It's been a while, hasn't it? I apologise for that. We are back with another chapter, the aftermath of Kenna's attack and more secrets revealed. Francis and Mary, just at this point are tired! So much is going on, but soon their worries will be cancelling out one by one.

Bash frowns when Blanche appears in his line of sight and takes a seat beside him. What is a detective investigating his father's crimes doing at a hospital where his wife is being treated in a totally unrelated case?

"How is she?"

"I don't know," Bash mumbles, brushing a thumb over some bloodstain on his shirt. "What are you doing here?"

Blanche shrugs a little. "When a victim of your father gets stabbed, it's my job to find out who did it. Maybe it was to silence her-"

"My father's dead. He died before she was hurt," Bash cuts in quietly. "This is personal but he wouldn't... He wouldn't hurt her."

"And how do you know that?"

Bash scoffs, looking up at the ceiling. "My father may have been an arsehole who only loved himself but he cared about her in his own twisted way. Otherwise, he wouldn't have kept her with him for over a year. No other women lasted that long."

"Apart from your mother," Blanche replies making Bash glare at him a little. "Was he happy about your marriage to Kenna?"

"It was none of his business," Bash says simply. "Have you got any leads?"

Blanche shakes his head. "Other than a dead Henry Valois, we're not close to who did it. Did Kenna upset anyone? At work? A client? A love rival even?"

"My... cousin," Bash starts, wincing. "He came to her a few months ago to draw up a divorce petition against his wife. Turns out, he is sick, and his wife didn't know anything about it, so Kenna became her lawyer after dropping him due to inappropriate passes. I doubt he was pleased to be betrayed, so to speak."

"His name?"


"Bourbon? Yes, we've come across him a few times," Blanche says, not all that surprised. "Women have signed restraining orders against him."

Bash nods slowly. "Well, that's the one name I have for you," he says, standing when a doctor heads their way. "Well?"

"She's going to be okay. She's fortunate that the blade missed important organs. She bled out a little but we gave her a blood transfusion and she should be waking up soon within the next couple of hours," the doctor explains. "And she will be sore but she can be discharged within the week as her injury wasn't severe."

Bash sighs in relief. "Thank you. Can I see my wife now?"

"I'll have someone take you to her. For now, be rest assured that she's going to be okay," the doctor says before leaving.

Bash turns to Blanche. "He killed himself, you know?"

"Doesn't put a stop to the investigation, you know that," Blanche replies.

Bash nods. "We didn't know. If we did, we would have stopped him, sent him to get help... Helped those women..."

"And how do you feel, now that your father's dead?"

Bash swallows hard. "I don't have an answer for you. It's one in the morning, my wife has just had surgery and I almost lost two people yesterday. I think I need some sleep and to let it sink in."

"I'll be seeing you, Sebastian."

"Sure," Bash mumbles, turning to see Mary and Francis making their way over. "I'll be expecting you then."

"Hmm," Blanche mumbles before bidding 'goodnight' to the three.

Mary waits until the man steps into the lift before turning to Bash and asking, "What did he want?"

Bash sighs. "To know who hurt Kenna. I think he'll ask her to testify since they had a real relationship."

"Hell, no," Mary scoffs. "I almost lost her, I will not let her be a dummy for their investigation. There are countless people who can testify, many who've known your father longer than she has. Let them testify."

"Let's just take a breather," Francis suggests. "And think about this later because right now, she needs us."

Mary nods and turns back to Bash. "Can I see her first?"

Although he's her husband, they are not the closest of spouses and he has no right to select and reject visitors on her behalf. So he steps aside when the nurse comes to show them the way to Kenna's room and gives Mary a nod, letting her go ahead behind the nurse.

Alone, Francis asks, "Who did it?"

"No one saw. I've already got the security sifting through the footage," Bash says as they head towards the waiting room. "It happened quickly. We were on the phone and then she was..."

"It's okay," Francis says, hugging him tightly. "She's fine."

Bash closes his eyes. "I know but... there was a lot of blood and all I could see was Dad. Dad falling and then I was losing someone else-"

"Shh, I'm here," Francis says, squeezing him. "It's okay."


"You didn't have to come," Kenna tells Mary tiredly. "It's two in the morning."

Mary tuts, helping Kenna take a sip of water with a straw. "Of course, I did."

"The baby-"

"Was just as worried as me," Mary whispers. "When Bash called us, I felt sick and I-I thought I lost you."

Kenna takes her hand and squeezes it. "I'm okay. Sore but it missed major organs or whatever. I'm okay."

Mary blinks through her tears and takes a seat. She doesn't know if Kenna already knows this or if Bash was about to tell her anything but she has to know. She has to know that Henry is dead, that he committed suicide and there is still a big chance she'll have to stand in court and testify.

"Henry's dead."

Kenna's eyes widen. "Wh-What?"

"He jumped off the firm building in front of Francis, Catherine and... Bash. Before you were stabbed."

"Why didn't he tell me?" Kenna asks of Bash.

"You got stabbed," Mary reminds her.

"Oh," Kenna breathes out. She forgot about that part... "Actually, he was about to tell me something before the whole 'I got stabbed' thing. Maybe it was that."

