Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between different Super Sentai series. I don't own Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Tensō Sentai Goseiger, and Engine Sentai Go-Onger. All three Super Sentai series are owned by Tōei Kabushiki-gaisha, the Tōei company. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger premiered on February 15, 2009. Tensō Sentai Goseiger premiered on February 14, 2010, one year after Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Engine Sentai Go-Onger premiered on February 17, 2008, one year before Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. If I did own them, the series would have TakeruXMako and AlataXKotoha in them with wedding and all! =D

"Tch," sounded out Chiaki, "It got away."

As Kotoha and Genta had gotten the call about the Gedōshu, the two quickly ran out of the fancy ball towards where the Gedōshu was. They both transformed into their respective Shinkenger colors and started to defend their fellow Shinkengers who arrived before them. The Gedōshu, however, sent out the Nanashi before hiding away from the Shinkengers. It didn't take long to defeat the Nanashi, but because they had to fight them, the Gedōshu got away. The Shinkengers were disgruntled when they saw that the Gedōshu fled. "What was he after," questioned Mako.

"Guess we have to wait until he acts again," said Takeru.

"So, where was that Alata guy," questioned a confused Ryūnosuke.

"We… kind of left him at the party," said Genta with an embarrassed look on his face.

"Nani," questioned a deadpanned Chiaki.

"Mou~," said Genta, "We were in a hurry to get to you all and forgot to bring Alata with us!"

Kotoha looked embarrassed as she bowed to the others with a sorry expression on her face. She forgot that if she was running away from something, her new kareshi who was acting as her assistant should have been kept near her. Now, all of them had to call Alata up to get him to meet up with them before Yoshihisa-san arrived to find Kotoha. Takeru sighed at Genta's mistake as he took out his Shodōphone and called Alata. It didn't take long for Alata to arrive in front of them through red swirling particles. "Mina (Everyone)," said Alata.

"Gomen (Sorry), Alata," said Genta who bowed, "I forgot that you are supposed to be kept near Kotoha-chan."

"Īe, īe," said Alata who waved a hand in front of him, "No need to apologize. Besides, I had to check in with the other Goseigers to see if any Yūmajū were out and about."

"Well, good thing that you arrived just now," said Mako who gestured at the parked black car.

The other Shinkengers and Alata turned to see Yoshihisa Matsumiya stepping out of the black car with his assistant. He also seemed to be looking around to try to find Kotoha while slowly walking around. The seven de-transformed quickly and appeared behind the wall. Alata and Kotoha were side by side as everyone came. However, the seven could feel an evil presence, the Shinkengers knowing that it was the Gedōshu. All eyes were sharply looking around, but not seeing anything, they all tried to calm down. "Kotoha-sama, thank you for earlier," said Matsumiya's assistant, "If your business is finished, would you please have dinner with Bocchama?"

"Ēto (Um)," started Kotoha who looked unsure.

"Onegai (Please)," mouthed Matsumiya who bowed slightly.

"Of course, Kotoha-chan will have dinner with you," said Genta for Kotoha, his arm around her shoulders.

"G-Gen-san," questioned Kotoha.

"We need to find that Gedōshu," whispered Genta.

"Hontō (Really)," questioned Matsumiya hopefully.

Kotoha couldn't say anything for this situation. On one hand, she should be done with pretending to be this person's fiancée and go on a date with her actual kareshi, but on the other hand, the Shinkengers could FEEL the Gedōshu's presence somewhere and NEED to take care of it. Kotoha sighed inwardly as she nodded her head slightly. Alata, on his part, could feel the tension coming off of Kotoha in waves as both slid into the black car with Matsumiya and his assistant. He could also feel that Kotoha was going to snap soon as he made a small mistake in trying to sit at the table with her and Matsumiya once they arrived back at the house. Without a doubt, Kotoha was fed up with what Alata had to do when he copied Matsumiya's assistant and walked out on the dinner. "Sumimasen (Excuse me)," said Alata as he followed Kotoha out to comfort her.

- Later That Night –

"What are you doing," acted Kotoha towards Alata, "Hurry and save him!"

It was later that night that the sun was still setting. Kotoha and Matsumiya were walking together when Matsumiya turned towards Kotoha. Kotoha stopped and just stared at Matsumiya as he confessed on his love for Kotoha. It wasn't long that the Gedōshu showed up from behind Matsumiya's jacket and started to state that it was going to enjoy draining the so-called delicious life of Matsumiya. Alata and Kotoha tried their hardest to grab the jacket and get the Gedōshu off of Matsumiya, but it was no use. The Gedōshu had a strong hold on Matsumiya. It was then and there that Kotoha acted like a spoiled brat in front of Matsumiya due to remembering on WHY Matsumiya liked her. Alata, however, was on the receiving end of Kotoha's acting. "I'll lose my chance to be a wife of a rich man," exclaimed Kotoha.

"Eh," questioned Alata with a cute confused look on his face.

