Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between different Super Sentai series. I don't own Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Tensō Sentai Goseiger, and Engine Sentai Go-Onger. All three Super Sentai series are owned by Tōei Kabushiki-gaisha, the Tōei company. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger premiered on February 15, 2009. Tensō Sentai Goseiger premiered on February 14, 2010, one year after Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Engine Sentai Go-Onger premiered on February 17, 2008, one year before Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. If I did own them, the series would have TakeruXMako and AlataXKotoha in them with wedding and all! =D

A few years have passed by, but Sōsuke still remembers his promise that he made that day. With that dream in mind, his father signed him up to be in a racecar driving training camp. He, however, found out that the training camp was different. Sure, he was racing cars and becoming as fast as he could physically and mentally, but on the side, the training camp was mostly a front on saving Earth from the evil Gaiark, machines that want to pollute Earth and take over the world. If the Earth was polluted, his older sister, Mitsuba-nēchan, would be affected the most. He thought back to his comrades as well. Although he looked older, he was actually younger than the others who joined in on the so-called training camp. He was also nicknamed Speed King and Miracle Esumi by the others. While he was musing over what had happened to him during the racecar driving training camp, his musing was disturbed by Go-On Blue, otherwise known as Kōsaka Renn, the so-called okan (mom) of the group. "Mail, Sōsuke," said Renn.

"Thank you," said Sōsuke.

"Ah, another one," complained a male voice.

"Un," said Renn, "Sōsuke is very popular… getting a letter from the same girl over and over again."

"I bet she's very pretty," said another male voice.

"Oi (Hey)," shouted Sōsuke, "You don't talk about my imōto like that!"

"Imōto," chorused everyone present.

Sōsuke blinked when he heard the chorused of all of his comrades. He looked around to see that he was being watched by practically everyone once Renn announced that he had a letter for him from his little sister. He saw the wide eyes of his male comrades, Ishihara Gunpei, Jō Hanto, and Sutō Hiroto. He saw the curious looks from Renn and the two female comrades, Hiroto's little sister, Miu, and Rōyama Saki. All six of his comrades were waiting for more information about his cute little sister back home. Come to think of it, Sōsuke never mentioned his family around his Go-Onger comrades. "A-Ah," nodded Sōsuke, "She's one year younger than me."

"So… she's twenty one," asked Hanto.

"Īe," yelled out Sōsuke, "She's only sixteen!"

"B-But, aren't you twenty-two," questioned Gunpei.

"I am seventeen," ground out Sōsuke with a glare.

"Gomen," said Hiroto, "You look older than your age."

Sōsuke just huffed in annoyance before opening up the letter. He'll deal with how old he looked later. Everyone could see a smile blooming on his face as Sōsuke read his letter quietly. Smiling themselves, they went back to what they were doing before finding out that their comrade also had a little sister and was actually the same age as Miu, Renn, Hanto, and Saki. Sōsuke, on his part, was reading the letter his dear little sister Kotoha sent him. He never told his family that he became Go-On Red while also training to become a racecar driver. He still had three years before the racecar community even THOUGHT about him being on the tracks. Yet, this information never deterred him, just as the information of his little sister becoming ShinkenYellow instead of their older sister. Poor Mitsuba was admitted into the hospital a year after he got into this so-called training camp. Shaking his head mentally, Sōsuke got back to Kotoha's letter.

Because I am the youngest with ShinkenGreen being the second youngest, both he and I are attending Takashiro Academy together. I feel a bit lonely because I am in a different class than him. However, I made two great friends named Takazaki Yuri and Alata. Alata doesn't have a last name. He says that he's not from around Japan, yet I learned that he and I have a lot in common.

Sōsuke paused as he reread the part about Kotoha being in a high school called Takashiro Academy with a BOY. It didn't matter if it is her comrade, ShinkenGreen. He didn't like ANY boys anywhere near his cute little sister. When he reread about her being friends with a BOY that wasn't her comrade, Sōsuke gritted his teeth once more. No cute little sister of his is going to be good… maybe even great… friends with a… with a… with a boy! The other Go-Ongers jumped back when they heard Sōsuke growling angrily. All of them turned to see Sōsuke gripping his letter from his little sister tightly. He was practically scrunching the paper together, an angry look on his face. "A-Ah, Sōsuke," said Saki, "A-Are you alright?"

"No boy is going near my cute little sister," proclaimed Sōsuke angrily before he sulked, "Saki~! Kotoha-imōto is friends with a… with a… with a boy! What should I do?!"