Mary nods. "Probably." She smiles. "He's worried about you."

Kenna snorts. "He's married to me, of course, he is," she replies with a heavy sigh. "Not how I imagined our great romantic reunion to be. Oh, and I'm sure this day will go down to be one of the worst for him." She meets Mary's eyes. "Henry's really gone?"

"He's really gone," Mary whispers. "He won't ever hurt you again."

Kenna closes her eyes. "But he was Bash's father..." She breathes out. "He was still his father, no matter what."

"I think what happened between you and Henry solidified his disdain for Henry," Mary tells her. "We all know he leaked what was on the stick."

Kenna sets her jaw and looks upwards to the ceiling. "I could kill him or I can kiss him. Something that takes the least energy to do though."

"I don't know what's to happen next."

"Me neither," Kenna says tearfully. "I don't know who did this to me... It was too fast and..."

Mary slips her heels off and gets onto the bed, bringing Kenna's head to her chest as she wraps her arms around her. "It's okay..."

"It's not. I'm probably going to have to stand trial, now that Henry's gone and I'm going to have to face who stabbed me," Kenna replies. "Why does the universe hate me? I just want one moment of peace, I should never have missed that flight. I could have been safe, away from everything in Sweden."

"Everything happens for a reason," Mary mumbles. "I'm sorry, you've been dealt with the worst cards of all."

Kenna sniffles. "Stay with me?"

"I would, but your husband's really worried," Mary says with a small smile. "And he might forcefully remove me himself if I don't leave soon."

"Yeah, bring him in," Kenna says, smiling wryly. "We have a lot to talk about."


"I don't feel like working today," Mary says as she and Francis hide away in her office later that morning. She rubs her bump. "Everything's going wrong. Narcisse, Kenna, your dad, the future of the firm if what your dad did gets out... I just want it to stop."

"Same," Francis mutters sadly. "I'm tired too."

A knock on the door disturbs them and it's Lola who nervously glances at the couple. "Uh..."

"What is it?" Mary asks, sitting up from Francis's chest.

"There is a woman and a teenage kid looking for Bash," Lola explains.

"Okay, clients?" Francis questions as he stands. "He's not here right now, so they will have to come back another time."

Lola swallows hard. "Well, th-the kid, the boy, looks like..." She sighs. "I think you should see for yourself, Francis."

Francis frowns and Mary slips her heels on as they all go to the reception area where he sees a familiar face. "Rowan," he says surprised. "Long time, no see."

The red-haired woman gives him a small smile and nods. "Yeah. Is Bash around?"

"No, he's away on personal matters," Francis replies. "Can I help with anything?"

Bringing the boy to stand in beside her protectively, Francis can't miss what Lola was trying to say. "Uh, Francis, it's important that I talk to him. Immediately."

"Let's take this into my office," he says, gesturing for them to follow as Lola returns to her work and Mary follows him. When they are settled inside, he turns to Rowan. "You told my brother that you dealt with the matter." He points to the kid who raises a brow at Francis's insinuation. "The matter is here and breathing."

Rowan closes her eyes in pain. "We were kids," she admits. "But I couldn't do it. My dad was transferred to South Korea, and I would never have to see Bash again if I kept Theodore. Now, I'm paying the price."

Francis swallows hard as he stares at his nephew. Fifteen years ago, when Bash was almost finished with school and Francis was almost fifteen, Rowan announced that she was pregnant. Francis was told that they didn't want the baby and planned to get rid of it and then they never saw her again after she supposedly aborted it.

He knows it still hurts Bash, he was in love with Rowan for a good two years that they were together for. They rode horses together, drank together, took each other's virginities. And then she disappeared. Out of shame or whatever, they didn't know.

"Theo needs a kidney transplant and well, I know Bash is a match," Rowan admits.

Mary gasps. "This has just sunk it for me. Apologies if I'm intruding on this little matter, but are you saying that Theodore is Bash's child?"

"Yes," Rowan says, eyeing Francis. "And you and I both know you don't need evidence for that. I'm cursed and blessed with the fact that he's his father's spitting image." She gives her son a fond glance.

"Fifteen years, Rowan. And when you want him to meet his son, you need something from him?" Francis asks angrily.

"I'm sure Bash wouldn't want his son to die!" Rowan retorts. "I had no choice. Bash and I were never going to last. He didn't want kids, he told me that he never would. And then I thought about it and I wanted kids. Who knows if we'd have got married and that would have destroyed our relationship? His lack of wanting kids, my need for it. So, yes, I was terrified and I kept putting it off until I couldn't any longer. If he doesn't get this transplant, my son will die waiting on the list for years."

Francis sighs. This is the last thing they need now. "We will have anyone in the family who is willing to donate get tested."

"Thank you," Rowan whispers. "I don't want child support or anything. I can afford to take care of my own child but in truth..."

"I deserve to know my father," Theo finishes quietly.

Francis averts his gaze and sighs. "Very well."

So, yes, Bash has the secret lovechild that he didn't know about, not Francis. This will throw a spanner in his blossoming marriage with Kenna. Blanche will return with more problems for them, but he might prove to be more ally than foe.