"Aho (Fool)," winced out Kotoha as she repeated lightly slapped Alata.

"Sōna (No)," said Matsumiya as he witnessed the acting, "Kotoha-san is also… I can't believe it…"

Alata still didn't understand why Kotoha started to slap him and saying those things. Wasn't she his kanojo? If she was, then why was Kotoha acting like this? Did she love Matsumiya and not him? It wasn't until a thump on the sidewalk alerted Alata to something else. He turned his head slightly and saw the Gedōshu outside instead of inside Matsumiya's jacket. Suddenly, everything that Kotoha was doing clicked inside Alata's mind. He was surprised at first when she started, but now, he felt very proud of Kotoha for thinking up a plan on the spot. 'Maybe she is still his,' thought Alata as he tried to stop Kotoha, "Kotoha! You can stop now! You did it!"

"Eh," questioned Kotoha who stopped to look at the Gedōshu.

"You," pointed the Gedōshu, "You erased his feelings on purpose!"

"Too bad for you," called out Takeru.

"Nani (What)," questioned the Gedōshu before spotting the Shinkengers.

"Yo," said Genta, "I knew you would show up!"

"You're not getting away this time," said Chiaki.

As the Shinkengers jumped in and led the Gedōshu away, Alata was about to go assist until he didn't see Kotoha as ShinkenYellow jumping in to help her fellow nakama. Alata looked back to see Kotoha sinking down in slight shock-horror. The actions she took just now finally caught up with her brain. Alata, who didn't like seeing Kotoha like that, came back towards her. Seeing that Kotoha wasn't going to do anything anytime soon, Alata gently pulled Kotoha off of the bench she was standing on before making her sit down right next to her. It was also there that Matsumiya witnessed something else between Kotoha and Alata besides being a pretend assistant to a prestigious girl. "Daijōbu (Are you alright)," questioned Alata gently.

"I… Alata-kun," started Kotoha.

"Shinpaishinaide kudasai (Please don't worry about it)," said Alata, "I'm not mad."

"Demo, I should have thought of something else," said Kotoha.

"Demo," said Alata back, "The plan you came up with was quick and effective in bringing that Gedōshu out so that your nakama can defeat it."

"Alata-kun," started Kotoha with a smile.

"Also," said Alata teasingly, "You promised to have a nice date with me after this is over, remember?"

"Hai," said Kotoha, "I'm glad that this doesn't affect our relationship."

"Of course not," said Alata with a smile of his own, "So, shall we?"

"Un," nodded Kotoha.

As the couple cleared up the air about Kotoha's spoiled kid act, Matsumiya looked at the two with a heartbroken face. He realized there and then that Kotoha would never return his feelings as he witnessed the couple smile at each other lovingly before getting off of the bench. Both, then, showed Matsumiya that they had more in common as they produced their own way to henshin (transform) into their alter egos. Though, Alata also had forgotten that he wasn't supposed to henshin in front of anyone, but he was doing this in the spur of the moment with Kotoha. "Tensō," called out Alata.

"Ippitsu Sōjō (One Stroke, Imperial Report)," called out Kotoha.

"Ready," questioned Alata as GoseiRed.

"Let's help out my nakama," said Kotoha as ShinkenYellow.

"Ēto~ (Um~), also just one thing," said Alata as he looked at Matsumiya.

"Hai," questioned Kotoha.

"Please remind me to erase his memory of me," said a sheepish Alata who finally remembered NOT to henshin in front of others.

"A-Ah," nodded Kotoha as she saw why Alata would ask her to remind him.

With that note, Kotoha and Alata ran towards the battle to see that the Gedōshu was still so strong to withstand the attacks the other Shinkengers were doing. Alata quickly brought out his Skick Sword while Kotoha quickly took out her own sword. Both jumped into the air and slashed at the Gedōshu, effectively pushing it back. Alata and Kotoha landed in front of the Shinkengers as the five started to get up from the Gedōshu's attack. "Sorry for bringing ShinkenYellow back late," said Alata.

"As long as she is back to help," said Mako.

"Tch," sounded Chiaki, "Whatever."

"Tono-sama," said Kotoha with a quick bow of her head.

"Get ready, you two," was all Takeru said to Alata and Kotoha.

It was there that Kotoha ran towards the Gedōshu by herself. She wanted to also contribute to defeating the monster who was giving the Shinkengers trouble. However, Kotoha was knocked away by the Gedōshu's weapon, making her fly. It was lucky that Alata was there as he caught Kotoha before using his Skick Sword to block the monster's weapon and push it back once more. Alata was about to give a disapproving comment to Kotoha, but Kotoha, in the moment, grabbed her Shinkenmaru, the Monkey Disc, from her compartment and placed it to the hilt of her sword. She then spun the disc, which created yellow sparks and energized the sword. "Saru Mawashi (Monkey Spin)," called out Kotoha before spinning quickly and slashing the Gedōshu.