"I believe Sōsuke has a sister complex," joked Gunpei.

"Don't joke about this… this situation," exclaimed Sōsuke, "W-What happens if she starts to d-d-date that punk of a so-called good friend?! falls down dramatically and starts whining Imōto~! Imōto~! Don't date!"

The others looked at Sōsuke weirdly when he did that. They knew that by just his reaction from Gunpei saying that Kotoha was very pretty previously before knowing who she was that Sōsuke was VERY protective of his little sister. It was Hiroto who came up with the idea. Coughing a bit to get the others attention, Hiroto looked around to see that they DID hear him as all eyes, except Sōsuke's, were on him. "I have an idea," said Hiroto.

"What idea, nīchan," asked Miu.

"Why not all of us go to Sōsuke's little sister's school and attend there," suggested Hiroto, "Some of us still need school credits if they want to pursue what they want to do after being Go-Ongers and fighting the Gaiark. looks at Sōsuke Sōsuke can watch over his little sister and gain school credits towards his dream of being a racecar driver."

"That's… not a bad idea," said Renn.

"Un," nodded Saki, "Miu, Renn, Hanto, and I can also attend to keep Sōsuke company!"

"Hiroto and I can also try to get a job at the school just in case we need to pull you all out if the Gaiark attack," said Gunpei.

"Y-You guys would really do that for me," questioned Sōsuke with a pitiful face on.

The others wearily nodded their heads. Who knew that Sōsuke was such a drama queen? Once they all nodded their heads, Sōsuke yelped in happiness before bringing all of them into a hug. The others just wearily accepted the hug while their engines, their partners, watched on in amusement at a nearby table. All of Go-Onger, however, will not know that a similar idea was already implemented by Kotoha's newest team, the Shinkengers.

- At Takashiro Academy –

"Ah," breathed in a teen male.

It had been a few years, and Alata was not that little boy who helped heal that older sibling long ago. He, along with four others, gained permission to explore and experience Earth at its fullest after training in their powers in their home world, the Gosei World. Since then, he was discovered by a little boy named Amachi Nozomu and saved him from the first ever enemy the he and the rest of the Goseigers would face on Earth. Nozomu's father, Amachi Shūichirō-hakase (professor/PhD), fostered the five of them and helped them gain access to a school called Takashiro Academy. That was also where Alata was reunited with the little girl he helped make happy all those years ago… Hanaori Kotoha. He didn't notice that it was her until he sensed a lonely soul within the classroom. Looking around, he spotted Kotoha by herself, and unconsciously, he walked up to her desk and introduced himself, not knowing that it was the same girl until Kotoha looked up for him to recognize the eyes he saw long ago. Alata thought about that first school day as he smiled on top of the rooftop of the school. There, the other Goseigers surrounded him and were conversing about their enemy, the Yūmajū (Ghost Beast), whose intentions were to pollute the Earth and make it into an ideal paradise for themselves. "I am glad that Dētasu could act as a legal guardian if the Yūmajū attack," said Eri.

"Sō, sō (Yeah, yeah)," said Moune, a yellow jacket wearing female who has an imprint of a tiger on the jacket.

"Why are we in school anyways," asked Agri, a black jacket wearing male who has an imprint of a snake on the jacket.

"According to Earth's law, people of a certain age needs to be in a school or else dire consequences are involved with the underage person and those that house them," explained Hyde, a blue jacket wearing male who has an imprint of a shark on the jacket, "We do not want Nozomu's father to get in trouble."

"Ugh," groaned Agri as he sat aggressively down on the rooftop.

"Anyways," said Hyde, "Who do you think unleashed those Yūmajū?"

"Dētasu said that they were trapped inside the Erurei no Hako (Erurei Box) by the first Goseigers," said Moune, "But, they got out. looks at Alata What do you think Alata?"

When Alata didn't answer, the other Goseigers looked towards him to see his mind wandering off somewhere and a smile on his face. Moune was irked by how blatant Alata was ignoring the situation they were in and glared at him. Eri, Hyde, and Agri had to stop Moune from trying to hit Alata over the head because he wasn't paying attention… again. It wasn't long that Alata spotted Kotoha in the courtyard with her friend, Tani Chiaki, and their four guardians, Shiba Takeru, Shiraishi Mako, Umemori Genta, and Ikenami Ryūnosuke. Kotoha and Alata's mutual friend, Takazaki Yuri, also came through the gates of the school and back-hugged Kotoha before dragging her into the school and away from her comrades… her friends, the Shinkengers. Seeing that Eri and Kotoha were here and now walking together, Alata turned to the others and smiled sheepishly. "U-Uh, Kotoha and Yuri are here," said Alata.

