Bold – action within speaking form

Italics – flashbacks

"…" – talking

'…' – thinking

Bold/Italics – change of scenery

Bold/Underline/Italics – more emphasis when someone says something or something is realized by another person

Underline/Italics – minor Japanese words used within the story (also, lazy to translate XP)

Disclaimers: This is a crossover between different Super Sentai series. I don't own Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, Tensō Sentai Goseiger, and Engine Sentai Go-Onger. All three Super Sentai series are owned by Tōei Kabushiki-gaisha, the Tōei company. Samurai Sentai Shinkenger premiered on February 15, 2009. Tensō Sentai Goseiger premiered on February 14, 2010, one year after Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Engine Sentai Go-Onger premiered on February 17, 2008, one year before Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. If I did own them, the series would have TakeruXMako and AlataXKotoha in them with wedding and all! =D

When Yuri came into the school, the first thing she did was drag Kotoha away from Chiaki. Kotoha, surprised by the pull of her arm, turned to see one of her best friends at Takashiro Academy. Kotoha looked back to her comrades, but they weren't paying much attention to how a female student just literally dragged her away from them. She guessed that it was fine for her to venture into school with her new friend as she turned back to face Yuri who was still pulling her. Yuri, on her part, smiled as she saw Kotoha and she were far away from her other friend and her four… guardians? She didn't know why the four were following Chiaki and Kotoha today, but she disregarded that to talk to Kotoha. "Kotoha-chan," said Yuri with mischievous eyes.

"Nani (What), Yuri-chan," asked Kotoha.

"Are you and Tani-san together," asked Yuri.

"Chiaki," asked a surprised Kotoha.

"Un," nodded Yuri, "I always see you with him whenever you both come to school."

"Īe," said Kotoha with a shake of her head, "He and I live in the same place. Those four adults that came with us are our guardians. I don't know his situation, but ever since nēchan…"

"Ah, gomen," said Yuri with her hands clasped together, "I forgot about that. Is she doing alright?"

Kotoha nodded her head as she thought back to her older sister. Kotoha knew that the world needed ShinkenYellow, but she still felt as though she was unworthy as a Shinkenger. Her older sister was trained for this since birth. She was not. Thinking back, she also wondered if her older brother was doing alright with his training on his dream to become a racecar driver. She jolted out of her own world just as Yuri shook her slightly. Kotoha smiled sheepishly while Yuri looked a bit worried. "Daijōbu (Are you alright)," asked Yuri.

"Un," nodded Kotoha before saying, "But, yes. Chiaki and I are just friends."

"Eh," questioned Yuri, "Tani-san is handsome though. looks at the entrance And speaking of handsome…"

Kotoha blinked at what Yuri just said. Sure, she appreciated that all of her male comrades were handsome, but her heart was set on someone else. Looking at where Yuri was looking at, she saw Alata jogging towards the two with a wave and a smile on his face. Kotoha could feel her heart skip a beat just seeing Alata in front of her. Yuri, blessed her heart, didn't help matters when she found out her secret crush on Alata. "Are, are (There, there)," said Yuri who patted Kotoha's shoulder, "Don't worry about it."

"Worry about what," asked Alata as he heard Yuri's comment before turning to Kotoha, "Eh? Koto-chan! You're all red! Daijōbu?"

""A-Ah, hai," said Kotoha.

"Hontō ni (Really)," questioned Alata as he began to raise his hand to take Kotoha's temperature.

"I am surrounded by clueless idiots," muttered Yuri.

"Eh," questioned Alata.

"Nandemonai~ (Nothing)," sung Yuri, "Ah! Let's get to class before we're late."

Both Kotoha and Alata nodded their heads as they turned towards the school. All three friends smiled to each other before walking back into the school entrance, both Yuri and Kotoha asking how Alata was already IN the school to begin with. Alata lied, saying that he got there when the school opened up and not telling them about the Goseigers and his powers of flight. Once in the school, Kotoha felt a bit nervous because within her history classroom, there sat her Tono-sama, Shiba Takeru. Yuri and Alata blinked their eyes when they saw Takeru calmly sitting down behind the teacher's desk and marking papers. "Ohayou (Good morning), mina (everyone)," sang the teacher, Sakurada Haruna-sensei (teacher).

"Ohayou gozaimasu (Good morning [formal])," called out the class.

"Today, we have a teacher assistant helping out," said Haruna-sensei before muttering, "I'm so glad that I was lucky to receive one. normal voice Please welcome Shiba Takeru-san."

"Ohayou," said Takeru stoically.

"Kotoha-chan," whispered Yuri, "Isn't that one of your guardians?"

"Un," nodded Kotoha with embarrassment.

"Why is he here," whispered Alata.

