Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between different Super Sentai series. I don't own Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Tensō Sentai Goseiger, and Engine Sentai Go-Onger. All three Super Sentai series are owned by Tōei Kabushiki-gaisha, the Tōei company. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger premiered on February 15, 2009. Tensō Sentai Goseiger premiered on February 14, 2010, one year after Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Engine Sentai Go-Onger premiered on February 17, 2008, one year before Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. If I did own them, the series would have TakeruXMako and AlataXKotoha in them with wedding and all! =D

"Eh," exclaimed Alata with confusion, "Dating?!"

"," nodded Sōsuke, "Dating."

"Koto-chan," questioned Alata, "What's dating? And…We were dating?"

When Alata heard what Sōsuke said, Alata wore a confused look on his face. He never heard the word dating from Hakase and Nozomu before. It was mostly all about how to flip over a pole, how to draw, and play. Everyone, besides Sōsuke and Kotoha, looked at Alata in disbelief when he questioned what dating was. Kotoha just smiled at Alata because she was the ONLY one who knew that Alata was a tenshi and was expecting Alata to say that. It DID make her sad on the inside, but since Alata is new to Earth, she hid that sadness and was about to answer. However, Sōsuke was the one who addressed Alata instead. "What do you mean What's dating," exclaimed Sōsuke in rage.

"Exactly what I said," questioned Alata to Sōsuke.

"Argh," yelled out Sōsuke, "Stop pretending that you DON'T know what it means! I saw with my own eyes that you were dating my imōto in Samurai World with my own eyes!"

"That was dating," questioned Alata in total confusion, "I thought that was hanging out?"

"T-That's exactly it," exclaimed Genta, "It's hanging out and not this dating."

"Demo," said Alata, "Sōsuke…"

"Forget what Sōsuke said," said Takeru seriously, "What I would like you to do is to be on standby near the place where we will all be later."

"Hai," said Alata who turned serious, "Demo, how will I know where to be?"

"Kotoha will text you," said Takeru who then turned to Kotoha, "Okay?"

"Hai, Tono-sama," said Kotoha.

Alata blinked as he heard what Kotoha called Takeru. He then looked at where Takeru was sitting before looking at how Kotoha and the other Shinkengers situated. Instead of acting like Sōsuke, the only thing that Alata did was widen his eyes. Takeru, on his part, gave a small unnoticeable nod of approval. Unlike Sōsuke, Alata didn't make a big fuss about his position. Takeru could tell that he has to talk with him once this business with Batchīdo ended… once was safe and sound once more. Telling Kotoha to escort Alata out, however, was not a good idea, for when Kotoha and Alata left the Shiba House, Sōsuke rounded on Takeru. "What do you think you are doing to order imōto to escort that… that… PUNK out," growled Sōsuke with a twitch in one of his eyebrows.

"She is my rōtō," said Takeru simply, "Why wouldn't I tell her that?"

"He's got you there, Sōsuke," said Renn, "We are two different groups. Besides, we should focus on something more important."

"," said Mako, "We have to get and Bonpā back from Batchīdo."

"Tch," sounded Sōsuke before sitting on Kotoha's seat, "Alright. What's the plan?"

- With Alata & Kotoha –

"Koto-chan, what is a date," questioned Alata.

As Kotoha and Alata were once outside, they couldn't hear the voices of the others in the room. That was probably a good thing because Kotoha would have rushed back in just to shoot Sōsuke a disapproved look and probably smack him in the head for disrespecting her Tono-sama. Kotoha, as promised, escorted Alata to the front of her house and smiled at Alata. Even though it wasn't a date, she had fun just being with Alata, and that fueled her feelings for him. Alata, on his part, was still frowning. He didn't understand what a date was and really wanted to know what it means. So, once they were at the exit, Alata didn't let Kotoha speak a see you later at him and asked his question. "E-Eh," questioned Kotoha.

"I want to know what a date is," said Alata.

"Why do you want to know that," questioned Kotoha.

"Because I want to experience everything that Earth has to offer," said Alata with a gentle smile, "As you well remember, this is my first time on Earth."

"So ka (I see)," said Kotoha who returned her own smile.