"But, isn't Eri there," asked a confused Moune as she pointed to the pink-wearing jacket Eri.

"Īe," said Alata, "I mean, my friend Takazaki Yuri and my other friend Hanaori Kotoha."

"Alata," said Agri, "You shouldn't be making friends here. We're only here to defeat the enemy that threatens Earth."

"But, didn't Headmaster-sama also told us to experience a life on Earth," questioned Alata.

"Hai," said a hesitated Hyde.

"Then, making friends at school is part of the Earth life experience, ne (right)," implored Alata.

"Hai," questioned Eri.

"Then, it is alright for me to be making friends at this school," said Alata.

The other Goseigers blinked at how Alata phrased it so that THEY would get what he was thinking about. Yes, Headmaster-sama told them to explore and experience Earth like an Earthling, but they also had to deal with their enemies. It was first the Wōsutā (Warstar) that destroyed the Ten No Tō (Heaven's Tower), their means to getting back home. Now, it is the Yūmajū causing trouble. Before they could stop or talk to Alata, Alata opened the rooftop's door and sprinted down the steps to meet up with his friends. It wasn't like Alata to NOT be worried about the Yūmajū, but it was because Alata really wanted to experience everything that Earth could give him, especially experience… love. "There he goes… again," sighed Eri.

"Argh," yelled out Agri, "Alata is so… so…"

"Unfocused," supplied Hyde.

"Yeah, that," said Agri, "Doesn't he know that if the Yūmajū wins, Earth will be polluted and will die off?!"

"I think… Alata is mostly carefree," said Moune.

"That's Alata alright," said Eri, "Ever since we were little, Alata would always be carefree unless he REALLY needs to be serious."

The other Goseigers hummed as they looked out from the rooftop to see Alata meeting up with two girls, one having short hair named Hanaori Kotoha and the other having long hair named Takazaki Yuri. While the Goseigers were watching Alata laughing and interacting with the two girls, the group that Kotoha came in with looked at Kotoha interacting with Alata and Eri. Chiaki growled as he saw Kotoha's friend, Alata, coming to greet the two girls and turned his head away. "Someone is jealous," teased Genta.

"Urusai (Noisy)," grumbled Chiaki, "I am not jealous."

"Exactly who is he," questioned Takeru with suspicion hidden in his eyes.

"Alata," said Chiaki, "Kotoha and he became friends on the first day of school. I didn't even know about that until Kotoha waved goodbye to him after school."

"Alata," questioned Mako, "No last name?"

"Īe," said Chiaki, "He says that he was born with no last name."

"Strange," said Ryūnosuke before turning to Takeru, "Tono (Lord)! Should we tell Kotoha not to be friends with him? For all we know, he could be a Gedōshu (malevolent spirit) in disguise."

Takeru looked at Alata with narrowed eyes. Of course, he COULD be a Gedōshu in disguise, but he doubted it. He felt as though Alata was more… brighter… than the malevolent spirits that enter into the Sanzu-no-kawa (Sanzu River) within the land of the dead. However, he did feel SOMETHING off about Alata, especially if what Chiaki said about him not having a last name is true. Who, in this day and age, would NOT have a last name? Turning to his fellow Shinkengers, Takeru finally gave his decision. "Īe," said Takeru, "We'll let Kotoha keep her friendship, but watch out for him. Anything strange about him, report back."

"Ryōkai (Roger that)," said the other Shinkengers.

AN: Ah, three Super Sentai series… what was I thinking?! -`д´- It's like my TMNT2003/2012 & Sailor Moon crossover story all over again! (´-ω-`) Whelp~! It seems as though Sōsuke is going to be coming into the school in the next chapter and shocking all of the Shinkengers since THEY don't know he's Kotoha's older brother.(^v^)As for Alata, he's going to have his hands full with his own battles and figuring out his feelings for Kotoha along the way. You can bet on that. d(-_^) Wonder how Kotoha will feel when she finds out her fellow Shinkengers and her older brother are watching out for Alata… ┐(´д`)┌ Well, you have to stay tune to this story to find out… as I try my best to write it! (`・ω・´)9 As for the Yuri friend, I changed Kotoha's friend's name to Takazaki Yuri instead of using the actual name Takahashi Eri due to the fact that GoseiPink is named Eri. (´_`;)Anyways, happy reading and see ya next chapter… if you are reading it. |ω・`)