"Comprethunder! Tensō," called out Alata before a storm cloud magically appeared and launched lightning bolts at the monster.

"How did that," started to question Ryūnosuke.

"Let's not question anything and deal the finishing blow," commanded Takeru, his hands already transforming his Rekka Daizantō (Blazing Great Slicing Sword) to the Ōzutsu mode.

"Hai," said the other Shinkengers.

The other Shinkengers, besides Genta, got their respective Shinkenmaru and slid it into place. Takeru got into position before firing the Tora Gorindan (Tora Five Rings Bullet) at the monster. Alata was thankfully out of the way once the team's personal Shinkenmaru energized and went straight into the monster. The Gedōshu went down with electrical shock before exploding in front of the heroes. However, the second life of the Gedōshu kicked in while it went down in flames. "I can't forgive you guys," exclaimed the giant Gedōshu.

"This is where I leave you," said Alata.

"Un," nodded Takeru.

"Arigatō for your help," said Mako.

"Nan demonai (It was nothing)," said Alata before turning to Kotoha, "Mata ne (See you later)?"

"Un," nodded Kotoha with a smile.

With Kotoha's agreement to meet up later, Alata ran to take cover while the Shinkengers called on their respective sentient mecha-like origami that turned into their animal forms. The Shinkengers took their Shodōphone and wrote the mojikara (character power) for big, thus growing their respective sentient animal mechas. Combing them together, the Shinkengers created the Tenkū Shinkenōand the Ika Daikaiō respectively. The Gedōshu, however, sent out a fleet of giant Ōzora Nanashi Renjū that separated the two robots. The Tenkū Shinkenō fought against the Ōzora Nanashi Renjū just as the Ika Daikaiō went on the defense against the main Gedōshu. Alata, on his part, watched in a safe distance just in case they needed him to summon his own mecha, the Gosei Dragon. He, however, didn't have to worry as the Shinkengers worked together and defeated the Gedōshu. So, while Alata went back to erase Matsumiya's memory of his transformation, the other Shinkengers clapped in unison before…

"Kore ni te ikkenrakuchaku (This has been settled)," proclaimed Takeru.

- The Next Day –

"Daijōbu," questioned Alata.

"Un," nodded Kotoha, "Just wondering what he was talking about."

It was the next day that Kotoha was having a private talk with Matsumiya. Alata was not far away as he waited for Kotoha to finish for the day. He knew that the ruse was over and Kotoha was going to once be his kareshi. However, he also knew that Matsumiya wanted to talk with Kotoha. Kotoha, on her part, was left confused as Matsumiya commented on her liking someone else. Of course, Kotoha knew that she liked Alata for a while and was dating him, but when Matsumiya thanked her and commented on a person she liked, Kotoha got quite confused on exactly WHO Matsumiya was referring to. Though, Alata appeared behind Kotoha right after Matsumiya drove away and felt her confusion and had to ask if she was alright. "What he was talking about," questioned Alata.

"Hai," nodded Kotoha, "He said that I liked someone, demo looks at Alata while blushing I-I am dating that one."

"I… like you too, Koto-chan," said Alata.

As the couple smiled at each other, it was shattered by a scream in the distance. Both Alata and Kotoha jumped as they heard that scream before looking at each other. It seemed as though their date would have to be postponed once more. Both turned to where they heard the distant scream and ran. They ran until they were in a clearing where a familiar Ginjirō-gō RV was at the distance. They also could see familiar faces of the Go-Ongers. Once Alata and Kotoha came to a stop before the Go-Ongers, Kotoha looked around to try to find her nīsan. "Alata," questioned Saki, "Kotoha?"

"Are you all alright," questioned Alata, "We were nearby and heard a scream."

"Ī-Īe," stuttered Renn, "I-It's Sōsuke."

"Sōsuke-san/onīsan," questioned Alata and Kotoha together.

"Hai," said Hiroto, "Demo, I don't think Kotoha should see…"

Before Hiroto could say something about Kotoha, it was too late. Kotoha and Alata looked passed the shoulders of Saki, Renn, and Hiroto to see Sōsuke stiff as a board on the ground. They could also see that he was rusty color instead of his original colors. Kotoha gasped as she placed a hand over her mouth as tears welled up. Alata looked at Sōsuke with narrowed eyes before placing an arm around Kotoha to comfort her. He then also looked at the three Go-Ongers in front of him and asked the one question the all dreaded with a steely voice even he didn't know he had: "What happened."

AN: Well, the 殿執Lord Butler episode is over. Yet! I ended this chapter with a Go-Onger episode?! (o.o) Of course I did! XD The Go-Ongers need an episode of their own. And! With this episode, maybe Alata can win Sōsuke over? (¬‿¬) If you want to watch the Go-Onger episode the next chapter/s will be based on, this is the title: 走輔…トワSōsuke… Eternally. Anyways, see ya all next time whenever I get the chance! |ω・`)