Kotoha did not answer as class started. It also didn't' help that in the class after this one, Shiraishi Mako was inside their English class. Similarly, Ikenami Ryūnosuke was in Chiaki's math class, and Umemori Genta was in Chiaki's cooking class. Kotoha didn't get to see them because her math class wasn't for today and her cooking class was until after lunchtime. She did wonder why Chiaki was taking a cooking class though. Just as lunchtime rolled by, Kotoha was pulled away from her friends by Mako to head over to the exit of the school where Ryūnosuke and Takeru would be waiting. "Nani," asked Kotoha as Alata and Yuri watched on in confusion.

"Gedōshu," whispered Mako.

"Tono-sama," questioned Kotoha.

"Waiting for you and Chiaki," said Mako normally, "Genta went to get him."

"Ah," nodded Kotoha, "Jī (Samurai/Old Man/Grandfather)? He called so that we can leave, ne?"

"Un," nodded Mako.

Both girls went to the exit and were greeted by Ryūnosuke and Takeru looking at Genta dragging Chiaki towards them. Chiaki, on his part, was yelling at Genta to let him go until he saw all of the Shinkengers gathered outside the school gates. He tched before ripping his arm out of Genta's hold. Takeru looked at his rōtō (vassals) before motioning all of them to follow him. Kusakabe Hikoma, otherwise known as to the Shinkengers, gave Takeru the coordinates when he called Takeru during the last bell before lunchtime. Taking off to the direction of a construction site, all of the Shinkengers arrived to see… "Nanashi ja nai (It's not the Nameless)," said a surprised Mako.

"What are they," asked Chiaki.

"They DO resemble the Gedōshu," said Kotoha.

"Un," nodded Ryūnosuke.

"Take-chan," questioned Genta.

"Let's go," said Takeru as he produced his Shodōphone.

The others nodded their heads and took out theirs, Genta taking out his Sushi Changer. After calling out their calling phrase, all six of them transformed into their alter egos, the Shinkengers. They forgo their introduction as they ran towards what seems to be robotic foot soldiers terrorizing the construction site workers. They took out their swords and started to slash the foot soldiers, trying to stop them from causing more mayhem. It seemed futile until a red blast came from somewhere and destroyed most of the foot soldiers that were behind Takeru. Everyone turned to see a person dressed in an outfit that was red and the helmet looking like a car. Once announcing that he was coming, the person jumped up into the air and started to shoot red blasts from his gun. Those red blasts seemed to have more effect on the foot soldiers than what the Shinkengers did. It wasn't long that the foot soldiers were defeated and the Shinkengers de-transformed. "Tono," said Ryūnosuke.

"Tono," questioned the new person, a male voice, before they saw his head turn towards… "Ah! Kotoha-chan~!"

"Eh," questioned the Shinkengers.

"Hisashiburi (Long time no see)," said the person as he hugged Kotoha tightly, "Ah~! You have grown so much!"

"Dare (Who)," questioned Kotoha.

"Gah," yelped the person as he slapped a hand over his helmet-covered head, "I forgot that I was still henshin (transformed)."

All of the Shinkengers looked at each other before turning towards the figure that was hugging Kotoha tightly. He eventually let Kotoha go, but the others were still confused. It seems as though Kotoha knows this person, but by Kotoha's expression, she was just as confused as them. When the person backed away from Kotoha, all eyes were on him. Said person grumbled about not telling Kotoha about being someone or other, yet he surprised all of them as he de-transformed to reveal… "I am Mach Force Go-On Red," said the person, "Esumi Sōsuke, Kotoha-chan's beloved onīchan! Yoroshiku na (Pleased to meet you)."

"Eh," shouted everyone, besides Kotoha and Takeru.

"K-Kotoha's onīchan," yelped Genta in surprise.

"Kotoha," said Ryūnosuke, "Why haven't you said anything about this before?!"

"Hey," yelled out Sōsuke, "Don't yell at my cute imōto!"

"Then, you tell us how YOU are her onīchan," said Chiaki, the onīchan sounding sarcastic.

"I don't have to explain anything," ground out Sōsuke with a glare before turning his sites onto Kotoha, "Imōto! Please tell me that this… this… BOY… isn't your comrade in battle!"

"Hey," yelled out Chiaki, "You SAW me de-transform at the same time as the others, didn't you?!"

As Sōsuke and Chiaki started to argue, Kotoha looked a bit exasperated of her older brother. It was great to see her older brother again, don't get her wrong, but his overprotectiveness was a bit… overbearing at times. That overprotectiveness was also towards ANY male that was near her, be it her comrades or other boys. Mako went over and placed a hand over Kotoha's shoulders in comfort as Takeru glared at Sōsuke. The older brother would be a problem in the future, but he was hopeful that it will not interfere with the Shinkengers and their mission to defeat the Gedōshu and its leader, Chimatsuri Dōkoku. Just as Genta was holding back Sōsuke and Ryūnosuke was holding back Chiaki from hurting each other, a shout from behind them all alerted to new people. "Sōsuke," shouted a female voice, "Mou~! You shouldn't just run off on your own!"

"Gomen, Saki," said Sōsuke with a bow as four new people came into the picture.

"Dare," asked Mako.

