby bird. With every care, he lifted her into his arms, carrying her to the bedroom, with ease before laying her down on her back.

"I've got you"

It was said with an air of protection, a need to keep her safe, to tell her she was safe in his arms. She didn't respond with words, her eyes doing all the talking. Brown orbs blinking softly, lashes fluttering. He hovered his body over hers, being careful to hold his weight off her. Her body so small under his. His fingers worked at the hem of her shirt, pulling it over her head, her stomach covered in goose bumps, the cold air and sodden clothes leaving her skin cool to the touch.

"Your hands are warm" She whispered, so soft he strained to hear.

Tony smiled; her voice as nervous as his had been a moment earlier. He lay his hand across her stomach, her cold skin against his warm hand burning his flesh. The shivers racked her body, his chest closing in towards hers providing a blanket of warmth fitting together like a snuggly fit puzzle. Her hands tugged at his shirt, pulling it off and pulling him even closing, feeling his heart beat fast, mirroring her own. The skin on skin contact so delicious as moans left their lips, mingling into another kiss, slower than before. He took his time to explore, tasting and nipping at her. Thrusting her hips up at his kiss, his own pushing into hers preventing her from writhing beneath him. Smiling into the kiss at her frustration.


Huskily he moaned, placing kisses down her neck and sucking at her pulse point. Her cargos now on the floor, followed by his own, their underwear the only barrier. Her heat so hot he could feel it through his boxers, making him twitch with pleasure.

"I need you"

"I know"

Words grew obsolete as the final items keeping them apart were thrown aside. Tony pressed his body against hers, every inch touching, skin on skin, burning with desire. Her body instinctively grinding up against the thigh pressed between her own legs, desperate to seek further pleasure, to build the feeling that was growing in her lower belly. He wanted to take his time, to enjoy every moment, kissing from her toes upwards, his fingers caressing just ahead of his lips, his touch tantalizing as she writhed in anticipation of where his fingers would soon be. Her head rocked back against the pillow, moans escaping as he worked his magic, before entering her, connecting in a way words could not describe, her breathing matching his body. Their minds intoxicated with the other, he was her drug and she was his, addicted to the other.

The sky was clear come morning, the temperature mild and sticky. Light shone through the blind they had failed to close. His breathing was heavy, his chest rising and falling as soft breaths escaped his lips. He looked peaceful, content, his face calm and relaxed. She was snuggled into his side, his arms protectively holding her against him, her head rested on his shoulder. She traced circles on his chest, softly so as not to wake him. It was early, Ziva knew Tony would sleep another few hours. Carefully she un-entangled herself from his grasp, sliding out the bed to pull on fresh panties and his shirt. Padding across creaky floorboards, her breath caught in her throat as she eased out the room, leaving him to sleep.

She looked tense, her shoulders hunched forward, head rested in her hands. The porch steps didn't look to comfy, her body wriggling every so often as he watched her from the window. The night before had been a drug, their actions repeated until their bodies ached, till they were so sedated they could barely move. Neither ever wanting to stop. If he could stop time and hold her forever, he would, he would never let her go. He stepped into the warm air, her body stiffening at the sound of him. He sat down, knees and thighs touching, shoulders bopping.

"You're not coming home, are you?"

He knew, of course he knew but he had to hear it from her, he needed to hear her say it.


The sigh that escaped his lips was breathy, deflating his body to a puddle. No fight left within him to argue. She had made up her mind. He grasped her hand, needing to touch her for just a little longer, his other hand tilting her face so he could look into her eyes.

"Do you regret it?"

His voice was shaky, he felt guilty as though he took advantage of her, worries nagging at his gut.

"No, never Tony"

She was assured, confident, anchored by her words. Regrets were not possible, not with Tony. The love she felt for him so great it hurt, scared her. He was loved, so very deeply, their actions evidence of such feelings yet he doubted, doubted because of her and that hurt more than anything.

If there morning was difficult, their evening was worse. Heart breaking and crushing, standing opposite one another on the tarmac, hands entwined as eyes locked on the other. Feelings raw and consuming, complex and never before felt. Lips fell upon the other, for one last time. The intoxication blinding, burning desire seeping as tongues tangled, desperation to taste once more. Minds working to imprint this moment for a lifetime, to never be forgotten no matter how difficult to recall.

"You are so loved, Tony"

"Hardest one eighty of my life"

The pain in her chest hurt, so inexplicable. Watching as the love of her life boarded the plane, saying goodbye impossible. Wanting to keep him close, to forever be together, to love for a lifetime. Her love for him so great, pushing him away was the only choice, the only assurance of safety, for she was a storm so strong, she feared he would blow away if he stayed.

"I love you Tony DiNozzo"