"Un," nodded Alata, "So, will you tell me?"

"After we deal with Batchīdo," said Kotoha, "I think that's more important."

Alata pondered at Kotoha's words before giving her a smile that took Kotoha's breath away. She couldn't really help but be smitten with Alata more as she started to feel her cheeks flush. Alata, on his part, just nodded his head. He agreed that this Batchīdo guy needed to be dealt with for the sake of the Earth. Hugging Kotoha quickly and telling her that she promised, Alata took out his Tensōdā and his invisibreeze card before disappearing in a swirl of familiar red whirlwind that had Kotoha thinking about that childhood day. Alata, though, didn't notice Kotoha's contemplation because he disappeared to Nozomu's house and came through the door. "Tadaima (I'm back)," called out Alata.

"Alata," exclaimed all of the Goseigers and Nozomu.

"Where have you been," questioned Eri with a frown.

"With Koto-chan," said Alata.

"Kotoha," exclaimed the Goseigers.

"Demo," said Moune with a frown, "I went to her house and her guardians said that she wasn't there."

"H-Hontō (For real)," questioned Alata nervously.

"Un," said Hyde, "She did. So, where were you really?"

"Like I said," said Alata, "With Kotoha."

"Was it… a date," piped up Nozomu.

"So… being attacked by a monster is a date," questioned a confused Alata.

"Eh," chorused the Goseigers.

Alata was so confused because he never understood what a date was. He also didn't understand what love feelings were either. As Alata was contemplating what a date was, the other Goseigers were looking at the now alive Dētasu. They weren't informed that an Yūmajū emerged and were feeling guilty on not helping their fellow nakama. Dētasu was even confused because he didn't even SENSE any beasts being revealed. Voicing that out, the Goseigers looked back to the confused Alata. Alata, on his part, was also now wondering if Kotoha and he went on a date too after what he said to the Goseigers. "Alata," said Hyde.

"Nani," questioned Alata who felt a headache coming on.

"Can you please explain what you by a monster attacking you," questioned Hyde.

"Okay," said Alata, "So, I was hanging out with Kotoha until this machine-like monster appeared and started to attack us."

"Machine," asked Moune in disbelief.

"Un," nodded Alata, "It was made of machine parts, yet ShinkenYellow and her nakama came and got us to safety. However…"

"However," asked Agri.

"The monster used this purple portal," said Alata, "Its winds sent Kotoha and I flying into the portal, and we were in a different dimension."

"Different dimension," chorused the Goseigers.

Alata just nodded his head. It was so confusing to be in a different dimension, but he was glad that Kotoha was with him. Sure, he omitted a lot of things, like Kotoha and he being transformed before being sent to the Samurai World, but he felt like they didn't REALLY need to know that. Though, how to tell them that they were volunteered as backup just in case the Shinkengers and the Go-Ongers fail to take down Batchīdo? Alata almost didn't hear the next question as he thought about that situation. "How did you escape," questioned Nozomu.

"ShinkenYellow and her nakama of course," said Alata.

"Eh," questioned the Goseigers and Nozomu.

"How," asked Agri.

"Apparently, they have another group of nakama called the Go-Ongers who also do what we and the Shinkengers do," said Alata, "Which is protect Earth."

"There's something else," said Hyde.

"Un," nodded Alata seriously, "Since ShinkenYellow and I know each other's identities, she approached me to ask for our help."

"Help," asked Eri.

"Hai," said Alata, "I found out that the machine monster is named Batchīdo, and his plan is to pollute Earth."

"D-Demo, that sounds JUST like the Yūmajū," exclaimed Moune.

Alata just shrugged his shoulders. He didn't really thought about what Moune said, but the monsters that the Shinkengers, the Go-Ongers, and their group faced DID have a similar goal. The only difference was that the Shinkengers were fighting to make sure the people weren't feeling negative emotions. He could only guess that the Sanzu River would also pollute the world if said river emerged from wherever it laid dormant. The other Goseigers had pinch-like expressions as they thought about what was occurring. A fellow warrior went to their red warrior to ask for help while a machine-like monster named Batchīdo was trying to pollute the world. As Goseigers, they had a duty to protect the world. They looked at Alata as he had a thoughtful look on his face. "Alata," questioned Hyde.