"That's right," exclaimed Sōsuke as he pulled Kotoha to him, "Kotoha-imōto, meet my nakama (companions). This is Go-On Yellow, Rōyama Saki points to the girl wearing a yellow racecar-like tracksuit Go-On Blue, Kōsaka Renn points to the boy wearing a blue racecar-like tracksuit Go-On Green, Jō Hanto points to the boy wearing a green racecar-like tracksuit and Go-On Silver, Sutō Miu points to the last girl before turning to the four Mina, meet my cute imōto, Kotoha-chan!"

"And the others," questioned Miu.

"They are not important as my imōto," proclaimed Sōsuke.

"Nani," shouted Ryūnosuke and Chiaki together.

"Sōsuke," said Saki as she came over and pulled on his ear.

"Itai (Ouch)," yelped Sōsuke.

"Gomen for Sōsuke," said Renn as he bowed, "It seems as though he has a little sister complex that WE also didn't know about."

The Shinkengers, besides Kotoha, nodded their heads wearily. Apparently, there were MORE people who were like Sōsuke, a person who protects Earth. They were just like them, except they are fighting a different enemy than their own. Kotoha, on her part, sighed as she looked down. She didn't know how her older brother could be THIS drama king, but apparently, as they grew up, this is what she will be expecting from him from now on. All of the Shinkengers, however, caught Sōsuke's question to his companions… his friends. "So, where are Gunpei and Hiroto," asked Sōsuke.

"There are more," whispered/questioned an irritated Chiaki.

"Shush," whispered Mako.

"They went to the school to register us," explained Hanto.

"School," questioned Takeru.

"Ah," nodded Renn, "We five need the school credits before we can pursue our dreams, and since Sōsuke's imōto goes to Takashiro Academy, we thought it would be best to transfer there. That way, we know someone and Sōsuke can bond with his imōto more."

"Eh," exclaimed everyone.

"Yup," said a happy Sōsuke as he turned to Kotoha, "You and I are going to be together again, Kotoha-imōto!"

"That… sounds great," said a hesitated Kotoha.

"Un," nodded Sōsuke, "And with me there, no boys are going to THINK about dating you!"

The Shinkenger group stared at Sōsuke in surprise at that proclamation. Apparently, Kotoha really HAD an older brother who has a HUGE sister complex that he'll go to her school just to run off the boys who are thinking about flirting or dating with Kotoha. Chiaki even could imagine the disappointed face of Alata when Sōsuke arrives at the school. Though, speaking of school… "Ah," exclaimed Kotoha, "We're going to be late for our next class!"

"Gah," yelped Chiaki before running off with Kotoha and turning around to say, "Don't forget that you guys are new teacher assistants, too! You have to get a move on as well!"

"The cooking classes," yelped Genta.

"All those papers the teachers want us to look over while they are teaching," bemoaned Mako.

"Hayaku (Quickly)," commanded Takeru, "Let's get back to the school."

"Hai," said the others as they raced after their two youngest members.

"Ah," groaned Saki, "They didn't introduce themselves. All we know is Kotoha-san."

"Just blame Sōsuke," said Miu.

"Eh," yelped Sōsuke, "D-Dōshite (W-Why)?!"

"You were too focused on your imōto to ask for their names," explained Miu.

"Sō, sō," said Saki, "It's all Sōsuke's fault."

As the other Go-Ongers poked fun of Sōsuke, the Shinkengers arrived back to school, and just in time, too. Kotoha and Chiaki would have been late to their classes, and it would have affected the agreement that the school and Hikoma- struck with each other before enrolling Chiaki and Kotoha into the school. Said agreement was that if the event of a Gedōshu sighting, would call in and tell the school, but ONLY if Kotoha and Chiaki goes back to school after defeating the Gedōshu. Sighing in exhaustion by her older brother's appearance, Kotoha took out her notebook for that class. She could also feel Alata and Yuri's confusion in her exhaustion. Kotoha just pouted inwardly as she thought, 'Onīsan is going to be coming to my school, and if he had it his way, I won't date until HE is well and married! Mou~! Not fair! Coming in while I am having a crush on Alata. looks at Alata before turning away and mentally screaming Nīsan No Baka (Idiot brother)!'

AN: I know, I know. Kotoha wouldn't think like that at the end, but this IS about Alata and Kotoha dating… with Sōsuke trying to stop them at every turn.(⌒▽⌒)For the meet up, yes, it is partially the same as when the Shinkengers were introduced to Sōsuke. I, however, also added him knowing about Kotoha and ShinkenYellow, Genta being there, and also the other four Go-Ongers coming into the story. (´v`) Yuri knows about Kotoha's crush because she's awesome that way. She could also see the instant connection between Alata and Kotoha, yet she DOES call them clueless. Kotoha is clueless to Yuri because Yuri thinks she sees Alata having feelings for her while Alata is clueless to Kotoha's feelings. But, cut Alata some slack because he's NEW to Earth and new to LOVE. |∀・)ジ Anyways, happy reading and see ya next chapter… whenever that is. d(-_^)