Today was a good day to celebrate a fellow celebrated pocket monster's birthday; and best of all plenty of her friends were there to celebrate with her!

"Here's your birthday cake." Dry Bowser announced while revealing a delicious cake topped with vanilla icing.

Meloetta's stomach growling was enough to make her gleefully clap her paddle shaped hands. "Oh boy; I can already feel my tummy yearning for it!"

As the Smashers watched the skeletal reptile hand over the cake to the happy legendary singing Pokemon, everything went dark around the grassy Spiral Mountain for a bunch of darkened clones came and snatched away the cake, with it being horrific enough to make Meloetta cry.

"I should have figured this would have happened." Kazooie remarked while rolling her eyes in disappointment. "I can already guess who is the 1 responsible for stealing-"

"Such a delicious cake? Well of course I did it!" Tiptup snapped while laughing. "And if there's 1 musical conductor who deserves such a delicious treat it's me!"

Meloetta's eyes widened and filled up with tears for she began to cry, with her high pitched cries causing parts of the meadow consisting of the actual spiraling mount to break apart, which in turn caused panic amid the Smashers for those playable and not dealt with the shadowy beings that stole their looks, with Tiptup going into the cavern nearby. Not willing to let such a sinister turtle take off with a cake he spent the night making, Dry Bowser took off to chase after him, the crying Meloetta floating right alongside the reptilian skeleton.