"Hm," hummed Alata.

"Did you agree," questioned Hyde.

"Un," nodded Alata.

"Good," said Hyde, "Now, onto the next question."

"Which is," asked Moune.

"What did this different dimension look like," questioned Hyde.

"Mou~," pouted Moune, "I thought that it would be a serious one."

"It is," said Hyde, "All we know is our world and Earth. Who knew that there were other worlds out there!"

As Moune and Hyde argued, Alata realized that he forgot to take the photos that Tsukinowa gave him. He took the photos out of his pockets and started to look at them. One photo had him enjoying a dessert with Kotoha while another had both of them just smiling at each other underneath a sakura tree. Alata was so engrossed in looking at the photos that Tsukinowa gave to Kotoha and him that he didn't realize that all discussions around him stopped. He also didn't see Eri and Moune sneaking up on him until he blinked and the photos weren't even IN his hands. "Eh," exclaimed Alata who was looking on the floor.

"Alata," sang Moune, "What are these?"

"A-Ah," said a nervous Alata, "My time with Kotoha in the other dimension?"

"Hontō ni (Really)," exclaimed Eri and Moune together.

"H-Hai," said Alata with a questioning tone.

"You look like a couple," commented Nozomu who was looking at the photos with Eri and Moune.

"Where in the world did you go to if you were wearing something like that," questioned Agri.

"The Go-Ongers call it the Samurai World," said Alata.

"Samurai World," asked Hyde.

Alata just nodded his head. He was also pouting because Eri and Moune took his photos away from him. He wasn't even done looking at the photos either! Sitting with a pout, he almost didn't hear what the others were commenting about. The other Goseigers, however, were looking at each of the photos. It seemed as though Alata had a fun time even though he was lost for a moment in a different dimension. It also looked like Alata stayed a bit longer in that dimension than what was possible. "Alata," questioned Agri.

"Hm," hummed Alata.

"How long did you stay there," questioned Agri.

"Oh," said Alata with a thoughtful look, "I think a week?"

"A week," exclaimed the Goseigers.

"The Go-Ongers said that time runs differently between worlds," said Alata.

"So that's why you and Kotoha got closer that it seems as though you two are dating," said Nozomu.

"T-That's… Dating," questioned Alata.

"Mhm," nodded Nozomu, "Dating is where two people who feel strongly for each other hang out with each other… just with each other… and have a fun time. picks up a photo of Alata placing a hairclip in Kotoha's hair and shows it to Alata It is also where the two people grow closer to each other, and their feelings turn to that of love, like my tōsan and my kāsan."

"So ka," said Alata before looking at Nozomu with wide eyes, "Eh?! Love?!"

- In The Shiba Household –

"You understand the plan," questioned Takeru.

"Hai," said everyone.

Once Kotoha came back, Kotoha was pulled to sit next to her older brother. Said older brother was still fuming at Takeru's orders. All eyes turned to Takeru as he explained the plan. Said plan consist of Sōsuke going alone and stalling Batchīdo so that the Shinkengers can use their Origami to free and Bonpā. Once the two are free, the other Go-Ongers will sneakily get the two out of the way before all of them show up for a surprise attack. The Go-Ongers looked at Takeru in surprise because that was a good plan. All of them just HAD to agree. "Good," said Takeru before turning to Kotoha, "Kotoha."

"Tono-sama," said Kotoha.

"Text Alata," said Takeru, "It's time to save our nakama."

AN: I get distracted easily when writing and this took a while to write. ㅠㅠ Sorry about that. I was planning to post this on Monday, but I got distracted by reading other people's fanfics. (・・;) But, I got it done! (^^)b Alata FINALLY got to know what dating is through Nozomu. Though, he is now confused about what LOVE is. (^v^)The Goseigers are also NOW in the loop on what happened to Alata and are ready to help the Shinkengers and the Go-Ongers. ^ω^ Besides, the movie never tells why the Goseigers are there, so this is my interpretation. (^-^)v Happy reading and see ya next time! |∀・)ジ